The ‘Rivals at War’ Smartphone Experience



The full-blown shooter game experience hasn’t yet translated to Android devices or the iPhone, so the brand-new free-to-download Rivals at War takes a different approach to smartphone gaming.

You assemble a team of warriors, assign them weapons and sit back and watch to see your battlefield strategy unfold. The computer AI controls both teams during the shooter portion of the game, a decision that allows Rivals at War to take advantage of higher-quality lighting and graphic rendering techniques. 


To readers of a certain age, this gameplay might sound a whole lot like the classic high-tech gaming experience of electric football. You’d carefully position your players on the field, flick a switch and see how the play unfolded after the metal field started vibrating.

So maybe Rivals at War won’t be as intense as Call of Duty, but who needs that kind of drama when you’re waiting in line at the bank or the DMV.

Here’s a few more details about the game:

  • Battle across four different combat scenarios, each with its own 3D battlefield and military mission.
  • Choose from 6 unique soldier types – Commander, Sniper, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Radioman and Medic.
  • Use Power-up skill perks to enhance the Accuracy, Speed, Damage, Defense and Health abilities of your soldiers.
  • Unlock new soldiers with better weapons, guns and skills to improve your team’s combat assault rating.
  • Customize your team with different camouflage uniforms, headgear, and team badges.
  • Select powerful tactics cards to tip each battle in your favor.
  • Conquer 45 achievements to unlock more special rewards.

You can earn the currency needed to buy the card packs to upgrade your team or you can give in and buy them through in-game purchases if you get into playing the game. It’s free to download in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

  • Steve Arnell

    looks lovely, buts its a horrible game. Caught my nephew paying real money to buy stuff in the game so i checked it out.

    Results seem totally random. starting off as level 1 and using no “tactics” I beat a few higher level players who were using tactics. “tactics” dont seem to make a bit of difference most of the time. I just skipped through earning big victories without having to set anything.

    I use the phrase tactics loosely. Its simply a matter of selecting 3 cards from your deck to play, but theres only a handful of common cards that can realistically be bought without investing hours or real world money.

    Whole thing designed to be rewarding enough early to get you invested, but then to pay money for the good perks being the only realistic way to guarantee game victories.

    Not fun and extremely hollow

  • prkralex

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