No Easy Day for ‘Medal of Honor’


Word filtered out last week that “Mark Owen,” the author of No Easy Day is actually retired Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette. The upcoming memoir recounts Owen’s role in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Now the LA Times quotes a source that says Bissonette’s post-retirement consulting firm Silent R has been working with Electronic Arts on the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter game. If you’re making a game that recreates Tier One operative missions, there’s not much more Tier One than the Abbottabad raid.

We’re still awaiting comment from the guys at OPSEC Education Fund about possible leaked information in the book or the game.

  • Thelma Kropp

    What in the world happend to a code of honor among our service personnel?????

  • Maybe we should be asking why did the goverment tell us one thing when something completley different happened. What happened to the”code” at the highest level.

  • Richard Lombardo

    Why should he honor a Code of Honor if in fact his Commander in Chief violates the Code of Honor everyday for the political gain he can garner just to be re-elected.

    • ken

      10-4 on that don’t forget Bidden!

  • ken

    Al, the left sold the info to Hollywood so they would have more money and actors at the DNC. Actors don’t work or show up tor free.

  • CJ

    Just two things :
    1/ Bravo for the success of the mission,
    2/ What a pity for the book you’ve wrote with all consequences resulting for the code of conduct, for the deontology, for the principle and the proudness of the SEALS teams reputation.

    From me personnally, I’m happy you’ve done and succeed the job asked by the commander in chief, and i got hopes that this mission should have happened during the Walker Bush era.