Jane Fonda in Outer Space


The girl is fully armed.

Jane Fonda has made a lot of poor choices in her life.

If you’re reading this second paragraph, please realize that a big chunk of our readers didn’t make it this far. They’ve already scrolled to the bottom and are furiously hammering away in the comments section about her stupid trip to Hanoi during the Vietnam War and even stupider comments about the POWs.

Most of America forgave her sometime around the mid-80s when Dolly Parton joined her in 9-to-5 and she made a mint off her exercise videos but there’s a contingent that won’t let it go; those folks are not going to like the new reissue of Barbarella on Blu ray. The rest of us might want to consider whether to add it to Jane’s list of bad decisions.

Barbarella was released in 1968 and it was a good part of the reason Jane was so controversial when she got herself tangled up in the antiwar movement. As Henry Fonda’s daughter, she was a genuine Hollywood princess raised in privilege and luxury. When she decided she wanted to try the family business, doors flew open and she quickly had the beginnings of a successful acting career.

Hank might not have been the most engaged parent, at least that’s the story the family put out when father and daughter finally made On Golden Pond together in 1981. Peter set out to embarrass him by making a series of biker and drug movies that culminated with the biker/druggie combo Easy Rider in 1968. Jane married the much older French director Roger Vadim and decided to make Barbarella when she was 30 years old.

It looks tame now (the movie was later rated PG when the ratings board kicked in), but Jane Fonda getting naked onscreen was a huge deal in 1968 and the movie provoked a huge scandal.

Now it’s hard to figure. Even though the screenplay (based on a popular French adult comic series) was written by Dr. Strangelove screenwriter Terry Southern (who later co-wrote Easy Rider), it plays like the dumbest kind of low-budget 50s outer-space movie with some sexy parts bolted on. It’s the kind of script that Hollywood starlets do when they’re 21 and think they’re being provocative but they usually figure out by the time they’re 24 or 25 that they’re just being exploited in a film like this.

That’s a fact that makes this an even more curious choice. A 30-year-old actress has been chased around the casting couch enough times to realize what she was getting herself into here. Even allowing for the fact that her old man husband was directing, she had to know how silly this movie was going to be and all she was really going to accomplish was becoming the most famous person to ever get naked in a movie.

Aside from Hanoi Jane’s rack, the most notable thing about the movie is her search for Durand Durand, a character who later inspired the UK band to change the spelling for its own name. There’s an attempt at some satire about sexual hangups but that’s stuff’s just going to seem stilted, weird and confusing to anyone born after 1970.

The Blu-ray transfer looks great and highlights the groovy futuristic set design to great effect. The mono soundtrack doesn’t do much for the space age bachelor pad score, though.

People who should check out Barbarella: folks who always wanted to see Jane naked, fans of campy 60s set design, anyone who’s looking to work himself into a rabid frenzy about the Hollywood elite. The rest of you might want to check out the videos below before you make up your mind.

  • Libertarian

    I’m one of those people who will never forgive Hanoi Jane. Our beef with her is not that she opposed the war in Vietnam–most of us did, too. It’s that she gave aid and comfort to the enemy.
    Hanoi Jane and I were in Vietnam at the same time. She wanted me to be killed. She can go straight to ****.

    • What about when hanoi jane passed names

      and social security numbers of of prisoners

      to guards, they got beaten one died the others

      had the same treatment. SHE WAS A TRAITOR&

      ALWAYS WILL BE .check this out a blind one just died.

  • Keeper of Horses

    Aside from those whom served in Vietnam, I do agree with what the state about they say abour call her “Hanoi Jane” But I was a kid back then….and as campy as the movie is today, I have to state…she was pretty hot..well back then!!

  • Mike

    HOT! How hot was she when our military was being tortured or killed from her actions. She says that she will regret this and take this to her grave..

    She should rot in ****, then I will honestly say, SHE’S HOT

  • Libertarian, mike i agree.

  • shotbag

    Being a traitor to your country in time of war & giving aid & comfort to the enemy, is hardly a bad decision, bad decision would be buying a car you can’t afford or doing something that caused you to be fired at work.Her actions caused more suffering for our POWs, & death for our young soldiers. J Fonda personifies the the word Traitor. & didn’t learn a thing from her experience.

