Did Battleship Sink G.I. Joe?


Not everyone liked Battleship as much as we did. The $209-million epic did only $25.3 million at the box office on opening weekend, just a few hundred thousand more than low-budget powerhouse Act of Valor. That crash-and-burn disaster might have given game-maker Hasbro and Paramount Pictures cold feet about this summer’s release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The studio announced yesterday that they’ve canceled (sorry, delayed) the movie’s June 29th release so they can go back add convert the film to 3D. The new opening date for the action picture is March 29, 2013.

A lot of Hollywood folks were surprised that Hasbro wanted to make a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra because that one didn’t really make money, certainly not on the Transformers level they were looking for. When the movie started production last year, the studio trumpeted the fact that they were making the new one for less money even though they’d added Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis to the cast. A lower budget and bigger stars would equal more money.

One of the ways that they saved cash was a decision to shoot in regular old 2D and director Jon M. Chu even did interviews where he talked about how excited he was to work in the old school format instead of the 3D he’d used for his most successful films (Step Up 3D and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never). Battleship was also famously shot in 2D and we can now see how that worked out, so it’s not hard to draw some conclusions about why Hasbro got cold feet.

  • JonnyV

    Battleship sucked because of the concept and story; filming a turd in 3d will not make it more appealing.

    Independance Day was a horrible movie, but “most” everyone loved it.

    GI JOE, well who knows… maybe if Hollywood would liven things up a bit and stop the same old canned junk.

  • The first one was really lousy. I watched it for free in the dayroom and stopped paying attention to it halfway through. Not even two ninjas fighting and pretty women running around in tight costumes was able to keep my interest.

  • Anthony McKinnis


    • Thomas – US Marine

      The Navy didn’t do much for your grammar. :-p

      • jswaskiewicz

        Anthony has to be kidding, right?

      • Just what in **** inspired either insipid game’s attention in a miilitary newsletter? Neither deserves attention here or to a true combat veteran. Wake up. This is a true *****. out

    • Tyler Durden

      Instead of wasting your time defending Battleship you should use your GI Bill, if you actually served.

      • K. Ward

        Agreed, you’re making those sailors that are educated look the exact opposite. The movie was ok. Not good, not bad, just ok.

      • James


    • James

      Yea people want “action’ and have no patience! Great movie! i think if you wanna join the military or have any knowledge of the military. you will like it. i had brought the movie “burned” to a freinds house…they fell asleep and said it sucked….none of them accepted me wanting to join the military……..

  • chuck in st paul

    so then Anthony, English is what – your third language?

  • Shawn

    Battleship was OK just wish it would of been a little more realistic.

  • senrab kram

    Battleship> just to the left of unbelievable…..but if you like movies that blow things up i guess it’s ok…..

  • Joe Wulf

    Battleship is an excellent movie, that was well directed, with excellent actors, actresses and CGI. The plot was sound, the ‘nod’ to the board game was credible and realistically carried out. I liked it, I’d also buy it on disc. The US Navy should be proud of it as well, for it reflected very favorably on ships, combat and the crisis decisions officers make, with the active support of enlisted shipmates.

    As for GI Joe 2… it looks good so far. I’m in to see it.

  • Gregory White

    Ok I saw Battleship, and i’m sorry but it was a DVD movie. Great CG scenes, lousy portyal of how our Miltary operates. No way in **** an Officer acting like that would be in command. And the best part of the movie were the Battleship sailors. Sorry but for the hype it I have to give it a 4 out of 10

    • Aubrey

      George, were you ever in the navy? I haven’t seen the movie, so I won’t comment on it. However, every sci-fi movie that I have ever seen makes me cringe at their depictions of of military behavior and whatnot. Even the ones claiming a military adviser manage to screw it up.

  • Anthony, all caps comments make you appear ignorant. When we actually read your comment, your spelling, grammar, and incoherence confirm that appearnace. You reflect poorly on all sailors, since you claim to be one.
    That said, the plot was cheesy, had holes, and made little sense. However, the portrayal of the Navy was good, and the explosions and combat scenes were fun. And it had a great tagline: Mahalo!

