Jane Fonda Learned ‘Empathy is Revolutionary’ From Vietnam Vets


Jane Fonda tells Oprah that thing she did in North Vietnam was an “unforgivable mistake” and talks about what she learned when she apologized to a group of Vietnam Veterans in an episode of Oprah’s Master Class. The clip surfaced because Oprah’s running a followup interview with Fonda on Sunday April 7th at 9pm on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

(For our readers born after 1980, Jane’s still apologizing for hanging out with the enemy and a series of photographs that showed her having a grand old time. No matter what she says, there are still a few folks who believe she should be hanged as a traitor. One of our editors has a neighbor who refuses to recognize the Atlanta Braves 1995 World Championship because Fonda was married to team owner Ted Turner at the time and was photographed celebrating in the owner’s box. It’s like that.)

  • Edward Kay

    She’s right about one and only one thing – “it was an unforgivable mistake”.

    She still doesn’t take responsibility as she labels it as ” that thing” NO! it wasn’t “that thing”, it was pure TREASON! PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!

    47 years ago I took an oath to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. There was no expiration date on that oath. She is still my, our enemy!

    • Gene Miller

      She was one of over 300 people that went to North Vietnam to talk against the war. I was a grunt from Apr 68 to Apr 69 and i’m glad someone was trying to get our butt out. When she went in to talk the war was almost over. She is a class act.

      • D. Phariss

        Unfortunately the war protesters cost American lives and prolonged the war by letting the Communist leadership take heart at the support for their brutal regime in America. They had to laughing…
        Do you forget the “protestors” (funded by the KGB in many cases) sending money, drugs and other supplies to the Communists? We killed a NVA medic out by Khe Sanh one morning and doc went through his bag and said “It kinda pisses you off when you think the drugs he had may have been sent over by war protestors in the US.
        We were not wrong to be in VN. The people, civilians, that died at Communists hands and trying to escape Communist tyranny after we left testify to this.
        I could not wait to get out either but the bombing halts and other BS killed some of the people I served with.
        I still have NVA leaflets featuring statements and pictures of the Communist Dupes in America.

      • Bill

        I think your are dreaming. Tell the 20,000+ men who died from 1970 thru 1973 that the war was “Almost Over.” I was there then, it weren’t over by a long shot.

      • Bob Ware

        I respect your views although I do not agree with you, I too was there in 1968-1969. The war was far from over, it did not end unti April 1975, 6 years after you came home. If Jane and her other misguided friends did so much good why did 21874 Americans die between April 1969 and April 1975? (See The Viet Nam War Memorial website to verify). Thank you for your service to America and welcome home Bill but, I will not accept her apology. She was not a youngster in Hanoi, she was in her thirties, much older than the majority of Americans that came home in body bags.

      • Bob Vitray

        Thanks Gene, those of us with sense better hang together or these yahoos will talk themselves into another silly war.

    • Robert James Burkholder

      I agree with Edward Kay. It is “unforgivable”.I do not believe her story now–that she was an emotional wreck by the time her photo-op came. She was still very unapologetic when she brought her entourage to Ft.Carson and their silly “sick in for peace” Good thing about it was I got to see her picked up and removed from the Little Wheel Club” by a mechanic who didn’t care WHO she thought she was she was messing with Our time. for her own gain. sick call was a very serious matter– Very boring while she was in town..

    • Robert Triplett

      Send my brain back to1969, as if I need another jolt.She is unfogiveable and will be remembered by all as Hanoi Jane

    • John H

      I was there in 1967 when she made her statement on the Radio and i will never forget what she did as long as i live

    • Nothing she said would ever change my mind, we were young, some of us 19, she betraded US and all America!Take it to her she will.

    • PQ

      Amen brother. I took the same oath in 1961 and I have been haunted by her total lack of respect for the grunts that died for her right to do that. I will never forgive her for what she did, no matter how many apologies come now.

  • Chris

    What a no good slut… Jane do the only thing possible, take a gun and shot yourself…. Other than that, get out of the news. Your apology means NOTHING.

    • Robert Triplett

      How many out there with delayed stress got a kick in the ass today, how many Viet Vets are on the brink of depression so bad they start thinking negatively and grow angry.Why is this carrying on, Ive heard her name in the news or computer 3 times this week,,thats 3 headaches I could do without. Is the far left so carried away since its new debut as leaders of a Socialist Gov and are now printing money till the ink runs out, just to drive Democracy and Socialism into the same arguments, Karl Marx and Engles were into 250 years ago.Sabering Jane Fonda is some form of promotional activity to drive ALL those other points of social change during that time period, some brainwashing double reverse to get her pardoned, she does this from time to time, another firmal appolgy will be forthcomeing, I betcha.

  • c4246

    The very least that should have been done at that time was to strip her citizenship and leave her in that country. Soldiers do not fight for traitors like her. Why does our country allow individuals like this in combat zones? Dennis Rodman in North Korea?

    • Ray

      Growing up and watching her kind spit on our vets returning was a time I was ashamed to be an american.

      Oddley enough It was a Vietnam Vet who showed me what loving your country was all about

  • Paul

    Is there a statute of limitations on treason at a time of war? I didn’t think so. “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it.

    • Bob Vitray

      There was no war. Congress did not declare it so everything we did was a “police action” or the fulfillment of a treaty obligation.

  • Sandra

    “when she apologized to a group of Vietnam Veterans in an episode of Oprah’s Master Class” so I am just wondering, were these vietnam veterans the “John Kerry” type of veterans? and by “group” do they mean more than 3?

    • Bob Vitray

      Where did you serve, Sandra?

  • bill

    You (Jane) were young and did some foolish things. I was also young and didn’t want to go to Vietnam or even be in the military. I cannot forget Thanksgiving Day 1968 as I was flying with the Austrailians dropping off mail and picking up troops. I made several stops that day and one was in Dalat where we picked up a body of an American soldier. I’ve never forgot that day and I’ll never forget the smile on your despicable smiling face. I still hurt from seeing all the young soldiers that gave their lives so that scum like you can make millions of dollars while the young troops that gave their life rots in the ground. I hated you forty five years ago, I hate you today, and I’ll hate you everyday for the rest of my life. You’ve got no ideal of the hurt I still carry for the many young troops who cannot sit at a computer and give their opinion like me. I hope you die a slow miserable death as you made my life miserable. Did I forget to say that I HATE YOU.

    • Liam

      actually we young troops can understand….She and people like her NEVER understand the things they do, to them it is all a joke, they can walk away. in the profession of arms the “mistake” is one you do not walk away from, if at all. our jobs carry a very serious

      I was medically discharged with disability, I don’t mind I was honored to serve! Chapter on military life closed…next chapter!! What puzzles me is if she is so sorry then WHY didn’t she try to make it up by going down range to visit with troops in Iraq or Afghanistan!1 Granted It can not make up for what happened in the past, but it would have shown her heart was in the right place!!. Just a thought from a newly minted vet!! PS thanks for leading the way in the “Veterans World” the work you guys did to help us young one out….well I am grateful! We stand in your shadow!!

      • Rick Gustafson

        Jack are you crazy? How the hell can you compare a traitor fonda to George W.? I am sure you are more comfortable with your muslim POS president that has America’s best intentions at heart. You’re no better than fonda.
        The problem is she was never sincere in her apology. Being a dumb kid making a dumb mistake does not remove ones’ responsibility of one’s actions…unless your a POS liberal that uses “it’s not my fault” bullshit.
        Oh George W caused all this shit…you are a fucking idiot! Try blaming a fucked up muslim religion that its only basis for peace is when everyone is either converted or killed.
        The mistake W made was asking the country to go on as though nothing changed and let our military do it alone. Even though 99% of your democrat assholes voted to authorize combat.

    • Bob Vitray

      What about the thousands of Vietnamese lying dead on the streets of their Hanoi? We turned that country into a charnel house. And for what? A war where all the enemy has to do is survive is unwinnable. Because of people like you we have had to learn that lesson again in Iraq and Afghanistan. When you go to somebody else’s country and kill people you are likely to get wht you paid for, dead Americans. How would you feel if Afghanis were here breaking into houses on the slightest suspicion and terrorizing your family. Would you join me in ambushing and killing as many of the bastards as we could, or would you think it was okay because we disagreed with them about politics.

      • D. Phariss

        The Communists killed over 100 million of their own citizens during the 20th c. Stalin made Hitler look like a choirboy.
        N. Vietnam was never bombed as we did Germany and Japan. I had a friend who went through WW-II in Germany and NVN got off very easy. If we had done so the war would have ended in 1966 and I and a great many others probably would have not gone to the place. But we tried to conduct a limited war and allowed the Communists safe havens in Laos, Cambodia and NVN where they were safe this killed a LOT of Americans. The only people that respected the DMZ for example was OUR side. It was full of military installations on THEIR side.
        Communism was on the march and it continued until the USSR went broke. They controlled a lot of Africa and were pressuring more. Thailand was having border incursions. South America was being infiltrated.
        South Africa had a pretty serious war with cross border communist insurgents. This was why, after the USSR went under S. Africa changed. The pressure was off.
        But our school system from bottom to top paints a far different picture of the world then and now.
        People need to think about the terror the Communists inflicted on the South Vietnamese. Torture, killings of men women and chilren, mass graves in Hue. This took place in many areas. But its not something you will find in most history books. So the kids are taught a lot of crap about the War against Communism that started with Korea and did not end until Reagan’s military build up broke the USSR that is simply propaganda.
        The communist aggressions in Korea, Europe, Africa, South America and VN cost the Comm-bloc more over time than they could afford. So one might say that as a result of our fighting in Korea and VN hundreds of millions of people DO NOT live in a “workers paradise”. I for one am not ashamed of fighting in VN. We were trying to keep people free. That the politicians were more interested in making money off it that resolving it is no reflection on me. Trying to prevent people from being subjugated by a murderous totalitarian ideology was bad?

  • GregSD

    When was the last time she went to the graveyard and asked forgiveness from the men who died as a result of her treason. It’s one thing to “ask” for forgiveness, it’s another to “act” and demonstrate her guilt. When was the last time she went to the Veteran’s home and offered to fed the homeless vets. When was the last time she went to the “poor” part of town and offered to allow a vet to stay at her house while he/she got back on their feet? Some things are unforgiveable, no matter what your religion is. She should not have the right to be called an American.

  • Jon

    The story doesn’t mention her being married to the guy in the SDS (Students for a Democratics Society) I believe his name was Tom Hayden. The SDS were radical war protesters who committed felonious destruction of property, riots etc in the war years. Sadly she too was used by the North Vietnamese Communists during her visit to Hanoi. She was certainly “duped” into the anti aircraft gun picture. Hanoi Hannah (the North Vietnam radio announcer of propaganda) had a field day with her visit.

    Sadly, Miss Fonda was a young, niave impressionable young person who didn’t think ahead as to how her actions would affect Americans as to the opinions of the war and society. I was in Vietnam with the Marines and was devestaed by her conduct during her visit. It was one thing to protest the war in the states, but another to go to the enemies camp and urge Gi’s to defect. Of course she’s been sorry all these years, but it’s like the criminal who gets arrested and is sorry-sorry he got caught.

