No Easy Day: Art and OPSEC Violations

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Few books have hit shelves in recent years with as much controversy surrounding them as No Easy Day.  Written under the pen name of Mark Owen by a former member of DEVGRU – better known as SEAL Team Six since the Osama Bin Laden takedown– the book is the first truly inside account of the mission that killed the chief terrorist behind 9/11.

That the book was published without the approval of the Department of Defense – something the Pentagon has made a very public spectacle out of – has created a buzz that has earned No Easy Day the kind of publicity that money can’t buy as well as the ire of a large segment of active duty troops and veterans who take their non-disclosure agreements a bit more seriously than Owen seems to.

Owen – whose real name is Matt Bissonette – attempts to head off his OPSEC-concerned critics by explaining in the book’s preface that he avoided endangering those still in harm’s way by changing names and timeframes and by using only information that was already publically available.  He also states that he hired a “former special operations attorney to review the manuscript to ensure that it was free from mention of forbidden topics and that it cannot be used by sophisticated enemies as a source of sensitive information to compromise or harm the United States.”

And while Owen goes to great lengths to summarize his motivation to put pen to paper about the Bin Laden raid as simply an effort to get the story right – a story he says has been mangled by the White House and others, the world of OPSEC is not quite as nuanced.  In the world of classified information there are only two kinds of actions:  those that help the nation’s enemies and those that hurt the nation’s enemies.

Whether or not each factoid can be parsed out as “publically available” the fact that one of the raid’s participants has connected the dots is in itself a violation of classification protocols.  No Easy Day lashes up orders of battle, intel fusion methods, weapons choices (and SEAL procurement methodology), and mission planning sequences.  There are insights behind timelines and rules of engagement.  In sum, the book goes further than any of the recent flurry of war autobiographies in telling how things really are.

And that gives the Pentagon a case in terms of accusing Owen of violating his NDA.  Active duty or not, some military secrets are forever.

But at another level – one removed from concerns associated with the public airing of procedures and tactics – No Easy Day is a modern day work of art as well as a necessary re-telling of a story that was rendered too slick at the hands of the Pentagon and Obama Administration PR machines.

Owen is ably assisted by his co-writer Kevin Maurer in getting beyond the cliché bravado of the SEAL non-fiction genre to capture the humanity of those who perform the military’s most dangerous and consequential missions.  After a formulaic start –obligatory chapters dealing with the author’s young life and early SEAL training – No Easy Dayfinds its voice through its descriptions of the men who’ve dedicated their young lives to the pursuit of bad guys and the environments in which they find themselves.   The cast of characters is lovingly presented – from the other members of the DEVGRU family to the female CIA analyst who’s dedicated her young life to finding Osama Bin Laden – and that presentation serves the stage upon which they interact very well.

This is especially true as the book describes the Bin Laden raid.  No Easy Day completely explodes the myths that have surrounded the mission:  There was no extended firefight as the team worked its way to Bin Laden’s room.  The sequence of events presented by Owen show that there was no intent to capture anyone living at the compound alive.  Women and youngsters were killed during the raid.  Bin Laden is shot at medium range without being fully ID’d – guilty of being a man on the third floor of the compound – and then again at pointblank range a few times to make sure he’s absolutely dead.

The narrative isn’t tidy but it’s no less heroic.

Overall, OPSEC violations notwithstanding, No Easy Day provides details and insights that show the real miracle of the Bin Laden raid is the fact is was executed by human beings.  And that the SEALs succeeded against the realities of being human makes them all the more amazing.

At once a security breach and a must-read, No Easy Day is a definitive reading of the definitive mission of the post-9/11 wars.

  • Alan C. Carey

    Very nice and insightful review of a heroic mission tainted by politics.

    • Lewie Trawick

      Give the guys that do the tough job crap, but its ok for Obama and Biden to run their pieholes and for Hollywood to use active duty Seals to make a buck.

      • Toni

        EXCELLENT comment and so very true. KUDOS to you for brining this to everyones attention.

  • mick

    Let’s go over this again – “At once a security breach and a must-read”? Do you understand what you’ve written? You’re acknowledging that this is a security violation and that everyone should be aware of it. You’re a fool to advocate that.

    • brad

      mick you are right. I did 20 in the Army and I can tell you there is nothing in the book that is a violation of OPSEC. The left just wants to move the attention to their side and take all the credit. Just about everything he said in the book can be found just by googling it.

      Loved the book made me fell right at home.

  • ProudSailor

    Serving in the military is supposed to be about serving your country, not about saying “Hey look at me! Look at me! Look what I did!” Your service to your country, no matter what missions you did, should NEVER be used for self promotion!

    • Mickey Pinto


      • bald eagle

        Roger ! Over and out.

    • Ryan

      Please give everyone a rap sheet before you speak

      • Toni

        For real Ryan….

    • Navyguy

      No one should be going after this author until then have dealt with the President himself. He has disclosed more then this author has, he has lied, and took credit for things he doesn’t deserve. This book is not about “Look at Me” but a “lets get the record straight.”

      Google the video; “Dishonorable Disclosure” on youtube.

      Go to Barnes and Nobles, and look at the non-fiction books about the missions, weapons, and secrets of the Navy Seals and you will see that what is in this book is not new revelation.

    • Silent Service my butt, come on, SEALS know better, “MaBis” is a punk for talking. What pal, being a SEAL isn’t enough? The BEST of the BEST in the “silent service” and now you want to make $ on that. Get over yourself, repent and realize you’ve broke a pledge you f–k!

      • ANDREW


    • I agree, plus, that includes the President. He should NEVER use the classified deeds and services of our military for self promotion. But he did.

      • Toni

        Absolutely…but he’ll continue to USE our military folks to foster as many votes as he can get.

    • Dan Reynolds

      I served over 30 years on active duty. It’s nice to see the truth now and then. Remember all you brothers and sisters who served and continue to serve, you swore an oath to defend the constitution. Not to defend the Commander-in-Chief!

      • Toni

        Exactly, and pretty soon there isn’t going to be a constitution because the CIC is cutting it up to benefit himself.

  • SgtJohn1328

    This article on No Easy Day is what is known in the journalism world as a “puff piece.” Not very skilled writing and the unknown author takes a couple of shots at the Pentagon and President. Not fair and balanced comes to mind when reading this review.

    Let’s hope that no harm comes to Mr. Bissonette or any of his fellow SEALs involved in the take down of Usama Bin Ladin.

    Enjoy the money Mr. Bissonette, you have broken faith.

    • In1NO

      Sgt John. How little do you know that Mr Bissonette is donating all profits to charity over his book.

    • Mona Callender

      Sgt and Mick…..when do you have a president committing treason on national TV…whispering to the russians that after he is re-elected he can be more flexible…..whats up with that? (treason) I took the same oath you all did, and I remember it saying “protect against foreign and DOMESTIC harm” all MAtt is doing is setting the record straight, to me shows REAL courage…..something the politicians lack. So he spoke true and correct. The issue was declassified as soon as obozo went public with it…so if you want to be mad at anyone be mad at obozo…at Matt….

      • Ithamar

        Mona, you are on the mark, Bissonette, like thousands of the rest of us, took his oath seriously to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” something the senior flags have miserably failed to do! He has done what he can based on what he knows. We are faced with “domestic” enemies like never before. Those who understand and hold their oath to God as inviolable, are fast being marginalized and persecuted. I can assure from experience you that he is not the only one to be threatened with prosecution for telling the truth exposing evil in high places while serving our country.

      • Doc Musgrove

        As Commander in Chief, I would think obama would be held liable for his actions and disclosures – a SOG should be sent to the White House to arrest obama, holder and a few others for treason, multiple violations of the Constitution, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, international arms dealing (Fast and Furious), and accessory to murder.

  • mick

    And another thing, when an author employs a lawyer to review his material before publication to determine whether or not he’s releasing classified information, he KNOWS that he should be going through proper DoD review channels. And still, he goes through with it. Wonder why he’s not a special operator anymore?

    • In1NO

      Mick, he did it out of fear that, for political reasons, his book would have never seen the light of day.

      • Major O

        I am glad you dumbarats are out of the Military. This man has done nothing wrong. The arm chair Generals in the 5 sided barn are ****** because they could not read it first. It is to bad that all the Pentagon does is look for Military Personnel to bust or kick out of the service for minor fractions. It covers up their BIG *** mistakes, like $400 hammers.

      • Toni

        I agree In1NO. Anymore you need an attorney for just about everything or you’ll get hug by your feet for screwing up in some way or another.

  • Maybe it’s because I am already jaded, but until I get a chance to read it, I don’t think this book is going to do any more damage to the OPSEC surrounding the raid. The actual raid had witnesses who obviously told the Pakistans what went down. We left a big chunk of our stealth helicopter behind and the Paks already gave that to the Chicoms to duplicate. Statements were already released detailing (whether true or not) what happened that night by the Pentagon and Administration. The Pakistan authorities already arrested and incarcerated the doctor that helped us locate OBL. So in context, there’s not much missing from the rest of the picture.

  • Diego

    I am now intrigued enough to go buy/read the book. But I have to wonder, the Military Channel on TV has shown complete training of SEALS via the whole training cycle from beginning to end of BUD/S, “Inside the Navy SEALS” TV show, the movie “Act of Valor” is about SEAL Teams, there’s been other movies & books written by several former SEALS about training and missions, heck, even the first commander of Team 6 wrote his story several years ago. I met the man at a book signing at McChord AFB back in 2002. So the “secrets” of SEAL team mission style and training has been out there for years. The only difference I see with this book, is talking about bin Laden. Maybe if I read it and skip the hype by the Pentagon will I know whether this goes too far or not.

    • Cam

      Act of Valor doesnt go into enough detail and a Tier 1 Highly Professional Intensely Trained Special Operations Operators would NEVER disclose any info on how they were trained exactly. Maybe some bits and pieces from the Military Channel but not the full on hardcore process and that is exactly what the problem with book is that it discloses tactics, weapon choice and how do things and that can compromise the lives of SEALs of today and the future and quite possibly future Operators.

    • Cody

      Act of Valor was also made without the Pentagon’s permission. The guys in it called it a “training video” while they were making it.

    • Bennie

      Reminds me of the time back when Boomers were coming on strong. Q. What’s the test depth? A. Greater than 600 feet. – Standard for all old fleet boats to stay in service.
      Q. How fast can she run submerged? A. Faster than 8 knots submerged – standard cruising speed for fleet boats. Q. Why can’t we brother submariners be told? A. Classified

      Two weeks later – big news article – FBM so-and-so departed this morning on a speed run from Groton-New London, Conn. at such and such time AM.; will follow up with arrival at Holy Lock, Scotland upon arrival. Later FBM so-and – so arrives at Holy Lock, Scotland today at such and such time!

      Lets see- boat left New London at such and such time, arrived in Holy Lock, Scotland at such and such time; distance is roughly such and such divided by X number of hours, equals x knots per hour on speed run. Yup really gotta keep this data classified. Of course this was all sanctioned by politicians and upper echelon military leaders (oops forgot they are in the politics also.)

  • Mike

    I read the book today, thought it was a great read and am glad it was written. As I have never served in the military, however, I found nothing in this book any more revealing than anything found in red circle, American sniper, Blackhawk down, Company of hero’s or any other books I have read. I did find it interesting that the common theme in these books all reflect the BS ROE’s that our military have to put up with. Personally I felt pssed that I didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing UBL’s shattered head on a platter after the raid. At least this book gives me some satisfaction that he had his *** handed to him. I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

  • Nick

    So the problem with the brass is that he ‘broke opsec’ not that he told the truth about what really happened. In regards to serving his country well he is letting us know that the Messiah-in-Chief is once again lying to make himself look better during a political cycle.

    Didn’t the admininistration say they wouldn’t use the death of OBL for the election? But hey they lied about the raid, have broken allmost all promises, so par for the course I guess.

    • Nick please

      Nick please,
      Do you know what OPSEC means, They could not tell you what really happen with out breaking it themselves, that way the general public it a basic story about things, that happen with every admininistration. “YOU DON’T BREAK OPSEC PERIOD”. When a member break OPSEC he put other people in danger, See how many of his brother back him up.

    • Toni

      And they continue to lie about everything, and yet there are still too many stupid, uninformed, ignorant people that will continue to believe his lies and vote for him again, even though our great nation isn’t so great any more. We’re defending those that want to kill Americans and being extra friendly to all our enemies and tossing aside our Allies. Where’s the logic in this pciture. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Good bye ob1, go back to Kenya and become King of some tribe.

      • Retired AF Vet

        I believe Obama produced his birth certificate proving he’s an American citizen. Even a dog is not concerned what color another dog is so I find it interesting that so-called inteliigent human beings can be so ignorant as to make an assessment of someone’s character based solely on their skin color. Wow, now that’s what I call the use of some real brain power. Never in my 23.5 years of active military service have I seen such a blatant disrespect towards one president. I also remember as a military member to never criticize our Commander-in-Chief. Don’t recall there were any exceptions based on his or her gender or race. Shame on you. You epitomize everything the military does not represent or stand for.

    • Nick please

      Nick please,
      Do you know what OPSEC means, They could not tell you what really happen with out breaking it themselves, that way the general public it a basic story about things, that happen with every admininistration. “YOU DON’T BREAK OPSEC PERIOD”. When a member break OPSEC he put other people in danger, See how many of his brother back him up.

  • anon

    And to think that Operation Dark Heart had the first edition procured, destroyed and replaced with a second run after the guy Wrote Too Much.

  • mineisbigger

    Too bad the Dems don’t have a media machine that specializes in sparking controversy and fake outrage…while generating casual interest from an easily amused, low information audience. If they did…this guy would be thrown under the bus and disgraced…ala the Dixie Chicks. But since this story can be manipulated to stick it to the POTUS…they will wrap their arms around this guy…just like they did with child killer George Zimmerman.

    • “Child killer George Zimmerman”, what does that supposed to mean? Are you being facetious? The facts I have read and the photos I have seen (not the eight year old one) show an adversary that was a grown male adult.

  • Jason

    Good book. Neat to read about the career path of the best of the best, what their optempo is like. As far as training and tactics discussed, seemed to me to be a rehash of everything else I head read about the spec ops guys. I recommend getting it while you can, and by the way he says the majority of the profits are going to SEAL related charities!

    • Jason, yell right

      If it happen good, because he might have just cause a lot of them to die

    • Craig Carter

      SEAL related charities??? **** Seal related charities. That is funny. If I was a SEAL I wouldn’t want his charity. He may be lucky if active duty Seals don’t hang him out to dry. Selfish, Self-Seeking, and Money Grubbing Sell Out!

      • mineisbigger

        Could not have said it better myself…cosign!

  • NotAnOperator

    never served a day of active duty. but I am a true wannabee, so I have read and watched everything on specops i could touch for the last 30 years.

    I read the book. Nothing in there that a well read person would be surprised about or would be new knowledge.

    furthermore – I’m happy my money went to a guy who put his *** on the line. Obama and his friends had no trouble leaking everything for their own glory. if its good enough for the CINC, its OK for the NCO.

    Let the guys who really did it get some of the pie too…

    • Retired AF Vet

      Obama is not the only president who leaked anything. I retired from the military in 2003 during the Bush administration. I held a Top Secret clearance and was privy to sensitive information. I can’t tell you how many times we were briefed and told it was classified only to see it on CNN news that same evening. Hello, wake-up everyone. My entire enlistment consisted of 5 different administrations and every last one of them took credit for military successes. No one said a thing because it was understood the U.S. President is the Commander-in-Chief of the military forces. So why is Obama any different??? Oh, I stand corrected. He is different …. he’s black.

  • Joe Ladensack

    The President opened this can of worms, by trying to take credit for the entire operations. The SEALS have been operating for years under the radar, with no problems.

    • withheld

      Under the radar, what rock do you live under? I supported them for over ten years and they are the biggest OPSEC violators out there. They talk about every mission whether training or real-world. Their wives, girlfriends or the flavor of the week know all to well what they do. I was getting paid over six figures and quit the command because of their OPSEC practices.

  • DJ

    Excuse me if I received the wrong information. But wasn’t it a white house/national security person that provided the initial leaks that our Navy Seals have objected to? And then, after one of them publishes a book on the subject, this person is then vilified by the Pentagon for providing the correct info. Also, having served for 23 years I have some knowledge in this area, isn’t the assumed security breaches mentioned in the book time sensitive? Meaning, after the raid was successfully completed, any info on that raid was no longer classified?!? So, what the media is telling us is we should all crucify this Navy Seal (author) and re-elect the administration that initially released classified info to glorify the current commander-in-chief the moment the raid ended? I say we owe these brave men a great debt. The very insinuation that what this man and his brothers did had any dishonor is an injustice. Shame on the lemmings in the Pentagon who are doing the bidding of faceless, nameless, whining minions in the white house.

    Just one veteran’s opinion.

    • One Vet to another

      Even you don’t believe what you wrote

    • Just My Thought!

      I think it has much more to do with the Navy Seal beating them to the book deal then the OPSEC Issue. We know how little that means to our supposed Commander in Chief in OFFICE. OPSEC means nothing more than Political gains… Its time that stops… If this Seal is smart about it, when they start to stop the publication of his book, he should make it available to public domain. If they use dirty tactics to stop him from being published, he can use dirty tactics to make sure his story gets out there as widely as possible.

  • NotAnOperator

    For Heaven’s sake, DJ. Barack Hussein Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Don’t you know this makes him an expert on war?

    I swear. Some people just don’t understand the greatness of our president.

    The one page in the book describing him offering to have the team to the ‘residence’ for a beer never being fulfilled sums up the man’s lack of honor or semblance of truth – at least for me.

    • One Vet to another

      I see why you never served

    • Toni

      He’s only an expert at destroying a country and spending our tax dollars..he’s done nothing else but weaken this country. And one doesn’t have to be in the military to know this. And remember his wife has only been proud of AMERICA once, just once. What a shame. I’m proud of all our military folks – active, retired and reserve. You’ve paid your dues to keep all AMERICANS safe.

  • R. Wright

    Obama and his administration is the real serious problem in all of this, Not the Navy Seal who has served his country well!!! CRW

    • One Vet to another

      He put his brothers in danger

  • Maj. DickC

    The administration is going after Bisonette at the same time they opened the White House and the Pentagon for special access and special briefings to Katheryn Bigelow and the producers of “Zero Dark Thirty” coming out in December. Seems to me, what the administration is ****** about is they wanted this story told their way with no “truth” from anyone actually involved.

  • A J K

    The “POTUS and His Bunch” can say whatever they want, and it is not a security probllem, but have a military guy tell the truth, and it is big deal with security breaches. Been there and experienced it…….

  • Bill Kidd

    The what and how of any successful project, business or military depends on knowledge (intel),determination, planning, available people, material, methods and leadership.
    Ben Laden and his islamist had the first strike. The USA starting with Bush began a counter strike carried out by Obama and the SEALS.
    Seals and most military service members in and around the shooting usually do not have an easy day.
    Bravery is being there.
    Breaches and Cries of Operational security usually come from the top. If you or your team play book doesent change because of pride or laziness, the enemy can play you. We Succeded, they lost! be proud.

  • Deloris Kary

    This book had nothing that I felt was secret. Maybe I should read it again. I really think it might be suggested that the profits or atleast 50 percent from the book be donated to wounded warrior programs. Now, that would show true down to earth concern for your fellow seal members and other military brothers. I don’t think the President should restrict you from the money you make from this book but I would respect you more if you give to the wounded warrior program and USO.

  • Robert N

    Obama advertised the mission to the whole world to start with and should be the last blabber mouth to complain. He should have announced that “we got Obama” kept his clam shut about the operation period.

  • warbucks

    Just look at the Mystery behind Uss liberty

  • Retired perator

    learn not to denigrate people. If u want to accuse anyone of endangering operators, let’s start with the administration, complete with their campaign commercial. This dude has 5 bronze stars and over a dozen combat deployments. I’ll stand with him.

  • Thurman

    Great book! Towards the end it gets a little political. He said the team was not happy with Pres. Obama because he took credit for the Mersk rescue and the Bin Laden raid. I would say this to him, the president did what every other president has done which is to take credit for what the military did. Bush and his administration took credit when Delta got Sadam so what’s the difference? Your a operator not a policy maker. But I think my buddy on the Teams said it best the POTUS is being put under more scrutiny because of the color of his skin. This is the same guy that really doesn’t like him that much but said he’s happy that this guy at least had the balls to let the guys do their job unlike so many other past presidents. With that being said the book is great and any person wanting to be a operator should read this.

