Medal of Honor Leaves a Message After the Tone


Electronic Arts really hits home with the trailers for its reboot of the Medal of Honor first-person shooter game.

EA consulted with Tier 1 Operators from US Special Operations Command in developing the game, which is scheduled for release on October 12th. You can see a trailer with more action over at Gamespot.

3 Comments on "Medal of Honor Leaves a Message After the Tone"

  1. that sounds too familiar, out of Blawk Hawk Down when Randy Shughart leaves a message for his wife and it the last words he says to her, probably ground that should not be tread in a video game.

  2. CPL Criger | May 8, 2010 at 7:19 am |

    WOW.…. Im Lost For Words.…

  3. I concur with Danny, video games aren’t JUST entertainment. Some games have a very flowing, emotional, and in-depth story line(if one cares enough to slow down for it). Modern Warfare 2, running down the streets of a U.S. neighborhood, and watching the WH burn was a pretty good, “Holy ****”, emotion evoker. I think they did a good job with that, it makes one sit back and go, damn, this may be a video game, but Wow.

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