  • I would love to be present when this piece of scum takes her last breath. I would want to look into her eyes so she could see my true hate for her. I would smile like she did as she set on the anti-aircraft gun in North Vietnam and pretended to be aiming her weapon toward US aircraft. God forgave me of all my sins but the hate I’ve got for this woman will follow me to my death and I’ll take my hate for her to my grave. May the Lord bless her with a slow misable death. I’ve never been able to clear my mind of dead soldiers. I still see this scum smiling as she posed for that famous picture. Libertarian I understand you , I salute you, and you’re in my prayers.

    • W, R. Grubb

      I too was in Nam while this **** was in N. Vietnam. One item on my bucket list is that I out live her so that I can spit on her grave.

  • retired462

    Obama is going to make her one of the woman of the century! Does that say anything? THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shawn1999

      Retired, that’s spam. I think she should have been hung, along with the Media that report false success of the enemy, but “Women of the Century” was done in 1999, and was done by ABC & Barbara Walters, long before Obama was even a senator.

    • Ron Francis sr.

      I hope, when president Obama makes her one of the women of the century, he does it at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Cambell, or Paris
      Island. Then he should go to any V.F.W., or American Leigon hall and repeat his award. They probably won’t BOO him because he is the president, but they could remain very silent and not say one word. Then walk out in silence when he is finished. Ron Francis (82nd Airborne. 59-61)

  • Ropedope

    Because she is/was one of Hollywood’s elite and no one in the Govt wanted to take that on due to politics…she was never tried or charged with the crime she committed of TREASON.

  • Will

    Omg!!! Hanoi Jane in space, On second though can We leave her there. Or maybe shot her in the direction of he sun

  • Vietnam Veterans Ain’t fonda jane. We have long memories of what she did and will never forgive. She like Toyko Rose is a Traitor to the United States and should have been treated as such!!!

  • jackpv

    What is this traitor Liberal doing on mil.com. Clinton s*rewed her in our White House. Did Obama pardon her?


  • shawn1999

    Well, I was born in 1980, and she apologized for appearing in the picture with the NVA… so I think she should rot in jail next to Manning, as well as be required to pay retribution to all Vietnam Vets she aided the enemy in injuring/killing, as well as those who came back uninjured but prejudiced against due to her actions.

    RIH Jane (Rot In ****)

  • John D

    Read Lew Sorley’s book onlast days of Viet Nam War. The NVA planned on the disruption of home support for the war effort to undermine Abram’s successes. They counted on hollywood stars like Fonda to turn public opinion and it worked. I stopped watching her stuff years ago. She is a traitor and needs to be kicked out of the country!

  • Steve

    She should be hung!

  • davec

    Jane Fonda has proved repeatedly that she is a shallow, vapid, witless bimbo who is easily manipulated by anyone with a brain. That’s what makes her actions in Hanoi even more reprehensible – at the core, she didn’t really believe in the anti-war cause and what she was saying. She was just posturing and indulging in delusions fed to her by someone else. Even today, her apologies are self-centered and evasive. Some things can be forgiven, but not this. I’ve never paid money to see a Jane Fonda movie since then.

  • Conrad vonBlankenbur

    subversive ****!

  • puresaltA1A

    When I was in the service (mid 90’s) we still had jane fonda urinal cakes to **** on every day!!! Good times…. Im will Bill and everyone else, I would love to cheer her on as she takes her last breath……


    It’s not what Fonda said that upsets us. —- Her physical actions that directly caused the beating and torture of US POWs while in NVN are. When she gave the note that was palmed to her by a POW to a NVM guard, she caused him to be severely beaten and later tortured. —— For that, she is a traitor and can never be forgiven. —-

    That the author doesn’t understand that says as much about the author as it does about Fonda. We might forgive her for having a big mouth. We might forgive her for speaking against the war in a way that meant she was speaking against the men and women who served, many whom were drafted. ——

    But what she did constitutes treason. She could have kept the note secret from the guards/NVM. She could have read it and thrown it away, read it and disagreed with it. But, by publicly acknowledging the receipt of it, even if done once back in the states she would have caused the beatings. She did the worst thing she could have done, worse than if she had pointed to the same POW and called him a war criminal in front of the VNM, she betrayed his confidence and his trust in her as a US citizen. ——-

    That deliberate decision is what we can’t forgive her for. This one POW and later many of them were beaten and tortured for her ‘poor’ decision..—-

    I’m ashamed that military.com allowed this piece to be printed without a way to contact the reporter and make our comments known. He or she is a coward and is refusing responsibility for their actions.