  • Craig Carter

    I am so glad I retired when I did. Glad I never served under Obama and embarrassed to have served under Bush. People these days are using the military for their own personal agenda’s. This guy should be locked up. He is doing it for money. What happened to the loyalty of the special ops? I held a secret clearance and to this day there are things that I refuse to talk about because that was our code. Even in the drunkest moment at the bars in Thailand certain things were not talked about. Sad day for the new generation. Too bad military is a puppet for politicians, CNN and non-profit organizations. Using the military to make money is not serving your country but yourself.

  • Butch Ramik

    I only wish I was with them that day and been the lead operator.

    This sounds like ********* deal all over again. Our government hates the truth. This would be like a group of soldiers from Vietnam all setting down and each writing stories on things they did in Vietnam while on operations. Or how about we never went into Laos or Cambodia either. I have not read the book yet but I intend to then I will decide if he really compromised anyone especially his team or any other SEAL. But no matter what we think it will be all forgotten in a short time. Just look at Bill Clinton. Making millions talking his crap and getting paid to do it. Remember the Rangers.

  • Skydiver

    When there is no respect and honesty from the top, respect at the bottom will always be lacking, and rightfully so in these times. I spent a career in the military and would not even think about doing it again under the present conditions.

  • Gruzovik

    Hopefully this book will correct the audacious lies coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

  • Caveat Emptor!

  • Desertrose0317

    For heavens sake Obama took credit? Isn’t he the commander in chief? He did what other presidents couldn’t or wouldn’t do and that makes him bad? OBM took many lives and I salute the seals for it. Their mission was completed and now this Mark B. Is being crucified for writing his book and Obama for taking credit?

  • Ralph E Roe

    The President is the Commander-in-chief. In that capacity he must accept all the failure. The other side of the coin being the glory for getting it right.

    Doesn’t anyone recall “The truth about swiftboats” that was conveniently published a couple months before Kerry lost. Now we have some puke Seal show up with a book degrading President Obama.

    Bin Laden is DEAD! I idolize the Seals, but not that punk who comprimised his country for a moment of recognition. Who paid for this? Koch Brothers?, Adelson? Vote Democrat and save Medicare.

  • I am glad to see the truth being told as a former SWCC with SBU . I would agree with the comment that your oath is to protect the country and we need a new Commander in Chief

  • Ohyoumadbro

    I’ve fought in iraq/Afghanistan! If I were Obama I would take credit for the death of Bin Laden too! Obama is the commander and cheif if you so called “soldiers” knew your chain of command, you would know that means “top dog/head huncho in lamen terms. He gave the green light to take out bin laden. Who gives a damn about “credit.” Most of you panzys are pencil pushing ******** hate soldiers these days because all they do is complain about the f’in war! You are a soldier! Your soul purpose is war so why complain! Obama didn’t start the war but you blame him for it!?!? Let’s be real, you don’t like Obama because he’s black and arrogant! You are use to the normal boring president sucking the cocks of cooporations. This seal should be hung for writing a book for his personal gain because he wants to tell the “true” story. GTFOH! Americans sicken me!

    • dustin

      bet you always make it a race thing dont you?

  • Intruder

    B.Z Just glad im not doing it anymore

  • Lee

    This administration is the biggest violators of OPSEC and not the Navy Seal! The left does not care about this country and prefer a dictator over freedom. If this administration gets another four years, we will all be doomed! Stop the madness America, open your eyes, see the truth, and stop the race card crap coming from this administration! Top down, bottom up and inside out! Wake up!!!

  • Ragingbull

    Spoken like a true black military man who worked in the dining hall. Panzys like you hate him because he is a white SEAL.

    • paul

      You just validated his crazy post.

  • paul

    My understanding is that all money the author makes on this book is going to charitable causes, but I may be mistaken.

  • paul

    Notwithstanding Toni’s tribal remarks, the issue concerning this administration’s political actions is at the least questionable. It is unfortunate that the race baiting continues on both sides, but bottom line, the leaks from the White House, likely from the senior White House NSA advisor borders on the criminal and our President has done nothing about it. This is both disappointing and alarming and is consistent with the Office of the President claiming “executive privilege” to “non-existent” communications between the White House and the Attorney General regarding Fast and Furious. Very Nixonian if you ask me.

  • paul

    I initially felt the same as you, but I don’t think this guy is in it for the money. I understand he’s donating the profits. I’m sure we’ll find out more about this later. My opinion now is that this administration has taken the use of classified info in politics to a new level and raised the bar so high that, at least in this case, this special operator is fed up. I hope some good comes from this…that future administrations with think twice about and really police these leaks…otherwise they will face another rogue book.

  • paul

    Hence the book

  • paul

    Taking credit doesn’t make him bad. Allowing leaks from his senior NSA advisor without consequence makes him a weak and ineffective leader. Covering for his attorney general makes him look like an accessory to a horribly ill-advised gun-running operation. Why won’t he take credit for that?

  • paul

    Why doesn’t our president accept the failure of Fast and Furious?

  • paul

    I have no problem with Obama taking credit for the Bin Laden hit. It was his call and he made a good one. No I don’t blame him for this war. But his administration has made some egregious leaks that has even Democrats groaning. So, my mad friend, who do we hold to a higher standard, a Navy Seal NCO or the President? Which Americans sicken you? Everybody or just the ones that disagree? I served my country as well, democrats and republicans alike. And yes, I voted for Obama, but I can’t this time. If that sickens you, it saddens me, because you wasted your time fighting for the very people that sicken you, yet still they honor you for your service.

  • SGTR

    All OPSEC is just that OPSEC. The worst offenders of OPSEC are those in charge. I have watched in the past 18 years worth of spillages that happen on a regular basis that are covered up, shoved under the rug and outright ignored. To say that this man has broken faith, well I don’t think that is accurate. Our government does it regularly, without regard for whom it may out, compromise or all and all get killed. He apparently has made an effort to make sure that his comrades are not outright exposed nor their families. Not that our Government has. From the very beginning the story released should have read “Elite US Military Unit Takes Out Bin Laden” Not Rangers, Force Recon, Special Forces, Delta, DEVGRU, SEAL Team 6 not even an Elite (Little Know Section of the) Eagle Scouts using BB guns and Swiss Army knives. As far as OPSEC, look at what our government is doing now with the History Channel and because some PR puke says it is OK they show it. They show Ranger Training, Sniper Training, SCUBA Training, BUDS and we are worried about what little this guy tells about hurry up and wait, sand table prep, planning using satellite photos and local intel. Our government certainly did not have a problem with throwing the doctor that helped us with intel under the bus. Some idiot just said something disclosing the weapons they use. Oh God please don’t tell people that in a CQB raid that they use MP5SDs and SOG .45 SIG P220s. SEAL teams, ESPECIALLY Team “6” get to carry anything they want! Many of it is purchased through special programs, or even “off the shelf,” they get a LOT of leeway. They train with any and all types of small arms, US issue as well as foreign, civilian, and even enemy weapons and generally carry whatever they like, and that fits with the “Mission Profile.” Each also carries their own personal pistol, usually HKs, SIGs or Glocks, but that is even more left to “personal preference,” so I wouldn’t doubt 1911s or even possibly the occasional .357 REVOLVER if the Operator wanted it. No one knew that! The guy wrote a book that clarifies, (during an Election Year), that President Obama is taking way more credit than is due. Sure he may have given the order but the way it was carried out was fluid from the beginning and continued to be fluid until they extracted. “Osama’s body was treated with the utmost respect during the entire ordeal”…BS they were trying to extract the whole team + with 1 chopper when they came in on 2. Sure he became a part of the deck on the way out, did you expect maybe they brought a car seat along to strap him in? They fought heroically through a hail of bullets to get to the compound “some of the worst fighting seen ever, that went on for a long time!” Right… and they were all armed with Hollywood weapons that never run out of ammunition and never need a magazine change. Come on people, are you just looking to find things to B&%*# about? Oh no! Someone admitted that they were not there to take him prisoner, what would that have accomplished? Is there something more he can tell us about 911 that we don’t already know? Had he masterminded something else that is coming soon that he was going to spill his guts about? NO! The President wanted him dead, so did the VP, so did the SECDEF, SECAR, SECNAV, so did the CIA, so did the FBI and above all else so did the people touched by 911 and the rest of the country! If you have a problem with the OP, you are part of the problem. If you have a problem with an Operator telling the truth when others around him are in an all out power grab for who did what, when and who is the hero, you are part of the problem. If you want to know the truth from an Operator’s perspective about what the orders were and why it was carried out the way that it was, read the book and then make your comments. If you have not, did not and will not serve… you have no comment. If you are, have been or will be soon, you have a comment worth listening to. For the rest of you… say it’s not so, even he deserved better than that, women and kids too, you are all a bunch of killers… NO ***** Get used to it. We are the ones that make it possible for you to have your know nothing, sappy why are we here wombat thoughts and discussions when in other countries you would just be killed for thinking the wrong way. Every one of these men “heroically” got on those birds and heroically exited them into the unknown and the heroically carried out the mission to the best of their ability and heroically came home to their families and friends with no thought of heroism and this guy is pointing out that some people are “heroically” taking credit where it is not due. That all missions are fluid, risky and unknow until boots are on the ground. What a lot of you have probably missed through my rant is that the “Operators of SEAL Team 6” have all been compromised not by a book but by the White House and the desire to garner votes. Most may not be able to operate again because of that vote grab and we have lost a lot because of that. I wish my Brothers in Arms well, stay alert and stay alive, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your courage to go into the unknown and come back again.

    Disabled Retired Army Veteran (and damn proud of it!)The only easy day was yesterday!

  • SGTR

    Yo Yo Yo Ohyoumadbro.. DINT you Lrn in skoll that it is i bfo e cept ater c? Chief you idiot. Commander-in-Chief (it is a title you idiot).

    “Head huncho???” Dint yo maen Honcho? lamen terms??? Dint yo maen LAYMEN terms.

    “Your soul purpose??” or dint yo maen SOLE purpose?

    cooporations or dint you maen Corporations?

    “Let’s be real, you don’t like Obama because he’s black and arrogant!”

    How about Black and Ignorant!

    “Americans sicken me!” As well you me baby cakes. It is nice to see what my tax dollars bought you in education… Or would that be edjumacation!


    • Clear Thought

      Must be Ebonics or maybe he is an Ebontologist!

  • SGTR

    I can pretty much guarantee Ohyoumadbro only fought his way to the troop medical clinic for a profile when the word deployment came up.

  • SGM (Ret)

    Ret-Op… I have to agree with you on this. The president opened the door on this by briefing media personnel. Once this door was opened it cannot be closed like it never happened. The Pentagon even thinking about a threat at this point is insulting to those of us that have lived the life. I also stand with him on this back to back.

  • Navy Chick Chief

    He isn’t saying look at me, he is saying “this is what really happened.” How did they use Active Duty Seals and missions in ACT OF VALOR, and that was ok to put a face on the people still out there risking their lives, but not ok to write a book that the proceeds are going to the Fallen Seals fund.? It tells the true story, he had it vetted to ensure nothing was in it that violated OPSEC. He wrote it under a pen name, and only came forward when the heat from the White House and Pentagon went into overblast. He had to come forward at that point so all the Seals in the raid didn’t get harassed.

    • wasadoc

      Chief, you got it right–and thanks for your service

    • Eric Seberg

      Act of Valor had real SEALs who were volunteers. The makers went to the Navy and said they couldn’t get actors who could do what the SEALs really do. The “missions” were snippets of real missions woven together for the movie. The movie was approved and supported by the Navy and evolved from a recruitiing video project.

      OPSEC is a fleeting concept. In the movie SEALs were inserted into Somalia. Did that happen? Who knows. I once mentioned something and was told that was classified and where did I learn of it. My reply – CNN!

  • SGM (Ret)

    Thurman, It doesn’t take Balls to give orders from thosands of miles away. It takes Balls to walk into an inferno without a fire suit, which all of our Special Operations folks do on a daily basis. Obama has absolutely zero experience when it comes to leadership, which shows everytime he opens his mouth. Leading a bunch of protestors as a community activist does not a Commander in Chief make. Sorry…Facts are Facts.

  • Prior 22 years VET

    Why is this book about the President? Is he not the CINC, the Commander in Chief of all US Forces? Do you think he read this book? What would be the job of military lawyers and other government officials, would it not be to read this book and determine if any laws are broken and to bring charges against the offender? Everyone in thier right mind know or should know not ONE president pass nor present (Clinton, Bush, nor Obama) went out there looking for OBL or any other terrorist. Should we not know it is and always will be the police, FBI, CIA, military, etc that do the dirty work? As I read some of your comments I can determine some of you are very intelligent pass and present members of our military family. My question to each of you is, why are you all being so personal with the CINC? Is it because of his color of his skin? As a military member I did not always agree with our Sergeants, Captains, Generals, nor our Presidents, but I never criticize them to the world. So many of you here act as if you grew up playing with president. We should watch how we dishonor the office of the president. The why some of you are acting is not what the military represent or stand for.

  • SGM (Ret)

    You sir are a SPODE….

    • SGTR

      Let Hrun be blessed!

  • Navy Chick Chief

    Nick Please,

    Obviously YOU do not know the meaning of OPSEC. The book does not violate it in any way. Our enemies already know what weapons we have, and how we kick in doors and cover all sides. It is in every movie out there. This didn’t have anything in it that puts other people in danger, as noted by his former team members by their support for him. The Pentagon is mad because they didn’t get to have a say in what went in the book. They were not able to spin the story and wrap it in a bow.

  • SGTR


    No it is because of the past Presidents it has become more clear that they use us to garner votes. Prime example… Bill Clinton in Haiti. He used Carter and Powell to threaten Raoul Cedras into copitulating with a threat of force where he divuldged TS/SCI battle plans with DZs, times over target and numbers (even units) that were to be dropped on the island. I was one of those soldiers and I didn’t appreciate it at all. It could have cost XVIII ABN Corps and the 82nd ABN somwhere in the number of 65% to 85% casualties if the bluff was called. All they had to was cut the sugar cane at a 45 degree angle at about 4 feet and it would have been like jumping into a giant punji stick patch. I do not mind being a player but I do resent being a pawn. If someone other than the President had done that it would have been High Treason for which he would have stood court martial, found guilty and shot. Luckily he didn’t roll snake eyes and forced to go ahead with the drop. Many of the DZs had already been cut, we within sight of the island were turned back and landed at Pope and proceeded with the Air Landing. Yet I was on the C5A being followed by an LC-1011, again there were problems and Cedras was still on the ground in Haiti. The LC-1011 was diverted to the Dominican Republic with engine problems, so at zero dark 30, we landed with 62 Paratroopers, the C5A crew and that was it. Again things went our way and no one changed their mindbecause if they had… the C5A would have roared back to life and we without order to do anything but hold the airfield would have been left. 7,035,000 to 62 how about those odds.Of course not all 7 million were in Port Au Prince but you see my point. These leaks have happened with more frequecy in the past presidencies since the inflation of VC casualties in Viet Nam. It is out of control. That is why we are speaking out now. 1 rule abide by it.

  • The wonderful thing about the United States Military is that every serviceman or servicewomen from the beginning of their training are taught to follow orders BUT when the” S–T hits the fan” all military men and women are instructed to think for themselves …. take charge …. complete the mission. History is always written by the winners but sometimes the real story needs to the told. I believe this book does that in spades.

  • Don

    So what is your point? Act of Valor was an approved (DOD-Department of the Navy) project and yes, Hollywood made a buck; however, can’t we also assume that it was a well produced film to recruit Seal candidates. Given the overwhelming volume of military programming that focuses on training, selection, and reenactments of prior special operations missions the characterization of OPSEC leaks is almost laughable. By the way I have 2 deployments to Afghanistan complete with a 3rd likely… Take it for what it is a book that details his experience in combat and drop the political statements.

  • Jerry Heywood

    If this was a self promotion attempt I’d agree with you my fellow American, But I just don’t see it that way.
    I am very comfortable that this patriot is responding to the back and forth redoric politicians have used to lay claim for this great deed.
    What I see is an American just like you and I, who was fortunate enough to take part in a historic event and share his prospective.
    You will not find any facts presented in the book that you cannot find on line.
    Thank you for your service!
    God Bless America!

  • Don

    Why don’t you google the speeches in which the President clearly gives credit to the U.S. Military as well as, facts that discredit the assertions of Dishonorable Disclosure. Disinformation is also part of OPSEC so why wouldn’t multiple versions of the story exist. The lies that you choose to reference reflect your point of view. The legal issues the author may face will be pursued through the Department of the Navy if they choose to. Violations of security and breaches in general are clearly serious offenses therefore, noone has a free pass, even the President.

  • SGTR

    WWII D-Day Invasion. Anyone know what the Germans feared most?

    Hint: LGOPs

    Fist bump for anyone who knows it.

  • SGTR


    Keep pushing your pencil… we got you nailed. Your spelling gave it away. No wonder we never could get what we wanted or needed on OPs. It must be a black thang! In the Rear with The Gear. REMFs yell the loudest and make no sense. You out there listening McLean?

    • Clear Thought

      Good point!

  • SGTR

    I have not as yet read the book, it is a little difficult to get here. But I will!

  • Darrell C.

    So let’s get the record straight here…. it is alright for Hollywood to capitalize on SEAL actions but when an operator wants to get the truth put out there instead of a wishy washy version put out by Uncle Sugar and the DoD, he is breaking OPSEC and several other rules. Sounds to me as if the brass were calling the author a traitor in not so many words.
    Not cool.

  • Josh

    So says the man with the screen name ProudSailor

  • Grunt

    This book is a joke. Everyone knows that Bin Laden has been dead for years. Why would you use seal team 6 (which works for Delta force) to do the job. Everyone who has every worked in SOC knows Delta Force specializes in HVT extractions. There is no way Delta Force would have pass this mission up just to give it to their little brothers. Besides the point Bin Laden has been dead for years and POTUS needed some way to try to win over the military troops and this was his way of doing so.

    • Jimbo

      Hey Grunt – Are you stupid or what? Anyone who has ever worked in SOC knows that there is no longer “Delta” or “Delta Force”. It’s their acronym has been “CAG” since the 90’s.

    • SGTR


      You are an idiot. nuff said.

      • Randy

        SGTR, since you’re so outspoken, and obviously has so much animosity for the president and the African American race, then please reveal your true identity. You’re a bigger coward than Hitler himself; at least people knew how he really felt and who he was. He didn’t hide behind some initials. Reveal yourself, but you won’t because you’re really a Girl Scout, no I take that back because I do not want to dishonor them like that. You are a disgrace to my country, and when you look in the mirror, you see a spineless coward!

      • SGTR

        If people named Randy bothered me, I would be in trouble. And it was, not President (notice that is spelled with a Capital letter because it is a title) but rather Presidents, under whom I have served under 6 in the military. Good try stud but my name is none of your business. The only blacks I have a problem with are the screaming racisist idiots (that can’t spell) and run on about how the white man is his problem. Stunning fact! I am Native American, not white. Go home paleface you are out of your league.

      • SGTR


        The reasons that I post at the times I do is because I am on the other side of the world. What did you do today?

      • SGTR

        BTW I don’t see your whole name. I do not use mine because I am not an idiot. I still work here, and while I am allowed to have my own opinions I am not allowed to make it sound or give presidence to “they are official ideas or comments” by an active member of the government. I notice that in your entire post you did not once touch on the subject matter, only a feeble attack on me. If you have nothing of value to say, stay off these posts, some actually do care what we that have been there have to say. Out of 151 comments, you are the only one that addressed me. Show your outstanding military knowlege… WHAT IS AN LGOP, without google, and I will know if you do? And you are an embarassment in MY country! WE WERE HERE FIRST, black or white, WE WERE HERE FIRST! I have not even read the book and I support it for the time being, I will reserve judgement until after. But I do wholeheartedly support his right to write it. Granted, he should have vetted it with the Gov. first, not to content but to disclosure. But then I think his Team could have done a better job of that. Whatever you are go tell children that you can impress about how you won the Medal of Honor all by yourself, given a few years and I am sure you will be telling people that you were on the raid too, and what the Operative you were. Of course you will have no proof because it is all TOO classified.

        Because of what I have done I will carry a Concealed Weapons Permit for all times, I have a weapons vault to protect my family. Like I said before… what did you do today? BTW, spineless I take exception to, I have rods and screws in my SPINE from injuries sustained. Again for the second time in 2 days… FOAD! Look that up.