    The protesters of this country blamed the warriors for Vietnam and made our return home a nightmare with their badgering, harassment and assaults. I believe Miss Fonda is repentant and she may be forgiven but not forgotten.

    • ChuckMc

      Jon, I had to search through a lot of comments to find yours: one person who didn’t harbor dark black cancerous hate in their heart. What’s done is now history and history must never be forgotten but forgiveness heals the forgiver more than it does the forgiven. It’s the only way to get rid of the dark black cancerous hate that eats away at a person from the inside.

    • Kathryn Grace

      Who among us has not made an error of judgment when we were young? Ms. Fonda was idealistic and radical in her protest of the Vietnam war. Why did she protest the war so strongly? She felt it was an immoral war and that millions were dying needlessly because of it. History proved her right about that. Did the VietCong manipulate her? I believe they did. I also believe that her taking the pix on the VietCong tank was a statement–not in support of the Enemy–but against the War. It was the error of a politically naive young woman. It’s one of the reasons that I believe actors need to be very careful about backing political causes. There’s immense potential for manipulation. Ms. Fonda has repeatedly apologized for her poor judgement. If she did this when she was in her 40s, it might be unforgiveable. But a young girl still finding out who she was should be forgiven.

      Who among us has not made a mistake in judgment, especially when manipulated by a more powerful force, when we were young? The comments about Fonda are laced with resentment about her vast wealth. She earned that through her talent and hard work. And if we are true Chrstians, we should forgive her for something she did, naively, over 40 years ago.

      We have OJ the murderer running around a free man, but the ire of the public is fixed on a superb actress who has not only given us great joy from her art, but whom has inspired many to live more fit lives. Enough already with the Hanoi Jane business.

  • Richard C Vaspory

    Sorry Jane, your ‘Sorry’s’ are after the fact and are worthless. Oprha may be in your Social Class, but she has scammed the people herself, and has no room to make much Comments, that are unforgiving, as well!

    • Kevin

      LOL, how do you apologize before the fact? :-/

  • I am also a veteran of the Vietnam War. I was awarded the DFC for “heroism while participating in aerial flight,” on March 9, 1970, serving with Bravo Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry.

    Speaking of mistakes, within the context of Jane Fonda’s actions in North Vietnam, consider our involvement in Vietnam as the greatest foreign policy mistake of the Twentieth Century by the United States of America! The Vietnamese were not part of a foreign cabal, working to achieve worldwide Communist domination. The had been fighting for 2,000 years to liberate their country from foreign occupation: the Chinese, the French, the Japanese, and, finally the Americans.

    If you want to place blame on someone for making mistakes, which led to needless deaths of American military personnel, don’t blame Jane Fonda. Feel free to place the blame for 58,000+ U.S. deaths on Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.

    • GregSD

      Mr. Moriartu,

      While blame for an death of any American, anywhere is tragic, you fought honorably and without hesitation. Too often do the uninformed make claims they do not understand. We WON the conflict in VN and the end-sate of detering further agression has lasted to this day. How many lives have been saved because of America’s actions? Aiding and assisting the enemy, whomever it is, does not excuse her actions. There may be blame in your heart, but honorable actions should never be blamed on anyone. Dishonorable actions always have blame. Too young, BS; Too ignorant, BS; Too trusting, BS; five generations of my family have fought in conflicts since the first WW and never would we turn traitor. Blame is the language of the ill-informed, understanding is the art of the intelligent.

    • Ron Blais

      Also remmber who put us there in the first place!! John (the hero) kenedy! Some people have no memory

      • To Ron Blais, yes, some people have no memory. Including you. Eisenhower was who put us there first with advisors. Kennedy followed with more advisors and Johnson followed up with the large scale involvement after the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Check it out.

    • Carl

      You idiot! You should kiss Nixon’s ass. HE got us OUT of VN. Vietnamization, where do you think that came from? Grunt 66-67, 2 PH, 12 days apart. Serving Vets last 30 years. She should rot…

    • Carl

      As I understand it, a visit to NV required a visa from the State Dept. That was the first crime. Aiding the enemy was the second crime. She got a free pass because of her father…

    • Dennis

      Oh!! Your not going to mention Kennedy ha, who put us there in the first place. I can tell your a Democrat loving SOB.

      • CC Ryder

        Actually, the only people who were in Vietnam while Kennedy was in office were official advisers. In early 1963 Kennedy was going to pull them all out, but by then there were too many dollars flowing through American companies because of the war and those companies didn’t want to lose there money-making business. Hence JFK’s trip to Dallas, and what followed thereafter. LBJ took over, and as the fighting between the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese continued, the U.S. continued to send additional advisers to South Vietnam. When the North Vietnamese fired directly upon two U.S. ships in international waters on August 2 and 4, 1964 (known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident), Congress responded with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. This resolution gave the President the authority to escalate U.S. involvement in Vietnam. President Lyndon Johnson used that authority to order the first U.S. ground troops to Vietnam in March 1965.

      • ChuckMc

        CC Ryder “When the North Vietnamese fired directly upon two U.S. ships in international waters on August 2 and 4, 1964” – you might want to do a little more research on that one because it didn’t exactly happen like that..

    • Ina

      My husband’s family – who fled Vietnam when Saigon fell – certainly did NOT feel like they were being occupied by the Americans. They saw the Americans as their only chance at retaining their freedom and way of life. When my mother-in-law fled with her mother and her two children, she had to leave behind her husband and her father. My father-in-law spent the next decade in hiding so as to avoid execution by the North Vietnamese. Because unlike what some of you morons claim, South Vietnamese men did fight with the Americans.
      You, Edward, are full of crap.

    • E Co,1/8 Cav,68-69

      I know I’m a little late with my comment, as I’ve been trying to find the historical note that said that the U.S. got involved in Viet Nam in the early ’50s, as the Korean conflict drew to a close, French Pres. Chas. DeGaulle and reps from what became South Viet Nam, got an audience with Pres. Harry Truman. They were trying to get a loan of thousands of U.S. troops who were in the ‘neighbor hood’ (just to the NE). Pres Truman said no to anything of a military nature, but would be glad to supply medical and ‘humanitarian’ needs, with a caveat: when the French got their butts kicked out (which they did on 7 May 1954 at Dien Bien Phu). The Kennedy administration remained essentially committed to the Cold War foreign policy inherited from the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. In 1961, the U.S. had 50,000 troops based in Korea, and Kennedy faced a three-part crisis – the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the construction of the Berlin Wall, and a negotiated settlement between the pro-Western government of Laos and the Pathet Lao communist movement. These crises made Kennedy believe that another failure on the part of the United States to gain control and stop communist expansion would fatally damage U.S. credibility with its allies and his own reputation. Kennedy was thus determined to “draw a line in the sand” and prevent a communist victory in Vietnam. He told James Reston of The New York Times immediately after his Vienna meeting with Khrushchev, “Now we have a problem making our power credible and Vietnam looks like the place.”

    • Cecil Nixxon

      Thanx and a BIG HAT TIP to Ronnie Reagan for opening up China as if she were our best friend forever! Somehow that feels like a slap in the face to everyone who died fighting the commies, who are now still commies,and “most favored trading partner.” The shame! At least the Waltons were able to capitalize on it. Good for them.

  • Kevin

    If you are old enough to remember this, you are old enough to remember Saturday Night LIve. There was a phrase Chevy Chase always replied to Jane Curtain’s opinion when doing the news. It always comes to mind when I see Jane Fonda.

    “Jane you ignorant sl*t”

    She made her bed, now sleep in it ! No one forgives you, they only tolerate your presence or feel sorry for you.

  • Tommy J. Sands

    I will NEVER forgive Hanoi Jane! NEVER!

    Tommy J. Sands

    USMC 1975 – 1979

    USAF 1980 – 1996

  • ms6

    There’s something on my shoe……Oh, it’s Jane.

  • Maggie

    Unforgivable mistake! yes indeed it was. It tore us all apart. You will apologize to your death because there are so many of us who have not forgiven you, yet!

  • Lonnie Walker

    Sure she’s sorry….NOT. She’s still at it as far back as the Iraq war. She’s giving lip service, who does she think we are? Ted Turner?


  • Doug Cool

    It sickens me that MILITARY.COM even mentions this low life, son of a bitches, name and gives her recognition. she should be at the very least SHUNNED by our entire society in every form. I will grab my remote and change channels even at the mention of her name… I will now delete MILITARY> COM from my likes, contacts or friends list…. .

  • frank


  • jegelkrout

    I don’t see much difference between this and the 2nd amendment enthusiasts who talk about arming themselves against our government.

    • Brandon Johns

      If you would get out of that Obama box you are living in you would understand what we are talking about. People like you are no different than what the Germans were in the 1930s.

      • Bill

        Oh, look another “Hitler” reference. How shallow is the pool that comes from!

      • Phillip

        Grow up Bill Hitler was worst. But Obama is NOT THE GOLDEN CHILD EITHER.

        If you say anything bad about Obama that person is a racist. But it is Okay to talk bad about Bush. Who to is NOT THE GOLDEN CHILD.

      • Richard C Vaspory

        Oprah Sucks as well! Thae last time I wrote a Comment about her I received over 100 “No Reply’ E-mails’, untill I blocked the site! Just goes to show how she deals with people who have decending opinions about her! Nothing but a Black B*7tch!! An her, and Fonda, you both deserve each other………………KMA!

      • GUEST

        what the hell does Obama have to do with the fact that Jane Fonda went as a drugged out hippy to a place she did not belong and showed her ass for what she was a media whore who was wanting publicity. ????? what the hell does that have to do with the president who would have been a child at the time/??????? More like Mitt Romney who wont even leave his money on shore or pay his taxes which is about as un-American as Hanoi Jane and that is as un-American as you can get.. may they both burn in hell

    • Jack Fax

      ha, you got them there jegelkrout. But don’t say it too loud – one of them nuts will come over and shoot you too.

  • Randel

    It was your decision and yours alone to do what you did, I will never forgive you for that.

    U.S.Army 1975 – 1989

  • mike graham

    May Jane Fonda rot in hell and even that’s to good for her she is a trader to our country!!!!!needs to shot as a traiter!!!!

  • Brandon Johns

    She should have been hung as a traitor. Dennis Rodman should be hung as a traitor right now for his involvement with North Korea.

  • linda123456

    jane fonda, took small pieces of paper from each serviceman she shook hands with ..POW’s…..she then took those papers, which her SS numbers, and gave them to the north vietnamese officer. veterans who were there, will tell you, that she got men killed, beaten for that. i will NEVER forgive the traitor. i am not a vietnam vet, but my children have been told what she did, and they hate her as well. if we can keep passing down to our children, what she did, she will go down in historty as a traitor to America.

