Who’s That Marine?


We knew Katy Perry’s new video for “Part of Me” was gonna have to be a Mad Duo diatribe the minute we saw it.…however, journalistic standards imposed on us by good taste, common sense and Military​.com forbid us from directly addressing some of the things many of you jarheads (especially the 03s) are already saying and doing. Look at it this way.…no need for sand goggles to enjoy watching her do her thing.

This may be the best looking combination of boobs and guns since Brittney, Nikki and our WTA girls. Of course, it’s not as hot as they are, because they can all actually shoot.

Hot representation of Marine uniform, tastefully done.

Tell you what though, for all of you who are so butthurt about it, and complaining about it. Seriously? Quit whining. It’s a music video that shows the Marine Corps in a positive light. Yeah, we know, barracks rat and wook jokes galore, but c’mon. You can’t talk about ‘earning it before you wear it’ and then watch a The Sands of Iwo Jima or Heartbreak Ridge, nor can you bad-mouth all WMs and not be disrespecting your own Corps. We love you grunts but damn sometimes you guys’re dumb as a bag of hammers.

Assclown. NOT a tasteful representation. Curb stomp merited?

Sure, it’s moto and unrealistic, but dig it. She kept her finger straight and off the trigger, right? There’s no EGA on the cover, which is respectful, and even Katy Perry doesn’t rate an M4. That’s pretty accurate. You’ve got a celebrity who isn’t a s$&tbag like a-Buck-Fitty or whatever his name is wearing utes pretty close to the regs instead of profaning your dress blues.

Besides, we like WMs. Well, some of them.

Hot. Tasteful use of Marine cammies.

Saying that, we do have a few questions. Why wasn’t she in silkies? Why isn’t that DI wearing a smoky or using knife hands? Why wasn’t she PTing in silkies and a tight t-shirt? Why did she wrap her boobs and bind ‘em down? Oh, and why wasn’t she in silkies?

Assclown. Distasteful representation of the uniform.

MARPAT is the current generation of a uniform that has always been a metaphor for carnage. A devil dog cover is iconic. Slaying bodies. Living the suck and being at war when hardly anyone else is. Would it have been our first choice to have an Elmo-loving pop star do a video in diggies at Horno? No, but it could have been a damnsight worse and besides, what do you expect when you take away rolled sleeves and start talkin’ about restricting tattoos? No rolled up sleeves? You guys have bigger things to worry about than a music video.

HOT. Tasteful use of cammies.

Still wish she’d been in silkies. Go back to what you were doing. It’s yours. You can wash it as fast and as often as you want.

Assclown. Distasteful use of the uniform.

Oh, and apparently there was a song to that video. We didn’t like it. Nothing against Katy. We should also make it clear that nothing in this article was meant to mean any disrespect to these ladies or any of their sisters:


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  1. Perry can sing and I liked “Part of Me”…I’m an old coot of 69, army vet, early 60s, non-combat, W. Germany, and I’ve heard this song in a San Diego strip club already. The chick wore a tiny camo thong, heels and she had a great bod and grreat dance skills. Some marines from MCRD enjoyed the show too, believe me.

  2. The video is tastefully done and I don’t see why any Marines would get all butthurt over this video. I believe that this video promotes the Marine Corps in a good way. Its not like Miss. Perry is defacing or making fun of the Marine Corps. So too all of those who are whining about this video, grow up and act like a Marine. Plus you can’t complain about the fact that Katy Perry is very hot and can actually sing.

  3. GLockster20 | March 23, 2012 at 1:30 pm |

    I bet her video and stuff is better than the other “********” to quote you all!! I bet she can sing a **** of a lot better too! Never saw the video I guess I will have to but if you are butthurt about it go get some cheese for the whine!

  4. Is it just me or did she look somewhat uncomfortable firing that A4? Otherwise I don’t see any reason why a jarhead should complain about the vid

  5. And why wasn’t she in silkies?!?!?! I am an Army guy but damn that is the only thing I like about the Marine Corp.. They put their females in some awesome PT shorts. HAHA. Crap here comes the EO Officer.

  6. I’m disappointed she didn’t wear silkies! >:(

  7. Nice jockies, oops..

  8. I have no problem with it. If anything, she probably did a better recruiting video for the Corps at no cost to them. Probably also did a better job repairing our PR image-needs after the ******* and SS video & photo. USMC 1985–1989

  9. while her song was mediocre, it does appear Perry may actually have respect for the Corps and puts them in a good light and as a viable career for women. the F.E.T. video was a good addition to this article. I’m gonna pass it on to my nieces.

  10. Israel Defence Force has had female combat forces for
    a long time. Our service women are professionals too!
    Its 2012 guys, get over it!

  11. I was ARMY-NAVY, but my Grandson is a MARINE
    really enjoyed the video . Well done. If I had’nt gotten
    married I ‘d of done the MARINES too.

  12. Keeper of Horses | March 24, 2012 at 11:24 am |

    Nothing wrong with Women Warriors! was in Security Forces in USAF. We had women in Combat Arms a long time!! What is the big deal?!

  13. I think that this video is an inspiration to women. Not only is this video showing strength but also confidence two things that the Marine Corps should be proud to sponsor. Way to go ladies dont let anyone tell you your in capable.

  14. The Mad Duo | March 24, 2012 at 1:11 pm |

    Think some of us on here need to learn the difference between an A4 and an M4…Jarhead can be capitalized, as can Gyrene or ******** if we want to, ‘cuz we wrote it. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment!

  15. Katy Perry wearing a Kevlar? How the **** did her ***** fit under that?

    I didn’t mind the video, although I’m not really a Marine (yet), so I don’t suppose I should have an opinion on the matter. I really hope MARPAT doesn’t become a fashion item though.

    Forget about the video for a second.… how many ****faces are there going around wearing Blues?

  16. Im not a Marine but i will say that i think she did a great job with the video as opposed to a lot of other idiots who dont get crap right. She did the drills and played the grunt, more power to her and her positive promotion towards the Marine Corps.

  17. The Mad Duo | March 25, 2012 at 2:32 pm |

    ALCON: We’ve deleted a couple of comments. Sorry about that, but it was necessary. We don’t have any problem with someone disliking or disagreeing with us (despite our snarky comments to the contrary). However, we will not leave any blatantly negative posts that denigrate the Marine Corps or the US military in general. If you dislike the policies of the US government or have issues with the Marines or any other branch, that is your right. Do not expect us to allow them to remain in a conversation being held by those who’ve honorably served (or those who support those who’ve served). You might also take a closer look at a little place we like to call “the real world”. Your ignorance and blind hatred of our men and women in uniform is, frankly, appalling. (MD)

  18. Ah…I thought it was cute, as a Marine vet of the 60’s I am not offended at all. I guess I’m not as thin skinned as others. Pretty hard too for Katy to hid those Ta Ta’s…It was also easy to pick her out of the several group sequences.….she runs pretty much like you’d expect a girl to run. All fun in my mind.

  19. What’s the big hurt for 03’s? When I was in, the WM’s did most of the same training as us Males. I started out as a battery operated grunt/wiredog. But my MOS was 2542. So I get the “Grunt” mentalitiy. When I transferred to POGE city at mainside, the WM’s were/are doing mostly everything the male’s do in training. This video represented a person who wanted a change in her life, and to challenge herself. Which most of us who joined the Corps wanted. This video showed her going from a ****** off person who is proud of being a Marine, and like all Marines believe and know, You’ll Never Take It Away From ME! Once A Marine–Always A Marine!!!!