  • Eskymo

    Having served for 30 years (22-act-8-res), when I left the Navy, I was debriefed, and instructed that anything I particiapated in or planned was Secret and that I was bound by N.D.S . Any violation of said N.D.S. could, and would lead to my imprisonment and heavy fines. Under no circumstance was I too disclose anything. Now, with that being said. I take a very heavy offense to the writer(s) of this book.”Loose lip’s, sinks ships” was not just a catchy phrase. Disclosing of information such as the raid that was undertaken, still impacts and endangers lives, and operations to this day and into the future. Shame on them, for selling out their comrade’s, and the SPECWARFARE communities for a dollar. Judas did the same thing, and look what happened. The White House, for what ever reason, which I think we all know, made public the mission, was a great big mistake. All that needed to be made public. was that after all these years of searching and sacrifice’s we got the S.O.B. and due to security issues, and ongoing operations, the Who, What, and Where, did not need to be disclosed.

  • Jimbo

    Ohyoumadbro = idiot

    • yeahtheymadbro

      People are so intimidated by any black man in power…LOL

  • Jimbo

    Matt- Thank you for writing this book. The only reason you are catching flak for it is because you beat one of the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon to publishers office, and you provided a first hand account of what went down, not the nonsense and propaganda that comes from DC.

    • SGTR

      Hehehe… You must Know GEN Wesly Clark (RET) the Perfumed Prince’s Prince!

  • Corpsman up!

    I find it hard to believe that people are justifying the fact that this Seal, not only put Americans life at risk, but also dishonored the names of those killed on 9/11 by making it seems as though we murdered Bin Ladin innocently. I bet if it was a few months after the 9/11 incident every American would have crusified this Seal, for taking away their satisfaction in bringing to justice this murderer (Bin Ladin). The President told the story the way we wanted to hear it and nothing less. Every President blurr the lines of events during past mission. I dont care if he had a bible in his hand…the sucker got what he deserved.

  • Corpsman up!

    I think American loved the version the President told. You really mean to tell me that you ok with the fact that this SEAL took away the satisfaction the families of the victim shared by saying that we murdered Bin Ladin and his family and put countless lives at risk saying we didnt give him the proper burial… The President said enough to give American satisfaction and use the movie as a means of recruitment. He told us what we wanted to hear and this SEAL stole that from us.

  • Corpsman up!

    I think American loved the version the President told. You really mean to tell me that you ok with the fact that this SEAL took away the satisfaction the families of the victim shared by saying that we murdered Bin Ladin and his family and put countless lives at risk saying we didnt give him the proper burial… The President said enough to give American satisfaction and use the movie as a means of recruitment. He told us what we wanted to hear and this SEAL stole that from us. I am not mad he wrote the book, just mad he contradicted the story that made us look like the good guys.

  • Bill H

    But of course it is SOP for the prez to use the same incident to further his cause by taking credit for everything that happened, even though he had to be coaxed into the killing of one of his own by Hillary.

  • RICH


    • robertabbott

      Classified is classified until it’s Declassified. While I wasn’t in Special OPs, I did have to contend with Security Clearances and that other item called “Need to Know”. It still carries over into civilian life, particularly passwords to access websites such as this one.

    • Dianna

      I totally agree with you, this guy, I don’t understand what he’s trying to accomplish by coming out with this. Think of all the familes whose lives where lost and destroyed because of this one man Bin, what is wrong with this guy? He knew when he accepted the mission so why did he if he didn’t agree with what was going to happen? Did he do it for this purpose of making money and endangering the Special Ops? He should be stripped of everything.

    • BENNY

      I strongly agree! I served 23 years in the Army, we should keep our military duty out of print and publication. Hollywood needs to use their imagination when making war movies and not real time missions.
      It is very ” very” easy to put two and two together and creat a well documented intelligence profile.
      Our government needs to pull this book out of publication, and ASAP,

  • mrsgunnut10

    So – Where is the uproar about Biden “outing” Seal Team 6, the very same night they took Bin Laden out. They were all in that room congratulating each other when Biden, while looking at the Camera somebody was holding, said to another person ” Boy that Seal Team 6 is something else”. He then said, with that stupid smirk on his face, “Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that was I “. Talk about about a bunch of hypocrites, the Pentagon Lawyers are the worst. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Randy

    Ignorance is bliss, and you’ve displayed plenty with the comment you made. You could not begin to fathom what being a President is like. Remember son, Ronald Reagan addressed many issues from conflicts we were engaged in during his era, and do you absolutely believe every sitting President is not compelled to disclose certain information for the public’s interest? Of couse they have to, and it’s called welcome to America my friend. Enjoy that freedom, I like many before and after me have served during conflicts to maintain your right to free expression. Keep politics aside from personal feelings, but if you’re going to criticize Obama, then you must first realize there is an order. So which President are you going to start with? Stop making yorself look bad! Speak intelligently, and keep personal feelings aside! Get my point?

  • Bill

    Truth is, the 10th Mountain Division could have done the same mission. No SCUBA involved. One reason Special Ops is used is because of their maturity and ability to keep their mouths shut. Most of Spec Ops is very tight with information getting out. The making of Green Beret by John Wayne really ticked off most in SF at the time. The SEALS have gotten very narcissistic in the last 10 years or so. I am saddened for the true professionals that remain silent in the background.

  • Randy

    If George Bush had not failed at killing Bin Laden, would you have been as critical? I am sure GW would have made a few memorable moments for the press. Shut up and go away! You’re so infused with politics until you’re transparency reveals your underlying truth! It’s sad, but you should really stop listening to Limbaugh!

  • robertabbott

    In a perfect world, serving in the military would be service to country. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. If he were around today, Audie Murphy couldn’t have made the movie “To Hell and Back” based on his combat experiences. The studio couldn’t have gotten the clearances, even if World War II was over. I would hope if one is going to go on the ” Hey, look at what I did” self promotion, he or she will temper it with a bit of humility. Cementaries, both Veterans and Civilian are filled with those who couldn’t bear to talk about what they did in the war, consequently they blew their brains out or drank themselves to death.

  • Randy

    Ahh my friend, should we go and arrest Bush first (GW) for creating the fast and the furious, and then dig up Reagan for and hold him accountable for Iran-Contra? Why we’re at it, let’s arrest GW senior as well for his role. Do you see how ridiculous you sound?

  • robertabbott

    The President took the same oath as do members of Congress. I took the same oath when I enlisted. Somebody needs to get off this treason tip. Coming in on the tail end of a conversation where the President was whispering to the Russians is inconclusive. It would not hold up in a court of law.

  • robertabbott

    Fox News is getting a pass? What’s up with that? They were the ones who gave the author’s real name.

  • yeahtheymadbro

    I co-sign that!! 100%

    • SGTR

      Not one of that have been out there with their *** in the gr*** is intimidated by anyone. Especially a Black man in power. You peopel believe that because you all travel in packs and intentionally try to intimidate Whites that we are intimidated. I am Native American, you think you intimidate me? You better hope you and your Homeies never meet me in a blind alley, you will be in a world of hurt. People only have power over you if you give it to them and I haven’t given it. Let’s see where your (I am not even a citzen is after the next one) He is a 1 termer. Because of that mind set. Don’t forget when you go vote…check your crack pipe at the door.

  • Navigator Ben

    When you swear to defend the Constitution and the Nation, you agree to keep your mouth shut regarding classified information and military actions. I was a crewmember picked to support the U-2 spy plane operation in the late 50’s. I even had to postpone my wedding because of that temporary assignment. I didn’t announce to the world why there was a postponement. Luckily, my future wife was OK with the delay!!! However, its the Seals who took the danger in stride, not the President who claimed the operation a success because of him. Politics and horse—- still smell the same.

  • Dianna

    I wonder if this was done on Bush’s watch if this book and all this negative feed back would be? NO!!!!!!!!!!! WELL GUESS WHAT IT WAS DONE ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S WATCH so let it go and futther more the US has done far worst but I guess it only matters depending on whose watch it’s done on. If a question was asked of each family who lost love ones and people who survived, I gurantee they would not have an issue with what was done to Bin. What you all are saying is that it’s ok for us to watch them kill our men, women & kids but it’s not ok for us to do it undercover? Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dianna

    Bush did it, so what’s wrong with our President know doing it. Bush sent our kids to war to aveng the attack on his father, It was never about any weapons of mass distruction, You people give it up, The 1st Family you have now is here until his term is up in 2016. I LOVE IT

  • Dianna


  • crackedlenses

    That’s actually not too hard to clear up; I can give a link if you want it.

  • Jeremy Ellis

    Brothers and sisters in arms, past and present.
    Controversy itself creates cash and hostility, regardless of who is right or wrong. We all served our country, our countrymen and each other so we are entitled to the right to agree and disagree.

    To give credibility to myself I served for 12 and a half years in the Navy as an Operations Specialist, with NEC’s as an ASTAC, Harpoon Engagement Planner, and served one year as a detainee guard at Ft Suse Iraq. I, just like all of you have signed NDA’s out the tail, and know that all information that a service member intends to release must first be submited to the DOD for review.

    That being said, since WWI, books, movies, stories, etc. have been made describing and diseminating information for the general public with no thought of threat against the U.S. until WWII, i.e. Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, and various other battles where intel was used against the U.S. and our allies. Why? What is the purpose of these documents and stories…history. History is told by those who have lived and expierenced it. It’s not so much the subject, but the story that gets us.

    I have stated on multiple occasions how CNN, MSNBC, Fox have aided the enemy more than “loose lips sinking ships”, because even Bin Laden claimed to be a fan of U.S. news. Americans have enjoyed movies, video games, books where SME’s have been brought in an exposed military tactics to the public, i.e., Buds tarining on the History Channel, Stars vs Stripes on NBC, the “Hunt for Red October” and now this. I do agree that the former SO should have consulted not only his lawyer, but the DOD, and that POTUS has disclosed value information, but it is because of the nature of man, more importantly the American people that causes chaos and disagreement because “we want the whole story”. Not so much for curiosity but so we can blame someone for something.

    I see this as an opportunity for someone who was there, to beat the Conspiracy Theorist and humanists to the punch. Regardless of the who, what, when, where, why, and how he told the story from his seat. Throwing of monetary gain, which is the driving force for todays American, we should view this as another moment in history when we can hear what happend.

    So rather than fight with one another, point fingers and name call, let’s support a brother in arms who told the story he wanted to tell.

    As for OPSEC, think about this, “what wouldn’t anyone do for money?” read your history book and find out how valuable OPSEC is not only to the American military and government, but it’s people.

    • SGTR

      “Loose Lips Sink Ships” was WWII poster about talking about OPs before they happened,e.g. the other poster of a Paratrooper dying under his chute mumbling “someone must have talked”. This guy as I understand (and I have made it real clear that I have not read the book because I am halfway around the world and it is not available here” Talks about the op vs what was released by the White House and how it was utter ********. These guys are not Supermen (Highly Trained and good at what they do) but not Supermen. He devulgesnothing not readily available on CNN, The History Channel or any other outlet, he is just saying that the account that the White House put out is not accurate.

  • Mac Ray

    The authors intention was purely political. You take an oath you stick by it, period. I served under Presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Bill Clinton, Democrat and Republican in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. I don’t remember liking any of them but they were the Commander-in-Chief and I obeyed orders and didn’t whine about whether I agreed with their politics or not. I was a professional something this “author” apparently wasn’t. You don’t tell the general public how you fight wars because they can’t take it. And you don’t put your friends in jeopardy. Everything may be available on Google but now it’s been pulled together in this book for the terrorists.

  • Walt

    You are full of it.

    It is the President’s ability to make hard decisions that the Administration is touting. Mention of the professionalism of the men and women who carried out the orders of the Commander-in-Chief is always given with gratitude and praise for a mission well done. Making hard decisions when one’s political career could be on the line brings us the point that bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. Selectively edited videos of the President do not serve the greater cause but only political partisanship. Like I said, you are full of it.

  • Jeremy Ellis

    Let the black thing go, beacuse it is really, REALLY, old.

  • Mac

    Brad, you must don’t know anything about intelligence. Just the unauthorized telling of the story is a violation of OPSEC. I did see some pieces of the book and saw that there were pictures of NVGs used by the team and other things. You mean to tell me that disclosing specific articles of equipment used by SEAL teams isn’t a violation of OPSEC? I wonder what your job was?

  • loved your comment!

  • Mac

    I know that “Owen” violated his NDA and because he’s a hero, he won’t be prosecuted. I just wonder why the Justice Department didn’t get an injunction and stop this book from being released? At the very least, if the book does get released, they should confiscate all the profits. Owen said some of the profits were going to the families of wounded or killed SEALS and that can still happen but Owen and the publisher wouldn’t see a dime. If they let him get away with it, what stop the next special operator from doing the same or worse?

    • SGTR

      What in the NDA did he specifically violate and which one. Please remember that an NDA is what you sign upon being granted a Confidencial or Secret Clearance, which does not apply. We are talking about TS and TS/SCI in which you are read into and read out of due to your need to know at the time. Depending on your position you may have multiple SCI NDAs. There is not a soldier anywhere in the Armed Forces that were told specifically about their SECRET NDA, they hand you a DD 214 and don’t let the door hit you in the *** on the way out. You people that have not, were not and did not always want to make it seem like you were way more important than you were. Like the guy before that wrote that he was told that whatever he did, saw or participated in was Secret and he could not discuss it. Ladies and gentlemen that is nothing more than a bar room pick up line at best, at worst it is a sign of a seriously mentally dimished mind with visions of grandiose delutions of self importance who has talked himself into being that important. I will say it again if you were not ABN Infantry, Ranger, SEAL, PJ, CCT, Force Recon, LRSC, DELTA or Special Forces (sorry if I left anyone out) you do not know **** unless you were INTEL Support, LOG Support or PSYOPS support for one of these units and then you MAY have been exposed to some of it, but not enough to claim you know anything. That is the point of Sensitive Compartmented Information. These clearances require an SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation) and usually a CI, CI Poly or Full Scope for those uninitiated, Counterintelligence Scope with or witout Polygraph or Full Scope CI, CI poly and Lifestyle Polygraph. Come on guy, you ************ be quiet and stop confusing the issue.

      • SGTR

        I answer to your really stupid question…unless he is in reciept of a Navy retirement or some other MILITARY based payment he has become a civilian. We all took an Oath or at least I did… It goes something like (EXACTLY) this:

        I,”State your name”, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

        While he took this oath, upon becoming a civilian, he falls under this pervue. He is protected by the Constitution to say whatever the **** he wants to as a civilian and I will defend that right to the death. I may or may not agree with it, but I have no choice… I have to defend his right to say it, believe it, write about it or stand on the street corner and yell it at the top of his lungs. If anyone were to try to stop him,harrass him or harm him… I would be forced by the oath that I took to defend him to the best of my ability and preserve his right to say it. That is why the Government cannot stop, impeed or halt him from saying it because he is a citizen now and is protected by the First Ammedment, freedom of speech. The only recourse they have at this point is to prove that he divulged classified information, OPSEC or Sensitive but Unclassified (FOUO) information and at that point can be fried like an iguana in Tijuana. Short of that (and I suppose he is a pretty sharp guy and would not bend over for breech operations of the insertion kind leaving him ready for the meat themometer in Levenworth or wherever the Navy sends is people, Cherry point, Guantic. But if they prove that he is TOAST!

  • AK1 DJB

    I’ve been reading the book. I don’t feel like I’ve been exposed to any OPSEC violations. seems more and more like they have a political agenda. And it’s definitely to the left, and pro Osama/Obama.

    • SGTR

      GOOD GOD NOT ME! Just how many of these posts did you read? Most of us (I thought) had the attitude “That’a Boy!” I didn’t do a percentage but I thought most of us wanted to see the truth come out about the political machine that wants to spin everything in their favor by making untrue outlandish statements that benifit the gathering of votes when it is really Operators being given a task and complteting it the best way they can! Maybe I should go back and read the others that I just skimmed over (except for the blatant (I have no clue why am I even posting posts). If you got that feeling from me I can’t apologize more!

  • Thomas wetzel

    Look I’ll shoot ya straight there is nothing there that can’t be easily seen or looked up on tv or the Internet. And just to bring all of this into reality it’s not all about technology or really tactics in the first place. What makes these guys so successful is will power fitness and violence of action. And anyone who knows what It means to be an operator knows that last one.

    • SGTR

      I agree 150%! It is all about being willing to walk into the unknow and play the cards you are delt. There is no whining on a mission. You just do it!

  • Pat

    10 4 on that out

  • Retired AF Vet

    I’m not in the practice of playing the race card so I apologize for reacting to Toni’s comment about Obama going back to Kenya. It is considered a racist remark so I got on the defense.

  • Buster Collins. SFC

    I would not waste my retirement pay to buy this book and support this guy. We already have one traitor in prison why not this one

  • Russ WIlson

    The Obama crowd (fka the Clintonista generals and hacks) are out in force. Let’s focus on the moron who authorized access to our inner workings to a movie producer. That should result in a very long jail sentence. This author shouold be applauded for outing the Moron-in-Chief.

    • SGTR

      GO Russ!

  • SGTR

    The biggest fault that I find with the mission has nothing to do with Bin Laden, the BS sweep of Look what I did Mommy, I done killed that terrorist all by myself or any of the other obvious ****. I want to know why the SEALS were not told that they were going in on a Stealth Chopper (that was more classified than all of this we have been talking about) or were told but not issued C-4 commensurate to blow it to 2mm shreads of metal. Who is resposible for that? I have known enough SEALS to know that it would not have been overlooked. They did follow procedure by opening the front cowling and destrying the CCE, CCI, Encryptors and keying mechinisms with Thermite and an M67, but why was the Airframe and Tail Boom left in place for the Paki’s to sell to China. No SEAL would have done that. My thought is that they were not told until boarding that they were taking it, therefore no satchel charge to blow it to **** and back. Just 1 M183 Demolition Charge Assembly or 1 M2 20 lb assault demolition charge in the aircraft would have rendered it completely unrecognizable (without a warehouse full of super glue 2000 people and 30 years to accomplish said task). Someone rodded Rover off the range with the meat thermometer and now that taxpayer paid technology is dead. I have a real hard time that the SEALS were responsible for that, they go over and over the plan until it is burned into everyone’s mind, they would not have missed that. Sounds more like a last minute change for a little political capitol that went wrong and got blamed on the pilot.

  • SGTR

    BTW, No One ever answered or even tried. What was most feared by the Germans during D-Day +1hour?


    There have got to be some Airborne, Ranger or Special Forces vets or actives out there that can answe this!


      Little Groups of Paratroopers = LGOPs, read the book and there is nothing there that I see as a OPSEC violation after seeing all the stuff previously released in books and tv shows. I just returned from Afghanistan and have spent 8 years in SF the remainder in Abn, LRS and conventional units. It was a great read and cleared up a lot of the BS that the Administration put out. The fact that the Administration released so many details and the specific unit designation is a clear indication thst they have no shame in the OPSEC game. The author did due dilligence using the Attorney to vet the book even the designation of the special ops Blackhawks were protected so I see nada for the five sided donut shop to use as traction against the author. D.O.L. and thank you for your service SEAL.

      • SGTR

        ABSOLUTLY! And thanks for the LGOPs answer. it helps me focus on the group that I am dealing with. Like I said, I will defend his right as a civilian to scream the truth on the Capital steps. I am 8078 miles away and cannot get the book yet but I want to read it. Good to hear from another Jump Master. I am sure over the years we have chewed up and swallowed a whole lot of the same mud between Fort Bragg and Fort Benning, maybe a little in Iraq but I was at LBC above KKMC and you guys went straight in with no F’in around. I retired in 97, ABN INF, 75th Ranger Regiment 3rd BAT, 7th SFG, LRSD on to LRSC. Keep your head down and eyes downrange. I have already thanked him for his service, but I will take this time to thank you for yours. Walking into the unknown takes guts i.e. the reason we are not known as LEGs. Take care brother and I hope you are done for now and don’t have to go back anytime soon. I am now a GS now and the job is not a whole lot different. Thank you and your family for your service (mine didn’t stay around) HOOAH!

  • SGM

    The question still remains why did he write the book? I didn’t the book and don’t intend to read it, because I saw and heard enough through the media, mission accomplished. I ask why did this Navy Seal the one that took the time and effort to write this book, was it money, fame, politics, what was the motivation? Out of all the Navy Seals that participated in the mission, why did the Navy Seal decided to write a book.

