Boot Camp for the ‘Rocket City Rednecks’


Back when I passed through Hunstville, AL in the late ’70s, all the rocket scientists sounded like they’d been imported from Indiana or had suspicious German accents. That’s why the National Geographic Channel’s Rocket City Rednecks has always been a mystery. I knew folks who talked like Travis, Daddy and the rest of the cast but they were always the ones badmouthing the “carpetbagger Yankee scientists.”Things have obviously changed enough down there so TV can come up with a Mythbusters-meets-Moonshiners concept show.

Tonight’s Season 2 finale has Dr. Travis deciding to invent a lightweight, full-body flak suit that won’t limit mobility in the field and testing out his homemade field armor in last October’s Marine Corps Marathon in DC. He recruits William Bodette a retired USMC drill instructor, to put him through a civilian boot camp to train for the race. No word yet if Travis finished the race or if he plans to test out his invention in actual combat.

  • KEvin

    Because intelligent people with Southern accents are so few and far between right? What a condescending show. I have no respect for anyone who would agree to be on it adding to the “dumb redneck” stereotype by saying they are enough of an exception that there should be a show about them… Stupid.

    • Alexandria

      I actually live in Huntsville and I find the show quite humorous. It may sound condescending but to us they’re family. This is a close knit community and we find humor and have empathy for each other and our actions.

      • SouthernBelle

        I agree with you, Alexandria! These guys are funny and smart. One must have a sense of humor to watch the show, which, apparently, some people don’t. :)

  • Mark

    I work in the Rocket City as an engineer myself. I don’t much care what anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line thinks of me or my home state.

  • Aaron

    This guy was my Senior Drill Instructor on Parris Island…. Plt 2037, H CO., 2BN….. This guy is THE REAL DEAL, super warrior… he’s no joke, has more combat experience under his belt than anyone in American could even dream about… He was an 0311, straight up, hardcore crazy grunt and made it all the way through hardcore missions in Panama, Mogidishu, Desert Storm, you name it, he was always sent.. has more medals than any other Marine I’ve ever seen, probably even more than the Sgt. Maj of the Marine Corps, and is still humble about all he’s ever done…. BAMF doesnt even describe it… Our nation owes this man a debt of gratitude that no one in this generation could fathom.

  • Aaron

    HAHAHAHA! Typical Bodette… and he never once dropped his dip…

  • joe

    slow of speech does not mean slow of mind… many a southern belle has disarmed a man with her slow speech and mesmerizing speech patterns. nuff said…

  • Midnite Ryder

    Up until I went to boot camp i thought condescending (sp) thoughts about anyone with a southern accent as well.Turns out the only guy to make it through boot camp without a gig was a kid from Texas.

    Then I got to my duty station, NAS Norfolk, VA, and I discovered the most obnoxious dorks were from California and Yankee land (I’m originallyfrom Alaska. We pretty much ignored or laughed at the lowlanders)

    Seems like those southern folk just didn’t think it was important to say anything unless it was important to say. Same when I was driving OTR. Peaple treated me fine when I had drop offs or pick ups down there. Up north, I had to wait for them to get back from their post coffee break coffee break before I could get loaded or unloaded.

    Nice folk down there, even when they found out I was from about as far north as you codld be from and still be born on US soil.

  • micah bennett

    i am from indiana and i think it is a pretty funny show and you know your jealous of people like that when your not smart enough to do that kind of stuff. i myself am not jealous. i am reffering to everybody else that has commented on here saying the show is stupid.