  20. Gunnery Sergeant War | March 26, 2012 at 2:24 am |

    I think this is an outstanding video. The only question is have is why weren’t they wearing helmets when they were on patrol. Also I noticed that the covers did not have the stitched Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Thank you for leaving that off (since she has not really earned the right to wear it) . This is a very tasteful video following our standards quite well. Except for the helmet issue.

  21. Charles A. BAGGETT | March 26, 2012 at 5:22 am |

    I have one word for this video from this X-MARINE, 03 in the 5th Marines-OUTSTANDING!

    Charles A. BAGGETT

  22. LS2 Jamar Sanders | March 26, 2012 at 6:41 am |

    I’m a sailor but I have to say after watching the video I did not see any misrepresentation of the Marines. I’ve always looked at the marines as bad asses, this was a good look for a women perspective.

  23. Keep the music coming Katy. This Marine enjoyed the h ell out of it! She by far would be a sight for sore eyes overseas! =)

  24. Security Forces aren’t combat arms ****-head; they’re tha air force version of military police. Get your **** straight? Secondly you too are a P.O.G. Third you’ve never earned the Title. So you can and will never understand the true meaning as to why we few do care.

  25. Amen brother!!!

    Secondly Israeli women aren’t American women. The midset of most American women cannot and will not allow them to cope in the military. Israeli’s serve a minimum of 3 years for men and 21 months for women at the age of 18. Tell me would you really want to see the retarded youth that we have behind a rifle. I don’t. Let alone be there without a choice. Most 18 year old girls in the states are worried about tan lines and the 10 wannabe ******** they ****** last week. American youth aren’t scared to be blown up shopping for food. Israeli kids are. I don’t envy or pity them because life dealt them a life that they are adapting their youth to be able to deal with and defend themselves. Before comparing, take your head out of your *** and look at the different sociological differences in our society. Don’t compare our two nations based on sexism but on the validity of facts on how different surroundings are in our upbringings.

  26. Sgt H, USMC | March 27, 2012 at 3:21 pm |

    In my 8 years of duty in the Corps, I served both Airwing and Ground side. I think Katy did just fine in her video representing Marines, not women Marines, or male Marines, but ALL MARINES. I think it’s horrible that others, who profess to be Marines, are making such rude and inappropriate comments towards not just Katy, but to others who are commenting on here as well. It’s a disgrace to the Corps, and goes against our core beliefs of Honor, Courage and Commitment!

    I say a big THANK YOU to Katy for obviously doing her homework on the Corps, and for getting help from the Corps to make her video. It’s a great representation and helps put to rest the notion that women can’t do the job…

  27. Sgt. USMC 03 | March 27, 2012 at 6:09 pm |

    First, this video is completely unrealistic. How the **** does an 03 grunt actually believe that women can do the same job as men if placed in a Infantry Line Company. No way in **** did I ever meet or see a single WM that could have done even half of what our training included. Furthermore, even if (and thats a big IF) they could possibly pass the same physical test that the Males do, to enter the infantry, they would be among the weakest, slowest, and emotionally compromised in the unit.
    And just in case you’d like to scrutinize my credentials in an attempt to discredit my comments.…4 yrs active duty Marine Infantry assault squad, Sgt. with 4 deployments and combat action. Those of you who are P.O.G.‘s and are commenting on what makes you qualified to be in the infantry need to get a clue. Don’t speak of something you know absolutely nothing about. Just because you went to MCT and did a few field ops in the fleet doesn’t mean you know jack**** about combat or any of the rigorous training they would have to go through.
    Sure, let them TRY to go infantry and see what happens. From a feminists view point, it would be better to quit while your ahead before you are completely embarrassed by the WM’s that fail to successfully integrate into a TRUE combat unit. Do you honestly want a bunch of pansies as the front line defense of this country just to push your feminine equality agenda? You should want the strongest, and most capable. When your life is on the line FOR REAL, and you had to choose between a Male grunt or Female MP to defend you in hand to hand combat, I know what your choice would be. Stop trying to politicize this issue.

  28. This trombone playing former Gunnery Sergeant (1964–1980) only had one problem with the video.

    I served with both the Ground and Air elements in my beloved Corps as a photographer, both still and mopic. Thus, the curse of my profession, getting caught up in the technical details, grabbed me right away. The continuity editor needs to go back to boot camp. The doggone wristwatch kept jumping from one wrist to another all the time. Drove me crazy!

    So, as a music video, it was so-so. I was more impressed with the professionalism of our Female Engagement Teams. They are a much better tribute to the quality and future of the Corps than a one-time music video experience, Thus sayeth this grumpy ol’ Gunny. Good night Chesty, where ever you are.

  29. Sgt. USMC 03 | March 27, 2012 at 8:41 pm |

    First, this video is completely unrealistic. How the **** does an 03 grunt actually believe that women can do the same job as men if placed in a Infantry Line Company. No way in **** did I ever meet or see a single WM that could have done even half of what our training included. Furthermore, even if (and thats a big IF) they could possibly pass the same physical test that the Males do, to enter the infantry, they would be among the weakest, slowest, and emotionally compromised in the unit.
    And just in case you’d like to scrutinize my credentials in an attempt to discredit my comments.…4 yrs active duty Marine Infantry assault squad, Sgt. with 4 deployments and combat action. Those of you who are P.O.G.‘s and are commenting on what makes you qualified to be in the infantry need to get a clue. Don’t speak of something you know absolutely nothing about. Just because you went to MCT and did a few field ops in the fleet doesn’t mean you know jack**** about combat or any of the rigorous training they would have to go through.
    Sure, let them TRY to go infantry and see what happens. From a feminists view point, it would be better to quit while your ahead before you are completely embarrassed by the WM’s that fail to successfully integrate into a TRUE combat unit. Do you honestly want a bunch of pansies as the front line defense of this country just to push your feminine equality agenda? You should want the strongest, and most capable. When your life is on the line FOR REAL, and you had to choose between a Male grunt or Female MP to defend you in hand to hand combat, I know what your choice would be. Stop trying to politicize this issue.

  30. I appreciate any media that shows ya’ll what we Marines are about. I served 92–98 in the 2nd MAW with KC-130s, and in the 4th with CH-53s. For the most part the WMs were very capable of doing their jobs. I grew up Army(father served 68–92, 24yrs active, 13 mos in ‘Nam). It takes courage to even join up, especially during active combat engagements. As an “Airdale” I would never even think for a second that I could do even a tenth of what my groundpounder brothers do everyday. I hold them in the highest regard, and feel honored to have supported them airwing style. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you Katy for choosing us(Marines) for the focus of your video. Thank you to all my brethren in the Corps and to all Veterans and members of the other branches, for serving our fine country. Oohrah and Semper Fi!

  31. To Jim37F:

    1st: I cannot dceide whether you are just simply stupid or just attempting to sound more inteligent than you really are. Being that the name “Jarhead” is in fact,a nickname, it is common for the use of the said nickname to be capitalized in reference when that nickname is acuality being used as a noun ; hence “Jarhead” is a name; and since your not a Marine, but an army POG doing a job, as you said 37F, why are you commenting on something you have no idea about? I understand at most, you may jump out of a plane since you are suppose to be airborne qualified, but other than that all you do is sit in an office and look at paperwork and computers. Though, as I stated, you may be airborne qualified, it does not give you the mindset and training of an actual infantryman. Let alone a Marine Infantryman.