  • Bonnie D.

    If the Pentagon had a leg to stand on they would have already sued for damages. That book is making big money and maybe the plan is to pay down the 16 Trillion dollar debt! (Joke, not serious). However, the Pentagon would have snatched it out of publication if it was a threat. imho They are just talking it up to make the CIC happy.

    • Clearbrook

      Agreed. They see the truth, and the truth is, even the President himself can only go so far with his orders. As soldiers, we were taught to obey the *lawful* orders of those above us. Few of us have had reason to question the lawfulness of the orders given us, but those in the Pentagon can probably see clearly through this and realize that they could be hanging themselves if they follow orders from a CIC who has no respect for the law and is willing to cross the line for personal political gain. I have actually had the occasion to have someone threaten to give me an Article 15, even though I very carefully followed the letter of what he said, *and* stayed perfectly within the Regulations we were both bound by in that situation. I told him to give me the Article 15 if he dared. I told him I would refuse it and press for Courts Martial. I knew I could get slapped for having “gross disrespect” but he and I both knew they would really have to hammer him for giving the order he did, which was not contrary to Regulations as he phrased it, but *obviously* contrary to Regulations if he were to try and make it an issue by saying that I did not comply with his request, which *did* clearly violate Regulations. You have to respect authority. You also have to *disrespect* abuse of authority, or we are no better than those we fight! I disrespect abuse of Authority. Doesn’t everybody? Obviously not, from some of the brainwashed knee-jerk comments I hear from people here. They think they are good soldiers, I am sure. But in truth, they may just be gutless followers of a corrupt CIC, afraid to stand up for what is right! Everyone, no matter what the oath is they took, has that right to stand up against tyranny. Some of us believe we have an *obligation* to do so.

  • Bonnie D.

    I second the motion on both posts. Fit body and mind and explosive action as indicated for the situation. And most important of all, no whining. Do what you can and know that it may fall to the guy behind you to finish it off. But it will be accomplished.

  • Dick B.

    Night vision goggles have been around a long time. They are common equipment anytime operations take place during darkness. Not giving away any secrets here and saying that it’s classified is a egregious example of overclassification. It detracts from those things that are really, really stuff you don’t want the bad guys to know about.

  • Mike Aguilar

    When this man became a SEAL, he signed a non-disclosure form and received a security clearance. He violated both. He gave far more information than Obama or Biden ever did. The long and the short of it is that Bissonette violated his security oath and his non-disclosure agreement, things that in the private sector would open him up to at least civil prosecution if not criminal prosecution, or both.

    So, your patently anti-Obama comments can be seen for just that, anti-Obama comments. Not something with any merit on the real world.

    To the person that whined about Hollywood using real SEALs in the recent movie, that was done with full consent from the top down. And, from what I know, the team involved requested to be allowed to do it. I also understand it was also actual training evolutions of the team involved.

  • Kregg Jorgensonb

    Was there a need to use his real name in the article and does that now put he and his loved ones in harm’s way?

  • John

    It’s one thing for a member of the media to come out and say something… it’s not verified.

    It’s far different when a member who is known to have that level of access says it. Then it’s verified, and actionable.

    What this guy did may or may not have done is CONFIRM information for the bad guys who now know what they can depend on to be accurate information.

    It’s one thing to suspect, it’s quite an another to have proof. And proven information is what kills people in the field.

    That is why OPSEC exists.

  • John

    Maybe because it was started under a previous president? (2006, operation Wide Reciever)

    Or that in the teleconference that prompted Fast and Furious, gunwalking was NOT suggested?

    Please verify facts before dumping things in the president’s lap. Obama is correct. He did not authorize this operation.

    The folks that were not replaced by the obama administration who started it did.

    In fact, Wide Reciever followed on into Fast and Furious without approval by the new administration. You can thank media spin for giving it a new name when in fact Fast and Furious isn’t the official name for the whole debacle to begin with.

  • Clearbrook

    Some of the exact things mentioned here *may* violate NDA procedures. However, even the NDA is subject to the oath all of us who have been soldiers to “Defend the Constitution against *all* enemies, both foreign *and* domestic.”

    If by publishing this, he brings out that Obama, and his Joseph Goebbels PR Corps were acting in a way that we should *Constitutionally* know about, I’d say that pretty much trumps the NDA slips. Maybe it could have been written better, not including that information in even a vague way, but if his presentation is vague enough, it would be hard to argue that credible intelligence could be garnered from it. And if he was smart enough to put outright inaccuracies in it, (which is somewhat doubtful, since he is not a politician like the CIC is) the intelligence would be of little value.

    The fact is that the Pentagon, for political reasons, has actually leaked information, whether intentionally or not, and has not been pursued under NDA, since the politics were coming from the top. IMHO, that is *much* worse!

    So, I side with the Author, and *not* the President on this! He is trying to reveal a truth that has probably been gnawing on his conscience, especially in light of the Political Hay that Obama has made by outright lies he has said about this whole thing! We need more men like him, who are willing to risk much to do what is right rather than worrying about covering up for those in power who can selectively coming against those who do not act in a way that protects their political power.

  • Mike C

    I do not see it as political at all. The Publisher is the one who decides when it goes on sale and not the author. Many of you are saying he broke his oath. Maybe and maybe not. Obama has for sure with his extra-judicial killing of a American in Yemen. I do believe he had rights to a trial and not to be executed by Drone! Tactics change all the time so what was written is nothing new. We train many foreigners in Columbus, Ga as Special Forces and they know our tactics. Some of these friends have turned out to be our adversaries. We even teach some Afghans our techniques. The more publicity this book gets the more money will go to the Fallen seals fund and with this I agree.

  • Peggy

    You are so right! Obama has taken credit for the whole thing. So he made a decision….isn’t that his job??? At least better than Clinton who let Bin Laden go on three occasions while he was doing what? Lady with the blue dress? Obama endangered the Seals and their families when he made a big show at the White House and exposed them all. By the way, anyone see any Navy Seals at the Democratic Convention while Obama, Michelle and Bidens were taking credit for what they do for military?

  • Larry

    **** our own President can’t keep his own house in order. Like secrets getting out of the WHite House & him or his staff can’t find out or will not try to find the leak. Also a attorney general who gives automatic weapons to Mexican cartal then gets excutive priviliage for his stupid error. There is no top secret info this book that we don”t see in the movies already. It’s just a media circus so they can get some ratings. It’s better off if u purchase a National Equier.

  • TommyC

    As I grew-up as a child I wanted to join the military and serve my country as my father and grandfather. In ’65 I went to join and found I wouldn’t be accepted because of medical reasons. I was labeled IV-F. It broke my heart but I met a good woman, married and we now have 11 children. 5 boys and 6 girls. Three of my sons joined the military.
    My first son was in the 82nd for 6 years and during this time he went to Haiti to meet the rebels. I’m grateful there wasn’t any fighting. I found out by the news media his unit was going to Haiti. My son was under oath of secrecy not to call and tell he was going over. I have never understood why the military leaders let the new media know when the 82nd was going.
    My second son joined the Army when he was 17 and was with a med evac researve unit. He went to basic training and then dirctly to the Gulf War, Desert Storm. I watched the news when I came home from work until after my regular bedtime to find out where he was. He sent us a letter stating he was in parking complex in Saudi and was safe. On the news the day after it told of a SCUD missil hitting the parking complex.
    I was devistated with grief not knowing if he was alive. We found from his next letter the unit left the complex a few days before the complex was blown-up.
    I remember watching the TV the first night the air war started on Bagdad and a live reporter was telling everyone where he was and what he was seeing. I thought to myself; “This is crazy. The reporter is telling the enemy what is going on. He’s acting as an observation post for Hussan”. Then he reports; “Hey look at that. It’s a helicopter. It can’t be Hussan’s it must be a special ops helicopter”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I knew the enemy heard the same thing.
    My son was affiliated with the 2nd Artilary Co. and went with them to confromt the Repulican Guard. After the war was over my son’s unit had to wait while units of the Repulican Guard went into small Iraqi towns and rampage the people and when they were finished the Med Evac unit went in to bring out the casualties. This was called Desert Rescue. The only thing my son said about this is one time a young teenage girl, still alive, was brought out and was shot 5 times. He will not talk about any of the rest of the compaign.
    My third som went into the Navy for 10 years. He was with the Nimiz Battle Group on the USS Sacramento. A supply ship carring amunition and Fuel. He was stationed in the gulf. He left the Navy and joined the Army Navy and left after two years.
    My oldest has gone back into the Nationa Guard and he is working with things he will not tell me about.
    My heart and soul went out to my boys when the were in harms way. It was very hard to realize they may be killed or injured. MyI heart and soul goes out to the parents, wives and children of all the thousands of men and woman lost in the military actions since Vietnam. I have lost many friends and all I could do is mourn.
    I have read all of the comments regarding the topic of giving out secret information and I am appalled regarding the bigotry which was presented. I am also appalled there are so many leaks in the government because of political reasons. Somehow, It has to stop. The only way it will stop is by the will of the people of this United States. Though our voting power, letters to our Congressmen and President, and ridding ourselve of the immoral attitudes we have and convey to our fellow man.
    When you read the history books you will find the men of the Contenental Congress knew this United States was brought about with the help of God. We must bring God back into the Constitution and our Government.

    • marine0ne


  • david

    Just a question to ProudSailor: Have you ever gotten a miltary discount either while you were active or even after you got out, if you are out at this time. And I am talking about dinner, hotel, new car, ect. If you NEVER did then fine but if you did, you are just the same as the person that wrote this book.

  • John

    One is pure conjecture, the other validates.

    Validation of facts can be as much, or more, dangerous then the suspicion of those facts.

    If you were a burglar, would you think twice about robbing someone’s home if you thought they might have a gun?

    Would your plans change if you knew not only that they did but where they kept it?

    Sorry… OPSEC exists for a reason.

  • Skipper Steely`

    IF only the Pentagon would make such a fuss about my book on Admiral J.O. Richardson, or some future work! I’d take the millions and run, for sure.

    Do we plan another Bin Laden mission exactly like that one? I doubt it. This is just a to-do over little.


  • John White

    I agree. The OPSEC leaks originating from the White House have been much more damaging to national security but I never heard a word about them on Could it be that is just a little left of center? Just saying.

  • Groucho

    Gee, where were you when George W. Bush stood in front of that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner?

    Don’t tell me he didn’t know about it – as Commander-in-Chief, all he had to say was, “Take that damn thing down!”

    Instead, he POSED in front of it.

    No whining from the right-wing then, eh?

    “Mission Accomplished”, indeed!

  • Groucho

    And your proof is –?

  • matt

    i got my copy of the book on wednesday and finished it today, friday. i am wondering, how many of the commenters have actually read the entire book, and how many are actually just commenting on the comments of others? and for the record, regardless of which side your on, thank god and the U.S. military that we live in a country where we can argue about this book.

  • Groucho


    And Faux News is not proof.

  • mounier

    This type of military service is dead.

  • mounier

    Never?!? Laughable.

  • mounier

    You got it right!

  • Richard Peck

    Kind of reminds me of what they did to Ollie North, Every military person knew he didn’t have the authority to do what he was accused of he took the heat for his superiors.

  • Margo

    1. An oath is an oath – something you don’t break. If this SEAL knew he couldn’t keep quiet, he should have opted out of service.
    2. I do give President Obama credit for this mission – he is the Commander in Chief and he now has bin Laden’s blood on his hands. Even though bin Laden deserved it, that is still a heavy commitment to make for a president and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. I’m just saying, not all of us might be able to stomach doing that in reality.
    3. What is this SEAL going to do with the profits from his book?

    • a-z

      shut up stupid…no true American patriot would lose any sleep over giving the green light on UBL…BHO deserves no credit, he had no other choice but to let our boys go in…If it had been revealed he decided not to allow US troops into Paki to take out UBL, then he would have lost favor with the public…

  • Richard Peck

    Don you are absolutely right . I may be wrong but I think I was taught the UCMJ applies to all from the bottom to the top.

  • Richard Peck

    Amen to that. Even the President took that Oath. Why can’t our system do it’s job and stop some of the violations being done by this and prior Presidents.

  • Richard Peck

    If that’s what it takes to get back to doing the right thing instead of the excuse so and so did it. As long as they get a fair trial I say why not. Someone needs to get us back on the right track.

  • Margo


  • The Sailor

    Everyone is pointing fingers and does not realize what’s really happening. As far as OPSEC is concerned in America; it’s a joke. I am a Retired U.S. Navy Veteran and I have seen it from all angles. We have Third Country Nationals here in the U.S. that own businesses, property and are taking over certain neighborhoods. We have a Service Station not too far from my residence owned by an Iranian. The land of opportunity is getting the stiff one and no one seems to care. As the saying goes “As long as it’s not in my neighborhood or affecting me I’m not concerned.” This mentality is going to be the demise of America. OPSEC is EVERYONE’s responsibility so shut your piehole unless you’re doing something about it.

  • K.B. Eidson

    Who gives a **** what he is going to do with the profit. By the way Obama needs to be tried for treason by leaking any information with the rest of his dip **** staff and that includes the flunkies he appointed and put in the pentagon. None of them would make a pimple on Ollie North’s ***. Margo your so full of it you dont know your lips from your butt hole. The author cleared it with an intelligence attorney to make sure everything was on the up and up.

  • medac

    You know, I served in the first Gulf War and I know some things about the Abrams Tank ( weaknessess ) from handeling classified information. Though what I know is probably declassified by now, I don’t know that for sure, and I won’t disclose that information because it still could just get someone hurt or killed. Sure, I could tell what I know in a wonderful mordern day story that would include most of the humanistic strugles over conflict that you talk about in your review. However, though I am retired, I was and still am called to a higher standard of duty. We live in an age of ” Internet tell all and be entertained”, but there has to be a moral absolute somewhere that is not violated for crass entertainment or monetary gain. Those that violate that trust of duty ( NDA ) for means of gain or retaliation, must bear the threat, or the reality of prosecution for the real or preceived endangerment to their brothers in uniform.

    • Whatnow

      Just reading and watching the videos on shows all kinds of information that would be helpful to the enemy. Some I would guess is classified. I supported both wars GW started but he showed he was a failure as CIC. The real war in Iraq started after the Mission Accomplished Show. He and Chaney were more interested in feeding money to the private contractors then they were the troops and winning either war. POTUS as CIC can release any info they want because they are the top decision maker.

  • medac

    Lewie Trawick, I guess you blame President Obama for giving the order to Kill Your Enemy Bin Laden, don’t you ?

  • ABrown

    If people are worried about “secret” means and methods seals use to plan a mission anything in all the training manuals the US military machine make apart from nuclear are either out there officially or already in the public domain an unless this guy is Naming specific people, bank accounts, s**** companies whatever he wont be giving anything away. There seems to be this misunderstanding, when people read something they assume , Just because THEY didnt know about it doesnt mean its a secret. Im sure alot of people will learn alot from this book not just details of the mission but about the SEALS in general. but that doesnt mean someone who is engaged in combat with the US and more specifically SF, will read the book and say” holy crap now i understand, I can finally bring my death to America plan to fruition!!!!!”. Its already out there you just have to look. And I can promise you these guys that actually plan this crap have access to much more info from millions of sources, one book wont make a difference. i remember seeing someone saying something about a team member reading it and seeing connections or “connecting the dots” between what? real people and events that actually took place? there is a difference between being there and knowing it all, and putting faces and names to characters in a book because you are already trying to gather that info and target these people, if someone wrote a book about my family changed the names dates and places but had a pretty similar story, id know who they were writing about, but to someone else they would just think they are characters, know i know that unless he just changes Bob to Bill , and says we got all of our intel from this guy named Bill who lives next to the little bodega on such and such street in Damascus, yeah you could get good intel from that, if they really got the info from Bob. but saying you have this source and this inside connection and a comapany that flies you all in and really pays for everything, thats all pretty generic and pretty obvious, anyone who knows just a little about that world wont be suprised by any of the operational logistics they want to know the details of the mission, And i say good that we went in shooting to kill, Everyone, Would you want Osama’s Family running around? I dont that would be like if Hitler had a son and we just let him go. instant guilt by association. No Victims just bodies and **** no we dont honor his Religion by giving him a proper burial and what have a pilgrimage site for those idiots **** no, its a good thing Hitler never had a grave and i dont think anyone disagrees with that.

    Im glad they went in and killed everyone, if they didnt have free fire, there would have been casualties you know those men would have used there kids as human shields and We would have lost men. they should have ran in shot everyone loaded his body and then put a JDAM right through the ceiling then Napalmed the place 3 times and then thermite then a quick coat of phosphorus for good measure, Although we should have like stuffed his corpse made it onto like a coffee table, or maybe made him into one of those butler statues they used to have outside drug stores, you know holding a platter and a little sign or something, Oh and give him a pull string like an action figure, he could offer you drinks and maybe tell you how sexy goats are, we could have had alot of fun with that, oh well maybe next time….. Think about it who would f*** with a country that did that, No dont **** off the Americans they will stuff you and put you in there living rooms, Or make you model clothes at Old Navy!!!!!!

  • paul

    Little Groups of Paratroops. My uncle was one. Died in June 1944 near Carentan. F/502, 101 Abn

    Never forget

  • SGTR

    Well I wish I could continue this stimulating discussion but I have a very important Operation to attend to. It is sooo classified that I probably should not mention it. But I will anyway… HA! Got you, I am going on 30 days of R&R. I have not really been on leave for more than a week or so, and certainly no where near the States, so for the first time in 12 years I will soon set foot on the soil that I have spent the better part of my adult life protecting. Chill the beer, hide your daughters and someone get me a copy of this book! Take care fellow warfighters, the rest of you know nothings and PX warriors… FOAD.

  • Patrick Bird

    Lewie, The mission was a success, but if you think that this is the first tough job that has ever been done, and the navy is the only group that has ever done it ,then you should take a course in military history.Storming the beaches of Normandy, as well as the 82nd and 101st jumps behind nazi lines far exceeds a chopper flight into Pakastan. The list is long about men who have risked all for country. Bissonette volunteered,( like many before him in WW1, WW2,Nam, Gulf, & Iraq), and served in the navy at the command and discretion of the President and Commander-in chief of the United States. Any mission of this type was under the authority and authorization of the Commander-in Chief. Military members are bound by the UCMJ, as well as non-disclosure agreements they sign. If Bissonette broke the rules, then he’ll suffer the consequences, No Excuses!

  • wglenn

    What ever ABROWN is fired up on,spare me the agony..
    All of the comments I read is a perfect example of what
    this country is all about… the freedom to express yourself from the bottom all the way up to the Commanding-In-chief, the President of the U.S. President Truman’s memorable saying, “The buck stops here”. What if the Seals’ mission had ended in complete failure? I assure you, the President would not have to “take” blame- for those who have written comments accursing the President for taking all of the credit for a successful mission would be on the White House door steps demanding instant removal of the
    President. The enemy who is dedicated to bring this
    country down would love to have a complete plan to
    accomplish their goal. However, a complete plan is difficult to obtain but, bits and pieces from here and from there will become a plan and those who do not respect nor value our security measures are very dangerous individuals to this country.

  • JD

    The New World Order needed a fall-guy for Americas involvement in 9/11. So bring in Bin Laden. Funny, in all the US conspiracies, Pearl Harbor, Kennedy assassination, Marilyn Monroe, etc. the witnesses / suspects are all murdered. Dead men don’t talk. Evidence has proved Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. The US is master at selling the con to the world.
    If a US Seal wants to write about murdering an innocent man, he should have every right.

  • Dave Veselenak

    Your so right, I don’t know who it is that is sticking up for the “Dictator-In-Chief” but I finfd it contemptable! As if relating how the raid ACTUALLY went down is somekind of threat to the soldiers while the New York Times continually get’s away with releasing classified material , as the “Outhouse” did – that’s what the reprobate has turned it into – and they are depicted as defenders of freedom, get real! The only reason that they are going after this brave defender of our freedom is that they can and that it reveals the new Hitler out to be the liar that he is. I can not understand why those in thre military can not see how the reprobate is destroying the military, putting in his puppets at the commanding positions WHILE forming his “civilian army” – DHS, IRS, FDA, EPA, TSA, HSA, and even the weather service – and arming them to the teeth! Wake up already, you have an usurper as “D-I-C ” and he is systematically accomplishing the destruction of our military and replacing it with his! Wake up already, will you’s?