    • R. Goldsberry

      I didn’t know that detail about her. I knew she visited the enemy. (I was born in 1970 so I was too young, but many of my friends and family served in that war.) There have been many traitors in history in all our wars from the revolutionary war to the present war. She should be delt with the same as we prosecuted the other traitors in the past.

      • Bill

        Linda is as gullible as Jane was. She didn’t hear about it from her children, she read it in a spam email..

      • Richard C Vaspory

        Hopefully, in an ‘Unmarked Grave’!!

    • American in the 60s

      Never happened.

    • C. B. KIRBY

      First of all, Linda, that story of jane fonda taking small bits of paper from the POWs with their SSNs on is not true. Talk to COL Culligan, he was at that POW camp. I’m not defending fonda but please try to seperate the internet bullshit from fact. Read the book “Aid and Comfort” by Henry and Erika Holzer. That should help you.

      CSM C. B. Kirby

      US Army (ret)


  • James

    She was young and stupid and made a mistake. Get over it and move on.

    • Brian

      So was Charles Manson. I guess we should let him go too.

    • Brian

      Her ‘mistake’ was carefully planned and well thought out. She went to Viet Nam with the intention of smearing the American presence there. She was invited by the NVA, and they hosted her trip. Her actions in the above scenario took ho-pe away from som e great American heroes who were counting on her to identify them to their families. Hanoi Jane IS a traitor.

      • American in the 60s

        A lot were against the war then. Even a lot in the military. It was a lost cause.

      • Richard C Vaspory

        Those that fought and died in that War, ‘didn’t die in Vain’. Along with so many that have lived and died from their wounds!

    • ken

      Young and stupid my ass! 1972 she was 35 yrs old and just wanted to get more publicity as did so many of the Hollywood type. Her “apology means nothing today and does nothing to assuage the hatred of those of us that served in Viet Nam

    • John mc

      Jane was 31 .that not young and foolish.

    • Kenneth C. A

      You just do not get it. Your probably have not served in the military. What she did was not only wrong, it was treason.

    • Jersey Ron

      Jim, your comment typifies today’s generation. The vast majority who have never served their country and except belonging to the Boy Scouts or college fraternity have no understanding of the brotherhood who stepped forward and served their country in Vietnam. They represent those who were betrayed by this self serving bitch. Our country needs the draft reenacted so every American family has a vest interest, men and women of military age should serve. Than people like yourself would be singing a different tune. It’s not going to happen, the Oligarchs One Party System Masquerading as Two who run this country like the volunteers and contractors. The majority of our country doesn’t have a personal vested interest they are to busy watching Dancing with the Stars.

  • Karen

    Jane Fonda is so full of shit. She committed treason and I will never, ever respect or like her, no matter how many bullshit stories she tells. Go to the other side, Jane, and leave us alone.

  • Don

    Whats the matter Jane? Too much out of the public eye lately? I just watched the video. Give me a break Jane.

    What an acting job! Dramatic pauses, near tears. What makes me mad is you are acting like YOU are the victim.

    You are right, you only made one mistake and it wasn’t getting on the AA gun, it was going to North Vietnam to aid and abet the enemy in the first place.

    Don’t preach to me or anyone else about needing to listen to one another. There is nothing you can share that will undo your treason. There is nothing you can do to undo the added torture and hell your buddies running the Hanoi Hilton put your fellow countrymen through just because of your actions. There is no telling how many U.S. POWs died because you emboldened the enemy.

    That was NOT a sincere apology, it was dramatic acting. Wait, didn’t I hear similar dialogue in the confrontational scene with you father in the movie “On Golden Pond”?

    You are may be sorry you got photographed and videoed on that gun but nowhere did I hear you say you should not have gone to North Vietnam at all.

  • manuel martinez IV

    dear gregsd my dad served in vietnam and to this day hes says we lost the war we did not have victory because if we did there would be a north vietnam and a south the reason why we were there is because the north was communist and the south did not want to be communist and we promised them we would protect them so they could have the same freedoms we have but we withdrawn-ed because of people like jane fonda and the media that played the tet offensive as a major loss to american troops and as a result of or withdraw 450,000 south Vietnamese civilians died in the war for nothing we as Americans should never have given up on them and as for jane fonda and the rest of the people like her in that era they have to live with the fact that millions of people died fighting for the south Vietnamese and all died for nothing because we let the communist north win

  • mike corbin

    I was in Vietnam when that picture was taken. It was on the front page of the Stars and Stripes. It became instant hate, and this just a year after I fell in love with her, when I saw her in Cat Ballou. As far as I”m concerned she can stuff any apologies up,’ you know where’

    And if the notion of hanging her for treason is still out there I’d gladly put the noose around her neck..

  • Ed

    As soon as she stepped off the plane from that trip she shouldved been shot on site as a traitor. This video is fonda at her phoneyest. Hope she goes through what those guys were going through in prison. N amont of explanation will reverse what she did, it is inexcusable

  • Chuck

    Let her say sorry to the guys beaten to death for passing her notes. Let her visit their parents or kids. Traitor, its not me she needs to get on her knees and ask forgiveness of. Untill she does that .. kiss my ass.

  • Scott

    Everyone’s ignorant comments are a greater reflection of their own character more than that of Fonda’s.

  • James Paris

    As a combat veteran who served with the 9th Inf. Div. in Vietnam I will only forgive Hanio jane when she is tried for treason, found quilty, and execude….

  • S Bryan

    I lost the love of my life in the Viet Nam War.

    I forgave Jane Fonda a long time ago. The forgiveness was for my self…..for NOT forgiving. Go in Peace Jane.

  • Thomas Hunt

    anyone think she is or ever has been sorry for Vietnam.

    Check her out here, she is still doing the samething


  • I just want to say thank you to all that served in

    Vietnam , One of my favorite saying’s since then

    has been , If you weren’t there shut your mouth .

    My uncle served there , and I seen him go through

    hell when he got back . He shared a lot with me

    and some time’s I feel as if I was there . I am 53

    year’s old I was not there , But I grew up having

    nightmare’s about that place . I was never there but

    I told the Dr. of thing’s that no one back home should have known. I still carry these images with me today .

    Again thank you all for your bravery and may god bless each and every one of you . A nation that forget’s it’s defender’s will soon it’s self be forgotten . Semper – Fi . My brother’s .

    • seattledoowop

      Thanks to Thomas Davis. Many of us were there, some in the bushes, some in the rivers, some in the Danang Harbor and some off shore on the gun line. We all had jobs to do, some not so “manly” as others but we did them. I am not ashamed of my Military career and am so thankful to those willing to serve as Navy Corpsmen, Soldiers and Marines in the jungles-you are the real heroes. How do I feel about Hanoi Jane? Her very presence in NVN upset me, did she pass notes to the NVA, can’t say, I wasn’t there.

  • Skypilot1970

    Look guys. We are a country founded on Christian principles. She’s confessed and only God knows her heart. I’m wondering about the bitter hearts and the vitriolic responses. I forgave her long ago. Am a combat river rat with a V, a CAR and a dovetail beret. Retired Navy. I held a dying comrade after an assault.

    I keep seeing very ignorant skinhead type trash talk from folks who haven’t really grown into adulthood in spite of their age. Probably have never seen a passing blue-green tracer either. Remember there were four preceding and four following it.

    Really only those who were there or lost loved ones have even the faintest reason to keep that burning coal. What Jane did pales when compared with McNamara’s and Rumsfeld’s actions.

    • Izzy

      Thank you Skypilot1970 – wonderful post.

  • Sarah Perrin

    What an actress. I do not believe a word she said. I lost my oldest brother, finally, in 1990 because of that war. He survived Napalm, agent orange and I know not what else. He broke when his wife asked for a divorce and took his own life. That woman was an ingredient to that. She was beyond dumb. But when she said she became aware of her mistake after the photo shoot, she did not convince me. My gut knew it to be a LIE. Her first sentence made me convinced she lies.

    • Izzy

      Really, Jane Fonda caused your brothers divorce? Pull your head out of the sand and get over it.

  • Ryan

    I cannot believe in all the hate, I bet 90% of you consider your selves to be Christian. Listen to your selves It is very sad. Yes she did un-moral and stupid acts against troops and the U.S. but she was also misled just like 80% of the rest of our country at the time, I thought we fought for freedom of speech no matter if we agree or not…

    • Bob101stArmy

      That would be understandable if she were to stop the stupid acts. Yet in her recent speech at a protest rally for the war in Iraq, she even states herself that she is not repentant for the misrepresented facts of what happened in Hanoi. She still feels that what she did was right and justified. While not caring for the hurt, demoralization of american troops, or for any of her other actions. I am a christian/jew, I do not wish her death. I do not wish that she or anyone burns in Hell, but the fact remains. If she does not truly repent for the grief and wrong that she has caused others I don’t believe that she will be forgiven by God. Then death will truly be a much greater punishment than anything we as humans could devise.

      Even though I am christian and even though I have forgiven her, I will not have anything to do with any movie or broadcast or rally or anything else for that matter that concerns her. This is not hate but simply a choice.

      • Bill

        And yet, here you are, commenting on an article that has to do with her. That was a short-lived promise.

        She did not defend her behavior during her protest by bus of the Iraq War, despite your attempt to continue the spread of misinformation (read “blatant lies”).

        What she did actually say about the matter was, “I carry a lot of baggage from that.” and ‘The image of Jane Fonda, ‘Barbarella,’ Henry Fonda’s daughter…sitting on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal…the largest lapse of judgment that I can even imagine.”

        As I understand it, bearing false witness is also something one must atone for before receiving God’s forgiveness. I look forward to hearing your apology, stone thrower.

  • Adam.

    I’m pretty young in the military. So take this as serious, or as a joke if you want. I won’t be replying to anyone after my statement. This picture of her, with the “Enemy” doesn’t mean she is the direct result of “American Soldiers” getting killed. Off topic, but I’m sure most of you use guns, and believe in our right to bear arms. Well saying this picture taken killed Americans, is like saying Guns kill people. In reality it’s the person who wields the gun, and she wasn’t on the other side, firing at America. It was our enemies that did the killing. Just like most hot topics, society would rather let loose and point the finger, with blind rage, and hatred. Then learn to accept someone who feels completely responsible for the deaths of Americans. In my opinion if you’re a true soldier, of this great nation. You’d understand that our job is hard, our choices are harder. Though if forgiving a person, who made a mistake. Has to be the hardest choice you’ve made with your life, then you’ve gone beyond your humanity and you’re just a “Tool” That is no different than the enemy we fight today. We’re not savages, we’re human. We’ll fight for other humans to have the same rights as we do. We believe in this amazing country that every life is important and we all should have our freedom. That’s what I honestly believe, call me naive but that’s why I’m still apart of this great military. I still have faith, in what we do. I’ll fight for it, so others may have it.