    2nd: There was no comment on the weapon fired in the video you incompetent pog. Please re-read my original posting and tell me where I talked about the weapons used within the said video. Oh,my apologies, you cannot find it because I never said a damn word about it. I said that “obviously your not a Marine…” That is all; I was responding to your inquiry as to why we Marines would be complaining. Which again, leads my to my original response to the fact “obviously you’re not a Marine”.

    3rd: Please dont attempt to intertwine army and Marine Corps MOS fields and terminology. There is no such thing as an 03series. 03 Field, that can fly but most 03’s will be happy to just say ” **** yeah, I’m an 03!”

    4th: If you would really like to question whether or not I am a Marine, please come to Dallas. I’d be more than happy to show you around my fair city, and I would be EXTREMELY pleased to show you how and why WE MARINES earned the titled “Devil Dogs”.

    Have a good day and to My fellow Marines reading this, Semper FI!!

  32. TO Sgt.USMC03

    Just wanted to say thanks. Its about time I get some back up on here. “Retreat ****”

  33. poolee Grant | March 28, 2012 at 12:12 pm |

    I thought it was quite respectful to the marines, and as a female poolee i respect that she would even think to do a vid. about joining. Most of the celebs are too caught up in themselves to do something respectful.

  34. @Mase: lol yeah, I’m in SOF, been attached to ODAs on all of my deployments. Last trip we had CBs attached to the VSP and they were some of the best guys out there. Unfortunately, I’ve known a few 18 series who were utter s***bags who should’ve been peered out of the course IMO while the CSTs I’ve worked with were brought out on nearly every mission and knew their stuff, so its all relative in my experience

  35. WM? Really–we are all Marines male or female. I’m just waiting for one of you dumb***** to tell us if you’re light green or dark green.

  36. *********. Greg and Sgt USMC 03. Distasteful blog-hogging, self-bolstering chauvinists who are clearly intimidated by females in male roles.
    They are ‘inteligent’. Nice one, Greg.

  37. Don’t mind Greg; He’s also a lumberjack and he’s ok…

  38. I served for 27 years. 0311, 0317, 0321, 0326, 7562 and 7577. I think this video is excellent. Nowhere in the video is it implied that Perry is an 03 so those **** yanking about that are trying to beat their own drums. On the topic of whether WMs can do what grunts are asked to do, unquestionably not. The single biggest issue is that they can’t hump the loads that grunts have to carry 24/7/365 so some male is carrying extra for them. The next issue is the monthly biologic one. Other issues regarding the dynamics of life in a rifle company in combat are many. Those who suggest that WMs are not capable of being effective in the grunts are entirely correct.
    My wife, who is a retired WM, is looking over my shoulder as I type this and it looks like I ‘m not sleeping on the couch tonight so take it for what it’s worth.

  39. Well done Katy. I am a retired Master Sergeant. I thought the video represented us very well. Semper Fi devil dogs

  40. i really liked this video, it inspiring to women, well to me it makes me have a lot more confidence and it makes me push myself harder.

  41. When I was on The Island I was indoctrinated in the practice of goofing on “split-tails” and “crack troops” like every other male recruit. And like most male Marines, I dutifully carried on with the practice of regarding WMs with suspicion and thinly-veiled contempt.

    I got out 21 years ago, and reading this procession of comments has proven that in some cases, the Corps is still living up to its rep for loving tradition and resisting change even when it shouldn’t.

    Am I saying “Aww…let the little darlings claim the title and serve in any capacity they want whether they can hack it or not!”? ****, no…that’d be stupid.

    But some can and do. And please, don’t try and convince me that while most men earn the right to take their place as one of us and continue to do so for however long they remain, that a few non-hacking ******* didn’t slip through the cracks. God only knows a lot of Staff NCOs who wouldn’t shut up about how it was different in “The Old Corps” thought so…including the ones with coffee-bloated midsections who couldn’t finish morning PT without sounding like Darth Vader having an asthma attack.

    “Chicks can’t shoot,” you say? Well, when I went through, the all-time highest qualification score for a recruit was held by Pvt. Ann Lobo. I can recall that in an instant 25 years later. Why is that? Maybe it was from being constantly reminded by the DIs and range coaches

  42. Why all the hating? It’s a decent song with a positive message, and she promotes USMC in a tasteful way. I say we show some appreciation.

    Consider the alternative: would you rather have pop icons bashing the military?

  43. …on a daily flippin’ basis for two weeks out at Range Battalion that not one of us could best a “split-tail” behind the trigger of an M16A2.

    As for not being fit for “line duty:” must I actually remind someone who is so much as halfway-informed that our forced have spent just over a decade in a two-front assymetrical insurgent war, where distinctions like “front line” and “rear area” are often ambiguous at best?

  44. Greg, i think you failed to get selected to the STA/SSP platoons, Recon BN, and/or MARSOC. you sound like the guy that never squeezed trigger. you knock on other people, and try to sound like an internet tough guy. maybe if you have done something, you would not have to be knocking other people. i would be willing to bet you have a “Libbo Stack” when you go home. HUMILITY, is a valued virtue, even still in this day of age. it is a wonder that SOF guys across all branches do not try and sound tough like you. for people that have done Shi* HUMILITY is a valued attribute.

  45. 8541:
    I wont deny that humility is indeed a valuable attribute. But I wont allow someone to say that I say things that I did not say.
    I did my job, nothing more, nothing less. I also will not apologize for my verbosity. Perhaps its much, perhaps its not. Either way an argument is an argument. I am not attempting, nor have I attempted to sound tough. I have only attempted to sound honest. I also will not apologize for my honesty towards how I feel on the matter or any other matter in my life. I was not “knocking” as you say, I was simply putting pieces of information together and allowing for ideas that were given to be researched and giving valid points and counter arguments. I will not apologize to you or anyone else just because I take the time to think before I say something. If by the offset chance that I offend somebody, than I truly am apologetic because that is not my intention; my intention is however to be as honest of a person I can be. I feel bad for those on here that do not have an appreciation for a person’s honesty, not matter how distasteful it may be.

  46. She does have an EGA on her cover. Terminal Lance caught it in a screenshot.

  47. Greg,
    I’m done blog-hogging but there’s a lot to hash out sometimes
    Your last re: from class is the best you’ve put your argument so far because it was the most respectful and balanced of your posts. I’m good; Semper Fi
    I’m not out to win an argument but to attempt to balance what I perceive as a disrespectful way of addressing females with regard to combat scenarios. I’m on the fence big time with the prospect of integration. Immediately, I don’t feel it’s a good idea but it’s not a judgment to come to lightly or narrowly so my opinion remains undecided.
    The point of the high and tight bit was to point out the set up for failure female Marines face; of course it was out of regs, but courts-martial? It’s an NJP-able offense under UCMJ. Her CO on down stood by her and called it. Ooh-Rah
    The prejudicial manner in which you jumped on anyone not 03 is why I stated that rank, grade, and MOS are irrelevant because the point of this was to get you to acknowledge the manner in which you approached the topic. I concur with most of your points but not at all in the way you had initially stated them. Respect is huge through small gestures.
    03’s have every reason to be proud and then some. However, they still have a duty to exhibit dignity through more respectful words towards others about what they do. It has been my experience that the real McCoy doesn’t advertise…Charlie Mike

  48. This video by Katie perry, even if it does portray the military in a positive way, in no way excuses her cheap, disgusting videos and lifestyle.
    Because MILITARY​.COM has posted a article praising her, I AM CANCELING MY AFFILIATION WITH MILITARY​.COM

  49. All of you POG’s have nothing better to do than rip on real grunts? Y’all know if you were back on post y’all get no damn respect having only gone to MCT and had no time in the freakin dirt diggi g a ranger grave to sleep.
    Must if been living good gaming out in all that air conditioning.