  • I spent 24 years in the Teams and we had it drilled into to us to **** about what we did for a living. That said when the story is told from the top down, why should the shooters **** if the president as well as the top dog at SOCOM have the need to speak to the media about the mission? Not too long ago the navy would not admit there was a DEVGRU. Now ADM Mcraven talks about what hey do.The president tells us he killed Bin laden with a little help from the SEALs. The head shed and brass need a lesson in ****!!!

  • 45CaliberCure

    Fast and Furious is completely different from the operation run under Bush II. The guns walked in the Bush operation were tracked by GPS. When the bad guys figured it out and 4 or 5 guns were lost they ended the op. It was also coordinated with Mexico. F&F deliberately let guns walk to Mexico, UNTRACKED, in order to bolster the utterly false claim from the administration that 90% of the gun violence in Mexico was perpetrated using straw-purchased guns from the U.S. If you are unwilling to put in the minimal time and research to learn the facts, then I can only conclude that you are nothing more than a useful idiot.

  • marine0ne

    **** the traitors llike OBAMA and Biden and Holder can say whatever they want without going to prison like they should, because the constitutional EXPERT (what aLAUGH N LIE) wanted to improve his image! I can see now why so many military HATE obama he’s a ME ONLY TYPE PERSON ! And a complete FAILURE and DISGRCE to the office of president!

  • marine0ne

    I AGREE 1000%

  • marine0ne



    Well, I think it did both but that is all up to the level of responsibility.


    As I have read a quickly about this messages, it is very important for OWEN wrote for other to discuss in your opinion is good and bad. He wrote this book for everyone to figure out what best for his job to do and what other friends must put on his or her mind when necessary to handling it.
    One has already made suggestion about the book by Mark Owen your guys are already wise spreaded. Should everyone to say, thank you for writing the book. Suppose someone else has much higher taught about the book was written then HOW many arguments of your guy will stretching out? Please buy the book and read then get to know that Mark has good ideas about writing THIS book.

  • NavyVeteran

    @proudsailor – That is exactly what I was thinking while nearly every speaker at the Democratic National Convention (including Obama himself) proclaimed with bit “Look at me! Look at me! Look what I did!” about taking out Osama Bin Ladin. They reveled in it during the whole DNC. It was sickening and was in disservice to those who were killed by this man and those in the service who carried out those orders.


    FOX network made it a point to blow this guys anonymity, the Pentagon says he should have ran it by them, the Fraud and his ilk in the WH postured and balthered and hve done nothing but compromise the military since they have been in the office. So before you SOP’s get to out of whack on this and denigrate your own don’t you think that clown called a CIC ought to poney up to his own short comings and fess up about his many instances where he has disavowed the Constitution, the nation and being a American.
    I haven’t read the book yet but from what has been said, it isn’t nothing that isn’t fixable and unlike this phoney administration he gave up no names or addresses.

    How about working on getting some honor back and help get rid of those who caused your OPs to be exposed?

  • Groucho

    Gee, nobody has any proof?

    Bill H? Nothing?

    Of course not. Just keep drinking that right-wing cool-aid!

  • A.C.

    What I find interesting is that he didn’t let the Pentagon read it, but must have gone to a lot of trouble to find a “former special operations attorney.” Whatever that means. Does he think that’s going to cover his ***? You don’t have to be SpecOps to get the Opsec training, I got it too– the most damning information is not the stuff floating out there on the internet for anyone and Russia to see… it’s THAT YOU CONFIRM IT. You can get drunk with a spy and be spouting the truth or total ********, and that’s bad but it still has to be confirmed by another source before it’ll be taken for fact. If, cold sober, you read or hear something and your reaction is, “Oh, yeah, well… that’s pretty much it,” you’ve just done a buttload of work for the enemy, hero. Even if he made sure to use only what’s already out there… like it says, you’re not allowed to connect the dots. The dots are to remain a scatterplot. It’s all just fuzz in the picture until you draw the outline of what you KNOW is there, which– oh, look, it just so happens to fit the dots. So the dots it fits are the real ones, the dots it doesn’t fit are fake. Not to mention the crappy job he did protecting his PII, and can you image the kind of info that’s on his computer? Rough drafts, personal notes, his web searches alone from when he was looking to see if X and Y data was already out there… THANKS, BISONETTE.

  • JIm

    No matter what anyone says, good that is, the bottom line is he spoke about the unspoken and his day will come the the associates kick his ***!

  • Just wanted to see if I could make myself out to be Ex Military – Actually I did serve 20 years in the Navy. Don’t believe all these posts that look like they came from Vets.

  • Rich

    I agree that nothing should have been even said. It doesn’t matter what special teams did the job. The real problem lies with the President of the United States opening his mouth to begin with. Getting OBL was an important and justified goal, there is nothing more that you can say about it. Thank God for our brave young men & women who go in harms way to defend freedom. Think about that on this upcoming anniversary date, and fly the flag.

  • Saltydog

    I haven’t read the book yet, so I will reserve my opinion of any misdeed by the author till after. On the other hand, I was struck instantly by the idiotic release of the unit’s name that accomplished this mission right after it occurred. I’m just a dumb retired Navy Chief; I have no time working in the ivory tower, so I can’t comment on what motivates our leaders to disclose information that could undermine our military and technical advantage over our enemies. I can though, comment on my observations as an NSW operator (past tense). Since getting out over a decade ago, I’m disturbed by the creep of more and more information released to the media that has no business becoming public knowledge. We’ve worked too hard, for too long to develop many of our premier tactics to simply show them off for public entertainment, or political glory.

    The public had no need-to-know which unit of the US Military succeeded in taking out that knuckle head BL. We only needed to know that we got him, and he was dead. Our great leaders made that blunder. Now, these same leaders with the help of the non-patriotic media are going after the author for following their lead of poor judgment and disclosure.

    In reading through the posts here, what strikes me the most, is how so many here consider it harmless to confirm previously disclosed sensitive material regarding military operations and capabilities. That’s what prompted me to make this input (chiefs have to put in their 2 cents anyways).
    Most active duty operators would stay closed lipped about anything that would allow skilled intelligence professionals to piece together the proverbial puzzle of how we get the job done. Like I said, I’ve not read the book, but it sounds like there might have been too much detail regarding how the subj unit does its job. The physiology of the operators, their timelines, their planning techniques, SOPs, all are not for public dissemination. I think many folks, especially non-operators, underestimate how much can be given away when telling so much IN CONTEXT. No matter that info has been taken from unclassified or previously released reports. It’s the act of putting those pieces of public knowledge into context that wasn’t public knowledge before that may have the author of this book potentially crossing the line, as our leaders did IMHO.

    Look at it this way…OPSEC, or counterintelligence in general, could be viewed as keeping a recipe secret. Even if some of the ingredients have become common knowledge, you would still keep quiet about the rest of the ingredients and how they are all put together. It’s this putting all the little bits of known info together in context that we seek to avoid and thus deny our adversaries the route to baking a great soufflé when addressing so called unclassified information. I fear we have a culture now of lemmings where anything goes if the Whitehouse says it’s ok.

  • Dman Msgt US AF

    Unless you serve or have servered it is best to keep your mouth shut. We are all briefed on what is classified and in unclassified follow the rules and it would be no discussion. Why Jepordized you other fellow mates for a story and money. If I were on that team I’d be ******. As much as info already gets out anything is possible to figure out alias or not.

  • Weapons Sergeant

    I spent more than nineteen in Special Forces. I always thought we were supposed to keep our mouths shut for a period of time, at least longer than this guy did. He’s not getting the record straight, he’s saying “Hey look at me! I want credit and adulation and a pay day for what I’ve done. Maybe it’s a SEAL thing? There were many times during my service that I didn’t agree with the commander in chief (five of them). Heck there were Team Sgt.s and many others all the way up the chain of command to the President that I didn’t agree with. During my nineteen years on a team there were many messed-up ill planned missions with no support or resupply. What did we do? We adjusted and overcame, mission complete. I’ve stood in formation while someone further up the chain of command took credit and received reward for planning the mission I was tasked with completing by what ever means necessary. So if the President takes credit he’s no different from the rest. So what? For every mission there are potential consequences and ramifications that we the boots on the ground shouldn’t care about if your truly focused on the mission task. We can’t always see the bigger picture when your neck deep in some filthy swamp trying not to swallow sewer water. The President had the final word and so he gets to take the credit. If the mission had failed for any reason he would have taken the blame. As President Carter did when the top brass did a lousy planning job for the Iran hostage rescue. As I read some of the comments from supposedly military personnel I am almost flabbergasted by the total lack of respect and vitriol in their comments towards the President, their Commander in Chief. (I disagreed with President Reagan for selling weapons to Iran) Their comments have no legal basis of truth or any understanding of the law or the Constitution. What their comments do reveal is the absolute breakdown in military etiquette and fully exposes their lack of military bearing. They have no class, character and honor and makes it clear to me the type of solider they are or were. Certainly not professional.
    De oppresso libre.
    p.s. Greetings to my former West Point students summer of 1984.

    • Major Payne

      Well said Weapons SGT! Since when is it ok to criticize the CINC? No real soldier would ever do anything to disrupt good order and discipline! What ever happened to military bearing? It makes me ill to think that people with these views are leading our soldiers of tomorrow! Next they will be lobbying for Overtime Pay! Lol….

  • USMC

    You are so spot on with your comment! This jerk did this for no other reason than selfish greed and promise of monetary gain. Shameful and disrespectful to the uniform! If he wants to play politics, do it in another way. People that wear the uniform and disrespect any commander-in-chief are crap birds!!! Period! I could care less for Former Pres. Bush, but I would never have disrespected him the way some turds do to this POTUS. Have some kind of honor & dignity or don’t wear the uniform. Also, anyone that does something like this that puts other service members in danger, should receive a dishonorable discharge off top!

  • USMC

    Very well spoken sir!!!

    • USMC

      Sounds like you’re bitter that it didn’t get done under Pres. Bush! Pres. Bush even went as far as to say he wasn’t concerned with bin Laden anymore, thank GOD Pres. Obama was!!!

  • 45CaliberCure

    Just finished reading it and agree with you. There is nothing in it that divulges anything other than the ingredients and execution of a successful operation. If this is compromising information then I guess Sun Tzu was a traitor of the highest sort. The outrage being vented is born of ignorance or political allegiance, not from the content of the book. To those hand-wringing, holier-than-thou moralizers out there – please read it before commenting.

  • 45CaliberCure

    Oh, wait. A lefty has told you that you don’t believe what you wrote. Some people only respect free speech that they approve of. They are known by many names, but the one I choose cannot be expressed here. Very good opinion you’ve got there. And thank you for your service.

  • 45CaliberCure

    There is nothing in the book about Bin Laden’s burial, one way or the other. If you haven’t read it, don’t make up crap. And if all you want from our President is a pretty story, then I hope you enjoyed it – his little fascist fairytale ends this November.

  • John Davis

    I totally agree with the comments of Weapons Sergeant. I find it both unpatriotic and a violation to show such disrespect towards the President and Commander in Chief for informing the American people that its Number #1 enemy had been dispatched. He neither disclosed important secrets(and its nothing but base speculation that his staff did) nor did he take credit for anything beyond ordering a focus on a target let go by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations (which of course he did not say) and finally the operation itself which by any measure was a tough call. Nor did he fly on to an Aircraft Carrier with a big banner behind him stating “Mission Accomplished”. (Another example of partisan sniping).

    Either you should show respect to your Commander or you should resign and find another line of work. Referring to him as a piehole and other disparaging remarks noted here do a disservice to the Office regardless of party and to your country. It has been and always should been about the office. If you don’t like him or respect him because of how he looks (you know what I mean) I would suggest that would be reason for you to keep your piehole shut!

  • Tbow

    The Pentagon and DoD should definitely prosecute for gross breaches of military operation details. It is vital to our defense as a nation and the lives of those put in harms way to defend our freedoms.

    So lets start with Obama and whomever in his office released operational details for a Hollywood film. Lets have them arrested, prosecuted and stripped of any profits made from that.

    It is the cost of leadership that you are responsible for the actions of your subordinates, and Obama should be held responsible for the many breaches originating from his office.

  • Bissonette has said that he is donating all the proceeds of the book, but there will still be a huge profit line from movie rights, speaking engagements, etc. I haven’t heard anything of these other revenue lines, but they represent one huge motivation to break with OPSEC protocol.

    I have read that the book is critical of the president and vice-president. If so, politics in an election year would be another, even more distasteful motive for going public.

    In any case, when only one takes advantage of privileged circumstance and/or knowledge to reap public reward, of any kind, then it seems all the others are deprived a taste of the pie.

    I don’t believe anyone except al Qaeda sympathizers would consider the circumstances of bin Ladin’s death, or any of the accomplices who helped to keep him hidden, as it is said was retold in the book, as “murder.” The trial and verdict were in, by bin Ladin’s own words. In addition, the tactical situation dictated “elimination,” because there could never be any assurances that if taking him alive was attempted, that circumstances and/or interference would not have prevented his “extradition” to U.S. custody, or caused loss of team lives, and the fact is that it was wise not to have to deal with all the consequences of a years-long process that would have seen him dead at the end anyway.

    The president made the hard call—no one can deny him that, and it was the right call. The SEALs carried it out with expected cool efficiency and courage, bin Laden answered to the families of the dead and the nation for his crimes, and the only regret is that Bush allowed it to take so long for the point to be made to all terrorists that attacking America is no free lunch.

    Now, Bissonette must live, undoubtedly with a secure financial future, with the consequences of his decision and action. I expect that the most difficult judgement and treatment he receives will not come from the Department of Defense or Justice, or any judge, but rather from his comrades in arms.

  • ElGenio

    What’s wrong with getting a first hand account of what happened as long as no military secrets are/were divulged? The raw truth should have been told from the beginning! Any way you look at it, it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! in the best and highest traditions of the Naval Services! Now let’s get the rest of the al-qaeda hierarchy and mulla Omar to boot!

  • Valerie

    Hey Americans,That’s war!!! How many more of us did you want
    to kill before you think it would be to wipe him and family out???

    • Cameron

      That’s so true I completly agree with you. This is war and people need to relize that people are gonna die. After 9/11 everybody wanted Bin Laden dead…now that he is dead everybody is complaining about it.

  • This is nonsense, Bin Laden was Bush’s war now all of a sudden Obama is to blame for this whole thing. Since you people have all the answers what should Obama have done?

  • Oh an by the way I was a Marine and you want to talk about making a buck that was all George Bush Jr. did after he started the war. He campaigned off the war in his second term. Now unless you know all the facts I suggest you keep your mouth shut because like everyone else all you are doing is speculating AKA lying.

  • Missy

    I think had the president at the time was Bush or some other republican. There would be an outrage of this person. We still in America wrestle with the issue of race. Some people have a hard time following orders with a minority member. And I think this author follow suit. We take oath as military members to defend our country and not put our personal feelings into what we do. I think this author lacked the core values that are the fundamental of duty, honor, and service.

  • Let me state the following: I have long been retired… Back when, I took part in a SECRET mission to Cambodia WHICH HAS LONG BEEN DECLASSIFIED….
    Well, the Three Stooges are still alive and well in the military… and carry on Chinese Fire Drills everywhere with absolute precision… the right hand NEVER knows what the left hand is doing…
    My specialty is anesthesia… and back then I was just a Captain in the Army… The then dictator of Cambodia was Lon Nohl and he had a stroke… from which he recovered at TAMC… As soon as the was well enough, he went back to Phnom Pehn… but had a residuum (a neural deficit that made him limp and appear “handicapped”… So some Japanese doctors visited him and proposed a surgical intervention in Japan that would take this away… Well, the CIA guy at the US Embassy got wind of it and reported to Washington… (“if he leaves the country… it will go under)… so the 3-stooges went to work… they elaborated a plan to send 3 people (one orthopedic surgeon, one internist and myself… a lowly CPT but one who was fluent in French! to see about the infrastructure available in Cambodia to do the work THERE….
    Well, first of all, I was taken away from my OBGYN room for that day and made to sit by the phone ALL DAY to hear from the Deputy Commander about something important… During that day… I had a number of people come by… and even my boss.. with things like “I hear you are going to South East Asia… could you order me some stuff from the PACEX PX catalogue.. you know you can because you will be on TDY (temp duty status)”….
    How did they know… beats me… Finally, it being near 1700 hs and my duty day over at 1500 hs… I called the office of the DC and said I was going home… “Oh, CPT, the DC will see you now… When I went to his office (it reminded me of GET SMART) he went to the 2nd storey window and closed it… and very confidentially told me: “You probably wonder why I’ve had you wait all day… but YOURS is the fastest secret clearance in history (I was born and raised in South America and am a naturalized citizen)… By this time… in my mind’s eye I saw myself telling him that famous line from GET SMART: ‘shouldn’t we lower the cone of silence Chief” but I kept attentively silent.. “YOU CAN’T REPEAT ANYTHING I TELL YOU EVEN TO YOUR WIFE”… (I was laughing inside… by this time the COL in charge of the mission had already told me what it was about!!… Well, I kept silent even with my wife and told her some lies about why I had to leave for a few days… When I got to Bangkok… there was a nurse there who was a dear friend of mine… and wide eyed.. she said in her NYC accent: “What on earth are you doing here”.. I said that I was sorry but couldn’t tell her… it was a secret mission… She laughed… “Oh, c’mon”… Secret… hahaha
    Even after our return through Bangkok.. she asked.. and I responded: Sorry.. I can’t talk about it…
    I returned to Hawaii… and a few days letter I got a letter from her with a cutting from the “Stars and LIes” (actually Stars and Stripes Asian Edition newspaper) detaiing how these 3 stroke experts had tended to Lon Nohl… etc. – the only thing they got wrong was myself pictured as a stroke expert… MInd you at this time I was still sworn to secrecy… About 3 weeks later, the D.C. called me in to his office… and told me that the mission had been declassified and I could tell my wife where I had been… Needless to say… with the souvenirs I brought back, my late wife who was no dummy.. had pretty much figured where I had been… I again laughed inside me.. and still do WHENEVER SOME ONE TALKS ABOUT AREA 52 and martians crew member bodies being there, etc. or even this mission now… MAN… Americans can’t keep a secret to save their lives!!! If there were any space travellers … we would have know a long time ago… SOMEONE would have blabbed about it…
    Like I said in the start.. The 3-Stooges are still in charge… From the Commander in Chief to the lowliest Seal… and this book proves it…
    Like someone wisely quipped once… MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IS AN OXYMORON!!!

  • Really?

    Your grammar, spelling and punctuation sickens me. I won’t even get into the race battle with you.

  • Really?

    Well played. Wonder if they all would have voted for and stood behind the same exact man had his skin been white. Play the race card on that.

  • brian kennedy

    It was a successful military operation. The US should not have not have acknowledged it or denied it. What is it in our culture that we have to beat our chests and put ourselves on public display from a president landing on a carrier declaring victory to re-enacting a scene from ” Clear and Present Danger” by the current president and his staff as they watched the task completed.

    • lcpl kevin naylor us

      Obama gets credit for a phone call

  • devin

    Obama never ever took “full credit” for it…He represents the nation and is commander in chief. He gave credit to the various operators and the SEALS numerous times. He had made a hugely risky decision politically. He is a politician. He deserves more credit for making that tough decision, which seems to have gone against what many at the Pentagon thought best. Someone mentioned well making the decision was his job, as if it was nothing. Well killing those they are assigned to kill is a SEALS job too, but I’d never say it lightly like they were serving ice cream cones. Many proud special service members do many tough assignments and know they aren’t getting any glory out of it, that their story isn’t going to get the recognition it deserves, but that is the nature of being covert. Obama didn’t take credit, he just got more of the spotlight cause he is able to speak out about his part. I can see how that would burn some in the military who do the ‘dirty’ work. He gets to speak out and is recognized as the President who set policies and set forth directives to get the plan in place. That’s just the way it is. I’m not sure what to say about the SEAL who it seems likely broke his vows to some degree or what is motivations were…It is up to the Pentagon to figure that out.

  • Cameron

    Alright…if this was a classified mission then why did we say what SEAL team was used? I’m still waiting for my “Change” from Obama. Also he’s downsizing the military…shouldn’t we make the military larger after disclosing anything?

