‘Nazi Collaborators’ Comes to DVD

Der Gro?mufti von Jerusalem [Amin al Husseini] bei den bosnischen Freiwilligen der Waffen-SS. Der Gro?mufti ist auf dem Truppenubungsplatz ein[getroffen] und schreitet die Front der angetretenen Freiwilligen mit erhobenem Arm ab.

If anyone thinks that Hitler and his Nazi inner circle managed to take over most of Europe by themselves, let us recommend the Military Channel’s Nazi Collaborators. The 13-part series ran last year on the network and has just come out on DVD.

After the Allied victory in WWII, there was a concerted effort to hide the choices made by people who decided that cooperating with an imperial Germany was smarter or easier than resisting the invaders. Lots of folks decided it was easier to act like the Nazis were outliers rather than a force that found willing collaborators wherever they went.

Nazi Collaborators rounds up an impressive (or depressing) list of Nazi supporters in Poland, France, Latvia, Croatia, Northern Ireland, Jerusalem, Greece, Holland and Finland. Of the hundreds of hours of WWII documentaries created to fill airtime on the world’s history- and military-themed cable channels, this series is one of the few that tells compelling stories that haven’t been well documented before.

  • Michael

    There are many books in any large university library on “Hitler’s Willing Executioners”, to name one title. Those in France are well known,but N. Ireland? ! In the first weeks of the Nazi assault on Russia, many Russians became turncoats, to do anything to knock off Stalin, Beria and the NKVD killer troops, who were a separate home army to seek out traitors.

  • Manuel Zardain

    Spain was also a collaborator Franco help Hitler when he invade the Soviet Union for the battle of Leningrad, and also there were Spanish in the SS this because Hitler send the “Legion Condor” or Condor Legion to help Franco in the Spanish Civil war, so when Hitler attack Russia Franco send some help and create the Blue Legion, also the Waffens SS became a foreign legion that recruit people from all Europe and some from the middle east.