Nat Geo’s Bin Laden Kill


Here’s a clip from the National Geographic Channel‘s Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden movie, the one that premieres on Sunday, November 4th. For those of you keeping track, that’s two days before the presidential election. And for those of you who’ve had trouble keeping them straight, this movie has nothing to do with Zero Dark Thirty (which won’t open in theaters until December).

There’s a reason you might get confused, but here’s a guide for anyone looking for a conspiracy: this Kill Bin Laden movie was produced by Nicolas Chartier, the French guy who financed The Hurt Locker but didn’t get an Oscar for it because he was banned from the ceremony after sending out emails to voters that hyped his movie and badmouthed Avatar. That stunt cost him a relationship with director Kathryn Bigelow, so Chartier has zero to do with Zero Dark Thirty.

Seal Team Six was directed by the guy who made Into the Blue and Crazy/Beautiful and stars Anson Mount, Freddy Rodriguez and Eddie Kaye Thomas.  No disrespect to anyone involved, but this one doesn’t have quite the star power you might expect from a movie co-produced by Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein, a guy who seems to have a movie nominated for Best Picture every year.

If you don’t get Nat Geo at your house, Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden will be available to stream on Netflix 24 hours after its premiere, just in time for all those undecided voters to watch it before bed the night before election day.

  • another layer on the ole bs onion, blame the ZIONISTAs

  • Roger Collins

    Want to bet it will show how great the Great One is and how he was so brave in ordering the mission. It will be interesting to see if they go into the intel that resulted in the action and when it started (under Bush). Or how they left the Pake Doctor hang out to dry later.

  • I wonder if everyone will come running to NG to watch this so they can decide who to vote for? Weinstein be dammed; the Great Obama did not kill Osama, nor was he in any way courageous about it.

  • RIght up front – I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was running against my X wife.

    That said – platant crap way of trying to get votes for Obama – re elected to job he hasn’t done and isn’t capable of doing. Phony garbage way of trying get a phony re elected. Wake up, America.

  • Greg Papadatos

    The clip I just watched seemed a bit hokey, or corny. It did not strike me as realistic. I don’t think that a SEAL commander would have to emphasize the whole “segregate the hostiles from the non-hostiles” bit. SEALS know that kind of stuff already.

    The movie – whether it is good or bad – will not influence my vote.

  • Ray J LePage IV

    Man Has over slanged the term Zionists/ Zion= in scriptures means one fold under God upon the Earth.
    Anti Zionists are basicly statting they are Anti christ, or in another word Atheists. or they just dont even know what they are feeding on the properganda line of cheap thread.

  • Ray J LePage IV

    i read in Mark Owens’ Book NO EASY DAY. the real seal statted they didnt anounce they were going after or the target was Osama Bin Noden tel they were in the helocopters heading to the compound about to land and comence the work of death.~ sems like a movie getting details from Ob0ma. like they didnt kill Bin Noden while he was standing behind his woman. Osama took a peek out his door at the wrong time as the seals were heading up the stairs they just seen someone poke there head out and double tap to the face!! when the seals made it to the top of the stairs into the opening of the room they unloaded on the foo while the bodie laid motionless on the ground. then they proccedid to take dna samples, dental and prints to conferm it was Bin Laden. not to dramitic then him standing behind his woman.

  • Ray J LePage IV

    No Joke i just reciently have taken a homeland security class and in the class’s book it stattes that Obama back in his college days was a member of the underground water group who were supporters of the black panther party and was marked by the government as terrorists because they carried out attacks/ bomings , even the black panthers latter on broke ties with them because they were to waked out even for them. this was all going on during veitnam war peroid. Hey it just goes to show ya even a marked terrorist can become a president of the good o USofA. no wander so much of Obama birth certificate and God Knows what else has been kept from us. Mmmmm……. i can c him now… Not True, Not True. is that all u have to say.


    well i went a redug up me book from a Terrorism and Homeland Security class i took a year ago. And the group that Obama was apart of during the Marxism, in the 1960s and 1970s was the Weather Underground Organization not true about the underground Water group, i had to get my facts straight i was told, so i grabbed the book.


    here r the facts of being marked as a Domestic Terrorist by the FBI} groups or individuals who r based and operate within the usa. whose acts are directed at the us government or population.


