Josh Groban’s Wounded Warrior Tribute


On this year’s PBS broadcast of A Capitol Fourth, songwriter Josh Groban performed his song “War at Home” (from his 2010 album Illuminations) as a tribute to men and women who’ve been injured in combat. Groban tells how the song was inspired by his visits to men and women receiving treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. Groban should get a lot of credit here: the video he made to show with his performance offered a powerful reminder to PBS viewers of the sacrifices we ask of the men and women who defend the United States.

  • Beth

    Just want everyone to know that Josh Groban’s beautiful tribute to military wounded, “The War at Home,” was a shortened-for-TV version of his song, so I hope everyone gets to listen to the full version, which includes a beautiful, touching verse about women in the military, and also heart-wrenching music extensions on the original song, found on his “Illuminations” album, and also in many in-concert videos on youtube! SO important to note! His song, in full, is gorgeous, sensitive and incredibly respectful. Too bad he had to shorten it for TV! Hope you all get to hear it in full! :)

    • Lindy D

      I agree with everything you say Beth.He also wrote London Hymn, a choral piece, in tribute to the Fallen. This is on “Illuminations “also.