  • Brett

    I personally wanted to know how things really went and the specific details of the raid because the pictures released of Osama killed and buried at see with the presidents words seemed like a hoax just to please the American people. This book will confirm the doubts of many Americans who didn’t believe what the president had said and who was too coward to release the pics from the site because he said it was inappropriate.

  • lcpl kevin naylor us

    He broke the rules I agree. But as far as obama getting the credit? He gets credit for answering a phone call but he gets no credit for the mission. The credit goes to the seals and intel personell. They are they are the ones who did all the work tracking and killing him. And as far as the mission being to kill him? He killed thousands and caused millions in damage screw the rules of engagement it was time for him to die a long time ago.

  • Tammy

    I really don’t think it is right to tell details about the operation over there. I mean aren’t they putting our soldiers at risk? We need to keep that stuff quiet. We don’t need anymore of our soldiers getting killed over there. My daughter, son in-law and nephew did tours because of this war. I want to thank all of the soldiers for protecting us here at home. God Bless

  • Bart Billingsley

    Bin Laden is dead. That’s a fact, not my opinion. The SEAL team got it done, so good on the team.

    No one here who has expressed an opinion, has taken the time to get all the facts, which are necessarily unavailable. I would argue that the SEAL team executing the mission did so without getting all the facts as well.

    What I would love to see is for people to **** when they don’t have all the facts and they’re on the sidelines.

    I’m on the sidelines and that’s what I have to say.

  • I give to the Military Justice League because they give back to me and those families in need. Awesome group

  • I really enjoy being a member of the Military Justice League because they are all about our Military Families. They give back to me while I give to the Military and the families and they are a fun group as well. One of the most amazing things they do is resume/employment assistance for members; a 1500 dollar service after my investigation, for free to members and spouses nation wide. Awesome Group check their FB and Twitter @militaryJL to.

  • Tony C

    The classified information on this mission and all of the security surrounding it were compromised by this administration’s loose lips, to and including releasing pertinent information to Hollywood producers. In doing so, the mission had been declassified, not to mention putting our brave men in harms way. The very mention by this administration that SEAL team VI carried out the mission was in fact a security breach. How much intelligence would be needed to find the indentities of the men assigned to this unit?

    It is nothing but sour grapes having the administration attack this brave SEAL through the Pentagon. This administration loves blowing its own horn, and hates competition, especially coming from one of the very heroes that carried out the mission.

  • /Msgt Bill

    Rave on Navyguy, I happen to agree with everything you say, but very few people it seems are concerned about the future of our country. One day soon (after it’s too late) people will wake up and our freedoms will be lost forever.

  • No American soldier from a cook to a SEAL would have allowed that man to leave the compound alive.

  • /Msgt Bill

    BRAVO NAVYCHICK!!!!!!!!!

  • Having reviewed most of the comments, I see a dividing line between those who believe that NO compromising information be mentioned in ‘The Book’. Others have made reasonably sound comments for the opposing view; what one guy says is OK to release, another says No It’s Not!

    It is my opinion that to err on the side of caution is the path which yields the greatest discretion in these matters. Don’t Say Anything for which you have a doubt.

  • DennisM

    Most all the comments here are nothing other than Condemnation of the President. You apparently are ****** off because your Man G.W. Failed to be in charge when he was killed. Sorry Guy’s and Gal’s that dog wont hunt. USAF Retired.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Hey Groucho, why do you try to denigrate “Faux” News? Why are you afraid to tell the truth? The “Lame Stream” media you must be watching won’t tell you the truth. No one on this blog knows anything – according to you. When a single individual writes a book about his experience highlighting direct involvement in an operation that refutes or discredits the story presented by the present administration (Democrat), you cry “foul.” When Sandy Berger (acting as Bill Clinton’s designated representative) stuffs his pants with allegedly classified materials and walks out of the National Archives (not once, but multiple times) people like you look the other way. If secrets are betrayed by an individual in a book (and I don’t know if any secrets where given up in this book as I have not yet read it), it is TREASON. When the POTUS does it, it is TREASON. The question is, will these people be punished?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Hey USMC, you must be one of those “Pepsi Generation” Jarheads. President Obama’s only concern is hiding his record. Bin Laden, although a bad actor, was not the threat everyone thought he was. he elimination was more symbolic than strategic. If not for Shrilory Clinton’s intention to clean up her hubbies mess, Obama would never have given Bin Laden another thought – except for the political capital the event would produce. That’s why he (POTUS) made such a fan fare of it all. Don’t they all? GWB just had more respect for the military than this clown does.

  • John

    Well done, Matt! And I won’t be found at the Democrudic National Convention Either.
    To my brothers(and sisterrs in arms, Thank You and keep up the great work.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Doc Musgrove is correct! Robertabbott highlighting the “whispered conversation” between POTUS and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev as off limits may have a point – on the top of his head. I don’t need to prove anything was said in that whispered conversation to know that this POTUS and his minions have violated the rule of law and the Constitution itself multiple time (as sited by Doc Musgrove). To protect national security, American presidents since Washington have sought to keep secrets from and about America’s enemies. Washington ran a spy network against the British. Lincoln sent his own private spy (William A. Lloyd) into Confederate territory. FDR supported the British before the U.S. entry into World War II (in ways that would have invited impeachment if found out). And Reagan ran major operations against the Soviets in Poland (with the support of Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II) and throughout Central America. Maybe, if we finally hold someone accountable, this type of behavior by our elected officials will cease. And what is so inconclusive about hearing the actual words coming from the mouth of the actual POTUS? In the words of Peggy Noonan (an early admirer of Obama’s), he speaks to a tendency toward the “devious and dishonest.” I’ll go further in that discussion – he and Holder(among other in the administration) are traitors to this nation.

  • Dee

    Racism is the skin on the meat of a coward.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Randy you’ve hit the nail on the head. YES! Hold elected officials accountable. But creating F & F is not the same as mis-executing it. I guess Eisenhower was to blame for Kennedy’s screw-up on the Bay of Pigs. A great plan poorly executed is about the same as a bad plan flawlessly executed. Our society is not strong enough to hold people accountable or to stand up and go on the record to identify something everyone believes to be a bad plan. I love it when Democrats now say how they thought going to war in Iraq was a bad idea even though they voted for it to proceed. I would give anything for just one politician (elected official) to stand up and say, “I made a mistake.” That kind of honesty is non-existent. We have lost the idea that we are human and will make mistakes. It’s what you do after the mistake that counts. But we hold our government to an impossibly high standard to meet. A few mistakes id OK, but multiple mistakes with cover up after cover up and spin is not.

  • Dee

    You give new meaning to the statement “ignorance is bliss.”
    This comment far exceeds the level of ignorance displayed by other racist cowards. Ohyoumadbro may very well check the same “race” block you’ve checked on a variety of forms.

    God bless you.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Dee, Dee, Dee, my goodness. It doesn’t matter if two opposing views are shared by two people of the same race or different races. Racism is racism. Even Samuel L. Jackson said he admits to voting for Obama because he was black – that’s just as racist as not voting for him because he is black. I don’t really like the chiding on a racial basis but I am sure that most black people would not have voted for BHO if he were white. That’s an opinion based on my experience. It doesn’t make me a racist…does it?

  • Dee

    “…intentionally try to intimidate Whites that we are intimidated. I am Native American….”


    WE are intimidated? So are you white, native American…..

    CHOCK FULL of racism and hatred but yet I’m sure that if you’re a sports fan, you would LOVE to meet a dominating minority athlete from your favorite team(s).

    Such hypocrisy.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Retired AF Vet, you are a racist. If you believe that the dissent this POTUS faces is the worst ever seen in your experience, where were you during GWB’s time in office. The left-wing media (and people like you probably) bashed him to no end. In uniform, I did not criticize ANY elected official in open forum – but I did preserve the right to form an opinion based on my experience. Now that I am retired I feel I can express my opinion freely as I do so now. I do not disagree with this President because of his color, I disagree with him because I believe he is wrong! Worst President in the history of the office. Now about his color. If not for his color, he would not be President – most likely Shrilary Clinton would be – because he is just not qualified to hold the office. Racist blacks and guilty white people put him in office because it was “time for a person of color to occupy the White House.” Just so you don’t come back on me as a racist (not that I am without prejudice) I would definitely vote for Herman Cain and Allen West (both black). But I don’t see them as “black” men, I see them as two “men” who can really get things done for the betterment of this country and the world at large. The charge of racism in explanation for the resistance Obama gets is fallacious and, quite frankly, worn out. Tell the truth, the guy is not qualified. You are obviously not a person of high curiosity if you believe that the photo-shopped birth certificate posted by the President (or his people) is valid. Or could it be that you are protecting him because he is part black? Racist!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Walt, get a grip. This President makes only politically expedient “decisions.” Every President does. OBL is dead because Shrilary Clinton pushed it and Obama didn’t get in the way. As for GM, it is alive today, but in the hands of the Unions not the rightful owners – THE STOCKHOLDERS! Obama has never made a decision that would risk his career – if you call it a career – and he never will. If he is so bold, then why is he whispering to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about his future plans to cooperate with the Russians? Let’s hear it Mr. President. Don’t be shy, just come out, be bold, and tell the American public what we can expect after you are re-elected (God forbid). You are the one who is full of it. Stop drinking the cool aid.

  • Dee

    Each of us that raised our right hand and agreed to obey the orders of the office of the President of the US must first take a long, hard look in the mirror. WE are to blame for EVERYTHING we endured as a US service member. No one else. It was OUR choice to serve. No one made us do it. We’ve all – at some point in our lives – blatantly disagreed with our leaders. Nonetheless, the job still “got done.”

    No one “gets it right” all the time and unfortunately many have suffered and/or lost their lives because of bad decisions. The fact remains that WE STILL made the choice to serve!

    I thank GOD for allowing me to PROUDLY serve my country for 21 great years and live to share my stories of both good and bad times.

    SGTR, although you’ve made abundantly clear your negative, racist feelings toward our President and black people, I STILL THANK YOU for your service to our country and thank God he allowed you to live – despite the disability – to share your stories as well. We as a country need to encourage our young men and women to serve proudly and not allow our biased opinions of our government systems to discourage their potential to serve this great country.

    Be blessed!

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Dee, the problem, again, is not racism. The problem for all those serving right now under this President is they don’t feel supported. True, we have an all volunteer force now, but that will soon go to the dogs if this behavior continues. The president, or any leader for that matter, has to set the table for those assigned to their leadership. There has to be a feeling that the President is doing everything in his power to support, and protect those serving. Our military, by and large, do not feel that this President is doing that. Maybe he is, but the perception is that he is not and as you should know if you served (and i believe you did and thank you for it), that perception is reality when it comes to issues of trusting your leaders.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dems don’t have a media machine – are you kidding? It’s called the MAIN STREAM (or Lame Stream) MEDIA. The Dixie Chicks were protected by the left-wing media fairly well. They got what they deserved – less fan-ship – after the stupid statement. And Tryvon (or whatever his punk name was) probably was asking for what he got, but that will have to be brought out in trial. Check the stats for black on black crime and stop hyping white (or in this case brown) on black crime. Your name connotes something bigger, but it sure isn’t your brain. Stop drinking the cool aid.

    • Dee

      “and Tryvon(or whatever his punk name was)….”

      Your level of ignorance is unsurpassed. If you’re not a racist, why mention this issue? It has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of our discussions. A family lost their 17 year old child – despite his size – and a father is doing everything he possibly can to clear his self-appointed vigilante son because of his stupid choices. Judgement day will come.

  • Dee

    You should go read the enlisted personnel oath.

  • mouse

    But its o for Obama and the white hose to leak top secret security issues

    • mouse

      * OK

  • mouse

    White booze ans Obama leak more then what this book does you should be worried about them not this navy zeal

    • mouse

      * white house but the way they talk they sound like there are under the influence of booze

    • Dee

      Drink responsibly

  • Dee


  • mouse

    That’s right Obama didn’t do a damn thing ….. owait has he done anything in the last 4 yrs no didn’t think so

  • Idiotic! He gets credit for making the decision that resulted in bin Laden’s end. It was his decision,. No one else could have made it. He could have played it safe and said, “No.” He didn’t.

    What is it with you Kool-aid drinking Republican extremists and/or racists, that you cannot give a man his due, even if he is not the leader of your party? You forget, and it is wrong to forget, that he IS your president, too, no matter that you didn’t vote or didn’t vote for him, and it is a damn good thing he doesn’t carry out his responsibilities with the prejudices and obstinate , one-sided partisanship that you and so many of your ilk have made into a bloodsport. You all act like impetuous, selfish children.

    Grow up!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Corpsman up! Are you kidding? I hope you are. That’s just what we need, another “story” to believe in. I suppose you were happy when those entrusted with your leadership in the military (I assume you served based on your name) “just made up a version of the story” for you to believe in and follow when you saw that the situation was “not as advertised.” Wake up and seek the truth. We should be tired as **** and not going to take it anymore.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dee, grow up and drop the racism thing. It’s old, tired and doesn’t wash. Obama didn’t do all this stupid stuff because he’s black, he did it because he is stupid. Great tele-prompter reader, but still not very smart when it comes to thinking on his feet. Wait til the debates.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    No more than Obama did!

  • Bilbo Baggins


    • Dee

      Bilbo, obviously you and many others have blinders on. Racism is – and has been for MANY years – an issue in this country. It’s AMAZING how so many people, such as yourself, comment about the President using a tele-prompter. What a joke! ALL presidents, journalists, actors, actresses utilize them. I’m sure at some point in your career you’ve used handwritten/typed notes and/or PP presentations to brief a group of individuals. If not, you’re lucky because there is not one individual with that level of responsibility who hasn’t. What’s the difference between Bush using a tele-prompter and Obama? The color of his skin! Have you EVER heard of ANY criticism regarding Bush, Reagan, Clinton et al utilizing one? NEVER! Why be embarrassed to serve under any US President? We are citizens of “….the land of the free…”. Others risk their lives attempting to relocate here to live our American dream. Despite how I may have felt about any President during my time in service, I would never disrespect my CINC directly nor indirectly. Unfortunately it seems our new generation of military personnel are simply following the bad examples set by their leaders in uniform.
      I too can’t wait until the debates. If Romney is our choice then so be it. If not, get your fingers ready to complain about Obama until 2016.

      Why worry about the things you have no control over?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    BINGO again!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    As I understand, ALL proceeds are going to a charity or some sort that is veteran/active duty member based.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Send it!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Ditto! Been there.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Thurman, you racist! The POTUS is a blabber-mouthed, narcissist who took credit for the military doing there job as if he planned and led the operation – unlike other POTUS’s who got credit but didn’t claim it like this President does. The thing about true leaders is they take the blame for the failures and give all the credit to their subordinates for the successes – that’s just the way it is. This guy does the opposite – it’s everyone else’s fault when it goes bad. Drop the being scrutinized because he’s black thing – it’s old, tired and fallacious. The fact that he is black has nothing whatsoever to do with him making stupid statements and insane policy judgments. Stop telling the race story about this guy. He’s under scrutiny just like all Presidents. No more cool aid for you.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    So what? Get off the Fox New thing. Do you think his name wasn’t going to be out there anyway?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Embarrassed by Bush? The Military loved Bush and hate this POTUS. I would have been embarrassed to serve under the guy in the office now.

    • Dee

      I doubt that you can speak for the entire military. Obviously you’ve been brain-washed by the media and their ridiculous polls. In 2008, the media reported many polls in favor of McCain.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Don’t forget the story John Kerry told when he came back about the “antics” of the men serving under his leadership. he should have been tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for not taking action to stop or properly report these “atrocities” he witnessed. As an officer, I would expect he would act appropriately, but he didn’t. He told his “story” for political gain stomping on those who served honorably. he got his when the Swift Boat folks gigged him for being a weasel.

    • Dee

      Oh Bilbo – the venom in your comments wreak of Satan. Your thoughts of who you perceive me to be mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Do I agree with everything our President has said and/or done? Heck no! I can “regurgitate” many statements that have been made of which I whole-heartedly disagree with, but OH WELL! I’m not in charge! Despite whatever I may feel about ANY of the leaders of our country, I would never allow myself to publicly nor privately push an outright agenda of hate and disrespect the way you and many others have done. I did not agree with some policies from both the Reagan and Clinton administrations, but overall I do believe they both were great leaders and I have nothing BUT the upmost respect and admiration for McCain’s service to our country. You serve as one of many who continuously make note of perceived issues, but you offer NO SOLUTIONS! You’ve only offered hate and discontent. Since you proclaim to be in the ‘know’, what would you do as President of our great country? You’ve mentioned multiple times in your postings that people should stop playing the racist card but yet you call me a racist. Such hypocrisy! Nonetheless, Jesus hates the sin but loves the sinner.

      You REALLY should stop sipping that rush limbaugh(yes, he’s in lower case for a reason) liquid!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Here, here!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Probably not. You have to remember, the crew at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and professional liars.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Carpe diem!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    The thing about true leaders is they take the blame for the failures and give all the credit to their subordinates for the successes — that’s just the way it is. This guy does the opposite — it’s everyone else’s fault when it goes bad.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Good thing for the Swift Boat people. Don’t forget the story John Kerry told when he came back about the “antics” of the men serving under his leadership. he should have been tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for not taking action to stop or properly report these “atrocities” he witnessed. As an officer, I would expect he would act appropriately, but he didn’t. He told his “story” for political gain stomping on those who served honorably. He got his when the Swift Boat folks gigged him for being a weasel. I wish someone had come out to tell the truth about Obama like the Swift Boat Vets – Oh, that’s right, Obama never served – or someone from the passed to let the American public know what he really is – a Socialist/Marxist bent on the destruction of the USA. As for Medicare, it’s already gone in the $800+ billion Obama took out of it to boost “Obama Care.” Vote Democrat to prove you are not a racist – let the man of color show us more hope and change – GAG!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Ohyoumadbro, go get an education and drop the race card somewhere else. You want to sound as if you know what you are talking about but you show ignorance about what the chain of command means. You are right about one thing, he is arrogant! The fact that he is black doesn’t even enter the equation, for me at least. But as you say, “Let’s be real,” Obama is a narcissistic blabber-mouth who would not be President if he were white cause he’s not qualified (on many counts).

  • Bilbo Baggins

    I agree, but it’s entertaining.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Why is race even a factor? We’ll stop worrying about skin color when stop making an issue of it. There is more racial divide in this country now then before the Obama Administration took over. The only weapons the left has are race baiting and class warfare! I am a Native American as well, and couldn’t care less about color because the color of your skin doesn’t make you right or wrong. As MLK said, “judge me by the content of my character.” Grammar, spelling and punctuation sickens you; political correctness sickens me. Now what do we do?

  • Randall Napier

    I have never been in the militaryb alwasy wanted to. As an outsider I would love to know what happens on all secret missions, but the Obama Ben take down should not be handled by the ex- seal. we the public do not need to know every thing that the militery or specisl ops do. For several years I worked as a communications Tec and Engineer at the Naval Air Warfar Center. AS a civy I had to have a DoD Secert Clearance. I was privyed to much info that even after my debreifing, tjere much info I can not talk about even now, & years later This book and others should never be published. I have such respect and admeration for our military families it just makes my blood boil when i see people with out any reguard about what they endure. God Bless our Military and God bless America

  • Bilbo Baggins

    As Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again!” You ask why former military people are personal with the President and pose the question, “Is it because of his color of his skin?” That question is moot. It is not because of his skin color that I disagree with him, it is because he acts like a moron when dealing with the military and with foreign leaders (like on his world apology tour and when he snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu). Did you disagree with your leaders in the military because they were a different race that you? Of course not (at least I hope not). Then why ask the idiotic question about this particular President? I disagreed with GWB on certain things and never once did anyone ask me if I disagreed with him because he was white. You suggest that we should watch how we dishonor the office when we are watching this President dishonor the office at a cyclic rate. This President is not perfect (far from it), he’s not even adequate to the job. Why can’t I criticize his decisions without being called a racist?

  • Bilbo Baggins


  • Bilbo Baggins

    If the Hollywood version is conjecture, then why were they given special access to government sources?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    The movie “Green Beret” was nothing like the real Green Berets in Viet Nam. I think John Wayne and that cast killed more VC in that flick than all Green Berets in the entire war.

    • AL

      At the time, it was needed for recruitment. A lot of young men went off to the recruiting stations, hoping to get one of those rare green berets. Most ended up as infantrymen.

  • Ol’ John

    To all doubters who have never made a military decision, or possibly have never served a day in uniform or service for your country , as one who has for twenty five years including WWII, your crticism of the President is uncalled for and disrespectful…..You should be ashamed…Thank God I didn’t have to serve with any of you with your attitudes…..