  50. If any of you POG’s had spent anytime beyond the wire you wouldn’t be on here bragging what a hard charger you are. Constitutionally Greg has every right to free speech. Simply if you don’t like what he has to say, don’t read it… move the **** on.

  51. I have sat on the sidelines for this discussion but I feel compelled to throw my two cents in. First of all, I’m not a Marine but I do have a very good male Marine friend. He’s impressed me with his love of country and the Corp and thus I generally listen to him when he sends me something and tells me I might be interested in reading it.

    That being said, I am a female in Law Enforcement and have been for many years. I have worked my way up from officer into a high ranking supervisory position. I spent many of my first years on patrol having to prove myself because I was a woman. I get that though. What hasn’t been said in here often enough is that when a woman gets into a male-dominated field, she should expect that things are going to be tough and that she is going to have to do more to prove herself. Whether that is right or wrong, it’s the reality.

    Although I think it’s great that there are guys out there that think they are taking up for the women that are getting into these lines of work, you’re really not doing anything but tooting your own horn and showing how “politically correct” you are and how much you are for equality.

    Bottom line — men and women are different. They just are. (And actually, I’m pretty happy about that). It’s been my experience that women are better at some things just as men are better at some things. However, I would never want to think that my guys would put themselves in a dangerous position for feeling that they have to look out for me because I’m a girl and that’s just the way they were taught to feel from the time they were born. I know that it happens but I’m no less happy about it.

    Personally, I can handle myself and the job that I do. But I’ve never fooled myself into thinking that I could do everything that the guys could do and just as well. To even begin to think that is just ludicrous. Until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes, don’t pretend that you’re helping us out by taking the stance that we should be treated exactly the same because we aren’t. (And FYI — I’m one of the best shots when compared to my male counterparts but that’s because I work at it!)

    I have always loved what I do and I’ve always been fortunate enough to have men around that would allow me to show them that I could be counted on to do what needed to be done. We can fight our own battles if there are any to be fought. Don’t think you are doing women (in any line of work) a big favor by “taking up” for us. We are perfectly capable of fighting our own battles (at least the ones of us worth our salt).

  52. I’m willing to bet 99% of of you ******** on here only went to MCT. You post stuff on here like you really did anything at all. “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” GEORGE ORWELL. Not POG’s who run their mouths about how freaking cool they not having done a damn thing but get a National Defense Ribbon or a Good Conduct Rinbon for brown nosing. Any Marine worth his Mud wouldn’t be running Greg down for his opinion. After all many damn good Marines died so we can all sleep peacefully at night, without fear of planes being crashed into buildings. You sit there sipping coffee passing judgement on and commenting on a damn good Marine.
    If you were in the infantry.. and not some wine sipping liberal who complains about the very freedom Marines provide, the Corps so damn small that Marines either know you or of you. Pure and Simple. Stop complaining
    March on and carry on!

  53. I think most of you hard chargers on here ripping on 0311’s must be POG’s from Ipac, Motor T, or supply and
    you know with the hierarchy you don’t even matter.
    But y’all are on here acting brave now you can’t get a beat down anymore

  54. Haha that so true!!!

  55. Ain’t that the damn truth !!!

  56. Y’all know the truth. Aint never been beyond the wire
    just a bunch of damn POG’s

  57. I’m lmao a real Marine gets a NJP at least once and doesn’t run their mouths about 0311’s
    Women can’t fight for damn sure not in this Marines opinion. You don’t like my opinion– come step up
    Sgt Mike Brown 2/5 Echo —-********!!

  58. Spanked !!! Ha ha! Carry my ruck POG’s
    Jake Taylor 3/1 Weapons

  59. “Teufelhunde! Ha ha right on Greg!!
    SSgt Nick Johnson
    Rota Spain

  60. Too funny!! You POG’s do like run yalls mouth when y’all can’t get a beat down in person hiding on the Internet
    so bravely … Courage is under fire going on 36 hours no sleep eating the same damn MRE you ate for a month.
    Not sitting in the rear with the gear in the AC never getting dirty , thinking how cool you are only going to MCT.
    Ooooh yeah you’ve done trigger time lol.
    I bet if you had to do any CQB being on a breach team
    you would literally have to change yalls pants!!

  61. Lol way too many POGs on here complaining about real grunts carrying yalls load. Greg has every right to his opinion even if y’all don’t agree with it. Even if you don’t
    So what. Bet y’all were a bunch of fobbits anyway.
    Closest y’all ever came to any action was driving the Xo
    to check on a post or driving a LAV if y’all did anything at all. POGs beware!!
    LCPl David Anderson 1/9

  62. You POGs are pretty brave on the Internet
    Say all that to Greg’s face !!!

    GnySgt Mike Martinez

  63. POGs are brave now what the ****? On base you would get a beating if a lifetime !!

  64. On Base pogs don’t say anything and shake in their boots! Katy Perry disgraced our uniform
    She never earned a right to wear a EGA and outta be
    Ho Slaaped like the POG’s !! Come see me y’all don’t like it!!

    PFC M Hernandez
    Camp Leatherneck
    Post 2

  65. Katy Perry ? Seriously ??? Needs to get a beat down
    and women can’t fight for damn sure.
    I don’t know what drugs you POG’s are on
    but y’all need a reality check. Put down the pipe
    and stop your tea drinking liberal bs and get in a grunt
    unit out of your comfy AC job sucking someone’s ****

    Camp Leatherneck

    Come see me if y’all are brave enough– see if I don’t give
    y’all a beating you butch *** pogs deserve

  66. EM is definitely a POG run your mouth in person!!
    Come to K Bay punk to 2/3 Charlie Co

    We defend those who can’t defend themselves!
    Man up or shut up punk *** POG

  67. sounds like a bunch of youngsters crying about a woman marine damn so what,**** that leather necks keep it tight.

  68. Whats with all the POG’s running their mouths so freely ?

  69. Man that Katy Perry Perry vide sucks balls.
    Wearing an EGA like she earned it? She needs a
    beat down like all the pogs on this site.
    Y’all need to remember the beat downs on post when y’all
    Start flapping your gums. It can happen again!!

