SSGT Angie Johnson Takes on The Voice


Air Force Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson is getting her big shot on NBC’s singing competition The Voice, mostly because of a YouTube video that featured her singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with Air National Guard band Sidewinder on a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan last summer.

The Voice host Carson Daly saw the video (along with over a million other people) and decided to track her down on Twitter. That led to an invitation to audition on Sunday night’s program.

Angie displayed some excellent strategic skills: she knew that judge Cee-Lo Green is a big Pat Benatar fan, so the singer chose Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” as her audition tune. Cee-Lo bit and she’s joined his team for the new season.

Not only did she get chosen by the “F— You” guy, she got some props from the other judges: ““I can die happy now that Christina Aguilera said I had great pitch. And Adam Levine said I was attractive.”

NBC probably hopes Johnson can bring some of the same ratings and performance magic we saw with eventual champion J.R. Martinez on Dancing With the Stars.

You can check out the original “Rolling in the Deep video over on SpouseBuzz.

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  1. Your doing AWESOME Angie!! Keep the faith and KEEP ROCKING!

  2. Sitting around the FOB with an unloaded M4 does not give you the right to say you know what it is like to be in a war zone, even if you were around when some mortars were dropped.

  3. I think Angie is the GREATEST. I hope she starts recording so we all can get her CD’S, Keep it up Angie Johnson

  4. Angie…may the Lord guide you and bless you on the incredible journey you are about to take. Never, ever forget the One who gave you this gift and He will enrich you more and more each day! MacDill AFB is ready to vote!

  5. In the movie Team America, there is a bar scene where an old guy teaches the young guy that there are 3 types of people in this world, D”s, P’s, and A’s. Casey is an A.

    As an Air Force Combat Vet, I have never been so proud of being Air Force as I was when I saw Angie’s rolling in the deep video.

  6. I was amazed when I saw the video of this U.S.Air Force Sgt singing Rolling in the Deep and then to find out it was a cellphone video I was blown away.The clarity of her voice without the studio equipment showed that she had natural talent.Then I saw her on The Voice and was again very impressed​.Win or lose this young woman will be a star.She sure has my vote!

  7. WoW !! the performance was outstanding and keep up the singing.

  8. better hope she goes all the way through it cause her band back home is being disbanded.

  9. Shelby Chermak | April 1, 2012 at 8:33 pm |

    Angie, you rock in more ways than one..

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