  • Terrence

    Wow…all the hateful comments here….divide and conquer is a goal of all wars. VietNam was a perfect example of such action both there and within the USA. And it still continues today? Yes what she did was wrong. So was all the draft dodging flag burning riots and the destruction of moral prinicples in the USA during that time. Free love, hippies, drugs disrespect authority..pigs…talk back to your mother and father…screw the “man” screw the system…Jane was a young woman at the time…I was also…even though I didn’t make the poor choice she did I think its well past time to move on…50/50 agreed going to Canada ie draft dodging was ok…so come on….time to give the lady a little break…she made a MISTAKE she regrets so did MANY others…do want to hang em all as “traitors” no…and yes I raised my right hand 5x in my life to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America so don’t be calling me a “traitor”…

    • Izzy

      Agree totally.

  • Bill

    I forgive her, and feel sorry for you. While what she did was deplorable, she committed no crimes by going to Hanoi and saying stupid things. Without a crime, there can be no treason, and thus she was no more treasonous than Denis Rodman on his ill-advised buddy making venture with the little fat guy.

    • Johnny Johnson


      You say, no crime was committed. How can you even think of saying such a BIG LIE. She was responsible, directly for the death of 2 service brothers and the disability if 3 more, because of her direct action in the Hanoi Hilton. It’s the same as if she pulled the trigger herself. This was just ONE action. So, you don’t call MURDER or Accessory to Murder a crime. Don’t try to tell me it didn’t happen because I was there to see the Traitor.

  • American in the 60s

    She’s said she’s sorry. Which is more than Nixon ever said about his ‘secret plan to end the war’. Which didn’t exist except we weren’t going to bomb the North for 4 years. Then Kissinger gave away SVN after a ‘decent interval’. Funny that was the name of a book by an ex CIA officer who was disgusted with VN. WE have an ambassador there, the war is over for 40 years. Get over it. We lost. We gave up. W quit. We had crappy military and political leaders at the highest levels in country. We should have gotten out in 65.

  • Anom

    Jane you still have not reached your full potential to become a communist as you said we should all pray to become! Yet you live like an imperialist! the site below thinks you are a hero, I think you are farce!


  • Phillip

    Jane Fonda is a Traditor to this country and is trying to repair her image. She knew what was going on when she sat in that chair as she knew we was fighting the country she went to visit.

    • Dennis

      Viet nam Vets have just about ruined her film carrer. This is just a acting job becaues she is doing some new movies.. She should have been Tried for treason then HUNG>

  • Paul Cahill

    Vietnam Vets are not Fonda Jane!!

  • Ray

    I forgive her. Treason is treason, the law mandates death for such an act. Forgiven yes, now hang her.

  • Leon Suchorski

    And look at what has happened to Tom Hayden also. Maybe I should take care of him the way I took care of the SDS at University of Detroit.

    • And the commentaries dont mention the Atty General of that time.

  • Robert Abbott

    There certainly have been plenty of brickbats thrown at Jane Fonda on this forum which equate to all the artillery and air strikes in Vietnam. From what there will some going to their graves with hatred of Fonda on their minds and in their hearts. Okay, fine and dandy but how about spreading out those brickbats to include Henry Kissinger? You all remember him? Shuttle diplomacy Paris Peace Talks. Kissinger’s remark “peace is at hand”. The signing of the treaty which ended the Vietnam War on January 27, 1973? Any military person worth his or her salt could see it for what it was a “negotiated sell-out” of the South Vietnamese. So when you who are doing via this forum is dogging out Jane Fonda, spread some of it over to Henry Kissinger. He’s still around. No, he didn’t pose behind anti-aircraft but there are photos in the archives of him shaking hands with the enemy. Richard Nixon, though he be deceased does not exactly have totally clean hands in this matter. Recent information has come to light on how he undermined Lyndon Johnson.

    • Proud Vietnam Vet

      You are so clearly someone who never spent a day of his life in a foreign country in harm’s way fulfilling an obligation to defend your country.
      As such, you are unaware of why we feel so strongly about someone who gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Fonda may fake sincerity, but it’s just acting.
      It just galls me that people like you are so totally clueless and gullible.

    • Proud Vietnam Vet

      It amazes me how a traitor to our country who gave aid and comfort to the enemy has so many fools who would come to her aid.

  • Michael K

    Unforgiveness is an ugly thing.

  • Norm

    In WWII and previous wars, treason was punished by a death sentence. Enough said.

  • gumby

    Isn’t that bitch still on a deck of spades !????

  • shawn1999

    I was born in 1980. HANG HER (next to all the politicians who are decimating our forces, playing games with our economy for their own personal advantage, they are ALL traitors to this nation and should be swingin’ free)

    • Way

      I totally agree. She should not be allowed on American TV. Traitor. Someone should send her back there to stay. Bitch.

  • keith


    thank you I was trying to find words equil to yours. My friend was killed and I was wounded while we were trying to save women and children who burned alive from a north rocket attack .. SHE IS SCUM and I hope dies like those women and children did.

    • Which dumb thing are you speaking of? Fonda was in her mid 30s at the time. AND POS Opra is still high on the selected (elected) leader now in charge of sending us down the road to ruin.

  • shawn1999

    “Soldiers do not fight for traitors like her”

    As much as I hate to say it, soldiers fight for every citizen’s right to speak their own opinions- this is the core of our Constitution (ok, its the core of our Bill of Rights).

    I had wished to join the military to fight for everyone’s right to be wrong. That said, once they declare they are against the US, its time to revoke their citizenship (as should have happened to those traitors got nailed with drone missiles in the Middle East, before they were hit- just to make everything nice and tidy and official- hmmm…. maybe Jane can take a trip out of country….)

    • D. Phariss

      Going to a foreign country that is invading its neighbor, killing Americans trying to help a small country stave off what was the most murderous ideology known to man at the time to give aid and comfort to the aggressor? This is not “citizenshop”. This the treason.
      She lost her citizenship at that time according to the Constitution. Had the press gone after her as they did Nixon over Watergate she might have lost her citizenship for real. She certainly met the criteria. American citizens have the right to protest and disagree. They do not have the right to bear arms (setting on an AAA gun) and state they wish they could kill Americans. Yeah I remember all the crap she did and remember the videos of the bitch telling the POWs they were liars for claiming to have been tortured.

  • CPT Forrest Lee Horn

    I spent two years in Vietnam: SEP ’67 through SEP ’69, inclusive. I am now slowly dying from cancer and diabetes due to Agent Orange exposure while in-country. For over 40 years, I have absolutely despised Jane Fonda, even “hated” might not be too strong a word.

    Yet, I am not only a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, I am also a christian. God forgave me for the awful things I have done, can I do less? I will never approve, or even accept, what Ms. Fonda did, but I can forgive her. It’s been over 44 years; time to outgrow the hatred.

    • Izzy

      Thank you so much for your service to our country sir. Also, thank you for a lesson in forgiveness. God bless and you will be in my prayers.

  • Clarence McDavitt

    Spent two tours in Vietnam. I will never ever forgive that traitor. She should be shoot or have too spend a year in the front.

  • Only god forgives! she should had stayed home and be a good actress and not some poster child for the left.

    • CPT Forrest Lee Horn

      “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

  • I’m a US Marine Vietnam vet and I remember too well the antics of Jane Fonda, the “Hanoi Hore’ as she was known by Vietnam Marines. Her “apology” is toolittle too late. I’ll never forget or forgive what this traitor did while my Marine buddies were dying in Vietnam. She can rot in hell with her commie friends

    • George Wood

      I’m also a former Marine who was over there when she made her trip to the North ! I lost a Brother Inlaw….A Marine Maj. who was shot down and never found ! She can never say anything to change my mind. The Bitch can Rot In Hell !!! Cpl USMC

    • Walter Stewart

      What forgive Hanoi Jane. Not now not ever. To late to ask for forgiveness from Vets. Tar and Feather her I say.

  • Niels

    The blame for Viet Nam actually started with

    Dwight D. Eisenhower in the mid ’50s. He was the one who first sent troops to Viet Nam as “Military Advisrors’.

    John F. Kennedy also was involved. Things didn’t escalate until after Lyndon Johnson took office. Now, back to Jane Fonda. She was married to Tom Hayden, who later became a state senator. He was a member of SDS. Did he go to jail for anything other members of SDS did? NO. Should he have? Only if he was directly involved with those activities. If we’er to put people in jail due guilt by association, there would be a lo of politicians both state and U.S. senators/representatives in jail.

    • Tracy

      I’m good with that.

  • This person, should not have being given a

    sounding board on this site . She gave sympathy

    to those who were killing our young men putting

    them in prison. and this is from her point of view .

    how can there be truth in any thing she would say

    Military .com cant believe you put this on your


  • Kenneth Bell

    When she is shot I will be their I am a 100 years old .

  • Paul

    I believe many are missing the point here, this is not a free speech question. I was a boy during Vietnam so I was not directly affected. I did serve 30 years in the military though. I believe in the rights of free speech. I equally believe this is not a question of free speech. Certain parts of speech are illegal i.e. passing classified info, yelling fire in a crowed theater (as a joke), yelling Hi-Jack on an airplane, and yes assisting the enemy. I am sure there would have been a statute revoking visitation to North Vietnam, so she would have violated that law. If service men were punished or killed because she passed info to the enemy that is not free speech.

  • Jack Fax

    Jane Fonda going downrange to visit the troops in Afghanistan or Iraq? Now that would go over REAL well. Pulleeeeze!

    On the other hand she was a dumb kid and dumb kids do dumb things. Stupid wars anyway. If you ask a lot of people, George W is no better than Jane Fonda. He caused the crap. How treasonous is that?

  • Jack Fax

    There you go Ed. Good comment! And what about George W? Add him in there too.

  • Jack Fax

    Not to be so presumptuous, Tommy. The Vietnam war was pretty much over by the time you first came in.

    • Jim Butler SGM Ret

      Jack Fax, Tommy can still hold her accountable in his mind, even if he came along too late for the war. He is still an American.

  • And let’s see the war I would have burnt my draft card-gone to Canada or to prison, for not going being I didn’t get out of school till 71 I still knew we had No buisness their…..

    (I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket….There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has its “finger men” to point out enemies, its “muscle men” to destroy enemies, its “brain men” to plan war preparations, and a “Big Boss” Super-Nationalistic-Capitalism.)Major General Smedley Butler USMC

    Had I been in the 1800’s and sympathised with the Native Americans what would the Great Amerikan Government have labled me?

    Manifest Destiny..is still alive in the minds of this: The Most Dangerous of Rogue Nations: The United States…S. Brian Willson

    • CPT Forrest Lee Horn

      None so blind as those who will NOT see!

  • Bob

    Only thing missing that would have made this picture acceptable would be a 1000lber dropped on that gun emplacement by a BUFF. POOF no gun, no smiling commies, no Hanoi Jane and no Traitor. Problem solved

  • Dennis

    A mistake is adding 432 and 22 and coming up with 464. What she did was well thought out and *NOT* a mistake.

    She and John F’n Kerry should share the same jail cells for the rest of their lives.

  • J.Reider OSCS USN RE

    I was in country 1 year in the RSSZ and 6 months inb the gulf.

    She didn’t mention the act of giving the SSNs of all those us captives to the RVN Commander after they shook here hand and gave them to her so their families would know they were alive.

