Gunny vs. the Socialist Threat


Ermey Sorry for Obama Rant

You can read all the unfortunate details over in our news section, but, really, come on.

Once your career (and large paycheck) is based on a charade where everyone gets to pretend that you’re still an active duty Marine Drill Instructor, you probably give up the right to criticize the Commander in Chief in public. Just like a real Marine.

  • Hush!!!!!!! The truth just flew over your head!!!

    • Dan

      Like the comment Ronny!! Short sweet and right on point. It’s painfully obvious that the original poster is falling for every word that comes out of Washington.
      The truth didn’t fly over his head. It flew in his right ear, had nothing to stop it and whistled out his left one.

  • Roger

    “Gunny”, like all service people, took an oath to defend this country from ALL enemys, foriegn and domestic. I think he was speaking his true convivtions. (and, yes, the truth)

  • mgunns

    Still America and has the first amendment. I’m reitred and the guy in the W/H is a cheese burger my opinion you don’t have to like it but I fought in two wars and can say what I like. If you don’t like it don’t don’t participate, go cry in a corner.

  • Bob

    Free speech as anything in a free country comes with a responsibility. We need to exercise it without inciting anger, hostility or fear. We have a responsibility to speak the truth and not mindless propaganda. Now if you agree with those remarks, fine. You obviously are as dumb as a post and arguing with you would be like arguing with a post. That me exercising my 1st Amendment rights. Was it very constructive? No. Did it lead to a better understanding of my position? No.

    BTW, I doubt many people wouldn’t know socialism if it jumped up and bit them on the backside!

  • Retired Gunny

    This idiot did no make it to Gunnery Sergeant and should not be treated like any sort of Hero. To blame the current administration, when this whole thing has been in the works for so many years is just moronic. His followers are just a product of the dumbing down of America due to moronic TV and our over infatuation of sports and hollywood idols.

  • MSG Laigaie

    When H Clinton made the same “forigen and domestic” comment she was stifled by oboma. Ermy is saying what a great deal of us are thinking.

  • big carl

    we need more men like him !!!! every body should do a fow yrs in military e.g. politicans

  • Daniel

    Sounds to me like he was calling for a military coup. Not a bad idea ;-)

  • Keeper of Horses

    Are you out to lunch?!, a military coup!! What planet are you on…and by the way. Please give me your defenition of “socialist” and the the political defenition of socialist. And yea I served in the military 15 years…you threw your idea out there, so back it up sparky!!