Oscar Party at the White House



Sunday night’s Oscar telecast was seen in over 200 countries around the world by hundreds of millions of viewers (early ratings say around 40 million Americans tuned in).

So when First Lady Michelle Obama appeared via satellite from the White House to present the Best Picture award to Argo (a move that sure pissed off the Iranian government), the first response around here was to applaud the United States government for finding a way to subtly remind viewers around the world that it’s (primarily) Americans who create and finance the movies that the rest of the world loves so much and that it’s our men and women in uniform who defend the freedom of expression that allows us to create Argo and Lincoln and Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty. Everyone looked like they were having a great time.

Not everyone shares that perspective. The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin attacked the First Lady at 8:45am and a flurry of criticism followed throughout the day that included “disgust” for using the uniformed men and women as “military props.” Those “props” are military aides assigned to the White House (it’s their job to be there) and everyone apparently stepped out of (or hung around after) the White House dinner for the National Governors Association.

How it might have gone down: “Hey, want to be on the Oscars?” “Sure, can I text my mom?” “NO.” “Okay.”

Michelle Obama isn’t the first White House resident to appear on an Oscar broadcast, folowing FDR, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. So here’s the question: was this an opportunity to for the United States to remind use our prized cultural exports as one of  best tools we have as we try to spread democracy around the world? Does the military have any business allowing its men and women to work in the White House if half of the country is going to work itself into a lather because they don’t like whichever party lives there at any given time? Let us know in the comments below.

If you fell asleep before the end of an incredibly long show or had something better to do with a Sunday night, check out the video from the presentation below:

  • Sandra

    I don’t watch that crap – nor the oscars

  • Rosalee

    La la land’s love affair with the Obamas

    I was particularly impressed by how

    Jack Nicholson was just beside himself with

    glee and adoration as he introduced


    Fawning and kowtowing is something

    they deeply appreciate in la la land

  • Chris

    Did she and Barack get an Oscar for their fictional life story…..????

  • ColdWarVet75

    Moochelle has always made me will, from her very first comment about the first time she was proud of America was when he received the Democratic nomination. What makes me sick is the smiles of adoration on those idiot officers behind her especially the women.

  • Chris

    Yes it is pathetic, but, those officers are hand picked. ….Major requirement is to know how to say, “Please pass the sweet and sour shrimp.”

  • matt

    Undignified use of the office. Silver screen sycophants meet their peers in the politically correct mutual admiration society.

  • Phillip

    The Obama’s should of won an Oscar for acting like they care about the Military or even care about America

  • Sam

    You people are so uptight. Loosen the fuck up. People are dying in Syria and we still have a damn war going on and all you people can figure out to complain about is how “undignified” it was to present the winning oscar from the white house. Holy shit, who cares?! This is exactly why I have no hope for our country’s prosperity; because people like this.

    • jumper

      Exactly genius…. while the Obama’s are doing their fifth victory lap people are indeed dying thanks to decisions from this White House. It’s called decorum and leadership. How about you tighten the fuck up?

  • jay

    Having mil folks as a backdrop is a violation of the UCMJ. Of course, the bigoted pagan Obamas could care less.

  • Slim1906

    WOW!!! Such hatred from a country built on hate…All this makes not a piece of sense…FIRST LADY OBAMA is not the First wife in the White House to present an award for something…However, she is the first Black/African-American in the White House to do this…Perhaps thats why there is hate for PRESIDENT OBAMA and his family…It makes no damn sense…He is our President and will be for another 4 years…All you people just need to get over it and accept it…Attacking the family is so stupid…There are more pressing issues then presenting a damn Oscar…

    • Larry

      Actually she is the only First Lady to present an award at the Oscars; Laura Bush was part of a montage about the meaning of films to people. It’s just one more example of liberals sucking up to liberals (hell, that’s what the Oscars are based on; actors sucking up to actors and awarding themselves…)

      • Slim1906

        I didn’t say she was the first to present an Oscar…I just said she wasn’t the first to present some type of award…Oscar or whatever…And i don’t consider myself a liberal and I damn sure don’t suck up to no one…

  • Kevin

    I don’t particularly care for what the Obama’s have done in office but prior president’s have certainly done more to harm our economy. It’s funny that so many people hate this president. I wonder why…hmmm. Freakin morons. All president’s have used the military for their own things in some way. I don’t like the first lady using them but I wish I could have been at the Oscars in my uniform. Don’t watch it but given the opportunity to go…why not. You think those guys were voluntold. Hell no!!!

    • Slim1906

      Agreed…I would have dressed up and been right behind her as well…

    • Yellow Devil

      I love how you subtly slid in charges of Racism there, Kevin. Like anyone who “hates” the president for his policies and direction must be one. LOL you libs are going to the poison well too many times with this, but as I say, you do it too many times and it becomes good enough to drink. Personally, I wouldn’t show up to be a political pawn, I try to think I have some standards of decorum left.

  • Jack Fax

    After reading most of these comments by you guys, it is hard not to come away with the impression that you are nothing but a bunch of inbred morons – and more importantly, your childishness threatens to damage the nation’s economy and governmental operation. This was a social occasion, and she said nothing that was controversial. And as for the soldiers next to her, do you really think that you would have turned down an invite to the White House if you were invited?

    • Slim1906

      I know I would not have turned it down…

    • tabbywab

      Jack Fax…you are awesome! Inbred Morons! You hit the nail on the head.

    • Larry

      It’s not about being invited to the White House, it’s the use of servicemembers as props; that somehow having these idiots smiling behind is some sort of endorsement to the military’s affection to Mrs. Obama…

  • DShirley

    Some disgusting and obnoxious partisan comments against the President on this board! Some of you have a choice…..leave and go live somewhere else, or crawl back under the rocks of ignorance you came from. I am surprised this forum allows such trash to be posted….

    Jealousy is toxic to the soul….oh wait, some of you don’t have souls! Enjoy your journey into the bowels of he11. Sad – pathetic excuses for human beings!

    • tabbywab

      Well said DShirley….I could not have said it better!

  • tabbywab

    A strong, intelligent black man sitting in the most powerful seat in the United States of America making some folks a little uneasy. Can you say…. “Mr. President” :-)

    • Yellow Devil

      I find him neither. And technically, his is half black, half white.

      • Slim1906

        In AmeriKKKa, if you have a drop of Black blood in you, your Black/African-American…And I’m pretty sure he is way smarter than you think…I mean, no dummies get into Harvard Law School…Or are you gonna pull a page from Donald chump and want to see transcripts?

  • Fish

    I personally do not agree with the military being used as nothing more than props for such a thing. I do not care who the President is. What really discust me more here is that some simple minded people can not carry on a discussion without resorting to name calling. Very childish and that is what really is hurting our country.

    • Fish

      sheesh spelling. Lets try disgust me more. Darn fat fingers.

  • Brenden

    It looks like they told all the Mil Aides “Gaze at Michelle with adoration”. They held that cue for the entire live spot. Creepy weird…