Knife to the Head: The Walking Dead

Under the Radar: Cold Steel tests the knife-through-zombie head anti-walker technique.Under the Radar: Cold Steel tests the knife-through-zombie head anti-walker technique.

Under the Radar: Cold Steel tests the knife-through-zombie head anti-walker technique.

“We’ll just hunker down here, set up a perimeter!” Rick, from Walking Dead, in a remote stretch of road with a couple of vehicles and the guardrails to work with, after being driven from a fortified position with fences, walls and the potential for interlocking fields of fire. He’s clearly a zombie-fighting genius.

The characters in The Walking Dead from AMC are zombie fighting pros by now, or should be. They’re phenomenal shots, knocking down walkers from at fifty meters or more from fast moving vehicles. Best of all though, they’ve learned to slaughter walkers with knives and shovels and other tools to the skull. It’s apparently a very effective TTP.

Enter Cold Steel. After watching an episode of The Walking Dead, they decided to test how easy it would be to actually put a real knife or other edged/pointed implement through a zombie skull. Here’s a company that takes zombie-fighting seriously. (Note: if you don’t watch the show with any regularity, three things frequently happen: 1. Rick makes an angst-filled statement, 2. Shane argues with Rick, 3. they lose track of Carl. Oh, and sometimes they fight zombies with knives and guns.

The knives they’re using in this video are on line at or on Facebook here.

Though the second season spent an unfortunate amount of time pretending to be a daytime soap opera with some dead folks thrown in, it did get better towards the end, and the final episode wasn’t too bad at all. That’s not to say we believe someone setting fire to a hay-filled wooden barn while trapped in the loft as a valid tactical option, nor are we entirely convinced hauling ass back and forth in vehicles a la the Blazing Saddles “circle the wagons maneuver” was the smartest way to take the fight to the enemy…but whatever.

Anyway, if you’re interested the Blu-ray edition of Season Two is out. You can also sign up for a newsletter to get sneak peeks of next season and hints about what’s going to happen.

Note: if you’re from PETA or any other stoopid hippie group and you’re butthurt about this awesome video, we’d like to cordially respond with a two word phrase starting with the letter F and ending with the letter F. Unfortunately we’d get in trouble for that, so let us just say 1. the pig and cow were both already dead, 2. meat tastes good and 3. you’re a moron.

Check out Cold Steel knives, they make some great kit you may have seen the Bowie Bushman in Hunger Games use and please go check out the Predator Intelligence Blog. We first saw this video there during a drunken game of slapjack with Mad Max Mullen.

"We'll set up a perimeter and build a fire over there. No way the zombies will overrun us. No way the mob of local bandits will find us. Carl, you go play in the woods!

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  • adam

    The way zombies heads crumpled under a branch or brick or any other object, I kind of got the impression that maybe they were half de-composed or had gone soft somehow, which would make it easier…I guess we’ll never know until the zombie apocalypse actually happens!

  • I love THE WALKING DEAD!! It anoys me to have to wait for the next segment, but that’s the way it goes. I’ve watched all the episodes…..and can’t wait for more!


    i agree the way they use the folder won’t work-UNLESS THE PRODUCERS REALIZED THAT CALIUM W O U L D NOT BE INGESESTED N O R M OR A L E D E D.. The that explains the ease of termination/.

  • WRG01

    Amazes me that they never cut their own hands using edged weapons against skulls, jawbones, etc…especially when the hilt is slick with blood. Bothers me that they are all so well versed in the art of using pistols. Been shooting handguns since 1992 in and out of the service…still not “that” good. I’m also pretty sure I’ve never actually hit a damn thing I intended to from a moving vehicle bouncing cross country and jinking this way and that. So, Rick may not appear to be selecting the best defensive positions or practicing the best light/noise discipline, but clearly he and the others are just too high-speed to be bothered with such “academic” approaches to kicking ***. Now, I will go drink myself into a coma for actually posting on something like this. Damn, I feel like a tool now.

  • Snake

    Comment about the guy who is a so so shot with the pistol, I am quite sure when you ” HAD TO MAKE THE SHOT” , you never missed! Military Training always kicks in under stress.

  • Beau Ray Rippy

    Am I correct in presuming that one must be no older than 13 to watch any of the TV shows mentioned? To Mary, get a man friend, excitingly waiting for the next series to begin is a sure indicator that your not getting enough,

  • If I was in that situation I’d make a spear or long handled chopper so as to never get that close to the zombies, or that bloody. A sword (as carried by the black woman) would be ideal.

    FYI, those crass anti-PETA comments are soulless. The real problem is too many Ted Nugent types who have no respect for wildlife, and/or animals of any kind (except hunting dogs). People aren’t the only thing worth beans on this planet, and are far and away the most destructive species.

    I think zombie stories are psychologically popular because people sense that their own kind have run amok. The world is vastly overpopulated and growth has been fueled by an illusion of fossil fuel plenitude (ancient energy capital, not true income). Zombie flicks recognize that our species is too bloated and needs to thin itself sooner or later.