  • It’s make believe. Damn it. Combat is fun WillIiam It’s **** on earth and obviously you don’t have a clue about it’s true nature.

    • Combat scenes in a movie ARE fun, and your condescension reveals a smallness in you. Obviously we are NOT discussing real-life combat. But remember the Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’. We want to LIVE in boring times, and be entertained by tales of interesting ones; we don’t want to live in them.

      • Carl

        Lets tip a cold one to living, and to boring times!

  • Joe

    I was half way interested in the new GI Joe movie until I saw that the directors two biggest movies are “Step Up 3D” and “Justin Biebers Never Say Never”….
    Sorry, but that is enough to make me take my movie money elsewhere…..

  • Michael Smith

    G.I.Joe are in about the same category. Battleship was intertaining (for me) and I suspect G.I.Joe will be too. So delaying this SO long does not make since (to me).

  • Craig

    I think Anthony must be a Marine, just doing the best he can.

    • Andrew Fox is a idiot.He never served never will,but will play his xbox in his mommy basement.I’m a proud United States Marine.Don’t speak bad about a person who protect your butt.SEMPER FI.

  • Ray

    I thought the movie was awesome. I honestly think you have to have been in the Navy to enjoy it though. I can see why some people thought it sucked. They cant relate. My only complaint is Rhianna is an Fire Controlman not a Gunners Mate. She’s specifically a gun FC (my job).

  • Andrew Fox

    People who join the military are complete idiots and should be exterminated.

    • Tyler

      Hey Buddy, go die in a hole. If you don’t like the military, don’t go on MILITARY.COM.


    • Paule

      Really?? I managed to make it through a career just fine. I do not think myself an idiot. And I know that me and mine need not be exterminated because someone who I spent time defending feels that I am useless.

      To those of you that served, my thanks and salutes. To those that state that we are needless, shame on you.

      As for the movie, I have not seen it and will most likely wait for DVD release.

  • Gary

    Yes, it was just a so-so movie. But isn’t there some way we can make it Obama’s fault?

  • curt

    G.I. Joe is being reshot because the idiots killed all of the major characters in the opening scene.

  • Matthew

    @Darren….Thats (who “protects” your butt.) Devil Dog

    @Craig….The Marine and Air Force minimum AVAB requirements for enlistment are actually higher than that of the Army and the Navy. Of course, there are waivers!

  • Matthew

    My military training tells me that you are an *****. So do you refer to the men and woman who now serve in a completey voluntary force today or the many who served during the World Wars and Vietnam when they were drafted? Many who gave there lives to defend probably your parents lives. Or how about the many other countries around the world and their military personnel or maybe the millions that have served some country in the past at some point in time. Millions of idiots or just a ***** with a computer and free time because he did see something worth doing with his life. You probably think fireman, police, rescue, nurses, teachers, and other civil service job holders are idiots too, huh? Get a life like us ‘idiots’ who help make a difference.

  • Dale Desjarlais

    It just shows the public how mainstream Hollywood has lost its skill in making and producing a good film. I haven’t seen Battleship yet but I’ve heard alot of negativity about it. Originality is a key in making a decent film. Nowadays you see nothing but remakes a of good movies from years ago. If I want to watch Battleship I’ll get the DVD and watch it on a weekend when it’s raining.

  • MarineSniper

    Andrew, I am a US Marine, my speciality is being a Scout Sniper. I was educated in a little school you might have heard of but doubt you could pass the entry exam to get in…Stanford. I graduated with a Software Developers degree and continued to stay in the corp.

    Your comments are irrational and uneducated, because if you ever served you would realize our US Military has some extremely sharp minds.

    It is too bad people like you cannot defy ignorance but instead embrace it…

    MarineSniper 8541 from somewhere in the world.

  • Solomon

    You need a high “ASVAB” score to grunt OOOrah?

  • Solomon

    It’s too bad I have to give my life to protect the ungrateful. It is great to live in a country where you have a choice to serve and not be force to. Thank you for your negative comment and I appreciate your disrespect.