  70. Well the POGs need to serve the chow and work in all that AC… they gotta do something besides leg riding the CO
    licking boots and brown nosing

    LCpl Derik Davis

  71. The two best Marines I ever served with got more NJPs than anyone I ever met.
    SSgt Christian ’ Razor ’ Kennedy from 3/5 Kilo, when serving with 2/5 rolled a Humvee in front of Bx drunk and now they give a safety stand down speech about him.
    Like my 1stSgt says “NJP’s build character”. I think Chesty said it best “your not a real marine til you get your first njp”. Getting a NJP means your not a *********** POG.
    The other Marine was Sgt Scott Simons who got a NJP
    for falling out of formation drunk after 3 days of Libo
    and the funny made him run til he puked so many times
    he dry heaved. Both damn good Marines to have in a fire fight in both OIF / OEF. I think at last count they both had
    at least 16 NJPs for drinking and fighting , but they were
    the best devil dogs to have your back in a pinch.
    POGs beware if these two.. They’ll give y’all a beatin of lifetime.!!! Lol

    HM1 Jason Finley
    3/5 Kilo

  72. The Vid made me cry with Pride to be an American!

  73. Katy Perry needs to be socked in the mouth.
    Anyone who thinks a woman can serve as a grunt
    in a grunt unit, must be smoking too much crap
    and bumped their noodle too many times.

  74. That ***** needs to get some get right real quick
    insulting the corps like that. She didn’t earn that EGA.
    That video sucks balls!! Don’t ******** listen to AC/DC
    or some real music like The Eli Young Band or Alan Jackson? I weep for today’s youth. Man are they messed up in the head.

    Sgt Dennis Edwards
    MAG 29

  75. I’m stuck over here beyond the wire while Katy perry makes lousy music and all these POG’s run free?
    At leatherneck the POG’s stay to themselves.
    I got 6 NJPs just because my Gny Sgt is in a bad
    mood all the time. Yeah real Marines get more NJPs
    than you can shake a stick at. I keep my head on a swivel
    and always stay frosty. I heard about SSgt Razor from
    my SSgt Jason Smuda. He said that’s a damn good Marine
    and would drink with him or be in a firefight any day!!
    Ooh Rah to that Devil! I got my knife hand pointing where
    Katy Perry should go.

  76. Katy Perry never earned a right to wear a EGA
    Just cause ya can don’t make it okay

    Ain’t no WM can carry my load or do my job
    as a grunt. Y’all must be some liberal ***********
    spouting that cheesy moto crap. Must be a bunch of
    POG’s thinking she and other WMs can fight
    alongside. Reality check– they suck the green

    Sgt J Jones
    FOB Payne
    AF — freakin — Ghanistan

  77. Katy Perry ? Seriously ? Needs to be slapped !!
    Razor ? Where are you Devil? Grab your gear
    and make muster. Sorry to hear about Simons
    killing himself. He is a damn good Marine!!’
    We will all re group in ****

    SSgt J Smuda

  78. Katy Perry sucks and it’s a disgrace to the Corps.
    Of course all those POG’s jumped in Greg.
    They can’t really face a beat down online.
    On post the pigs keep their taps shut.
    A pog is a pog is a pog.

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.–Reagan

    Marines due so worthless POG’s & Katy Perry
    can insult the corps while protesting, sipping wine
    and complaining about the freedom we provide.
    Stand watch or shut up y’all POG’s never do.
    The world needs janitors too and y’all pogs are good
    at those crappy jobs and barely made it out of

  79. FET teams ? What a joke
    Katy Perry needs to be slapped
    Let the Ho sign and serve before she wears a EGA
    insulting those that have died serving.
    Chesty… America’s not the same without you Devil

  80. Wow all this over a **** who had the gall to wear
    a EGA. She needs to wake the **** up & think
    hard about what she did. Think of the symbolism.
    You POG’s watch your back

  81. Katy Perry sucks POGs balls

  82. I work IPAC and I’m insulted by Katy Perry.
    Y’all need us POGs to get your files straight.
    Can’t all be grunts.

  83. I’m in Motor T and that vid insults me and the Corps
    It’s a slap in the face

  84. That video insults the Corps and all that earned the right to wear it. I’ve received 12 NJPs in my time.
    Once for failing to salute while torn up drinking
    in 62 area. I was a Sgt then. I know Kennedy. Damn good
    Marine. Keep up the good work Greg. You POGs know
    damn well you would get a hurtin on base.

  85. She’s hot but still needs to be socked in the mouth

  86. She needs something in mouth lol
    She did insult the Corps tho

  87. Who does the Ho think she is ?

  88. I wish I could be a grunt. FETs not even the same
    I got to deal with Aunt Flo.. and those sexy ***
    grunts are always good to go

  89. To **** with that Ho. Make her go through boot

  90. That tramp wouldn’t last a week

  91. Katy Perry ? That’s not even real music.
    Let’s talk about Sempervivum Fi by Trace Adkins
    That song rocks !!

    He Sat In That Long Line Of Barber Chairs
    And The Sergeant Asked Him, Son, Would You Like To Keep Your Hair?
    He Said Yes Sir, As He Heard Those Clippers Buzzing On
    Sergeant Said, Well, Hold Out Your Hand, Here It Comes…

    Semper Fi, Do Or Die
    So Gung-ho To Go And Pay The Price
    Here’s To Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, And Jarheads
    And Parris Island In July, Semper Fi

    I Sleep In My Bed Instead Of A Fox Hole
    I’ve Never Heard My Boss Tell Me To Lock And Load
    Ain’t No Bullet Holes In The Side Of My SUV
    Because The Kid Next Door Just Shipped Out Over Seas

    Semper Fi, Do Or Die
    So Gung-ho To Go And Pay The Price
    Here’s To Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, And Jarheads
    And Parris Island In July, Semper Fi

    For The Few That Wear The Dress Blues
    With Haircut High And Tight
    Who Are Proud To Be The First Ones In A Fight
    Semper Fi

    Semper Fi, Do Or Die
    So Gung-ho To Go And Pay The Price
    Here’s To Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, And Jarheads
    And Parris Island In July,

    Never Leave A Man Behind…
    A Marine, A Marine For Life
    Semper Fi

  92. **** yeah

  93. My Sacrifice
    Songwriters: Stapp, Scott; Tremonti, Mark;

    Hello my friend, we meet again
    It’s been a while, where should we begin?
    Feels like forever

    Within my heart are memories
    Of perfect love that you gave to me
    Oh I remember

    When you are with me, I’m free
    I’m careless, I believe
    Above all the others, we’ll fly
    This brings tears to my eyes
    My sacrifice

    We’ve seen our share of ups and downs
    Oh, how quickly life can turn around
    In an instant

    It feels so good to reunite
    Within yourself and within your mind
    Let’s find peace there

    ?Cause when you are with me, I’m free
    [| From: http://​www​.elyrics​.net/​r​e​a​d​/​c​/​c​r​e​e​d​-​l​y​r​i​c​s​/​m​y​-​sac… |]
    I’m careless, I believe
    Above all the others, we’ll fly
    This brings tears to my eyes
    My sacrifice

    I just want to say hello again
    I just want to say hello again

    ‘Cause when you are with me, I’m free
    I’m careless, I believe
    Above all the others, we’ll fly
    This brings tears to my eyes

    ‘Cause when you are with me, I’m free
    I’m careless, I believe
    Above all the others, we’ll fly
    This brings tears to my eyes
    My sacrifice
    My sacrifice

    (I just want to say hello again)
    I just want to say hello again
    My sacrifice


    these lyrics are last corrected by Audrea Soles

  94. Dixie Chicks still blow !!
    Katy Perry? That Ho’s got to go!!

  95. Katy Perry ? What a joke

  96. Can I wipe my nuts with that song ?

  97. That song by Katy Perry sucks pog balls
    I Never Thought I’d Live This Long by
    Montgomery Gentry is a bad *** song

