Jim Carrey Picks a Fight With the NRA


The fact that Jim Carrey’s career is deader than a doornail (raise your hand if you saw last week’s bomb The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) is not going to stop folks from getting exercised about this incredibly unfunny “parody” video that’s really just troll bait for the conservative blogs.

Carrey’s Charlton Heston impersonation is terrible and how can you parody Hee Haw if you’ve obviously never actually watched the show. Complain here below or at the usually entertaining Funny or Die! website.

  • Larry

    So what does he have to say about the 30%+ women who own guns?

    • IraqVet

      And why has he been so quiet about the pistol packing politicians and their armed security…and why has he remained quiet about Hollywood’s resource sucking lifestyles that hurt our planet and deprive our children of a better future?

  • Sandra

    His movies have always been stupid, not clever, not funny, just stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. He can kiss my grits! Those hee haws he makes fun of saved this nation many times over and would once again step up. Perhaps he should just go back to selling drugs out of his car. Worm.

    • shawn1999

      There was the Trumman Show…

  • Sandra

    And another thing, carrey. Bet you would not say that to any of those hee haws face to face without your body guards around. Heck, I am old but I dare you to come say it to me. Worm.

  • Dylan

    I thought it was quite funny being a gun owner myself. Hey I guess some people can’t take jokes.

    • Diego

      I’m sorry but as a gun owner and totally pro gun I just thought it was funny. But jim carrey taking a dump would make me laugh.

  • Sandra

    He did not mean it as a joke. He meant it as ridicule – see his prior comments. He can go pound sand.

  • Bruce Clayton

    There’s obviously a lot of truth in what he said or the idiot right wouldn’t be so upset.

    • jumper

      Nice try….

    • Sandra

      Really? How many calculus problems do you work out a day?

    • IraqVet

      I thought it was funny…but the idiot left always like to stand infront of their glass houses when they throw rocks…nobody taught them to stand infront of someone elses.

  • jumper

    This is most likely another cry for help from a clown that nobody is laughing at anymore… nothing new from him. What’s more amusing than the video is the press trying to spin it that it’s created a wave of outrage, which isn’t true. The simple fact is that nobody cares. It puts Jim’s disgusting character on display more than it makes any specific case or insult against gun owners. Coming from some dimwit that has 24/7 armed guards at his gated community home, he’s been rightly ignored. It more panders to morons like Bruce Clayton than offends gun owners, left of right.

  • Chris

    What a freaking jerk….Another uneducated, uninformed Hollywood “Star” providing his in-depth analysis and commentary….Did someone check his green card?

  • rclayne

    aint he from canada?

  • Matt

    When it comes from the elitist’s who espouse

    this ignorant garbage. I just remember to vote

    with my money. Clooney, Striesand, Fonda,

    Carrey and crew can do with out my money.

  • JW

    Jim Carrey, your an A-hole, a funny one but stil an incredibly giant A-hole. I wonder how guns his body guards have?

  • Lee Ret Army

    It’s pathetic that celebs are free to take cheap shots at whatever the “Choosen One” happens to be for but let someone ridicule the “ChoosenOne” or one of his programs and they are labeled a racist people hating paranoid looney. It’s easy to stand on your soapbox ranting about gun control when you have your own private armed security and live in a gated community with security. Those of us who live in the REAL world have to provide our own security 24/7.

    • Alice Phillips

      Oh, dear!

      I just heard today that the Chosen One is actually half African and that his ancestors were juju men in their tribes.

      That means the chosen one is descended from which doctors!

      Oh, no! But that really does answer a lot of questions…

  • jack

    This not funny Hollywood type has not had a decent movie in years. He needs to be deported back to Canada. Eh.

  • SGM Bob

    Jim Carrey should go off to a corner and pick his nose. That’s about all he is fit for. Talk about one sorry piece of humanity! What the heck has he EVER contributed to the human race? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Just good at painting his face. He is a POS. So are his comments.

    • Bob Dole

      HAHAHAHA look who’s talking.. lmao

  • Chris Ehlers

    This just reinforces for me that Jim Carey isn’t funny any more. If you read the comments on the original web site they are lauding him like the second coming. Guess that also says a lot about those who take their life direction from comics.

    • Steven P Robinson

      I thought him dreadfully unfunny as Fire Marshal Bill many moons ago and my opinion has not elevated in the intervening years.

  • Pat

    He is an idiot and definitely not funny in his stupid movies which I refuse to see along with the other Hollywood leftists.

  • Ockamzrazor

    I watched Hee Haw growing up (with a particular fondness for Barbi Benton) then went on to earn a Masters and serve in three wars. I own a lot of guns, but have a thick enough skin to appreciate satire. There are those among us who are responsible armed citizens, but let’s admit it–there are plenty of folks out there who merit a poke by a rubber-faced, double-jointed has been.(Charleton Heston not being one of them–shame on you, Jim…)

  • MSgt Helm

    Sounds like second grader tactics. I can’t use logic and facts so I’ll just insult you

  • Steven

    It seems there are lot of the foreign actors and actresses who come here, make scads of money off us and then dis our society and our way of life. Alex Trebek is another one.

  • John

    Another hasbeen reaching for one last bit of notority

  • znut

    just another libtard, trying to make himself relevent. Bite me Jim

  • Art

    I hear Canada calling back home.

