Battlefield 3 Goes Inside


Battlefield 3 players can buy Close Quarters in June, a DLC pack that focuses on indoor gameplay and promises “HD Destruction.” The above trailer features the Donya Fortress gameplay, but the pack includes four new maps that emphasize tight hallways and blind corners. Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach tells The Verge that “it’s a marriage of both old school Domination and Conquest modes. Only we’ve made this an infantry based, indoor version of Conquest. Domination usually took place on a small map so we developed Conquest style play for a Domination map.”

The Donya Fortess evokes a Middle Eastern palace, while the Ziba Towers structure looks like a drug lord’s high-rise apartment. No word yet on what the other two maps will look like.

Click through to watch the Gameplay Premiere trailer that features the Ziba Towers map.

  • Corbin

    Dang man, BF3 is normally all about enormous maps with vehicles and aircraft.This will definately convert some CoD players lol.

    • The other DLC packs that will be released later are supposed to expand to outside maps. I think one of them is supposed to be an armored map of sort. I don’t know what the other one is supposed to be like, all air-maps perhaps?