  98. Jason Aldean’s She’s Country Rocks!!

  99. Alan Jackson is the Man!!!

  100. I wanna tea bag Katy Perry
    Think she’d do a USO tour ?
    Visit da boys in Afg ??!

  101. That Ho be too scared to step offa plane

  102. Think she’d open a MRE to make my coffee??
    Maybe the boys can get her to a ball to slap the **** out of her

  103. She’d be too scared like all the pog’s

  104. I don’t think Katy Perry thought any of this through
    and Greg you are so right. American women are soft
    never worrying about 826 million Arabs trying to kill
    them all in Israel. So concerned with tribal bs and the
    wanna bes with sagging pants

  105. The video blows pog balls
    Chicken fried is it !!

  106. I got some pogy bait… It’s Ky for for all
    those boot licking POGs

  107. No; I don’t want celebrities bashing the military especially My Corps!!

    You can come wipe my *** with your “showing some appreciation” for this video. Why would would we appreciate someone like katy perry’s crap when we do real stuff to show off the Corpa In a tastefule way like maybe, oh I don’t know, the Marines handing out food in a hostile environment, or…oh how about “Toys for Tots”? There’s two right there that I didn’t even have to think about.

    And personally I would much rather have any celebrity wearing the uniform of any branch for a costume or fashion statement either charged under federal law or just plain shot down like a rabid dog for their disrespect to those that give them a right to act like incompetent morons.

    Are you even in the military?

  108. I sing those gay songs by Katy Perry while on patrol
    but I’d smack her in the mouth for that video
    I saw online wearing a EGA.
    She should have just been naked in some Marines blues

  109. That Katy Perry video is a big time joke
    she needs her butt whipped for desecrating the EGA

  110. That Katy Perry video is a big time joke
    she needs her butt whipped for desecrating the EGA

  111. That Katy Perry video is a big time joke
    she needs her butt whipped for desecrating the EGA

  112. What’s with all the pigs liking Katy perry ?
    When did music die and this teeny bopper bs become
    The thing ? What happened to country and alternative rock?

  113. Sgt. USMC 03:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. And y’all know how verbose I can be.

  114. Whats with all the comments by the POGs who think just becaause they can hide on the internet they can run their freakin moutths? katy Perry sucks and dsgraced all those who earbed the right to wear their EGa’s. lol I remember that safety stand down speech
    about SSgt Kennedy who was busted down to a LCpl.
    I have in my 6 years in have had 7 NJP’s. The last for not shaving after coming back from patrol by some POG Supply captain, being back at the FOB 5 minutes.
    freakin POG’s are ruining the Corps.

  115. Ive been in a year and have received 2 NJps for drinking and showing up for duty drunk. My SSgt made me stand in front of the parade ground for 8 hours saying it would build character for me

  116. MasterSergeant of Ma | April 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm |

    After reading some of the comments of my fellow Marines It is refreshing that the strong character traits of Marines are alive and well. As a Marine for 22 years strong views go with the job and are not a bad thing. Some would probably take some view against other Marines comments as a negative. It is not . Its what makes Marines better. Having said that Marines I liked the video. I viewed it as a music video and nothing else. You comments about the details in the video remind me how sharp you are. Carry on. For those idiots that disgrace our Dress Blues all I can say is better not be caught by some leathernecks posting comments because giving their strong sense of pride they will hand you your A–!

  117. Roger that Marines! Doing a damn good job

  118. Ive handed more NJPs than you can count.
    They are good for Marines.. they make better Marines.
    You Marines are doing a damn fine job

  119. The comments of my fellow devil dogs is dead on.
    You disgrace the uniform you get your *** handed to you
    and you deserve a blanket party or a general beat down
    Greg your comments about Wms are accurate

  120. If you disgrace our uniform you deserve anything
    that happens

  121. I catch someone disgracing the uniform they will suffer
    the wrath of the Corps. Katy Perry sucks POGs balls
    and neds a good slap down

  122. Long Rifle,
    I stand corrected and pleased to do so. I apologize for my response to you as I lost sight of the times I went against leaders that would not see reason. You have reason and after much research, I truly appreciate your wisdom – I see it now. In short, for other readers, consider this clear and present danger to US military fighting power. Despite my earlier posts based on facts, those facts must be compared to the big picture. The information is fragmented and highly politicized but after days of reading and asking questions, I noticed a recurring theme: From a financial standpoint alone, it is irreprehensible to open combat MOS’s to females. It makes no sense to add females to critical areas already embroiled with problems. The money used to entertain integration should be applied to current combat MOS’s equipment and training requirements: Mission First. How many lives were lost because they weren’t prepared through no fault of their own? Across the board, there is insufficient information about Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan with regard to our troops’ effectiveness. That’s a much bigger problem as it directly correlates to mission and the lives of our Marines already in harm’s way. From that standpoint, our infantry is in danger. In danger from lack of information for training. In danger from equipment and supply issues. In danger from the decision to draw down and still have to carry on with significantly less support. In good conscience, we cannot and should not further endanger them with ‘friendly fire’. I will restate this also: 03’s have every reason to be proud and then some. However, EVERY MARINE, not just 03’s, has a duty to exhibit dignity through more respectful words towards others about what they do. 03’s have valid points but they severely undermine them when they insult POG’s and non-03’s and not offer information that would sooner gain an ally but make an enemy. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. How is that good for morale and unit cohesion? Somewhere, somehow we depend on each other to get the job done. That’s what should matter the most. Semper Fi

    Small list of various sources: http://​csis​.org/​p​u​b​l​i​c​a​t​i​o​n​/​a​f​g​h​a​n​i​s​t​a​n​-​f​a​i​l​e​d​-mehttp://​www​.defense​.gov/​n​e​w​s​/​W​I​S​R​_​R​e​p​o​r​t​_​t​o​_​C​o​n​grehttp://​www​.mca​-marines​.org/​g​a​z​e​t​t​e​/​a​s​s​e​s​s​i​n​g​-​i​nfahttp://​www​.defense​.gov/​p​u​b​s​/​p​d​f​s​/​D​o​D​_​W​H​C​_​o​n​_​W​o​menhttp://www.whistleblower.org/blog/31–2010/1594-vi

  123. @Greg: I must say the cover is off to you good-sir. I have met a variety and fair share of male Marines (of course that’s what you get when you yourself are a “WM” lol) and I must say, I was quite astonished, while reading your posts, the articulation and proper grammar. As I swept my jaw off the floor, between reading your out-right witty and intelligent comments, I was more impressed by your genuine come-backs. The last Marine I met with pure intelligence, a sense of humor, pride and genuine ‘speal’ was a reservist in VA. Kudos to you doll!!!! Semper Fi and Oorah Devil Dog!!!!
    Jarhead aka LCpl W.

    @EM: Oh that’s hilarious and so “mature”. If anyone here is the lumberjack it’s yourself. Of course you wouldn’t recognize a great education for anything. So how about you keep your useless, trailer-park come-backs to yourself.….You’re really not impressing anyone.…And I would absolutely L-O-V-E (dashes are for emphasis, incase you lack to realize that) to knock you senseless.…..oh wait someone has already taken care of my “light-work” for me! Not to mention your comment doesn’t even remotely begin to make sense. Think before you type!!!!