  • USMC

    It’s amazing to me that the idiot leftists like Carey are crying to limit the legal citizen’s right to bear arms and protect themselves while at the same time they whine and cry to give the criminal more rights. They are just backasswards and don’t have a clue that they are.

  • semperfimom

    I am sure he would want any gun toting American to help him if he were being attacked. What was being said about Charlton Heston was disrespectful. Heston was a true American who believed and stood up for the 2nd Amendment. Maybe he is just upset because it is illegal for any person who has been treated for a mental illness or institutionalize to own a firearm.

    • Dominic

      I was ,until just yesterday,unaware that jim carrey had perpetrated this vile piece of trash.
      I HAD been a moderate fan of his work;i.e. ”The Mask”,and ”Earth Girls are Easy”.
      But no longer,and never again.
      Now,I am a dedicated enemy.
      To a degree,I could tolerate the snideness,the vitriol he threw at myself and other gun owners.
      We should be big enough to sustain a few insults,true?
      But the viciousness grew as the video progressed,as I’m sure you noticed.
      The last straw however,was his demeaning,insulting,and deliberately mocking portrayal of this true hero,and patriot,Charlton Heston.
      True,his imitation was vocally accurate,the mannerisms,exagerrated;but the implication that the man was impotent and substituting weaponry for genitalia,was absolutely uncalled for,as was the clip where Carrey made it look as though ‘Heston’ was masturbating with the shotgun.
      Not to mention that he acted as though his version of Charlton was more than mildly unhinged.
      this video should be classed as pornographic in language and visuals.
      The conservatives,and gun owners in this country do not resort to this kind of attack on their opponents,but the libtards and leftists always use this type of trash tactic.
      that is the difference between us.
      We honor our heroes,our heritage.
      They use it and abuse it.

      so yes .
      I’m quite angry about this whole thing.
      you may have the right to free speech here,but you don’t have the right to misuse that right.
      Or to use it to mock,defame and openly despise a man that devoted his life to the furthering of ALL our liberties.not just speech.
      i understand that unpopular speech is also protected,but that does not mean i must agree with or tolerate it.
      I’m a fan of freedom,and I’m also a Heston fan.
      Nuff said.

  • Crazed Nam Vet

    Is that Sean Penn on that cheap guitar ?

  • Vet that knows bette

    Only thing he’s done in years. Things like this is why. Typically arrogant semi actor that thinks their opinion has some relevant content. NOT! Ignorance isn’t funny, just sad and this proves it.

  • embee


  • Matoska

    Just need to consider the source, what have you proven by besting a “Fool”.

    Send him back to Canada.

  • Victor Sellick

    God for bid anyone should say anything to any American about anything to do with guns or gun control and they lose ther mind good for you jumbo!!! Maybe another class room full of little kids should be guned down before any of you open your minds to change

  • Who gives a rats hiney what that moron thinks?

  • Ethan Williams

    This is why Bruce Willis is still one of my favorite movie actors. instead of going with the flow he voices his true oppinions and i believe he supports the second ammendment like a true american

  • Ethan Williams

    Also I’d like to point out that when in his news feeds he says “think of the children”. I am thinking about my future children. My dad has always taught me about gun safety and how to handle a weapon. If you really think that these new gun control laws are really going to work think again. Obama looks to Chicago for their gun control laws but look at the gun crime rate there compared to cities/states with little/no gun control laws. Ya thats what i thought the places with little/no gun control laws have little to non gun related crimes.

  • Rosalee

    I guess its okay for him and the rest of

    the La land land elites, but wait, when was the last

    REAL film he made?, to have bodyguards who are

    carrying, but for the rest of us, I don’t think so…………

    Jim, basically NOBODY cares what you think

    or when you think it.

  • USN-Retired

    Jim Carrey became a U.S. Citizen in October 2004 HOWEVER, retained his Canadian Citizenship and maintains that dual citizenship today. Why? Jim, why bother? Why not just maintain Canadian Citizenship or is it that you want to reap the benefits of our U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment and all? You are such an overblown hypocrite!! Until now, you were one of of my faviorite Actor/Commedians! Now, I see you as nothing but PATHETIC! I didn’t serve my Country for 20 years – go into harm’s way many times in order that it benefit you and those like you. You, Sir, can go straight to hell!

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  • Steve Crozier

    Maybe Jim should make an action hero movie kill 20or 30 people like the rest of the Hollywood liberals .Then you could feel good about selling smut and porn.

  • Jeff

    Taking away guns is the CHEAPEST way to solve the problem of safety in our schools. Panic buttons on teachers, and bullet proof doors would save our kids. I can’t believe that a govt that is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one man’s golf games can’t spend the money to keep our kids safe. We argue over rights when we should be demanding funding.

    • Jeff

      See I have this vision of small discret panic buttons that sound an alarm in the princepal’s office, and the a button that activates automatic locking bullet proof doors to the class rooms. These panic buttons are on the gate guards of most military instellations. This way a shooter would be left in the hallway with no one, or at least the fewest amount of casualties to shoot. I passed this idea to the princepal of a dod school, and she said it wasn’t “cost effective.” I think the whole country feels this way and just doesn’t want to admit it, and that disgusts me.

      • Jeff

        Oh, and I am pretty sure Canada has more guns per capita than we do Mr Carrey…

  • Jeff

    Oh and Jim Carrey is clown shoes.

  • Fernado a. Fausto

    He want to compete with TOM HANK, HANK A VERSTAILE ACTOR. Carrey are movies are garbage.