  • Thomas M Quirk

    This piece of **** should have been tried as a traitor. I think it was because of her father as an icon she was given special treatment. Any other American citizen would have been in prison for life.

  • May

    May she rot in **** along side of her uncle Ho

  • Ron stillwell

    I was in Vietnam she went to north Vietnam . A few months later my rifle platoon was shot to pieces . 5 K I A , 18 wounded . I will never forgive her. She is and always will be a trader. To the us and the men and women that served their country.
    There are people in the world that should never forgiven for their actions . And she’s one of them

    God forgives , I don’t

  • **** that *****, Never Forgive Never Forget.
    She can rot in ****!

  • Steve

    ****, I was born in 1967, and i still think she is a traitor. Bad decision my ***, she knew full and danm well what she was doing. She did it pizz off people and to fit in with the left-wing counter culture fools.
    As for the movie, big deal, it sucked then and it still sux…

  • Lou

    What a shame she is still alive.

  • Old Warrant

    A traitor is a traitor forever. There is no mercy.

  • SSgtsouth

    Being a traitor is just a little more that a ” bad choice”.

  • 2desertrats

    I have an idea, get NASA to ride her in space and then LEAVE her there. Good ridence to a traitor.

  • Michael

    “Camp” doesn’t begin to describe this flick…I first saw her decades ago in “Tall Story” with Tony Perkins. Yes, as a San Diegan for decades since I left the army in early ’65, Fonda is persona non grata among the navy down after her anti-‘Nam war stance. I was against the war from ’66 on and our beef was not about the enlisted and drafted trigger pullers, but vs. the civilian hawks and the brass in the Pentagon and in the WH. From LBJ, McNamara on down. Not one 4 star general or admiral stood up to either and declared that it was the wrong war at the wrong place and the wrong time. See McMaster, “Dereliction of Duty” among other books.

  • Boldar Torkrest

    Jane Fonda?


    In Space?

    Keep the traitor in high non geosynchronous orbit please.

  • tippyc

    i served 2 tours in nam and hate the site of the traitor jane fonda. she should have had her pass port taken from her. she is a disgrace to the usa.

  • I served one tour in Vietnam and part of another, being medevaced out. To be against the war is one thing. To give aid and comfort to the enemy is quite another…it’s treason.
    I was against the war in Iraq, but no way I’d have even thought of aiding the enemy there.
    Fonda should have been tried for treason. I think the main reason she wasn’t was because the war was very unpopular at that time. If the American people had backed the war, Fonda probably would have been prosecuted. In my opinion.

  • No Business in Hanoi

    First and foremost, UN should’ve never been involved with wars in the region except for bragging rights with the Russians. Countless young Americans needlessly died without reason. The aftermath, we didn’t liberate south vietnam formerly known as Pray Nakor of Cambodia except getting out troops killed. We venture out to the South East Region to fight somebody else’s problem and in the process out troops returned only to be greeted by cursing and spitting from our own citizens. It was a mistake for the same of revenue.

  • Raymond Roughton

    I don’t need to deride this person; she did that. If you choose to support this person…shame on you

  • I must say I was very surprised to see J.F.on military.com and advertizing her movie to boot after what she did back in the Vietnam War, this woman is a traitor and should be treated as such, she bad mouthed her own country and caused undo suffering to our P.O.W.’s in time of war, if that’s not the act of a traitor I don’t know what is and for those of you who think we should not of been over there, we were there to stop the spread of communism just as I was with the 1st Marine Div in 1950 at Inchon where I was wounded, we didn’t save all of Korea but we did save half and we’ve been trying ever since as we need as many people on our side as possible so to those who gave it all, was not in vain, they died to save our way of life and most of all , the freedom’s we now have. Semper Fi

    • Agreed, John L. Both Korea and Vietnam were “hot spots” in the Cold War. Or to put it another way, they were battles that were a part of the Cold War, and both contributed to eventually winning the Cold War. So all was not lost…

  • ronthegeat

    I just pray that I live long enough to be able to **** on this traitor’s grave. Rot in **** Hanoi Jane.

