GI Joe Goes Green


The Hasbro toy company (soon to bring you that Battleship movie we’re so obsessed with) has also decided to make GI Joe more eco-friendly. 

Before you get yourself all worked up, that doesn’t mean the toy company wants America’s favorite soldier to change the way he fights. Seriously, there’s not much anyone can do to mitigate the environmental damage caused by bombs and bullets.

Nope, ,according to Hasbro’s Corporate Social Responsibility website, the company has promised to reduce the PVC and other non-recyclable materials in the packaging used to market the action figure. No one around here has bought a GI Joe in at least a decade, but we always remember using the box in our war games just as much as we used anything that came inside. Here’s hoping a socially responsible GI Joe doesn’t lose that part of the fun. (via

  • The only problem with this is the potential for bringing hippies into the manufacturing facilities where these warriors are trained. OPSEC and COMSEC are damned important…now we’re making our GI Joes vulnerable to the one of the greatest threats to any military organization: pacifists and peaceniks. Oh well, at least we know, and knowing is half the battle. Here’s a challenge for you, Under the Radar, cuz it ****** us off: find out why “the greatest American hero” is now an international hero based in Europe. Is it so they could sell movies OCONUS or is it because the movie (and the coming sequel) were made by COMMIES and HIPPIES? GI Joe stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity? That’s ********. It’s worse than when the Tabasco bottles leak into the toilet paper in your MRE, and it burns our *** just as bad.

  • DevilDoc

    So now we just give out the details and materials to our boys’ mode of transport to their AOR’s just like that? It’s like the blue prints of Marine 1 showing up in a file sharing website in Iran.

    Wait there’s more to this story?

    Mad Duo FTW


    wow! just #&*^+ WOW!

    Id agree with DevilDoc … and of course our wonderful fearless 1ft tall leaders; Mad D, yall couldnt have said it any better!

    You know I remember a magical time … back in the day… when seeing some random hippie-libtard decided to open up a fresh can of commie **** one could sit back light up a cigar, throw back a bit of Irish courage, and preceed to walk in and give em a good fashioned All American @$$ whooping! I mean whats next??? hacky sac joe??? emo joe with a pair of … skinny jeans … ugh … HASBRO > you need a quick swift kick of justice in the nuts! (Or have someone unleash a P!$$3d off HoneyBadger in the CEO’s office to take care of the rest) … no poor ******* GI Joe is gonna be turned into a hippie let alone be assembled by one!

    thanks for the intel Duo
    :Twitch out:

  • Sgt Jmack

    I’m confused as to why you are all jumping down some illusive Hippie/Commie/Libtards throat, when the manufacturers are simply cutting back on the PACKAGING MATERIAL. You guys are a bunch of loose cannons. Calm down Gentlemen, they aren’t changing GI-Joe. He still stands for death and destruction!

  • DevilDoc

    I don’t think you caught the Duo’s point there Sgt Jmack

    • Doc_LZ

      Sgt I agree with devildoc, it is one thing to say GI Joe will be make from reclaimed plastic or the box out of post consumer paper, but between the lines is the real story. The great American toy of our youth is now made in some third world country. Hasbro has moved to the EU to avoid paying federal taxes. It is also apparent that some hippie commie is the CEO, because they are marketing him to the EU and less to the US. This foot tall hero is the stuff of young boys dreams that grew up to be the hero’s of the last several decades. This was a true interactive toy, as was his little green buddies. Ask some little fat kid if he wants to play in the dirt these days; good luck.
      Sometime if you focus on what is behind the frontline you can see the bigger battle.
      (Take a kid to play paintball and then let him go “Call of duty” on someone,)
      Brought to you by the generation that played in the dirt, ate their boogers, and drank from the garden hose.