• My only concern is that as a Soldier and leader some seniors may think they are above the law and the old adage of ” do as I say, and not as I do” still rings loudly in today’s military and political society. This is hardly the first incident of indiscretion by a General officer or senior officer. In the past punishment for such indiscretions were view as the kiss of death to any Soldier or leader in our Armed Forces. I believe we are looking at this all wrong. We as a society only look at the embarrassing aspect of this problem, when in fact we need to look at the root causes of the past ten years and how we can fix and move the country forward.

    Reviewing and directing Ethics training programs for senior leaders, once again is not the solution. it is about holding people accountable and insisting on being the moral and ethical compass for our nation, must importantly our families.

    last, we are all human; sin is in our genes and it is not about making an example or finding fault. let’s fix it and move on. the focus should be getting our country back on track with the economy, health care for senior, jobs, fiscal accountability and security of our nation.

  • ssg

    Agreed jose. I think a part of the issue when we have these senior leaders thinking they are above the law is because they are simply treated as such. Just as you said, we need to hold people accountable. And surely if an enlisted member was caught with such an act, they would be crucified and be stripped of all of their benefits.

  • SGM Bob

    OH, screw Colbert! Actors and talking heads are not real people. It should be illegal for them to even have opinions.

    • BigSarg

      That is a pretty ignorant comment. “Not real people?” It should be illegal for ignorant people to have opinions as well.