  • Bill B

    If Military.com had this traitorous b**** on their website to announce her FINALLY being charged with treason or convicted of treason, I would understand. But to promote her movie, come on, think people.
    Like everyone else that has left a comment about this, I pray to God that I out live her to join that very long line to p*** on her grave.
    I also noticed that the author of this ‘article’ was smart enough to conceal his identy.

  • Edward D. Fake

    Jane Fonda does not belong on Military.com period, (at least not our military.)

  • Barbarella, from what I understand, was just not that good of a movie. Jane Fonda certainly didn’t help. So why this attracted attention from military.com is well, vexing.

  • Patriot

    Now I have seen everything, a promotion of this traitor’s movie video on a Military Web site !!?? Not only was she not at the very least stripped off her citizenship for her actions but she is now been promoted by the same entity she vilified !!?? Did our commander in chief have something to do with this ?? is this just an action to open the doors for him to make her one of the women of the century ??
    Sorry but bad decision is when she selected to work on a bad picture, what she did to our soldiers was unspeakable and she can only be seen as the likes of Binladen or worst because she betrayed her own people.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Morgan, That’s a urban myth. It never happended. Folks should stop and think before passing untruths on as facts. Read more about that event(which never happened, by the way, here: http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp
    BTW: I wouldn’t cross the street to see Ms Fonda but it’s unnecessry to keep repeating false stories about her.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Uh…Her inclusion in “Women of the Century” was ten years before Obama became President. http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp

    • Joel, you are on the rong track…snopes is a big lie…lie…lie ..snopes is made up from the far left, they are trash!!

  • Joel O’Brien

    While I have no great caring about Ms Fonda, it’s unnecessary to keep alive a story about her that DID NOT HAPPEN! http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp
    Information supporting what’s in the snopes article can be found in the Jane Fonda “Wikipedia’ post.

    • Eddie Green

      J.O’Brien, Guess you were there, to know this never happened. “What don’t you ask someone who was there. Dumb A**

    • Joel, you are a sucker with no smarts, I was there Vietnam for two tours, and that ***** was there living in Hanoi, dont tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MidwestSailor

    Naww, can’t forgive, get past this ****! Even if it wasn’t for the whole Southeast Asia unpleasantness I was a part of, the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club to be precise, she reeks of everything I hate….squandered privilege….liberal stupidity gone amok…..a gold digging, useless human being.

  • Will

    Aaawh…poor jane. like we twisted her arm in hanoi to climb on artilary piece and firig at u.s. troops. jane fall off the planet already

  • Jeff

    So you believe Snopes? How about the Easter Bunny. I left Nam before the comie b..ch got there. I can’t find it in my heart to forgive her, ever!


  • zippom2

    Why in The name of all that is military would you put anything concerning Hanoi Jane here on a US Military site. I served in Vietnam in 1968 and earned the Purple Heart also she hated us. She is a treasonous **** and should have been in Hanoi when we bombed it! She should burn in ****!!!!!!!!!!

  • zippom2

    I still cannot believe you put this on this site please get rid of it. You people have got to be kidding me are you all sitting on your brains. A military site now promotes a TRAITOR to our country what is the military coming to?

  • I am afraid you are right! I went to the movies back in 1968 to watch Barbarella and loved it, to the point to consider it beautiful. Several years ago I got a non Blu-ray copy and realized, almost 40 year later, how bad it is! However, to help Jane Fonda a bit, it is a now a cult movie. A cult movie yes, but one I wouldn’t watch ever again.

  • Vietnam vet 68 – 69. J. Fonda traitor, POTUS Obama same, I hope I live long enough to **** on her grave and see the muslim out of office in Jan.

    • DAlnB

      I would have liked to see just how good, or bad, a President Obama may have been on his own. We will never know as he has faced an ongoing “mission of failure” from the Republican Party. Their efforts to ensure he fails has hindered not only his ability to perform but also attempts to get America back on track The “Mission of Failure” is the Republicans version of Internal Development and they have implemented it very well.
      Had Obama been treated like every other President in our history he may have become one of our best, or truly our worst; we will never know!