    She is stil a traitor trying to redemee her life.

  • Richa J Molter US AR

    I noticed that she did not mention how she turned over a note to the VietCong givcen to her by an American OW. He was severely punished because of what she had done.

    She was then and always will be a TRAITOR. Saying she has taken responsibility is pure bull-shit.

    I once admired Jane but that was long before her irresponsible acton in North Vietnam. While she was doing that American service men were bing killed o severely injured while she bask in her glory. I am one of those service men that is 100% disabled as a result of hostal actions in Vietnam.

    She denied this for many years and as far as I am concerned, she is still in denial.

    • Gene Miller

      She didn’t turn over any notes. I’ve been to the Hilton and their was no day room for writing. That is all BS.

    • Bob Vitray

      Jane Fonda did not commit treason because there was no declared war. I was over there fighting for her right to exercise free speech no matter how misguided. We were lied into that war by fabrications about a Gulf of Tonkin “incident” that never happened. You want traitors, I give you Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle who betrayed their government and dishonored their oaths by informing the South Vietnamese delegation in Paris that they would get a better deal my waiting for Nixon to be elected. Every American who died after the Fall of ’68 is on them. The officer Fonda supposedly betrayed (what does Snopes say about this?) violated the code of conduct by communicating more than his name, rank and service number to someone other than a credentialed representative of the IRC. I write this knowing you yahoos will now take cheap shots at me which to my mind will just prove your idiocy. The real issue here is that her movie “Barbarella” in which she appeared to bare her lovely breasts was shown through the AAMPS system in 1967 and you guys feel like you’ve been stood up by your main squeeze. Why the hell were we bombing the shit out of a little country half a world away? Was PRV really a threat to us? They were Buddhist kind to us. They could easily have organized a 9/11 style attack and how could we have responded? Bounced their rubble a few more times? You all need to get real or your sons and daughters will be sent on some foreign adventure to, oh, maybe Iraq or Afghanistan and get killed or maimed to keep Shiite or Taliban religious fanatics in power.

    • Bob Nichols

      Bill, are you a Vietnam Combat Veteran?????? I am, and I spent a year in the jungles in the Mekong Deta in ’68/69. It wasn’t a pleasant walk thru the woods. I visited the formaly ” American War Crimes Musem” in Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City” in 1996 They dropped the “American” because of re-newd diplomatic relations I 1996, and Jane Fonda is still a “hero” there. She is a bitch, and now saying to little to late. My God, it’s fourty plus years, and she is now trying to apologize!!!!! May God rest her soul when she dies, because she surly hasn’t been worth having a soul while she lives.

    • Susan Malia

      She was also at that time still popular mainly because she was the daughter of Henry Fonda whom everyone loved. Sure she was an actress then but still her dad was a major influence in her popularity then and so she was going off and developing her own place in the world…what a way to grab attention!
      And why do people ever consider an actor as an important person when it comes to politics and war and such?

  • You guys focus on this “little person’ this nobody in the scope of the whole reality of who the real enemy is….And that enemy is within……

    Does a righteous soldier fight for God or a Treasonist Government? What goes around comes arround…..and Amerika has run full circle…their is no time…but to repent……

    How do the the rulers get away with it? This soldier is clear: “Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government. It is a more important weapon than a rifle, a tank, a bomber or a battleship.” Mike Prysner is from IVAW, Iraq Veterans Against the War.

    Their is an old Iroquois native American prophecy by the “Peacemaker”, Daganaweda that is titled “THE WAR OF THE SERPENTS” and it is coming to this land…..

    All of these, unjust wars have achieved, is to fill the creators “cup of wrath” to later be poured out upon this Nation!

  • Dale Swanson

    Retired from the Marines and understanding the depth and disloyalty Fonda expressed leaves me with a bitterness I will die with.

    Fonda is an American traitor as great as any and should be tried for treason. Her apology decades later mitigates the crime committed none.

    I wouldn’t give her the sweat off my back to save her from dying of thirst.

  • John Callahan

    I felt bad for her Father.

  • grunt0351

    It’s the fact that when she realized what they were doing taking the photographs and suddenly felt guilty(watch the video clip), she should have started apologizing to right then and there.

    Simply fonda is a treacherous bitch. I don’t care how much she want to apologize now.

    If she really gave a damn she would have done so a long time ago with actions not words.

    I am a Marine, we value those that have just recent lost their lives just as strongly those that have lost their lives in the armed engagements over century ago.

    That being said, I was born in ’88 and still feel like I was the one betrayed because those were my brothers being killed. They were Marines. They were and forever will be Marines the the current and future generation fights to remember.

  • Ed Hines

    Fact is Fact, her actions were traitorous, Probably many of our service men died because of that action at most she helped confuse many Americans, that is why the vets were treated so badly when they came home.. Every traitor has emotions but the “Act” nullifies them. A traitorous act should be punished. Those who fought in Vietnam have the right to express their feelings and those that did not fight should have enough humility to understand that and keep their ” pie hole” shut. If you weren’t there then you didn’t walk in their shoes and your comments are irrelevant and without substance and fully ignorant of the situation. The failure of our government to take proper action against her is shameful and unpatriotic. The only ones who have the right to accept her apologies are the Vets themselves who fought, died and were wounded in body and soul. She will go down in history as a traitor and the government that did nothing about it will also have to face history too. No matter how “sorry” she will be a traitor till she dies.

  • grunt0351


    Really we won?! have you gone mad??? Do you not have an unedited textbook? Do you not remember you history classes?

    North Vietnam resumed the war AFTER breaking the peace treaty. I think it was ’75 when the north resumed the war on the Republic of Vietnam. Saigon fell to the commies in April ‘ 75. How the HELL can you say we won?! We even refused to take part in sending equipment of fund to the south to defend themselves after we left.

    I will say this, you talk about being informed, how about just searching the web for a few fact before calling other uninformed. You, Sir, are the one continuing to be uninformed!!!

    & P.S. Fonda can hang!

  • rohug

    She should have been tried and hung for treason her apologies mean nothing. Served two tours in RVN and have absolutely no use for that worthles POS.

  • Steven

    Must have another movie coming out and wants the vets to pay to go see it. I’ll go only if she’s standing there in person ready to receive my “thanks” for the deaths she caused.

  • Terry

    if I could combine all of the very descriptive comments of “Hanoi Jane” posted here they wouldn’t equal the pain in the gut I still have of her!

    USAF Vet 67-71

  • JAC

    Hanoi Jane and Oprah can both move to N Korea. Jane is a traitor and Oprah makes money puting her in the light. Both can kiss my ass.

  • Michael Oakes

    If, if it was simply a matter of being taken in from the “excitement” of the moment, that photograph, maybe, ok, we’re all young, dumb and do things we’re not proud of. However, it’s NOT just that photograph as she puts in in this video. She went on radio and told our servicement they were baby killers and came home telling everyone how the North Vietnamese were not mistreating out POWs, they’re doing ok, etc. etc. etc. ad nausim. I agree Edward Kay, the one and only thing she’s right about is, “it was unforgivable.” It wasn’t a “mistake” it was calculated. The only mistake was her not realizing how far this would go, how long we would remember. It was and is an unforgivable SIN! She is a traitor, and has been living a life of glamor. Where is her punishment? When is she going to be treated AS a traitor? To my dying breath, she will remain TRAITOR!

  • Oliver

    Hanoi Jane. What a piece of work she is. I too am a 20 year Air force veteran from the Vietnam area. My brother was also in the USAF and worked on the B-52’s flying out of Guam. The pilots wanted to drop a bomb onto the hotel that she was staying in to kill this traitor but was unable to locate it. Well at 35,000 feet it was impossible to find. She is one of the most hated Americans. She should do all of us a favor and commit suicide. She is a waste of human flesh.

    • Oliver

      era, Air Force. I typed too fast and didn’t proof before I added comment.

  • John mc

    We will all be judged one day.l’ll keep a space for jane warm for ms.jane nice and warm.

  • Chuck_E7

    We used to listen to her and Hanoi Hannah each night on the radio. My secret wish was for a Spectre Gunship to be in the AO when she was on! “You have never lved, until you’ve almost died. For those who fight for it,LIFE has a flavor the protected will never know”—“A soldier”

    RVN 1969-70-71

  • Jane Fonda is a Traitor

  • I was in the Navy – 31 yrs – She is worst human

    I have seen.

    L. J. RICCIO



  • I just watched her apology video. She is a GREAT ACTRESS, one of OSCAR AWARD quality without a doubt. One of her best performances. However the truth still remains. She is so full of SHIT I am surprised she can even move let alone walk. I was in North Vietnam bombarding the hell out of Haiphong Harbor in the Navy and taking hundreds of hostile counter battery rounds from both the North Vietnamese and the Chinese Communists on Hainan Island as we made out exit. She was and still is a TRAITOR and will always be a POS traitor and should be put to death. May she and her soul forever rot in HELL!!!!!

  • Dwayne

    In her own words, it’s “unforgivable”; why then does she keep asking for forgiveness? That she could continue to have a career after what she did is a sorry indictment of our modern society.

  • Vietvet1968

    There is nothing that Jane Fonda can say or do to change who and what she said and did. She is a traitor and when she finally dies, I will piss on her grave.

  • curtis

    first thing is to every man and woman that went to vietnam i will say thank you. i am a veteran of desert storm and iraq. when you are in situations like this it is halready hard enough you dont need some one like hanoi jane/hanoi whore to come over there and betray her own fellow country men. she can apologize all she wants and it will still never be enough. ihope it haunts her forthe rest of her life. last but not least once again i would like to say thank you to all the men and women of the armed forces past, present and future thank you for your service.

  • Rosalee

    a mistake eh?

    Kicking dirt in the face of our military who were serving

    is more than a mistake Jane………….

    I still am NOT Fonda of Jane……….and fact she discussed this on Oprah does not impress me

  • Rosalee

    I add Bill Clinton to that list too………….a draft dodger who

    demonstrated in a foreign country at the time of the war and yet voters put him in the WH, something that still defies

    imagination for me to this day

    • Bill

      So for you it’s clearly all about politics. Clinton, who objected to the war, was not a draft dodger in the sense that he found legitimate ways to avoid the draft. Bush, on the other hand……

      • Dennis

        Clinton “found legitimate ways to avoid the draft”???

        Like writing letters to his homies and asking for their help because he loathed the military?

        And please tell us about “Bush, on the other hand……”.

        Seems he hung around the TANG long enough to learn how to fly F-102’s which is not to be sneezed at.

      • Rosalee

        NO it is NOTall about politics, it is about an American

        organizing and participating in an anti-war demo in a foreign country.

        I am NOT a Rep nor am a Dem, I am an independent who

        is just tired of all the self adulation that abounds in

        Washington……….in the guise of good old boys who are

        just interested in the welfare of America.

        BTW I agree about Bush………….at least I served my nation honorably…and was deeply offended when he said anyone who did not concur on the invasion of Iraq was unpatriotic…..