  124. @ SSgt. N

    As a female Marine myself, and knowing where this video was filmed I too am quite astonished as to why Katy didn’t chose to rock the silkes. Although I must say, from my perspective, NO MALE MARINES should EVER where silkes REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION.….the last thing I want to see is someone’s ‘junk’ flopping around while we’re running. (Yes, you think we, as females, don’t notice that kind of thing.….It’s kind of hard to miss) Nor do I want to see it peaking out to say “Hi” while we stretch.…. Just saying.…..

  125. @ Sgt USMC 03

    Oorah and Amen!!!! Let me tell you, you want to see a female Marine who will be more than glad to show ANY male regardless of rank, status, height, weight, branch.…that she can handle whatever you men want to ‘throw down’ common down to SC I’ll show you what a real FEMALE MARINE will do and IS capable of.

  126. @ Keeper of Horses; SERIOUSLY????? I think you should you should punt kicked in the gentials for the statement ’ Women Warriors’. I understand what you’re trying to get across.…Be a little more wise about it and use better terminology.….Oh and just so you know yes, I am a female, and yes I am a MARINE.…. Suck-on-that

  127. @ EM : I retract all previous statements I have said toward you.…..That is all

  128. to Jim37F, you obviously have not real combat time but you like to throw around acronyms like you are somebody. Leave the Marines alone and stop acting like you are somebody. I you dont have an MOS 11B then go back to your desk and shffle some paper REMF!

  129. I was Wing in 1966–1969, and TAD to 1st Mar Div often while in country. In the “Nam Years” everybody was an 03, no matter what your other job was. I carried a US Rifle 7.62mm M14, over there “in country” for an extended tour of over 20months (January through July 1968 was especially interesting).
    Unfortunately, we never had WMs to work with. The only place we ever saw them was in schools, and there they were as competent and capable as any Marine there. Fortunately, the Marine Corps has grown up and recognized the WMs can fill a combat billet. Good Goin’. It’s about time. Also the video was a class act.
    SF USMC 2151792.

  130. Hey SSgt, A bit of a break there. The Corps has changed. I hate to say in my day, to you young boots, but it was different in a different time. I had an uncle who I emulated. My uncle was a China Marine. That right, China in the mid 1920s. His training was quite similar to mine. We compared notes often, both in writing, and face time. His Corps had the same esprit that we had. The bullets fired back and forth were just as hard, as when I fought in the Nam. The treachery of the enemy was just as it was in his day, and as mine. And get your mind around what a POG was in our day. POGI referred to a certain type of Filipino Civilian of uncertain gender who hung around bars. It was originally a navy term.

  131. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm |

    Greg, I have never seen any official style guide which called for capitalizing the nickname, just as “grunt” is not normally capitalized.

    Also, you might want to verify your own proficiency with the English language before attempting to downcheck somebody else’s spelling — you are 0 for 1 at properly distinguishing between the possesive “your” and the noun-verb contraction “you’re”.

  132. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 7:46 pm |

    Hey, it’s not like she’s straddling a 16-inch barrel in torn fishnet stockings and stealing some petty officer’s cap…

  133. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 8:05 pm |

    AT Gunner Greg,

    Perhaps you can explain to this retired first looey (who can’t claim to be terribly sane when confronted with the fact that he still chose Infantry as a branch after already having spent 7 years carrying mortars around as an enlisted man), just exactly how a pop singer’s video becomes some sort of an argument for putting women in the infantry? What exactly is it about Ms. Perry’s video that got your skivvies all wadded up?

  134. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 8:39 pm |

    EM, while you’re throwing statistics around, especially ones concerning the likelihood of getting killed by enemy fire, you might be a little startled to learn that the U.S. military averaged between 700 and 900 deaths per year during the decade immediately after the Vietnam War — that was back before the military got so safety-preoccupied.

    That is not to denigrate your comments on the risk of rape — my first time in the sandbox, I worked with a LTC who drew her 9mm exactly once during her tour, and that was when somebody large and heavy was attempting to force open the door to the latrine she was using.

  135. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 8:41 pm |

    Exactly what did Ms. Perry do that you consider disrespectful to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children?

  136. TiredSoldier | April 8, 2012 at 9:24 pm |

    MasterSergeant, with all due respect, there is a difference between “strong views” and “running off at the mouth”.

    Personally and professionally, I consider the commenters to be disgracing your Corps when they cavalierly advocate beating a civilian woman who most likely sought and received official approval and support from the USMC before making her video.

  137. This is idiotic. I suspect most of these posts are coming from 16 year old “Call of Duty” fanatics and POG fobbits.

  138. For real… the POGs watch that POS movie
    “Brothers” too much.

  139. Too many POGs !! You friggen paintballers need to be Ho
    slapped along with Katy Perry’s joke video disgracing the
    Corps. I bet Chesty is turning over in his grave.
    Goodnight Chesty whereever you are

  140. TiredSoldier | April 9, 2012 at 6:32 pm |

    Well, if you’re really going for Constitutional rights, Ms. Perry also has an equal right to free speech, so your advice should also apply to those who don’t like her video. Shouldn’t it?

  141. This is a site called “Whis That Marine” right?
    What’s with the Army POGs ? Must be nice having
    only 6–8 hour patrols and going back to all
    that air conditioning.
    A sergeant was addressing a squad of 20 and said: “I have a nice easy job for the laziest soldier here. Put up your hand if you are the laziest.” 19 men raised their hands, and the sergeant asked the other man “why didn’t you raise your hand?” The man replied: “Too much trouble, sarge.”

  142. The Captain called the Sergeant in. “Sarge, I just got a telegram that Private Jones’ mother died yesterday. Better go tell him and send him in to see me.”

    So the Sergeant calls for his morning formation and lines up all the troops. “Listen up, men,” says the Sergeant. “Johnson, report to the mess hall for KP. Smith, report to Personnel to sign some papers. The rest of you men report to the Motor Pool for maintenance. Oh by the way, Jones, your mother died, report to the commander.”

    Later that day the Captain called the Sergeant into his office. “Hey, Sarge, that was a pretty cold way to inform Jones his mother died. Couldn’t you be a bit more tactful, next time?”

    “Yes, sir,” answered the Sarge.

    A few months later, the Captain called the Sergeant in again with, “Sarge, I just got a telegram that Private McGrath’s mother died. You’d better go tell him and send him in to see me. This time be more tactful.”

    So the Sergeant calls for his morning formation. “Ok, men, fall in and listen up. Everybody with a mother, take two steps forward. NOT SO FAST, McGrath!”