      • you are full of it…………;.

  • Mac


  • Raymond Looper

    Space is where this ***** should be.

  • No positive notes, eh? I stand with the “she should rot in ****” group

  • StuG

    There was a time, pre-1967 that she was one of my favorite actresses. I haven’t been able to look at anything of hers since then. And, now I regret wasting another 2 minutes 28 seconds of my life watching this garbage. Why was this even posted on Military.com?

  • SGT Sturms

    So Michael,let me see if Igot this right, Our troops,YOUR fellow soldiers were being pelted with human waste,bottles ETC,for defending our country,and you were fine with that?? What you did by your silence was condone the horrible disrespectfull treatment of American fighting men and women! As with the current wars,those who were/are against them stood against the troops! You can try to say otherwise,but you just admitted that you were,and are a troop hater

  • Gowhitten

    Listen to all you idots. I bet you voted for Geerge Jr. who was a deserter during the Viet Nam war. Maybe Jane and Gerge should hang together!

  • budo anderfrogle

    I was born in 1965 and have to this day never liked or condoned what she did, i have been informed (i am unsure of the accuracy) that due to the Vietnam war being declared a police action, she was able (with family connections i am sure) to avoid prosecution on the charge of treason.
    my question is this if it was not a war why were soldiers drafted?


    I understood that she at one time own a lot of if not controlling stock of Anheiser Busch Beer. I really don’t care if it is true or not , no Busch product has crossed my lips for years. I could be dying of thirst I would sooner drink my own pee than a Buttwhiper.

  • Bob Sheridan

    At the UDT/Seals 49th Anniversary at Litle Creek the urinals had stickers of Hanoi Jane affixed. My aim was good . My only regret was that I had not drank 2 gallons of water beforehand.

  • SgtNAM 70-71

    I agree with the rest of my NAM bro’s the
    **** should burn in **** for her actions.

  • Ken

    Screw you hate filled hypocrites all of ya Grow up either way she is arguably one of the greatest American female actresses of all time and hats a fact Sure Barbarallea might have been a big mistake but all artists make them

  • Nam 67/68

    Just to hear or read her name makes me sick.

    sometimes I think about how it must have been to be a prisoner when she went to North VN. Can you just imagine the feelings that those brave men had when she turned their names in to the north for passing her notes. The torture that they had to go through and some …… die because of her.

    I hope to god that every time she looks into a mirror

    That she sees all those prisoners faces right in front of her.

    Piece of sh-t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nam 67/68

    Raymond and Jeff………….. I’m with you brothers .

    During some of her book signings Viet Vets still spit in her face…


  • Liam

    …WHEN do we forgive…?! I am a Iraq war vet! I appreciate what Vietnam Vets feel about this, but some where along the way, we have to let go of the pain of the past be guarded for the future and live the rest of our lives?!

  • Richard

    North Vietnam was not a safe place for any American during the Vietnam conflict. Any American who put their own safety on the line in an attempt to stop a war in which Americans are being killed, an action which could save countless lives of my brothers in arms, is, in my humble opinion: a NATIONAL HERO!

    THANK YOU JANE FONDA for attempting to end a war and save our lives! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I, too, was an infantry soldier in the years of the Vietnam war and I know you were only trying to help us. God Bless You!

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  • Free The Army

    The bit about passing a note, or that she betrayed a pow is untrue. Nixon administration tried to get her up on treason, they had nothing to hold her on. hundreds of other Americans had made the same trip.
    she also brought parcels and carried personal messages, letters etc. to and from families and pows, like the others on the peace trip did before her. yes she sat on a a-a gun, there’s no pics of her pretending to aim it, it was a poor choice of seat. Most of the propaganda and untruths that do injustice to peace missions and the pows that have been built up around this peace trip were most likely built up by spin doctors and the like in the Nixon camp.
    I might add that the admin has failed in regards to any form of control on the rules of commenting, notably “comments on topic, socially acceptable and free from slander, personal attacks, threats, and discrimination. We will moderate and delete comments we find to be beyond acceptable”…


  • Joey Bolz

    Hatred consumes a lot of energy and all of this vitriol toward a dumb rich broad is a waste. It could better be utilized as action against the Central Bankers and Corporations that promote and profit from all the wars.