    • ron lent

      the president is no god and we all have the right to critsise him or any elected official . It’s about time all info is shared for all to know else we become a divived society lead like sheep to the slauter.I.E the germans.

  • Retired AF Vet

    For the record Bilbo, my active duty enlistment started from President Carter all the way to President GW Bush. I don’t recall one single instance where a military member in uniform participated in a public forum and openly criticized the Commander-in-Chief. Now either you’re not keeping up with the news or the news I see is different from the one you’re seeing. Also, anytime anyone makes a statement telling an African American they need to go back to Africa it is completely a racist statement and that my friend is what I was addressing when I was replying to Toni’s comment. Obama primarily grew up in Hawaii not Kenya so what reason would Toni have to suggest he go back to Kenya and lead a tribe out there? FYI, I am half white (British) & half black. No one has ever told me I need to go back to England, yet people are quick to suggest I should go back to Africa, a country I’ve never stepped foot in. So if I’m considered a racist because I chose to address a racist comment, then I wear that title proudly because you can rest assured I will stand up to any form of bigotry no matter who it comes from. My father is retired AF, my husband and I are both retired AF, my brother is retired AF, and our daughter is in the AF with 10 years TIS. Having said that, my entire life has been all about unity, teamwork, and esprit-de-corps. Now you explain to me how Toni’s comment fits into those corps values. By the way, I voted for GW Bush and I did not vote for Obama. However, I intend to vote for his reelection because I think he needs to be given a fair chance to finish the job.

  • Steve Jauregui

    I grew up the dependent of a navy mustang who, after earning his PhD and establishing the PhD program at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey CA, spent the last 8 years of his careet working in the NSA specializing in electronic warfare. I started out in the ASA but left to join the infantry and volunteered for Viet Nam. In total I spent 8 years on active duty and 16 in the Army Reserve. Like most of my brothers and sisters on this web, I took that oath and fought for and because of it. One of the most important rights under thar Constitution is freedom to speak your mind as you see and perceive things. Therefore to see so many personal attacks rather than speaking to your points of disagreement with the various individual with whom you differ.

  • TommyC

    Why continue the rudness because someone doesn’t agree with you. Your comment would have had a bigger punch to it if you would have excluded being rude. If you would have said; “Margo, I disagree with because . . .” more people would have credit for what you said.

  • Dan

    The ole saying where beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 99.99.99 percent of the world would not know
    where,if and who…how etc etc.. this book and the story
    is all in the mind and how the mind imagines it. Like jack and the bean stock. To the reader,did it happen? And so if it did, What now? Go look for jack and find the bean stock to see if it is true? Or keep on living with a memory
    of you just read another story. All this is doing one thing,that is selling the book. Oh and of course there
    are some who will search for jack and look for the bean stock,only afew knuckle heads. and now… Did we go to the moon?????????

  • AL

    I agree with Fred. Given the opportunity how many of us would not have pulled the trigger on him. If captured Bin Laden would now be basking in the sun in Cuba waiting forever for a trial that will never happen, and at our expense. He should have been killed at Tora Bora as described in a previous book by a special ops member, but as written in the book, that mission was called off by Washington and a previous administration. There is enough blame to go around for everybody, political or nonpolitical, but the fact is, Bin Laden is dead, move on!!

    • Dee

      Well said. Thank you!

  • This book is crap and the author is a traitor plain and simple! No President in history knows everything about ground operations. President Obama is Black and therefore Bush gets credit for pulling Sadam from the hole and he does not get credit for killing Bin Laden. I hope the Pentagon make an example out of this ignorant clown. I served in the jungles of vietnam at 19 years old and saw my best friend and platoon sgt (Black) cut in half by an enemy rocket. President Obama is Black like me and he is my hero. The **** with the SEAL traitor.

  • Lucenut

    Let the courts decide if there was any wrong-doing. I personally believe there should be very little that the public doesn’t know.

    The author seems to have done his due diligence to assure he isn’t releasing classified info.

    As for you nitwits who think Night Vision Goggles are a secret, yikes.

  • K Edwards

    It is a breach of security. I took my contracts seriously and am wondering why he is not being penalized? I am also wondering why he decided to bring out the book just before an election. I saw one Seal Team member saying that he disagrees with it and thinks it reprehensible and a violation of code. Seal are our heroes; but telling the country and the world that our Seals kill women and children without second thought is damaging for country any way you look at it…it was not a need to know.

  • K Edwards

    This is not a left or right thing. This is a security and violation of non-disclosure contract thing! It is also clear that it IS a political thing by a Seal wanting to make a name for himself and to embarrass our current White House and government. There was NOT a need to know that our Seals kill women and children at the drop of a hat. Globally; it makes more enemies for this country and it does endanger our troops more….why don’t people like him understand this!?

  • K Edwards

    Rich…I agree with you 100%; that is what a real heroic soldier is supposed to do.

  • K Edwards

    Thank YOU ProudSailer! Truer words were never spoken.

  • K Edwards

    Well that remains to be seen; as our government may be confiscating that money now so I have heard. Still doesn’t change the fact that he breached the security contract and has compromised and added to the danger our troops now will face because of his revelations that were NOT on a Need to Know for the country or the rest of the world. No sympathy from me at all for him.

  • I like to comment to all this without spending too much time. The Seal is nothing but a speculator who wants to make money (He’s Repubblican) he couldn’t care less of his Commander In Chief. Peggy wherever you are, you point fingers to Clinton and Obana, another stinky Repubblican, instead then mention the obvious poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor idiot that completes (for now) most of the repubblican ******** idiots that preceeded, your National Bush the Walker one, Repubblicans, you belong all together in the village of idiots and seniles. The ones that vote for you are the true problem in this country.

  • Patrick Harris

    I have signed servral NDAs and receive training annually. One thing stressed over and over again is that just because Classified inforamtion is released it still doen’t give us a right to discuss it – its still Classified. This is a clear violation of OPSEC! Any attorney can say: “it’s okay to publish.” The only attornies who have a right to do so are in the OGC.

  • K Edwards

    You must not be in the military; for yourlack of respect and the perpetration of misinformation on your part is reprehensible. Our Commander-In-Chief is NOT a traitor and you are not a Patriotic American Soldier for maligning him as such. We all heard what he said and those with an ounce of intelligence know that he was referring to Congressional Obstruction toward his policies….not the defense issues of this country. You are allowed to have give your opinions but not make up your own facts.

  • James

    He he knew it was a black organization, he needs to be punished… problem is that Charles Beckwith, and **** Marcinko did far worse and because they were officers, they made royalties off of it and are “heros”. There is a huge double standard here in this issue.

  • military mom

    My ex-husband served 22+ years in the Navy most of them working with the SEAL team (1972-1994). To this day he will not talk about events/operations they did because that was something you just didn’t do. The SEAL team was an elite group and classified information wasn’t discussed except for those on a “need to know” basis. Call it “old school”, but I respect the privacy these men and women have for protection towards themselves, their job and their country.

  • AL


  • AL

    Here’s some more top secret info. I’m betting someone in Las Vegas pulled the trigger.

    (Reuters) – Yemeni armed forces have killed Said al-Shehri, a man seen as the second-in-command of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a government website said on Monday.

    The Ministry of Defense website said Shehri was a Saudi national who was killed, along with six other militants, in any army operation in the remote Hadramout province in eastern Yemen. It gave no more details.

    The United States has used unmanned drones to target AQAP, which has planned attacks on international targets including airliners and is described by Washington as the most dangerous wing of al Qaeda.

  • Dee

    I guess you missed the fact that he was a 17 year old young man. Size doesn’t have anything to do with someone identified as an adult or a minor.

  • K Edwards

    You are so right. It is reprehensible and conduct unbecoming of a military soldier. Those above that have disrespected and slandered The Commander-In-Chief for giving the command orders and for being the gutsy Leader he is supposed to be. After all Clinton had a chance at Bin Laden; Bush had every opportunity during his 8yr term but instead took our focus off Bin Laden and into Iraq; and those above are ranting about President Obama saying that he alone was responsible?? What a crock! Pants on Fire! President Obama has on record always stated that “WE”, “America”, and our “heroic special forces” killed Bin Laden. Always! Everyone else who appreciated that fact are the ones who are saying that he killed Bin Laden BECAUSE IT WAS HIS COMMAND DECISION AND DURING HIS ADMINISTRATION THAT JUSTICE FOR AMERICA AND THE FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO PERISHED! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar of the first degree and only in it for attention or political reasons. Facts are facts. The job is done and justice is served. What we didn’t need to know; what does disparage the mission is what this jerk wrote in his book about the women and children. If you don’t believe that will have dangerous consequences to the rest of our troops still over there; then you are delusional.

  • K Edwards

    We are not complaining about Bin Laden being dead. We are complaining about the fact that this country and other countries do not need to know the specific facts about it and about the family being killed. We don’t have a problem with him being killed ok. But many on this site seem to have a problem with the chain of command that authorized the kill and others have a problem with the Seal who broke the security code for attention instead of safe-guarding this nations confidential information. Sow Breach of contract….should reap a penalty.

  • K Edwards

    How right you are! Good comment. Personally I think our government needs to confiscate the book under national security laws. This was unauthorized disclosure and a breach of confidence.

  • K Edwards

    I say disrespect for our President and Commander-In-Chief is unpatriotic and UnAmerican and politically motivated. The President gave the command order; the Seals carried out the orders as they should have; the job got done; justice was served to the American people. The author of the book breached his contract and broke security with this unauthorized book and that places more danger on our troops by the tell-all details with over kill on the women and children. How does this serve the victims of 9/11 and their families that for a brief moment had some righteous justice…he tore that away with this book for what??? He broke faith and broke his oath…UFMJ.

  • I put 26 years in the Navy, retired as a Warrant Officer and had the distinct pleasure in working with some Seals in my carrer. If it wasn’t for the White House, CNN, and other news media, the American people would never had known who killed Bin Laden. nevertheless revealing that Seal Team Six was involved (so much for safety and security). Team Six was not even supposed to exist. Talk about leaks and security in this fine country of ours, we need to take a good hard look at past history. The White House is concerned about themselves and could care less about what our military personal go through and the sacrifices they endure just to keep all Americans free. Stand your ground Mark. And may I say, it was a job well done!!

  • K Edwards

    Oh no he didn’t. Other people have used it FOR political gain. The President has NEVER said anything other than “WE” got Bin Laden; “Our Brave Special Forces” got him; “America Got Him”, etc. NEVER HAS HE STATED “I” got him. Pants on Fire to you all who accuse him of that. You want to know the facts of all the misinformation you are spreading about The Commander in Chief and our President; then you can get off your unpatriotic messages and go to sites like or; or; or Get the real facts and not stupide rumors spreading on the internet and lies on attack ads. I am ashamed of those of you who keep spreading this false propaganda for whatever sorry reason…you are unpatriotic and unamerican period.

  • K Edwards

    Except the proceeds may not be going to the Seals fund because the government is deciding right now whether to prosecute him and confiscate all proceeds due to his breach of oath/contract.

  • K Edwards

    That comment is uncalled for Bill. Your racism is very apparent by that last statement and those of us who are patriotic to this country and to our Commander in Chief don’t appreciate your slander and disrespect.

  • K Edwards

    Well if it hadn’t been for the ranting right persecuting this president from the very first day and NOT giving the mission UNDER HIS COMMAND and Administration the credit for his Leadership in this and other matters; they would not have emphasised it at all; other than to say Bin Laden is dead as part of THE PROMISE PRESIDENT OBAMA MADE AS A CANDIDATE…BEING KEPT! So take your political ramarks elsewhere…this article is about the Seal who wrote the book and the breach of oath.

  • DvlDocsWife

    Its JUST an opinion the reviewer is stating. Read it like this: “Its probably a security breach, but its also a good book.”

    While I think the author violated his NDA in writing it (especially without publishing through proper channels) I highly doubt any review writes is going to make the breach bigger.

    However, I also think that the author didn’t go through proper channels because he knew it wouldn’t get published whether it truly violated OPSEC or not. They’d never let a story that differed from the “Official Statement” get published…it doesn’t matter what party is in office.

  • K Edwards

    Mona….Are you sure you took that oath? If you did you broke it with your treasonous statements about the Commander-in-Chief. Funny but the oath I took was:
    I, K…, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear TRUE FAITH and ALLEGIANCE to the same; and that I will OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations AND THE UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SO HELP ME GOD! I take that oath seriously. Too bad you don’t; nor did that renegade Seal.

  • DvlDocsWife

    I’m pretty sure that most (if not all) of those active duty SEALs are now retired, IRR or Ready Reservists. They’re not out there running black ops and they all knew that was going to be the deal when they volunteered or auditioned for those parts.
    It was totally okay for him to write a book and donate the proceeds to the Fallen Seals fund. That part is awesome. It is NOT okay for him to decide on his own that it was vetted properly and publish it without going through the proper channels. That was ABOVE his pay grade and in doing that he violated his NDA.
    Many have issues with the Act of Valor movie as well, but it was authorized and went through all of the proper channels.
    I don’t personally agree with how the White House handled the public statements either, but thats on them… and also on the citizens to decide if they want him as POTUS for another 4 years. Until then, he is the POTUS and unfortunately, the CIC.

  • Ol’ John

    Do you think we’re not divided now? It’s the worst I’ve seen in ninety years…Why doesn’t Congress get the picture…..The’re the ones responsible for the lack of progress and responsibility. The President doesn’t run the country…..Congress appropriates the funds and writes the laws……Maybe some of you you missed that in your civics class in high school…..Sad..

  • Tony

    It’s about time someone is telling the whole truth. After spending 24 yrs in the Navy, I got real tired od the political BS. What is good for the political machine is also good for a sailor in my book. Yes I have read the book and see the differences that are presented.

  • Laz (retired USN)

    I am 100% with you. If you are connected to the WH and Holywood, then this is big deal but if you want the record straight it is OPSEC violation. We clearly have two standard here and it is a shame. Specially when someone played with the life of our patriots , you have to be patriots to serve in the miltary now a days, the only reason because there is nothing to gain serving your country except for the love of it.

  • From MACV/SOG to the nonexistent SAD/SOG ,actually there is info on SAD/SOG on wiki. But its the blackest of black ops bar none! We often run solo as It’s just logisticly sound for certain ops . We know iif compromised our government could deny culpability. We live with that,and riding a rail in soviet occupied Germany is quite the view. This man should be dishonerably discharged and face court-martial!!

  • Pete

    @Paul – as I understand it, the money that the author makes on this book is going to the families of SEALS who were KIA or severely injured in the line of duty.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    K Edwards – Who are you to tell me that the President is not a traitor. He has circumvented the Constitution by executive order more than once. Holder has refused to uphold the law supporting the Constitution more than once. No misinformation here. Look it up and stop blindly serving this administration. In the first two years of the Obama Mess-ministration the Congress was Democrat controlled. What obstruction was there? Besides, I am not even pointing to the narcissistic manner in which he blabbed this event all over the news – that’s the least of my worries. As for my patriotism, I served under 5 US Presidents who did not treat this country and his office with the disrespect this man has. Facts are facts and I have not made up anything here. If you didn’t have a cranial rectal inversion you might be able to see clearly what is going on. And if you think that just because someone is senior or is the CIC that whatever orders they give are correct and lawful, you are sadly mistaken. That is why they had the trials in Nuremberg after WWII. The defense that “I was ordered to do it,” didn’t work in Nuremberg nor did it work for Lieutenant William Calley convicted for his part in the My Lai incident in 1968. I have plenty of respect for those who have earned it. Pull your head out and think for yourself.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Retired AF Vet – You misunderstand the racist thing from me. I do not tell anyone to go anywhere. I don’t care if you are black or whatever, I do not condone racism from anyone. But you said “I find it interesting that so-called inteliigent human beings can be so ignorant as to make an assessment of someone’s character based solely on their skin color,” referring (I assume) to the resistance given the President for his policies. It is not racist to disagree with a black man for his opinions or policies. And it is as racist to vote for someone because he is black as it is to not vote for him because he is black. That’s all I’m saying. Now for the record – as far as I can tell by reading about Obama, he spent as much time in Indonesia and Kenya as he did in Hawaii – I may be wrong but it seems that way from what I have been able to find out about this man in the White House. As for my military service, I served from Carter into the present administration and I believe I have seen and witnessed much in the way of descent in the ranks from time to time. You say you “don’t recall one single instance where a military member in uniform participated in a public forum and openly criticized the Commander-in-Chief,” as if this president is the only president in history to get some push back for their policies or disrespect from people in uniform. An historical prospective may help. Generals Irvin McDowell, George McClellan, John Pope, Ambrose Burnside (where we get the name for sideburns), Joseph ****** (where we get the name for prostitutes who follow armies), and George Meade were all fired by President Lincoln during the Civil War. During the Spanish-American War (which lasted only 90 days) President McKinley fired Gen. Nelson A. Miles. During the Korea War (1950 – 1953) General Douglass MacArthur was relieved by Harry Truman for open defiance of presidential policy regarding the conduct of the war. In 1977, President Carter relieved General John Singlaub of duty for overstepping his bounds and failing to respect the President’s authority as Commander-in-Chief. You may recall that President Obama relieved General McChrystal of command in the Afghanistan campaign a short time ago. So, as you can readily see, military personnel speaking out against the President (or at least not carrying out his orders) is nothing new and has been dealt with handily by each President in question. You say that you voted for GWB and not Obama. Those two men never ran in opposition to each other, so I assume you voted for McCain – OK, but why does Obama need more time? He said himself that if he couldn’t get it done in three years it would be a one-term proposition. BTW, I must say thank you for your service and for the service of your obviously dedicated family. God Bless you all.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dee – I mention the Martin case because it was mentioned above in naming George Zimmerman a “child killer.” Tryvon Martin was not a child and acted violently toward another human being. Whatever you call him, he should have known better than to attack someone who was acting (perhaps stupidly) as a neighborhood vigilante. The media published a picture of Mr. Martin that was several years old to portray a much younger person to garner public support and turning it into a race-baiting event. It doesn’t matter that he was black or whatever race, he acted violently and was killed in a physical confrontation. And in a physical confrontation it doesn’t matter if he was 17 or 27, his size was the only factor and from what I know, even an average sized man can do some damage in a fight. I am sure, as you say, “Judgement day will come.” But look honestly at the alarming statistics for black on black crime and you will see that the highlighting of this case as a racially motivated case in fallacious.

  • I am not in the military, but I am very concerned about the leakage of operational details about what is probably the most high profile undercover military operation in recent decades. I don’t care where the author stands politically, and I thank him for his service and wish him well on his private business ventures, but there is an old saying: “loose lips sink ships”. Or in German: “Der Feind hoert mit”. Al Quaeda operatives buy the book and use it for study material. This shouldn’t be out there.

  • D

    Enough bashing, enough talk, Bin Laden is dead. Bush had his chance to avenge 9/11 – after seven years all we saw was service men and women; captured, killed, wounded, or maimed. President Obama was clear in his campaign – he would extend the battle beyond the Afghan border if necessary, and if he had actionable intel would order the pursuit, capture, or killing of Bin Laden. Say what you want – you cannot deny – the president did what he said. My thanks to the Services for a job well done.

