‘Lone Survivor’ Finally Gets a Movie



Before all the controversy over No Easy Day and Zero Dark Thirty, there was Lone Survivor. A #1 New York Times bestseller back in 2007, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s memoir about a failed 2005 mission in Afghanistan to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah is finally coming to the big screen this fall.

Directed by Battleship and Friday Night Lights filmmaker Peter Berg, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg as Luttrell and features Eric Bana, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster as his fellow SEALs.


Berg talked to the Wall Street Journal over the weekend about the film and described his commitment to the veteran organization Got Your 6.

I was always raised to have tremendous respect for the military. I did not serve in the military but it is my responsibility is to show our appreciation however and whenever we can. It speaks to culture I was  brought up with. On “Lone Survivor” at any given point there were 10 vets on set….I always looked to hire vets. And not just because I’m a generous person. But selfishly, vets have turned out to be some of the hardest working people. It’s self-serving. When I was invited by Got Your 6 I had already worked with Wounded Warriors, it just seemed to make sense.

The film crew did extensive filming in New Mexico and the movie is expected in theaters on November 15th. You can check out more images from the shoot at the New Mexico film blog One Headlight Ink.

  • rclayne

    I believe its about time.

  • Chop

    About time. I thought it should have been out years ago.

  • Jose

    My dad is buried not too far from Michael Murphy in Calverton, Long Island. I will pay my respects at his grave site this Easter.

  • SGM Bob

    I’ll watch for this movie.

  • Dale Swanson

    While I’m glad to see the movie is finally being made, I must admit I’m disappointed to hear that Mark Wahlberg is playing the part of Marcus Lutrrell. While Wahlberg is a fine actor he is somewhat overexposed and is nowhere near the physical likeness of Marcus. I met Marcus at a book signing and he is in the 6’5″ – 230lb range, quiet or at least humble by nature I think. He impressed me as that anyway. Wahlberg I enjoy but knowing the size difference and remembering Wahbergs performance in Boogie Nights it’s difficult for me to look forward to the movie. Maybe it’s the Marine and sailor in me having served in both but after reading the book, meeting Marcus and having a limited understanding from a career in service I don’t know if I want to see the movie and be disappointed. I know big names and action stars guarantee box office and video sales but it might have been better to cast a lessor known and more believable actor as Marcus.

    • Mike

      Have you seen Wahlberg in “The Shooter”?? Good peformance there…

  • AirborneMike

    Oh goody, another book/movie about Navy SEAL’s. I guess its only Army SF that live by the motto “Quiet Professionals.”

    • 11Bravo

      I have several books from Army SF and CAG authors. The battle referenced in the movie happened almost 9 years ago, and was more vicious than most have seen in our 12 years at war. Well worth a movie.

  • Yellow Devil

    Mark Wahlberg? That’s the best they could get? Bah.

  • Bill

    Someday someone is going to do a film showing the SEAL’s leaving Rangers in support behind to fend for themselves as they exfill back for their self admiration. Excuse me for not bowing in the presence of the glory hungry.

    • FD

      Well Bill, that movie has already been done but with Rangers leaving their own behind. Blackhawk Down.

      • ghost patrol

        Well played FD, well played….

  • puresaltA1A

    my best friend was an advisor of the ANA Spec ops for the second recovery attempt of the rest of the team… he earned a bronze with a combat V for his efforts… not one tali made it out of that valley….

  • kenny

    Mark Wahlberg was on a movie set with Charlton Heston, a Great Patrot. When asked about the experiece, he commented that he was scared of CH because of the gun stuff by CH.

    One of the comments above said he was too small. If Marcus obvously was not aware of this or he might have not been pleased with Wahlberg playing

    him. Just another anti-gun hollywood punk.

    I bought and read the book. It was an excellent

    look into the world of the SEALs. Hope Marcus got

    his money ‘up front. I will wait untill it is on TV.

    Bad choice.

    Sorry about grammer and spelling, I can only type with

    one finger.

    Semper Fi.

  • It is about time the movie was made. I met Marcus at a book signing and he is a true hero.