  • john f negri

    Hanoi Jane can rot in hell before I would even start to forgive her. She is and was a traitor then and she is still a traitor. When ever I see her on TV or any other media I turn it off or look at something else. I would forgive her if she sat on the end of that AA gun and someone pulled the trigger. Then she would be ok.

  • Bill

    Oh, bullshit you were there. I’ll defer to those who actually were and have rebutted that email hoax you once read.

    Now I’ve got to find a box to uncheck and get out of this vortex of ignorance and blatant misrepresentations.

    “I was there” – I was probably closer on Mtn Home AFB.

  • Chops

    Forgive or not – I’d still fk’r. Then shoot’r.

  • Bill

    You should know by now you shouldn’t believe what you read in anonymous emails you receive. That hoax, and many others, have long since been debunked by those present. They have gone on record, and even written books, so that the story remains true and embellishment don’t obscure the truth of what actually happened. They, not me, ask that we not propagate these lies.

  • Bill

    One does not typically mention that which one does not do.

    • rohug

      This is not factual what is written in snopes. This is not what was reported at the time or what some of the prisoners reported after the war.

      • Bill

        Dear Lord, does that comment ever make it clear you have no interest in the truth. That piece is sourced and has DIRECT QUOTES from those ACTUALLY there.

        You choose to be willfully ignorant.

  • Thomas M Quirk

    That SOB should have been shot. Korean War Vet.

    • Bill

      But you weren’t, were you?

      • rohug

        weren’t what?

      • Bill

        Shot, of course.

  • Bill

    Well… young, maybe not, but foolish? Yes, I think we can all say that is a given.

  • Bill

    Excuse me, I think you mean to say you were 10.

  • Fred Stroman

    Hang Her

  • indianmedicine

    Jane Fonda had the Right to disagree with the War, but she did not have a Right to constructively “Aid & Abet” the Enemy……………………………………………………………………

    The NVA used her for Propaganda, as any Foreign Government would, as War is a great act of deceiving on both sides……………………………………………………………………

    As to “forgiveness”, that is something She will have to do for herself; no one else can do that for her……………….

    Our “Generation” that fought that “War” now know by the Admissions of Former Sec.Of State McNamara, was NOT a “Just War”………………………………………………………..

    Our Govt Officers are just as much to blame for the conduct and results of that War…………………………………

    I am a Combat Wounded Veteran, who also is a Victim of Dioxin (Agent Orange) Exposure & had to fight 9 Years for VA Medical Benefits – which shows you the Hypocracy of our Government Leaders……………………..

    This just isn’t about Jane Fonda Aiding & Abetting, and being duped into a “Propaganda Pic”; it is about a Govt Pattern of Conduct with our own “Heads of State”…….

    IRAQ & IRAN are equal to Viet Nam as to a “Just Cause” in sending military into an Unjust War on the whim of a President………………………………………………………………………

    Well, the State of Texas has Two “Son’s” that did this; LBJ & GWB……………………………………………………………………

    The VA Pattern of Conduct still remains the same as to Veteran treatment for their “Scars of War”……………….

    So, Jane Fonda is on the “Other Side of The Coin” on this one………………………………………………………………………………………

    To the Military that answered a “Nation’s Call” regardless of its justification; Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifice for your Beliefs and Acts…………………………….

    To those that evaded the Draft, or Refused to Serve in any capacity; “Deal With It” because The Veterans are.


    Do NOT cleanse your conscience on me or any other Veteran…………………………………………………………………………….


  • Robert Mizwa

    Trackman/treadhead I will never forget, as I was sitting on top of my tank in Khe Sanh, after “duking it out” with the NVA on the Laotian border, while on Lam Son 719, her comments listed in my hometown newspaper (my mother sent me several issues & they made it out to me). She said, “there are no North Vietnamese in South Vietnam.” Hmmmm? All the ones we killed were in NVA uniforms-and it wasn’t Halloween! I cannot forget this & all of the rest of her actions/words.

  • Judys

    I hardly never write on the site. And I realize that I am probably the least important to say any remarks in reference. But just to clarify… I am 60, an Army brat, always had and still have relatives in many Arm Forces, wound during wars, was married to a military and worked with PAC. In other words I am a great supporter of any military face.

    I admire “Jane Fonda” very much and wanted to add an insignificant comment to many, but with an important message. Regardless whether she was married, or not to whom ever… does not constitute she was involved on his good or not so good decisions, if so. And to think that it was wrong for her to shake hands or enjoy a good time with “the enemy” (as they are expressing). Does not constitute that she was not aware what she stands for, never the less am sure she realized where she was.

    After reading comments about “Jane Fonda” I came to realize that they were not much. Even thought I noticed that most writers do know their history well, but when in reality it was not about that… Believe me that I respect all comments, but they were really off the topic and or discussion. I could not gather if the comments were about her, the anger many feel for her ex and or her, the apology, details of the war, is she getting blamed for the war.. the wounded or dead, for who won or lost, or that she was having a friendly political and respectful time in the same place. Interesting and confusing, right…

    Common, be honest and ask your self a question… “Have you ever seen in action many representatives, secretary of state, presidents, etc etc… in the same area, room or the country of an enemy”. Of course we all have… is part of keeping the peace… All comments were irrelevant to whom she really is. I have know her to be humanitarian, regardless. I see no reason for her to apologize for sharing time with other “people”, and I stress the word people… because probably… thats what they were to her at that given time. Ridiculous to think that she would be consider a traitor, to hang her, and many threading comments, WOW give me a break… That was a little bit too much and way out of line…

    During wars or none… there are many good and meaningfull human people. Never the less we are all aware that there are many humanitarians that are in war just because, circumstances, obligated and not by choice. It could be that the “enemies” she was were discusted with what was going on in their country and needed to feel and let others know that they wanted it stop by comunicating in good faith with someone of their opposite site. For sure… they also did not care who it was in position, name or fame.

    So… To make this short… A simple comment would have been great… Not necessary an apology, your ex actions were not your responsibility. Nor many don’t know your reasons.

    And “No” I was not at the war… Never the less… there are strong comments in here that I would have a lot to say about who wrote them… Let it go, its not going to bring things back, things happen in life for a reason

    And this was my share… God speed, and in any event thanks for sharing comments.

    • Dave


      You are amazingly clueless, and you will always be. If you believe anything dopra has to say on her program, such as Hanoi Jane’s hollywood apology, you are to be pitied. Your liberal stance does nothing for the blog but label you as a troll. You don’t have a dog in this hunt, so please ignore posts that your liberal bent wants to lash out upon.

      • Bill

        The fact your comment is nothing but ad hominem and an attempt to silence dissenting opinion reveals you to be the troll. Perhaps as your dog won’t hunt, you should refrain from posting at all.

    • Izzy

      Well put.

  • Judys

    Oh by the way… I was really shock in reading many of these comments. They carry a lot of anger and hate against Jane Fonda. I was wondering how can any person, especially militaries hate so much. D these people realize they are written out in the open, and in black and white… Does anyone deserves so much hate to wish her death in public… Not necessary correct. Is this how americans solve an issue regardless, no forgiveness. WOW…

    I am also in entertainment and I see a great oportunity for a story… behind all these comments and her story. Maybe a famous writer might pick up the news, snd should have someone produce and direct this story in order to bring closure and pease to many after so many years. At times people heal, forgive, could have judge wrong or just simply move on. Remember that the truth is not always what you hear, read or see on the news. Its whether you lived it or not your self, and only the “Jane Fonda” knows exactly what happened and why… Your negative comments, noticeable revenge and hate would be the same as what you believe she is guilty off. So where does that put you, and or classifies you as an ex military, federal authority, law enforcement or any person that wrote such strong comments in the open. If I was her, I would not want to be in front of you at all, incredible. Thank heaven my father, uncles and others in the military did survived you guys…

  • Jarhead

    I was in Vietnam for 18 months from February 1969 to August 1970, and a marine grunt for 15 of those months. I lost friends, I killed for my country, and I came too close to death too many times. But Jane Fonda did not send me or my friends there. All the vindication Fonda needs is in the new book by Nick Turse, “Kill Anything That Moves.” That she was opposed to the war and acted on it was an act of courage for a famous actress who could have just kept her mouth shut like nearly all the rest in Hollywood while our criminal leaders used us to execute a criminal war.

    Should she have allowed herself to be sat down on and anti-aircraft gun. No. She gets it. Now, brother veterans, get over it, and begin to take responsibility for the role you played in the deaths of 58,600 Americans and 2.4 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians. We are not worth more. They are not worth less.

    • Shooter

      Thanks, Jarhead. Finally an intelligent voice. If the energy from all this anger and bitterness was used to help veterans in distress, we’d all be a lot better off. If bitching and moaning about Jane Fonda is all these veterans have to contribute to the brotherhood, they contribute nothing. Hell, most of their facts come from other angry vets and internet bullshit anyway, and most are too damned lazy to do research. Let the lady live out her life knowing she made a mistake. Before they work on her, they need to work on themselves. Semper fi! SGT Tex, 1st Regt Scout Sniper, Vietnam 69-70

    • Izzy

      Jarhead – great post.

    • Incoming


      semper fi and thanks for your service. I served in an artillery unit in Nam 1969-70. I harbor no hate towards Jane Fonda (hate takes energy that she doesn’t deserve or has earned from me). I think what she did was wrong to the point that some brother vets can still get riled up, to say the least, when her name is mentioned. As for your comment about taking responsibility for “my” actions or role I played in “the deaths of 58,000 American, etc” The role I played is killing the enemy who was trying to kill me and brother Marines. For that I feel only responsibility to the country that sent me and my brothers. I sleep well at night knowing our unit did the best job it could at what we trained for.

  • Richard Pauds

    I’m a U.S. Army vet, 1965 – 70. I’ve little problem with Fonda now or then! The war was wrong! Her primary support demanded we be returned home! While I’m sorry we lost pilots to those North Vietnamese anti aircraft artillery, I’m not sorry planes shot down were no longer able to bomb civilian targets that always included schools and hospitals. Her support of veterans is and has been unwavering whether or not you supported the war. Blame her very youthful Indiscretion, not her intention of wanting to see a very dumb war ended and us all home safely. If you still hate Jane, I’m sure you’ve plenty of other issues going on as well.

    • Izzy

      Exactly Richard Pauds.

  • It took you 50 years to think that one up Jane. Why in the Hell were you in North Viet Nam anyway ?

  • bigron

    Who the hell is judy janes sister with another EVIL mind

  • R. Roughton


  • Dennis

    As a Vietnam Verteran all I see is an actress tryiing to tell a story and will never convince me that she regrets her actions!

  • Larry

    I returned from the war 42 years ago today and have never been the same since. I have forgiven Ms. Fonda and really have not thought about her until reading today about her being on Oprah. It did not help me get through my day at all. God will judge us all and he knows Ms. Fonda’s heart. Vietnam vets will always have a hard time because of the actions of Ms. Fonda and our political leaders at the time. It is time to move on. Besides, Oprah’s new network is a disaster and its sinking in the ratings and she needed something to spice them up.

