Happy Birthday Top Gun

Top Gun Blu-ray box artthmb

Last week I tried to get a rise out of our editor Ward Carroll by sending him a link to this incredibly long story* in GQ by Mark Harris that pretty much blames Top Gun for the decline of American cinema. Since he never responded to what I thought would be considered fighting words, I’m bring it up here, right now.

On May 11th, you’ll have a chance to buy a Blu-ray/Digital copy version of Top Gun that includes a six-part documentary on the making of the film, a behind-the-scenes featurette, a survival training featurette, interviews with Tom Cruise, four music videos, commentary by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott, co-screenwriter Jack Epps, Jr. and naval experts and a look inside the real “Top Gun.”

The advance sale page isn’t up yet at Amazon, so make sure you don’t order the older Blu-ray disc that’s for sale now. It’s missing all the special features and there’s some complaining in the comments about the source for that 2008 transfer.

Once we get a copy of the new package, we’ll let you know how this new version stacks up. In the meantime, read the GQ article and feel free to comment here on the things Mark Harris says about Top Gun. Mark wrote Pictures at a Revolution, an excellent book about the five movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar in 1968, so he’s not a dumb guy.

*Note to our commenters: When I say incredibly long story, I mean that GQ spreads it out over four different web pages and the writer doesn’t start discussing Top Gun until the top of the second page. Then he goes one for another three pages discussing his theory. It has a lot of words. Complaints about GQ‘s tiny “next page” button should be addressed to their website.

  • Matt

    There is nothing in the GQ article linked that references Top Gun. The author is smoking something…

    • Noel

      Exactly. Top Gun had nothing to do with the article. Bad link?


    TOM who?

  • czrider

    Have you seen the Kelly Mcgillis lately? She looks like she hit the wall at mach speed!!!

    • zek

      rode hard and putup wet

  • Mike


    Try reading the article.

  • NavyCPO

    Try reading the seconds page… Matt….

  • Bob

    Walt Mitchell the Navy Pilot who flew the part of Tom Cruise is a e-mail and phone friend of mine and I am really anxious to see what he has to say!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    25 years is a very long time.. as Tom Cruise is insane, Val Kilmer weighs 300lbs and Kelly McGillis has announced that she’s gay.

  • tagsvet

    Ward shows good judgment by avoiding association with this piece of Hollywood trash. As well as staring that pathetic idiot Cruise, the movie portrays Naval Aviators as the equivalent of 12 year old prep school boys with 80 IQs. Only five years later we were subjected to the disgrace of Tailhook, so one wonders how many of those very aviators were influenced by this sad distortion of a profession made honorable by a long ago triumph in the Pacific theater. I suppose Top Gun 2, now that we are being forced to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by a left wing President and Congress, will portray our boys with wings as being just a little swishy, to recruit a new breed of 16-70-24-year-olds to the colors.

    • czrider

      I was an Airdale in the late 70’s to early 80′, flew with pilots and to be honest, the way they were portrayed in TopGun, was pretty much how they acted when I was active duty. They acted just like the frat boys that they are/were in college. Tailhook was not good press for the Navy and its Aviators, but it was bound to happen because of the integration of more women and political correctness.

    • AirDude

      I was in the Air Force in the 70’s and I can tell you it WAS that crazy post Viet Nam. Pilots are pilots, and Top Gun looked like real life from my squadron.

  • Brinson Gottshalk

    The New Minority Report has been issued … stand by B-)

  • Lt York

    CZRIDER just might be faking it…

    I know quite a few fighter pilots, and they are anything but “Mavericks.” Do you really think the Navy is going to put unstable hotshots in the aircraft that are vital to our Nation’s front-line defense?

    The Navy wants them highly competent, skilled and professional. And certainly compliant enough to follow orders.

    The movie is fiction and so are the pilots portrayed.

    They do an effective job letting off steam after hours, but the vast majority of our pilots are highly competent professionals, not hotshots.

  • Steve

    I made parts for F-14’s for years and watched them fly over my shop on a regular basis. That’s probably why I got sucked into this film, only to be disappointed to learn that it was really just a chick flick with a few fighter jet scenes. Maybe it’s more of a RomCom, after all Cruise (the shrimp) looked 7-feet tall playing volley ball.