  • PJ

    No matter who plays the part of Marcus Luttrell,

    the movie I have no doubt will portray what he

    and our service men and women go thru in

    serving our country. Let’s not focus on who,

    but be proud to have a glimpse into the type of

    man Marcus is and what he stands for in loving

    what he did and his country. Praise God for

    men like him, for I fear there are not as many of

    them as there should be!

  • FL5001

    Owain Yeoman would have been a better cast for Lutrell (played EricKocher in Generation Kill) but studios like to have a lead that is instantly recognisable and guaranteed box office. Most Americans have never heard of Wales let alone a realise there is a Welsh actor on The Mentalist playing one of the lead characters each week. It’s what makes money, it’s the Hollywood way. Most in the real world have no clue what Luttrell looks like, so it’s an easy sell

  • TFOrange

    Cant there be a movie about any of the ASTOUNDING things done by the Activity/ISA?? Or maybe a movie about CAG or any of the heroic ODA ops since 2001? Sorry, but after Act of Valor (relatively entertaining SEAL movie i guess) I just want something green on screen…Not playing biased with CAG/1st SFOD-D or Activity, but they have done TEN TIMES as much over the years that ALL NSW units combined…easily.

    They captured (together i mean) Pablo, Hussein, UBL (yeah, no..it was NOT the SAD..TF Orange/Activity was the SIGINT spec guys on the ground in Pak) etc etc..I mean, so many heavy hitters, and we are making one more squid film about what happened when they went after Ahmed Shah or whoever? The dude was a nobody, NOT a heavy hitter.

    Sorry…not to vent or rant. Just in TOTAL agreement with some others here who have been waiting to see more stories about CAG and/or Army SF since seeing that movie BHD back in the day. I mean…come on..I can think of at least (at this is just me, myself personally) a dozen faaar more heroic actions by ODAs (let alone CAG!!!) in the last decade then by the entire frog community combined…

    Anyone pickin up what I’m putting down about CAG and/or ISA??

  • TFOrange


    Hell, i mean sorry to sound biased here….

    I mean, a MARSOC film would be more welcome at this point. How many SEAL films are there over other branches?

    What about making a film about the Battle of Roberts Ridge???? Wouldn’t that make both sides happy?? That battle had SEALs, Rangers, AFSOC, etc… I mean, I would be far happier watching that. DONT GET ME WRONG..I am ecstatic that Luttrel’s story is being told by Berg…Berg is amazing, and so is Marcus.. Not dissing Lone Survivor, but man…

    I mean, what about the Battle of Qala-i-Jangi? Debecka Pass???? SERIOUSLY…

    I mean, i can think of soooo many ODA and SBS/SAS and CAG stories that it would freeze this forum solid with debate… And lets list off just the last few for the frogs…Zero Dark, Act of Valor, Tears of the Sun, etc etc… so many SEAL films. JUST ONE ARMY SOF film…JUST ONE plz…hell, the book “Killer Elite” (ISA book) is filled with TWENTY Hollywood blockbuster stories inside it… Lol..i mean, I cant say that about 99% of the NSW books I’ve read.

  • Jeff

    I never got the contraversy over Zero Dark Thirty. I mean I watched that movie and didn’t see anything wrong. So we tortured some known bad guys, I see hurting bad guys as a mitzvah.

  • Rosalee

    I am from a military family and spent several years serving my country………It is my hope that this film does well at the box office………..SEALS and Spec Forces have long been individuals who I have admired. During my service in the Navy I was fortunate to meet some SEALS when I was at NAS Miramar and earlier I had met Spec Forces who were on leave in Taiwan…………An honor in both cases.

    My father also spoke highly of them also.

    Men of honor and integrity. We are privileged to have them in service to our nation

  • Rosalee

    “Let’s not focus on who,

    but be proud to have a glimpse into the type of

    man Marcus is and what he stands for in loving

    what he did and his country.”

    I could not agree more. We are privileged to have

    them serve this nation.

  • Rosalee

    “While Wahlberg is a fine actor he is somewhat overexposed and is nowhere near the physical likeness of Marcus. I met Marcus at a book signing and he is in the 6’5″ — 230lb range”

    I realize this is not same thing but when Cruise did Jack Reacher I just found it hilarious. Reacher is a man of

    real presence e.g. you cite for Marcus…….I believe same height/weight, ie a real presence, and who do they pick? A squirt like Cruise