    • Bill

      It is fake and has been debunked so many times by those actually present that only the willfully ignorant, or those who lie intentionally, repeat it.

      You can pedal that nonsense all you want, but to those who know better, it makes you look foolish.

      • john

        Bill you are jane! Come out girl… I was at Ft. Ord in the rec room with you begging someone to go to Canada with you.
        Then a real American Hero…..Hal Morre showed up and threw your ass and the others with you off the base.

        This year I added another patch to my Run for the Wall vest that is upside down, to show no respect for you, that reads

        jane fonda
        traitor bitch

  • Peter Rossi HM3

    An American POW past off to her, a note, hoping that she would let his wife know that he was alive. The bitch gave it to the gook commander and the POW was taken away and beaten severely. No apology necessary bitch. You can die a miserable death for all I care.

    • Bill

      Yep, you read that in a spam email so, by golly, it must be true. So ridiculous,

      • Johnny Johnson


        You must be getting a lot of spam and accidentally thought the story was fake. It is true but the report didn’t go far enough. She was given the paper but it had more than one number on it. It had 6 numbers on it. Hanoi Jane is responsible for 2 murders and 3 total disabilities. Don’t tell me that it’s false. I was a resident of the Hanoi Hilton.

      • Bill

        Johnny, it is fake and has been debunked so many times by those actually present that only the willfully ignorant, or those who lie intentionally, repeat it.

        You can go on pedaling that nonsense all you want, but to those who know better, you’ll continue to look foolish and uninformed.

      • Johnny Johnson


        Just one question. Were you there????

        It doesn’t matter what has been written or said by others . The only ones “who know better” are the ones that were actually there. So, I say again, Were you there???

        If not, shut your pie hole, so no one else will realize how much of an insensitive jerk you really are.

      • Bill

        Johnny, did I not say it was debunked by those there? The fact I was on Mtn Home AFB awaiting the return of my father is irrelevant to the facts. It is certainly obvious you were not there, either. Christ, even Sen. McCain came out recently in defense of her (see Rand’s filibuster).

  • Grunt0351

    Jack Fax, I wasn’t born until ’88. But I am still earned a title. Marine. Not just any Marine, but a United States Marine. With that title being earned, I and others that came after the time of Vietnam and all the other engagements, do not have to be there physically. When we earned that title we became a member of a new family. Marines study the history of our Corps and feel, remember and live through the memories of those that came before us. We may not feel the immediate physical sickness or pain, but to see the wounds on our brothers reminds us of the way are suppose to act. Honor, Courage, Commitment. The history of the Corps is rife of Marines carrying the burden of others and fulfilling our Corps values. To forget and is not our way. The bended knee is not our way and it should never be, ‘lest we be willing to forget the origins that make Marines what they are. I don’t care if this happened before I was born, that traitor still betrayed My brethren, My fellow Marines. Even if we are ashamed to have her in our history we are still stuck with her. It is our duty to remember her actions and hold her accountable. Even when other want to forget or bury their heads in the sand. She was a traitor to the American people the American service members of all branches, and she still is. Sadly I feel the history will allow her deplorable actions to fade. They never should be allowed to.

    I pray to God that she struggle with the guilt for her actions and that she is never permitted to forget them. Giving an interview to a scumbag like oprah does not seem like guilt to me but an attempt for ill-gotten attention and sympathy. The likes of her should not be wanting sympathy but forgiveness.

    I feel I have said enough the matter that you brought up. You should be ashamed of what she did, if not as an American but as a human being.

    Death before Dishonor

  • Grunt0351

    Amen to that brother!

  • Grunt0351

    Amen brother!

  • Grunt0351

    I’ll get my car keys.

  • Douglas Moss

    I retired in 1993 at the end of 23 years in the Air Force. I served in Viet Nam, Cambodia & Laos during the Viet Nam war. When I returned at the end of 1973, I was spit upon and accosted in the Fairfield, CA, bus station. I was a ‘baby killer’ in the small minds of those who support(ed) legal abortion (baby killing with intent). While I was on my last assignment in Southeast Asia, I was honored to be a participant in the releaase of American POW.s at Gia Lam Air Field in Hanoi. Those men that I escorted from the release table to the waiting C-141 thought this was a hoax being played on them until the aircraft actually took off. No, Jane Fonda wasn’t there–but that’s OK with me. I might have taken care of some business in front of her friends and OUR MEN!

  • Douglas Moss

    Ask Senator (AZ) John McCain.

    Probably do not have the nads to do so.

    • Bill

      “The use of Jane Fonda’s name does evoke certain memories with me, and I must say she is not my favorite American … but as odious as it was [for her to go to North Vietnam], Ms. Fonda acted within her constitutional rights.” – Senator McCain

  • Douglas Moss

    After completion of basic training, I was never again regarded as “…young and foolish…” –but a grown man responsible for my actions. Oh — I was 18 when I finished basic training.

  • Douglas Moss

    And your character is revealed in your comment.

  • Douglas Moss

    I anxiously await your comments of Lyndon Johnson’s Viet Nam war.

  • Gunny Tom

    My favorite photo of I Ain’t Fonda Jane is in the center of the bull’s-eye on a urinal screen in the VFW.

    • Art B

      I would bet that on 99.9% of Amvets, VFW’s and American Legion post Urinals, you will find Janes photo, she asked for it and she deserves this award from everyone of us Viet Nam vets

    • James Thuener

      It’s on the urinal in my American Legion Post 139 in Tampa Florida alo. I piss on er often ! She should stand trial as a traitor responsible for the deaths of those POW’s and others who were tortured beause of her. Ted Turner should donate some of his mega millions to their families as well !!!

    • Marine223

      YEP! I’ve filled her face and mouth MANY times! “SEMPER FI” RVN 66-67

  • Sarah

    Do you know what this is about? She is slated to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming movie. When I heard that I immediately resolved not to see it. I believe this is testing the waters to see if conservatives who are most likely to see the movie will tolerate her. I will make it easier for them. No, no . I still hold fast that I will NOT hand over my money to see your crappie movie if she is in it.

    • Empty Threats

      They’ll miss Sarah Nobody’s change.

  • Sarah

    Well, they may find a bunch of nobody’s who feel the same.

    • Empty Threats

      Yes, nobodies who prefer Ted Nugent play the part. The rest of us will wind up seeing it if it is good and the role of Nancy is done well, regardless of who acts the part. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another actress who could do Nancy more justice.

  • Larry Freeman

    It has been 47 years and my life was changed in Viet Nam. I suffer from PTSD. Jane Fonda states she is sorry, well sorry is not good enough. This traitor still hurts Viet Nam vets, Especially Vets with PTSD I can see her face or hear her name and I start having flash backs. I hope she hurts the rest of her life. She will never hurt like a young soldier that had to pick up the remain of their friends or hold their best friend as he died. She never made a promise to deliver a message to a mother, like tell mom I will be alight. Fonda crawl in a corner and disappear , die like rat , but at the same time remember you are a TRAITOR . SORRY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH DISAPEAR

    • Excuses Excuses

      47 years with PTSD sounds like it has become a convenient truth. Shit, even McCain has moved on… and recently even defended her.

      • Edward Kay

        Is that like any other battle wound being a convenient truth? You obviously know nothing about PTSD . I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one the %#%# cowards cursing us when we retuned home. So shut your ignorant piehole.

        It would really make my day to have you say that to my face!

      • Excuses Excuses

        Ed Kay, speaking of ignorant pie hole, a claim of continuing PTSD lasting 47 years, even without treatment, suggests either a subsequent trauma or a different underlying mental health issue. And I have no doubt it would be the height of your day for me to say it to your face.

      • Edward Kay

        Let me guess, you are an expert in mental health. by the way, what are the other names for PTSD?

  • Sarah

    Honey, I was born in the 80s! Ted doesn’t mean a thing to me. Enjoy your movie.

  • Sarah

    Honey, I was born in the 80s! Ted doesn’t mean a thing to me. Enjoy your movie.

    • Empty Threats

      Clearly, neither does Ron or Nancy, either, child.

    • Sarah

      Sweetie, why so pissy? You want to support Jane you go ahead. But, the majority of social media I see (twitter, Facebook, and so on) are full of people of all ages that are not fans. Who believe this appology is ingenious. I believe this is a pr stunt. Internet fights are just plain immature.

      • Empty Threats

        Ingenious as in clever and original? Sweetie, wherever did you get your education? And a PR stunt? Please, in your case this happened well over a lifetime ago, and an incident for which she has apologized enough. And it’s just a stupid cameo., you want to adopt a pissy attitude and not go, fine, but talk about your making a mountain over a molehill!! Might as well hold a sign saying, “Moran.”

      • Sarah

        Ingenious as in… Shrewd, resourceful. Being young doesn’t mean having no capacity to understand ones national history. When young people ignore where they come from and what their people have experienced in their history they can end up with a Fonda mentality. A lack of national identity and prospective. Which is what got her here in the first place. If you’re satisfied that she is genuine then tuck your self in and shake your head at my ignorance. If I am wrong and it’s not a pr stunt, fine. The sun still comes up and I was wrong. The box office will speak for itself. I will not see the movie regardless. Molehill or not. “moran” or not. And, I’m pretty sure life will still go on regardless. For both of us.

  • Dennis

    Hey Jack – when do you stop being a dumb kid? Fonda was 31 when she turned on her country.

    And this is not about GWB, so get off of it. Go over to the daily kos if you want to bitch about him.

  • BGM-109C


    TREASON, my ignorant friend, is crime. As an example, it is defined in the US Constitution “…as the levying of war against the U.S. or the giving of aid and comfort to its enemies…” It is a punishable offense under the UCMJ and, in time of war, treason can convey a death sentence. It is important to note, for your clarity, that civilians–not just military personnel–can be charged, tried, and convicted of treason. Where, in your myopic view, does something that can result in forfeiture of your liberty or life as decide by military tribunal or civilian court of law NOT qualify as a CRIME?? Go kiss her ass and hug a tree on some other forum. While you are at it, maybe UNFUCK YOURSELF!!


    OS2, USN


    • Bill

      BGM-109C, my puerile friend, freedom of speech is a fundamental right of all U.S. citizens. You, as I, may deplore the place she chose to speak out against the war, but the fact remains she had that right. This talk of treason is silly nonsense promulgated by only those truly ignorant. Or willfully so for political purposes.

  • BGM-109C

    Yet?? More like never will.

  • BGM-109C

    I would respectfully disagree. Mac and Rummy are surely entitled to a fair share of blame for horrific injustices. They at no time offered aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States during time of war. Jane made a spectacle of herself to increase her personal stock and prestige. She attacked and sullied the integrity of American service personnel fighting an unpopular war. She encouraged defection and betrayal–one could argue so that she could live with her own misguided value system. While I despise war protesters, I recognize that they have the right to protest–and my service directly protected their rights to protest. I will not, however, condone or accept the views or opinions of “Americans” that besmirch the good names of men and women that fight–and die–honorably to defend the values we hold so sacred. Mac and Rummy may have had misguided war aims but they NEVER spoke against our servicemen.