    1960s and 1970s saw leftist groups embroiled in antiwar and civil rights struggles. the students for a DEMOCRATIC Society (SDS) began 1960 to support the liberal policies of Democratic Party. It called for an allience of blacks, students, peacegroups/ aka hippies} drug abusers and liberal organizations. As with many other leftist groups of the time, an “antiestablishment” theme prevailed ( i.e, government and business were CORRUPT and CHANGE ” Change.” Hmmm~. is statted as needed to help the LESS FORTUNATE). in 1965, the SDS organized the FIRST anti- Vietnam War march in Washington, DC, which resulted in increased popularity for the SDS among students like Obama, now President of the united states which uses the same catch phrases as the less fortunate and change i serouisly belive hes a puppet in all this. and the FBI is watching and is letting the American people and now Students be aware and educated. this is being taught in our classes Now. well even a year ago for me. Obama is attacking our Constatution to pertect us from a Demacratic Government. Taught in class Obama has made it possible to use even the American Military to take out American People in the United States and outside there of. and not providing the right of a Trial of Court of Law. The Facts} The SDS led many campus distubances and sit down demonstrations. Military draft resistance became top priority. As the Vietnam War intensified, the SDS devided into competing groups, each supporting violence and terrorism. One of the most noted splinter groups was the Weather Underground Organization (WUO). This group advocated revolution against Capitalism. It was responsible for almost (40) Bombings, including those inside the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. When the War ended, interest in the WUO waned Violence against nonviolent Civil Rights Workers Sparked the Black Power Movement during the 1960s. it advocated political, economic, and cultural awakening. One splinter group of this movement was the Black Panthers, formed in 1966, in Oakland, California. A tactic of the Black Panthers was to show up carrying law books and shotguns. Then the (RNA) Republic of New Africa. The goal was to establish a black nation by annexing the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. And it goes on with battles with the police and FBI. well these organizations, where did they get the funds to support their cause? pleanty of support was comming from Vietname./ drugs.~ and the organizations fullfiled there part by brienging Terriorism at home to help end the war at vietnam. I clearly remember seeing on the news when it was time to Voet for John McCain or Obama there was video fed and reports of Black Panthers and groups standing at voiting stations holding weapons taunting and threating voters to vote for Obama, videos can be found and reports in the news, youtube,internet. g there is so much going on. And i am tired of hearing about the vacations the first family takes at places including the beach and seeing them in there fashion clothes on magazines. i thought obama wanted to work for his country and our future not be another kill patrick. well i guess i would pout if i didnt get envited to Englinds events as well.

  • Brenden

    This was an amateur, rookie attempt at military drama, and completely unworthy of NATGEO’s high standards of quality and integrity. They should be embarassed:

    1) There were glaring uniform/wardrobe errors throughout. Did they even use a military advisor on set? This is one area that is so easy to get right – its Regulations, not interpretations. A former Navy E4 would have been glad to sit on set with a copy of the uniform manual for minimum wage and free lunch. It IMMEDIATELY put this production into Amateur Hour status.

    2) Protocol, communication between military members, operations verbiage, radio traffic – all completely made up. Normally, when this is done well, it weaves the background fabric of authenticity without the viewer even knowing. Not in this show; it seemed as if the writers watched a couple episodes of “JAG” or “The Unit” and then wrote the screenplay. Completely avoidable.

    3) Military/Navy Culture was absent. The characters came right out of the old Sgt Rock comics, with almost identical nicknames. Overly stereotyped, and painfully unresearched.

    In my opinion, NATGEO Channel sets the bar for content, quality, and authenticity. This show was so far below that, I can only compare it to something like Dan Rather handing over his spot to Danny Bonnaduce for 2hours of prime time coverage. This show belonged on late-night USA Network behind reruns of “Renegade”, NOT NGC.

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  • Ernie’s Pile

    Nat Geo is far from the preferred reality show. To much information.