  • Retired AF Vet

    Bilbo Biggins, I apologize for any misunderstanding. I was specifically referring to Toni and not to anyone else when I referred to intelligence and everything else in that comment. I also realize after today that I probably jumped to the defense a bit too much by playing the race card. I took the liberty of talking to several of my vet buddies at the gym today and it appears the general consensus in what we’re seeing is a lack of respect towards anyone in position of authority from this new breed of military personnel. It just happens to coincide with Obama being in office & not having anything to do with his ethnicity. Case in point, the young Marine who was recently kicked out because he publicly criticized Obama in uniform. This is something we would’ve never thought about doing because we knew it was going to be a career ender. Any complaints we had towards the President was either mumbled under our breath or discussed out of the earshot of our superiors. It just seems some old school core values have somehow disappeared. Anyway, my desire is that we can all be Americans and learn to agree to disagree. We’re all different and that’s what makes our country so unique. I had this memory flashback of myself and several of my friends walking arm-in-arm around the playground at school in England chanting “hey, hey get out of my way; I just came back from the USA.” There were maybe about 5 or 6 of us, ranging from several different races, yet we were all united as Americans. We were either in the 5th or 6th grade at that time. This is how I grew up and this is what I’ve taught my children. Thank-you so much for your appreciation of our service. Don’t know if you’re a veteran, but if you are then I thank-you for your service to our country as well. Also, in answer to your question about my reason for reelecting Obama: I don’t think 4 years is enough time to fix our country’s problems. Even though he said 3 years, I’m not convinced it was realistic. I just want to give him a fair shake and see what happens in the next 4 years if he gets re-elected. I felt the same way about Bush.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dee – It is not the use of teleprompter that I object to in Obama’s representational behavior, it’s when he gets off teleprompter that amuses me. And yes GWB was no orator of note either, but I didn’t hear anyone say “Gee how well GWB speaks” when he was on teleprompter. As for my racial blinders, I have none. When you say “MANY” years, do you mean since time began, because prejudiced behavior has been around for all of human history. what I am saying is the resurgence of racial division in this country since the class-warfare President has come into office. And for the record, I have never been embarrassed to serve my country, which is something separate from my opinion of any of the Presidents I have served under. I don’t wish to control anything and I am not worried about Obama, I am just sick of the race card being played in his defense. The truth is, if Obama were white, he wouldn’t be President, period.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dee – Your doubt means nothing. I speak from experience Lassie. If you think dope-smokin’ Obama is as beloved as Bush, you are in a minority. No brain washing either. They liked McCain better too. Are you blind? T he Dems are slave-dogs to polls. You are a mindless racist who thinks the Democratic party is the savior of the poor, down trodden, and minorities, but they are truly only the modern plantation owners keeping people like you captive with the promise of equal outcome for all instead of equal opportunity. Get thee behind me, Satan!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Indeed, you are correct, Sir. They took the head fake set by the movie and believed in the dream. The Green Beret were well trained and honorable men, but they were more good will than killer elite as I knew them. Don’t get me wrong, they were great but under utilized.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Wrong! Obama used the “I” word several times. You think he didn’t. Wow! I guess the parodies of his narcissistic rant are just racist. Go look at the difference in the addresses by other Presidents talking about military missions that ended in success on YouTube. It’s obvious.

  • Johnny

    Well, that what happens when you lower the standarts and enlist persons in the military, that McDonalds wouldn’t hire as fry cooks. Many of the people hired into Special Operations are nothing but selfserving individuals, who will take any opportunity to make a buck. Just look around you and see how many former SEALS, supposed SOF operators and others are starting to peddle their wares and supposed expertise. These individuals are nothing but opportunists, and do not care what damage they cause as long as they get their money. Think about it. Who ever buys their garbage, supports them.

    • Lock & Load

      Morning Johnny If you had retired after 30 or 35 years of being a tug boat captain on the Mississippi or the Great Lakes, had hundreds of log books, phone logs, and tales of the various crew members employed over the years you could write a book worth the read, doubt it would be garbage, profit would be yours to do with as you please and the sales would be supporting you and whomever else you chose.
      I was an active duty U.S Marine from 1965 to 1970 with 25 months & 18 days in Vietnam. There were several guys in my platoon in boot camp who had a judge give them their choice of jail or the military. That no longer happens. My youngest son was very nearly rejected by the Army for a DUI of 8 years previous to his enlistment, even with his evaluation scores very high. You might do some reading on that.
      I regard our men and women who come out of the military with a skill that enables them to prosper as a civillian as being wise to get training in a field that would support them later. And the opportunity to choose is far greater than it was in my day. And should they end up at McDonalds or Taco Bell, well that’s OK. Remember that the next time you have some fast food. Remember that some of the people filling your order may well have faced death in desert or jungle on your behalf. Or perhaps they saved the lives of women and children from torture and death at the hands of someone like Saddam because they lived in the wrong part of the desert or saw their god differently. Maybe they’re just kids paying their way through college. The work is honorable, do not disparage it.
      Think of this for a moment Johnny. It was opportunists who lead us into a terrible recession with inflated real estates prices, made loans they knew would fail and then took investment positions that profited them even more when the loans did fail and cost billions to those who did buy the loan packages. You and I bailed them out, still paying and will for years to come. Perhaps you could lead a campaign against those CEOs and upper management folks who taught the SEC what it’s like to see through wool. Now there’s opportunists for you.
      The names of three of my old school buddies are carved on a black granite wall in Washington, D.C. From Arlington National Cemetery and in small family plots across this great nation lay thousands of men and women who took up arms and stood in harms way for the right you have to complain about this book ( and those who work at fast food restaurants ) on a wide stage; for a mother and her children in Iraq or Afghanistan to maybe be just a little better off, at least have the hope of it. And for me to offer this rebuttal to your comments.
      I will read the book and form my own opinion about secrets revealed. But honestly, I have very serious doubts that it will contain data which Al Queda will find helpful in their attempt to destroy the great satan.
      Opportunists Johnny? What we are really talking about here are ordinary men and women, doing extraordinary things under impossible circumstances.
      My oldest son, USA, pulled three tours in Iraq. My middle son, as a civillian, spent 21 months in Iraq and Afghanistan with the loss of his lower left leg. My youngest son, USA, deploys in January. I hope you will think kindly of them.
      Semper Fi

  • Johnny

    Thank you, I hope that people read and heed your wise words.

  • Stan Reed

    I am naive. I am old and have way too much time to think about the past. I have been retired from the Army for almost 25 years. Sometimes it is difficult even for me to believe how much my opinion of our politicians and governmental leaders has evolved over that time. There was a time when if one of them told me something I would believe it while knowing that if the were a little vague or the truth was changed some, it was for my benefit and the benefit of the people at large. Today, in way too many cases, I now believe that if their mouth is open they are lying. I can’t completely agree with the writer’s decision to publish “No Easy Day,” however, a few things like this need to happen to get us back on a track of trust in our leaders. Too many people like me are sick of the way our leadership methods and systems have evolved. I finished the book a couple of days ago. I have about a dozen books on the Seals and Delta, written by operators themselves or someone embedded. I didn’t read anything new about Seal selection or training in the book. The strategy and tactics in the book are textbook on how to plan to improvise for anything that can go wrong. We did this 45 years ago, although not to the extent the Seals did on this mission. That’s what makes them Seals. It’s called leadership and training. Outside of the physical accomplishment of the mission, the writer didn’t mention the classified ride they were in, yet we all saw it on television right after the raid. The only doubt I have about anything the writer states, is on the kill or capture of UBL. It they were told to capture him if possible, then he most likely failed to mention the wink. No one in their right mind would want a captured UBL alive in USA custudy. Think about it.

  • SgtJohn1328

    SweetHeart puff piece and not much of an editorial review. Quick hit on Pentagon and Commander in Chief assures some readers that the writer is in the correct political mindset. Venomous dislike of President Obama and those in command has no place in the military. Very few spoke out against “W” who started this whole mess with the Iraq invasion. After 8 years Obama gets to clean it up and provide care for our injured. Either you have OPSEC or you don’t. Bisonette broke faith.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Why are we so afraid to call it like it is. This book is not near the threat to this nation and our global welfare as the President. People are not seeing the pattern of behavior here that is festering in the WH. The President and Uncle Joe Biden have compromised the safety of our troops in the field, period. Let me give you some facts to consider when deciding whom you will vote for this coming election.
    It was Barack Obama who told an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”
    It was Barack Obama who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”
    It was Barack Obama who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
    It was Barack Obama who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the Muslims.”
    It was Barack Obama who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”
    It was Barack Obama who bowed in submission before the Saudi king.
    It was Barack Obama who sat for 20yrs in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
    It was Barack Obama who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
    It was Barack Obama who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration of Independence.
    It was Barack Obama who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount while repeatedly referring to the HOLY Quran.
    It was Barack Obama who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States of America.
    It was Barack Obama who instantly threw the support of his administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
    *It was Barack Obama who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.
    It was Barack Obama who ordered both Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE he would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, he has NEVER requested that the mosques he has visited adjust their decor.
    It was Barack Obama who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to his Czar Corps.
    It was Barack Obama who appointed rabid Islamists to posts in the Department of Homeland Security.
    It was Barack Obama who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.
    It was Barack Obama who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
    It was Barack Obama who was the first President not to give a Christmas greeting from the WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.
    It was Barack Obama who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
    It was Barack Obama who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
    It is Barack Obama who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, has submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
    It was Barack Obama who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.
    It was Barack Obama who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.
    It was Barack Obama who ordered the USPS to honor the Muslim holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
    It was Barack Obama who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.
    It was Barack Obama who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in their quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.
    It was Barack Obama who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but, remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
    It was Barack Obama who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.
    It is Barack Obama who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
    It is Barack Obama who NOW departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.
    There is more. Do I really need to go on?
    Barack Obama may be a lot of things; but, for certain, he is no Christian and is not necessarily loyal to this nation. He refers to himself as: “A man of Africa,” and is precisely the type of “divided loyalties” individual that our Founders attempted to prohibit from ascendancy to the presidency when they constructed our Constitution.

  • nateshead

    I have found this and other similar incidents very pathetic and not only a sign of the times but a clear indicator of the overwhelming reality that there is no such thing as high level of morals or values and most definitely a large number of individuals who reap the rewards of living her in the United States and they daily reap the rewards without any objection but in turn hate everything as shown by their disrespect for the man elected to the highest position in the United States and yet these same narrow minded persons would elect another man who doesnt have enough respect for them or anyone else too do what every other person who sought the same position previously to explain exactly what he intends to do if elected instead he would tell everyone his intentions after he is elected as president instead we see a lack of honor at a all-time high these are in fact the examples our children are exposed to on a daily basis and we wonder whyso many children have no respect for anything as well and display such mindsets all the way into adulthood. The author of this book is no diffrent he as well lacks honor although he was able to join a select community of a very small but distinguished group that was trained too right any such atrocities for all of who live in the United States when in fact he fails too forget it is his fellow americans who in fact paid for all of his special training and his daily needs which cost millions of dollars just for him alone there was a time when men could be counted on too keep aggrements which were made with only a handshake with no signature whatsoever and the point is they never said or did anything they could not stand behind. This author cannot claim the latter what he can claim is the fact that he did renege and went back on his word and that is not what a real man does no matter how many excuses he can provide too defend himself or justify his actions.

  • Saturday and Sunday

    The ******* Yanks need to get their **** straight Osama was a hero when fighting the Russians and he had **** all to do with 9/11

    Th e 9/11 crew were going to California not NY because they thought that was the most important place in the USA
    The news get it all wrong and only tell the stupid yanks what they want to know
    watch the TV new of BBC when Obama was telling us all soles about Libya and then went on to tell the yanks about the Petrol prices and he was immediately cut off
    **** the BBC they wont tell us all the truth ******* all politicians are **** no exceptions

  • Marc Grimm

    Why don’t we just have everyone keep running their mouths and pointing fingers while an Ex Seal makes a cool million or so. The “real” story wasn’t quite so clean or glamorous but then who cares, the grit of reality somehow needs to come out to make all those sitting on the sidelines feel good. Ponder this for a moment, what happens when the gritty version of one of these missions is just too cold and violent for some segment of the international community, or american political movement, and they start a drive to prosecute someone for murder. Don’t think for a moment that it can’t happen and our national need for revenge will be a perfect shield against such action. Put out a story that is as much information as the nation needs, places the event in a reasonable and legally defensible light, and SHUT UP! We may not like those in charge, but remember, the majority put them in charge and their posiitons give them considerable lattitude in spinning the story and selecting what will be classified and what will not.

  • Brad

    You state things well Steve Jauregui. The division is insurmountable concerning race and politics. I used to think only other countries hated Americans and after reading some of these posts I believe now that we do more hating than the most dedicated terrorist in the world. The thing that bothers me the most, many of them are uneducated and have been programmed to hate. We are educated and spew forth hatred ten times as much. Been serving 30 years and will continue as long as they will have me and I am still proud to live in and serve this country.

    • Dee

      Beautifully said Brad. THANK YOU for your service to our great country!

  • Brad

    You nailed it Charlie! But I will disagree that no one can keep a secret. My father served as a Green Beret in Vietnam and other places and to this very day at 75 years old will not share anything with me and I have been in 30 years and still on active duty. I realize the point of this whole conversation, but would like to remind everyone that there are still some great Americans out there right now serving that wouldn’t tell you for all the money in the world what they did in their past. You know the old addage, if you really want to know what is going on, have your wife ask the COL’s wife!!!

  • Kevin

    Thank you do much for keeping it simple, great comment. I served under several commander in chiefs, I never disrespected any of them the way they President Obama.

  • I speak as a member of our Intel community. Open source, trash cans, idle talks at bars, clubs and cell phone chatter, motor pool / maintenance shop gossip {and much more} give small valuable pieces of Intel puzzle that is placed together and makes clear pictures of our capabilities, abilities, limits, weapon, transports, armaments and – most important – how we collect and act on Intel. The old adage “loose lips sink ships,” hold true to this day. This book is filled with pieces of the puzzle. Some heroes of Name, Korean War and WWII took their secrets to their graves – only a very few knew what they did.

    On another note, I see a troubling trend brewing among the ranks. I was taught to respect the rank, not often the person holding the rank, I salute the rank never the person – yet on rare occasion the person and ranks align perfectly and I whole heartedly render a respectfully salute to both the rank and the person.
    Uniform members who speak ill of our President and others in elected office can be flipped to server another master and aid the foreign enemies – and can be disciplined under UCMJ. Loyalty, devotion and fidelity are the hallmarks of our warriors –the ones pushing pencils, to the ones on the cutting edge. Our so-called former adversaries sit on the sidelines and watch us, they watch very carefully, with envious eyes and a heart determined to see our Nation fall from the outside, or the inside. Do your part to keep the uniform services, its small steps, in time that pays very big dividends for our Nation, those that service now, and honor for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Nick

    I am reading LONE SURVIVOR by another Seal. IF the alegations of violations of intelligence and security are in fact real. Mark/Matt has violated his oaths and trust placed with him and heshould return his Trident.

    Far lesser trained and trusted military men and women, maintain the implicit trust granted to them while on duty and after they separate from service. Reprehensible is not a strong enough word to describe his behavior and actions; if he has divulged too much. He will have jeopardized the lives of our service members.

  • Dee

    Oh Bilbo – the venom in your comments wreak of Satan. Your thoughts of who you perceive me to be mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Do I agree with everything our President has said and/or done? Heck no! I can “regurgitate” many statements that have been made of which I whole-heartedly disagree with, but OH WELL! I’m not in charge! Despite whatever I may feel about ANY of the leaders of our country, I would never allow myself to publicly nor privately push an outright agenda of hate and disrespect the way you and many others have done. I did not agree with some policies from both the Reagan and Clinton administrations, but overall I do believe they both were great leaders and I have nothing BUT the upmost respect and admiration for McCain’s service to our country. You serve as one of many who continuously make note of perceived issues, but you offer NO SOLUTIONS! You’ve only offered hate and discontent. Since you proclaim to be in the ‘know’, what would you do as President of our great country? You’ve mentioned multiple times in your postings that people should stop playing the racist card but yet you call me a racist. Such hypocrisy! Nonetheless, Jesus hates the sin but loves the sinner.

    You REALLY should stop sipping that rush limbaugh(yes, he’s in lower case for a reason) liquid!

  • SgtMed

    I read the book and there was no mention of killing “youngsters”. One woman was killed, but this (according to the book) was unavoidable. All of the women and children were basically left alone. Mr. Ward Carroll, maybe you should get your facts straight before you write an article. Journalism 101…

    • Ward

      Thanks for the advice, SgtMed, but to me a 17-year-old is a “youngster.”

  • SylvieM

    What about the book called “The Finish” by Mark Bowden that is coming out just before the election. Washington Times reports both Obama and Admiral McRaven cooperated with the book’a author. Check it out for yourself – the book is already for sale on Amazon and yet no-one is complaingin about it yet? how does that work? This has me wondering if Washington is now just mad that No Easy Day told the real story before the cleaned up WH version hit the presses.

  • SylvieM

    Check out this article about how the WH and even Admiral McRaven have “cooperated” in telling their story to a new book coming out two weeks before the election. It is already for sale on Amazon. And yet, here they are reprimanding a true American Hero for telling the story of the actual team that put their lives on teh line to make it happen.

  • Axel

    @Corpsman Up!

    I completely disagree with you there, Sir, not all victims. I for one rather here it from the walker than the talker and also, I rather hear what I have or need to hear not what I “want” to hear, that is just ignorance and negligence or call it denial but that’s just MY opinion. Politicians are “salesman”, NOT all can or should be trusted. As well as the fact that Obama lied to us is unacceptable, what do you say to the people who trusted and supported and they found out that their POTUS LIED and purposefully misinterpreted intelligence? And the fact that some say he used it for political gains? C’mon now.

  • seibukan

    I just wanted to ask if anybody could tell me where I could buy this book at. Anybody; thanks

  • RetiredSoldier

    As a SOF Soldier we were proud of being the “Silent Professionals”. Looks like not so much any more.

  • gary w hubany

    thank you for ur service to our country!!!! an god bless you!!! thank you from the hubany’s

  • tIM

    I read the book and it tells less about weapons and methods used than other books that have been written by former SEALs. The Obama admin released more info and did it first than this book ever did. Did anyone notice how tactics have change like taking witnesses along on missions (to keep from being arrested) or standing outside a safe house and yelling at the bad guys to surrender vs the old days when we did a ****** and grab. This should worry us. We really handcuff our guys in the name of political correctness and put our best in harms way. The bad guys get rounded up. Released, rounded up. Released, rounded up. Released…


    I would prefer to participate in forums that are not used as sopa boxes to criticize the current President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of this nation’s Armed Forces.
    Your harangues are not worthy of direct reply because you have shown that you don’t deserve the title of “True American Patriots”. Do you truly understand what “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ mean? Are you truly ready to join the rest of us who already are embracing the 21st Century or are you content to remain in the 19th?
    Those of you who continue to do so are repugnant and, when one reads the “text within the text”, exposing yourselves to the much deserved disdain that you continue to bring about against you. It is obvious even to Ronnie Milsap and Ray Charles that you are racista, unpatriotic and hopeless bigots. Persons of your ilk give comfort and aid to all enemies of our nation, both foreign and domestic, because of your biassed and misinformed criticism.
    If you truly love this nation, then you have to respect and support everything that the Founding Fathers envisioned and that, folks, requires a dose of intelligent and thoughtful analysis of the entire picture and not just your narrow and closed-minded bigotry.
    With that said, I’ve read the book and I looked at the “60 Minutes” segment in which the former SEAL talks about what he wrote. Did he violate OPSEC? Maybe. However, it is a matter for the courts to decide. That is one of the rights that we citizens of this nation have been promised and one that I defended with more than 20 years of active duty service.

  • Ward, I was curious about something. Do you consider the revelation of the use of PDWs to be a serious OPSEC breach? If so why? Simply curious. It certainly makes me feel better about my FiveseveN (although my P229/.357Sig is my goto and favorite).

    Thanks and great article!

  • Mstricia

    Okay people……let’s put first things first. No one and I mean no one should have ever even heard the terms “Seal Team Six”. However, the braggart in Washington D.C. had to use this entire situation as a political ploy. If none of this had ever been talked about publicly, it’s safe to say this book would have never been written. This man wanted the truth to be told since there was all kinds of stories going around that was told by several different people in Washington. I bought and read the book and I applaud him for writing the book and for his and all the military for their service and sacrifice to this country. Somehow, they always seem to get the short end of the stick. Well, I’m sick of it and I’m sick of Washington and their arrogance!!! The book was well written and there were no huge secrets told that we didn’t already know from the mouths in Washington.

  • Michael

    Over 30 yrs. a British film, “The Final Option”, was about the SAS and I think it was the last one made. The Brits have put the kabosh on these accounts, film or print. The US Green Berets had their day in the sun, and now the Navy SEALs have had their share, I think. Any books or movies about the German SEALs or our USAF Special Tactics guys or the PJs? Nope. How about the French commando outfits. Nope.

  • Jackie Greenwood

    Its okay for obama to give away secrets to Hollywood before congress even gets the info & leak secrets right and left but blames the book.
    This author hasn’t given anything away that obama hasn’t already

  • Big Poppa, USMC

    @Ezio Vismara:

    You, sir, have literacy issues. I can understand why you are ignorant of the truth. You believe everything you watch on television because it is evident that you don’t/can’t read. Only when you can read this book front to back and give a grammatically correct essay of the book, will you be allowed to make further comments.

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