Osama Paintball Takedown!


TMZ reports that SC Village Paintball in Corona, CA just spent $250,000 recreating Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad lair. No word on how they got accurate intelligence on the floorplan, but the “Bin Laden’s Compound” course opens June 4th and will “feature 18-foot high walls to hide behind, Middle Eastern music, wrecked cars, a downed helicopter, sound effects of bombs going off, and referees and opponents dressed like members of the Taliban.”  America wins again.

  • WYA-SSG-DeJony

    Really Guys? HAHA its funny that you would waste your time talking like this on a comment section of a website that i garuntee gets no more than 300,000 hits per day. Not to include this specific article. My suggestion to you would to do something with your life and maybe even join the army, rather than talking $4%# on some random page you ound while googling “Cool Paintball Arenas.” But that is just my opinion, take heed or don’t I couldn’t care less! But please at least have the consideration that people who come here to actually read these posts (Like Myself) would like to not have to read some 15 year old being immature.

    On the topic of this article, I think that this would be a great experience to have a chance to play paintball in an almost perfect replica of Osama bin Laden’s Obbottabad Lair. It might almost be worth the fee it will cost to play there (I’m guessing somewhere around 200$ per game to make up for the 250,000$ spent building it.) But that is just me…

    Have a great day!!! :)

    • PBSL Carmen

      Current price is $70 a day that has all the rental gear except paintballs for the full day. You get 400, but most likely will need more.

      • Jorge

        Do I understand properly? Building a complex honoring that criminal and in America after 3000 innocent people were killed under his orders. Just give a break and GOD HELP US.

      • Derek

        Nope you don’t, They’re building a complex honoring the bad-asses who dropped him… Hence why it opens on July 4. So we all can experience the epic take down.
        Every person on the special forces team should get the opening game. Verses a group who THINKS they can aim. =3