  143. Real Marines
    * Can cuss for ten minutes without ever repeating a word.
    * Have a spine.
    * Can play a cherry Lieutenant like a finely tuned instrument.
    * Are Moto as all get out
    * Can see in the Dark.
    * Have eyes in the back of their heads.
    * Still don’t trust the Hajis.
    * Still hate the French.
    * Know the Brits can’t fight for crap
    * Don’t know how to be politically correct.
    * Don’t give a damn about being politically correct.
    * Think that “politically correct” should fall under S### in the UCMJ.
    * Get at least 2 NJPs a year
    * Cuss worse than sailors
    * Don’t want Thanks, praise or a wall of commendations
    * Love deployments because there is less paperwork and more “real work.”
    * Can run 15 miles with a hangover.
    * love the Mud Run
    * Do not fear women in the military.
    * Would like to date WM.
    * Still know how to use a buffer.
    * Fight without fear or regret
    * Can tell you anything you want to know about an M4
    * can beat down a POG with a Moto stare
    * Believe that they do have a rendezvous with destiny.
    * Believe that “Retreat ? **** we just got here wasn’t all that Was said to the Germans.
    *deadliest weapon in the world is a MARINE and his rifle!”
    * Don’t know how to use a “stress card”.
    * Idolize John Wayne and look forward to Jane Wayne day
    * Don’t believe that AAFES really needs a “commander”.
    * Would have paid money to see Custer getting his clock cleaned.
    * Really don’t like taking S### from those who haven’t “been beyond the wire”
    * Hate Fobbits and POGs
    * Fear no one but the Gunny
    * Cuss each other out in good fun
    * Know how to properly dig a ranger grave
    * Might admire the Germans, but still realize they got their butts kicked twice. They fear the Tuefelhunden
    * Aren’t afraid of the Chinese, who probably don’t have enough rowboats to invade Taiwan.
    * Would rather be OPFOR than MOPP 4.
    * Don’t believe a darn thing the Iraqis say.
    * Don’t need a GPS to find themselves.
    * Have enough BDU’s in their closet to start a surplus store.
    * Think that MRE’s taste good (with a little hot sauce).
    * Are convinced that “wall-to-wall” counseling really works.
    * Love free fire zones and kill everything that moves
    * Would clear 25 bldgs as point man happily without complaint, and be ready to do it again.
    * Swallow enough Ripped Fuel to kill a horse
    * Eat Coffee, suck down monsters like no tomorrow
    * Sleep no more than 4 hours and anymore feel guilty
    * Have more time on the front-line than most others have in the chow line.
    * Know how to make coffee when the measuring scoop goes missing.
    * Know that it’s not good coffee when you can see through it.
    * Don’t blame poor marksmanship on their M-16.
    * Know that inept leaders will always say they have inept
    * can lead a patrol with their eyes closed
    * NEVER would be a gay *** Hooah
    * Love Chesty and say good night Chesty wherever you are
    *Once a Marine, Always a Marine:  This truism is now the official motto of the Marine Corps League.  The origin of the statement is credited to a gung-ho Marine Corps master sergeant, Paul Woyshner.  During a barroom argument he shouted, “Once a Marine, always a Marine!”  MSgt. Woyshner was right.  Once the title “U.S. Marine” has been earned, it is retained.  There are no ex-Marines or former-Marines.  There are (1) active duty Marines, (2) retired Marines, (3) reserve Marines, and (4) Marine veterans.  Nonetheless, once one has earned the title, he remains a Marine for life.

  144. POG? Listen wannabe.….an RTO in a Grunt Battalion carries a lot more crap in their ALICE than some mudpounder. I did everything plus. I was just smarter than the average grunt. Which at least means i knew how to spell USMC! without looking at my pocket. My point is clear and concise. Not all WM’s rate my praise, but there were quite a few who did as male marines. Their job! They trained and worked just as hard. Problem with some 0311’s is simple. They think that their comm, food, and bullets just magically appear. Must’ve been delivered by the “Lucky Charms” Leperchaun. “they’re magically delicious”. Guess again numbnuts.…Marines supplied those items. Not all office poge’s are sh”“bags, and not all grunts are Super Marines. I know quite a few in 2/5 that are far from stellar examples of The Few and The Proud. I don’t believe putting females in combat units. Nor will I ever condone it. My point was in you less than intelligent a**bags complaining about the video. Katy shows a person that wants to make a difference in her life, she joined the Marines, trained, and shows the mental, physical, and pride that ALL MARINES should have. No she didn’t do this for real. It is a “video” which is like a “movie” or for your benefit, ‘NO JIMMY IT“S JUST A CARTOON”. Which means it’s not real. But any Marine current or former, who is worth a bead of sweat off of Chesty Puller’s chin is proud of what they did, how they did it, and lived to tell it. Before you call some a POGE backtrack your a** and check fire. Just because I was a 2542 doesn’t mean I was one. Chances are I spent more time in fields and deployments than your boot *** ever did.

  145. @Tired Soldier:

    My original Posting was not in fact related to the video, it was an opinion on a peroson’s comments as to why We Marine’s really to give a rats ***.

  146. PFC WWild | May 1, 2012 at 3:19 am |

    Theres been a lot of outrage over showing Katy Perry wearing the EGA. It’s kinda strange no one ever complains about John Wayne wearing the EGA in several films while he never served in the Corps. I was 0311 43 years ago. Alpha, 1/9, 2 PHs and DEWEY CANYON disability discharge. POG disrespect? They served and serve today and go where the Corps sends them. The best shot in my Boot Platoon got sent to Cook School when 98% of all Marines were getting O3 cause of the casualties the rifle platoons were taking in 68–69. Go figure. ****, I don’t understand half the current MC slang, but then I suppose a lot of currently serving Marines wouldn’t understand the VN era slang. Marines are Marines. There was nothing in that video that was disrespectful that I saw; it wasn’t like she was trying to do a Demi Moore “GI Jane” atrocity. I got a son in the Navy…he’s a Corpsman. Anyone want to make any crap statements about how he’s not as good as an 0311? Maybe call him a POG? Grow up, people.

  147. I just watched that video of Katy Perry. She needs to hoe slapped and socked in the mouth.i’m with FET 6 team
    and she NEVER earned the right to wear our uniform.
    That is freaking offesnsive!!!

  148. I have not been able to read all the posts, however I get the basic idea of the feelings of many. Passion is good, but can sometimes be misplaced and misunderstood. A few could benefit from blood pressure medicene.

    I believe there are two major points behind the video, one is the Marine Corps wants to socialize WM’s in combat roles and attack more women to this field. 2nd part is for all Marines, as always stated, and recently repeated by our Commandant, “once a Marine, always a Marine. Regardless of wether you do one tour or retire as a lifer, the Marine Corps will always be a part of you. I did two (just over 8 years), wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Semper Fidelis!

  149. Moron 03’s trying to prove to the world that you are the amazing thing that has ever happened to the planet and apparently have no respect for the airwing or anyone else in the Marine Corps that isn’t an 03. Next time your in a tight spot and you call in air support and two cobras come in from the distance and clear the way for you. Please thank the Marine Corps for employing Marines with actual functioning brain cells to save your ***. Please get over yourselves any moron that scored above a 30 on the asvab can do your job. Even the they have waivers if you want to become a bullet sponge bad enough. You have learned no real world skills and spent your years In the Marines doing nothing more than getting an adrenaline rush and PTSD. To the Grunts that appreciate the fact that the WHOLE Marine Corps works together to accomplish the mission and without each and every MOS we wouldn’t be a me to do it, we are all glad that you exist to keep your idiot brothers in check. Semper Fi

  150. Get over it.

  151. Very fitting coming from a Master Guns. Y’all have really earned of respects from your subordinates lately with the letters and comments that’s have been published in a majority of the Marine Corps websites and weekly periodicals. Keep up the tradition of ignorance! Oorah

  152. Ruining the Corps. Hahaha. You grunts are what is holding the Marine Corps back from becoming the elite fighting force it could be. Having a closed mind and not accepting and adapting to change like yourself and 70% of your brothers is what is ruining the Corps. Open your eyes it is 2012 the technological advances the military is embracing cannot be handled by a grunt. And if it wasn’t for those of us that actually have functioning brain cells and a clue u would probably be a stain in the dirt.

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  154. What the “FICH” that is just disappointing!

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