No More Marine YouTube Dating!


Alright, it was pretty funny when Justin Timberlake maneuvered Mila Kunis into and corner and basically made it impossible for her to say no to an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball.

And it was still okay when a female Marine seized the day, called Justin out and got herself a dream date of her own.

But this is stupid. The national media reflexively picks up the story when a hip hop artist who happens to be a Marine veteran posts a video asking Internet favorite Betty White to a Marine Ball. Betty has sense enough to say no, but the guy gets a ton of free publicity for his attempt at a music career and makes a nice story start to grate a little. Maybe a lot.

So here’s the deal. We’re done with celebrity dating and the Marine Corps Ball unless one of you guys wants to step up and post a video inviting Tim Tebow to be your date. That might get our attention.

UPDATE: Sigh. This just gets worse. Linda Hamilton, star of The Terminator and the woman who allegedly stole James Cameron from Kathryn Bigelow, has stepped in and offered to take the rapper to the Marine Ball. There’s a lesson here. Marine veteran asks a lady old enough to be his grandmother on a date via YouTube: lame but possibly funny. Lady old enough to be Marine’s mom who hasn’t had a good movie role in a very long time asks out a young-enough-to-be-her-son Marine veteran via YouTube: kinda uncomfortable. Someone please give the nice lady a job and let’s just stop all this nonsense right now.

  • Dane

    Author is lame… so he’s the third Marine to ask out a celebrity… who cares? A date with a celebrity is the least they can receive for their service. I hope 100 Marines get dates with celebrities. Author can suck a fat one.

    • Jordan

      Well said

  • Steve

    I agree with Dane wholeheartedly. Personally, I wouldn’t ask a celebrity to the Marine Corps ball unless I was sure I could get a second date, because it’s a good opportunity to get a date with the hot waitress at a local restaurant or whatever. Then you can go out with them beforehand, and afterhand as well. By asking out a celebrity, as a single Marine, you kind of jettison a great opportunity to ask out a girl that you can develop something with. The Marine Corps ball seems to bring out the horniness in women too, you ever notice all the girls making out randomly with the Marines at them?? By bringing a celebrity who is trying to keep it all platonic, you’re missing out.

  • grover

    Yeah..sounds like a little jealousy from the author. Whether you are a Veteran or presently serving in another military Branch, “Once a Marine, Alway’s a Marine”!
    With blood shed throughout the world to maintain freedom, it would be nice if this actually became a fad and rich stars begin to attend military balls of all the Armed Services. The beginning ceremonies alway’s share the history and sacrifices that these branches have made over the years and would at least be a chance for stars to show their respect to those who fight for our freedom throughout the world.

  • Raptor1

    Agreed. Let these men and women do what they want since they have more than paid their dues. If they want serious dates, so be it. If they want to be funny, so be it. If this secures them a job after their service, so be it. Again, these folks have earned anything that fits within moral, ethical, and legal boundaries and all of these wants/desires qualify.

    I also specifically agree with Grover. If this brings some positive PR to the military and it’s service branches, I don’t mind that either. Military service is honorable and I’d love to see it get some star-studded attention. With the level of responsibility and often trauma service men and women experience, I’m grateful there are some less severe and enjoyable consequences for them to reap.

    On the flip side, I don’t necessarily hear jealousy or lameness from the author either. Mainstream media has a tendency to strip beliefs, positions, and even events of their weight (for entertainment purposes and for money-making). Military service is one of the most honorable decisions in the U.S. filled with sacrifice and selflessness and not to be taken lightly. Nor should it be contorted into cheap money-making profit for entertainers.

    As far as I’m concerned, though I appreciate the talents of these actors and actresses and their willingness to attend these dates, the service members mentioned are the celebrities.

  • Super Doc

    I would not ask a celebrity to the Marine Corps Ball. Unless she could tell me how many Navy Crosses, Chesty Puller had. Who wants to spend an evening with a lady that everybody over the rank of Major will be sniffing around spoiling your evening. Maybe Jane Fonda will go with me. She can’t seem to get on QVC, and having her there might give her a chance to tell every one, just what the hell she was doing in North Vietnam.

    • Ernie

      The only place I would take Jane Fonda wold be out to throw her on a pile of dog crap.

  • ThankfulUSMCFan

    Dear Author, who doesn’t even have the spine to attach your name – not even your public writer’s pseudonym – to this lame piece: These men and women sacrifice their personal security, the comforts of life as *you* likely know it, time and connection with their families, their psychological and emotional welfare, and often their lives, so that you have the freedom to write whatever it is you want.
    You shouldn’t use that freedom to bash them for taking a shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity, showing the courage so typical of Marines in asking out someone you and 99.9% of others wouldn’t dream of asking out for fear of rejection or ridicule, and trying to make an event that is special for them and their fellow Marines even more special by doing something a little outrageous.
    That’s what Marines do…they do more, harder, farther, more impressive, more dangerous, louder, more in your face, more carefree, more self-assuredly, and with more disregard for what detractors like you think, than almost anyone else in this country, and than most people in the world. And for what they risk and sacrifice, they deserve to be able to ask *anyone* they want for a date, in *any* venue they want.
    You ought to congratulate them and support them for having the stones to go for it, when you wouldn’t even *dream* of actually taking a shot at a date with your most idolized celebrity. Take your inferiority-complex motivated bitterness and write somewhere where the people you insult aren’t some of the best people on the planet.

  • Buggs Dashheart

    Who says dating a movie star has to be platonic? Could it be some of you Jarheads lack the confidence that comes so naturally to us Airborne types?

  • Rhonda

    I actually agree with the author. In the beginning it was cute/ funny but now it’s annoying and unoriginal. I think they should stop.