  • BGM-109C

    Misled? by who and by what? She made a conscious choice to be an anti-war protester. She directed alot of her vulgar beliefs against servicemen, not against the government where it belonged.

  • Continuing to hate someone is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. Hatred will consume you. Forgiveness will not benefit Jane; it will benefit YOU. God bless you all and may you forgive Jane Fonda as God forgives you for the hateful things you say.

  • Diane

    Wow – the anger and hostility in some of these posts is stunning. It is misplaced. Some of these people talk about Jane as if she was the reason for the war in the first place. Really – putting her in the same category as Johnson or Kissinger?!

    Like you never made a mistake? Jeez.

    When she returned, she got very involved in helping returning veterans deal with their traumas. Learn the truth. Calling her names decades later is just wasting energy.

    I know many Vietnam veterans with enough intelligence to have learned the truth. They have forgiven her and have supported her in her activities since. They know it wasn’t “Jane Fonda” who started the war, drafted them, put them in harm’s way, or caused them to experience the horrors they did. Get real.

    Learn the truth, please. Those of you who haven’t figured out how to put this behind you, must have joyous personal lives. I suspect you expect perfection from everybody around you, and probably drive them crazy with your needs. After all, if you can hold this much anger towards somebody you don’t even know, what must you expect from your family, friends, and children? Nobody is perfect. Get over it, already.

    • nested grid

      You don’t get it, do you?

  • Jeanemari

    Talk about mistakes….how about Iraq, Afghanistan, and now our leaders are threateng Iran, Syria and No. Korea!

    Jane caused numerous deaths by her flippant behavior, for sure, but who caused thousands already in these needless wars?

  • Dave

    Two words: Bull Sh*t

    Hanoi Jane is still Hanoi Jane and she can say

    all she wants to say about how sorry she is but

    she will never shake this. I served in Viet Nam,

    in the bush, in 1969. What happened over there

    is not a joke nor was it a time be an apportunist

    to build your acting career and win over the anti-war

    hippies. Unless you were there, your comments

    have no merit.

  • Bill your are an uninformed person look at John McCain’s book about the two unknow ow to US that gave Jane there service numbers and both werebeaten after Jane gave it to her liason and one died due to the beating also look up Col Johnson USAF Medal of Honor recp. his book states the same thing. So Bill go join Jane as one off her cohors.

    • Bill

      JHC, John. I suggest you read his books and post the relevant passages. I, on the other hand, have actually read “Faith of My Fathers” and “Character is Destiny” – Fonda is not mentioned once to the best of my recollection. Not once.

      Will the ignorance never cease?


    Sometimes no amount of “Mea Culpa’s” will make the orginal transgession go away. I think that is the case here. You are unlikely to ever be forgiven by most of our VN Vets, including this one. Just give it up Jane and move along, we’re not interested.

  • Eli

    Bill , you are a horse’s ass for believing email hoaxes about hoaxes…. Do some educated reading from reliable sources. She was the pinup darling of all the soldiers and benefiting nicely from it until she spit in their faces and kow towed to the enemy who tortured our soldiers. She thought she was so smart and still does… too late for a an apology because so many of her victims have already passed away. Yes, she made a mistake and maybe 45 years from now we’ll accept her insincere and feeble “mistake” statement. She has NOT been apologizing for years…. I’ve been waiting.

    • Bill

      Trust me, as pathetic and misguided as your post is, it is you who comes off looking like a horse’s ass. There is no evidence she passed notes and vets there confirmed she did not, period.

  • Again ra John cCai’s book Unommon Valor andCol Johnson MOH ecp. about the beatinsof two of our powwhenshe turned ver there sn to her lison and one of our pow died by that action.

    • Bill

      Horse pucky, John. Whatever books you claim confirm the incident, why don’t you post the relevant passages? All the POWs that met with her have gone on record denying this ever happened. One would think that would be enough but, no, there are always some nuts just can’t be cracked.

  • Bob1481

    I was serving at Phu Cat AFB when she did this I will never forgive her for this act of treason.She should haft to serve a life tern in the Hanoi Hilton for the chit she done.

  • Bob Marincic

    I for one, wouldn’t piss on that bitch if she were on fire !

    Bob M 67/68 Nam vet.

  • Mike

    Once a traitor always a traitor. What she done will never be forgiven for us that served in Vietnam. I’m veteran of Vietnam and I won’t ever forget and will try to carry forward to my children and grandchildren. She should be shot in a firing squad for her actions.

  • Mike

    She is an actress and not a good one judging from this video. Like many men replying here I was a Marine door gunner in Vietnam during that time. She should have been shot on the spot. This is not the only thing she did that was unforgivable only the best know.

    • cbt1148

      I was a door gunner also. Give me ten rounds
      with my M-60 and let her run. HIS TORE RY.
      What na great time that would be.

  • Bonnie

    Having won 2 Academy Awards, you know Jane Fonda can certainly act. And with the potential of playing Nancy Reagan and a Presidential Award looming in her future, suddenly she starts talking about empathy and being forgiven. Ms Fonda, this image you are now trying to portray of a naïve, misguided idealist, cruelly judged for decades by “the warmongers” will, no doubt, pull at the heartstrings of many. But those of us who lived through it, who listened to your rhetoric, blared through a megaphone as you celebrated the action of the Viet Cong, and who viewed numerous other examples of your traitorous behavior, do not so easily forget. You say you were an emotional wreck and had no knowledge of what was going on implying you were an innocent puppet of the North’s propaganda. “I don’t know if I was set up…” Oh, please woman. I suppose you were “set up” when you accepted the notes from your imprisoned countrymen, then handed them over to your hosts. Did you bother to stay for the beatings, I wonder? Men DIED because of your deliberate, focused and STILL unrepentant actions as HANOI JANE. That is how you will be remembered.

    • Sarah


  • Izzy

    jegelkrout – exactly, thank you.

  • Izzy

    That is just ridiculous and totally ignorant. Just another person who would rather hate than either see the truth or forgive. Then to pass that ignorant hate on to your children… you are pitiful and you should be asking for forgiveness spreading hate.

    • Izzy

      for spreading hate.*

  • Bill

    She didn’t pass notes and this is not the first time she has apologized. Those are the facts and anything else is irrelevant.

    It’s fine to have an opinion, but better yet when it is not an informed one.

    She began apologizing in public some 3 decades ago, and later on national TV in the late 80s (60 mins or 20/20, as I recall).

  • CPL Les 61-66 USMC

    I remind everyone this piece of crap is a professional actress. She has been educated in how to convince people she is not what she is. Top that with her years of experience in being a professional liar.

    Don’t have a clue about how she can convince me she is not a vicious, money grubbing bitch! Maybe the day the heroes that died over there come back to raise their voice to ask me to forgive her.

    Oprah?…….. Well, let’s just say everything she touches turns to money. Is this current venture a freebie? You decide……

    By-the-way…..Did you notice how Fondacrap ended up trying to tell you that you are all wrong because you needed to communicate more with people you disagree with.

    Doing my part now!

    Take your advice, pleading, whatever to hell with you! Lot’s of your kind there, I’m sure!

  • Bill

    Of course i meant, “better yet when it is an informed” opinion.

  • PJB

    I was in Vietnam when she was showboating in North Vietnam. And, showboating it was for she loved attention,, had to have an audience.

    We vowed never to have anything to do with her. Never go to one of her movies, turn off the TV if she was on it, etc.

    As far as I am concerned, she committed treason.


  • Chuck

    Washington, DC Vietnam War Memorial speaks louder than any of these comments–even mine.

  • robert bottona

    Yes, Hanoi Jane had the right to free speech.

    However, it’s called treason when spoken in

    our enemy’s country. Her acts are forever

    despicable. And for those of you who debate

    on whether Vietnam was a ‘war’ or not, I

    suggest you stand at The Wall for a while and

    listen to the whispers of my fallen brothers as

    you read their names. We all took an oath that

    is forged in our blood, and we have believed in

    our country even when it was unpopular to do


  • Gene in L.A.

    I’m another Vietnam vet, and I wish all my brothers would get over it. They’re here. Others never came home, but it was not because of Jane Fonda. She was a civilian. There were servicemen on her side then, and none of them were shot (or hanged) as traitors. If you’re still blaming her after all these years I feel sorry for you. Get over it and get on with your lives. We can’t live in the past.

    • Bonnie

      Jane Fonda most certainly had a right to the Freedom of Speech for which you were fighting. And she exercised that right, right here in the US. I have no problem with that and certainly do not blame her for choosing to express those opinions. That is every citizen’s right. But when she very publicly made the decision to travel to Hanoi to join with the enemy, she was NOT exercising Freedom of Speech. She was voluntarily joining the enemy camp, yelling at the top of her lungs in support of the enemy and grabbing every photo op available in support of the enemy. She was using her fame and name in support of the enemy. That is NOT Freedom of Speech. That is making a conscious decision to do whatever you can to destroy your country, its citizens and the very freedoms she had enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, all her life. In support of a country that denied its own citizens anything remotely associated with freedom. And THAT is why I will always consider her to be a traitor.

  • Gene in L.A.

    Hater, I’m sorry to say your name is accurate. As a veteran of Duc Pho, LZ Baldy, Chu Lai, and Kontum I think all you guys holding grudges are wasting energy. She was young, as we were then. Some of us did stupid things too. Even Lt. Calley didn’t get shot or hung, and Jane Fonda was a civilian. One of the things I was over there fighting for is Freedom of Speech, whether I agree with it or not.

  • Gene in L.A.

    I was at Chu Lai during the ’68 Tet Offensive. One of the things I was fighting for was that freedom of speech you mention. When I came home I was in Vietnam Veterans Against the War. I guess that means to you I caused those 30,000 deaths too. Well you know what, that just isn’t true. Freedom of Speech is one of the most precious things we have as Americans, and civilians don’t have to know about or cooperate with war operations. I left friends all over Vietnam, and I say it’s long past time to get over all of it.

  • Terry McKinney

    >Jane Fonda had the Right to disagree with the War, >but she did not have a Right to constructively “Aid & >Abet” the Enemy.….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….…..

    >The NVA used her for Propaganda, as any Foreign >Government would, as War is a great act of deceiving on both sides.….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….…..

    You nailed BOTH of those, bro. She had a right to speak her mind. But to willingly particpate in creation of a propaganda instrument by opposing combatants constitutes treason, IMO. So she can rot, preferably in a place most unpleasant.

    It was George Washington who admonished Americacn to steer clear of foreign entanglement:

    “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world”

    We went to Vietnam because Ho was a Communist and Vietnam a domino. The North Vietnamese fought a war for Vietnamese independence – first to end French colonialism and then to unite North and South. After the French withdrew, their goal was to eliminate a corrupt administration in the South. We turned ourselves into targets when we backed the South. When the South proved incompetant and incapable of resisting the Communist Nationalists, we kept adding more and more resources and troops. We jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

    Ho Chi Minh tried to enlist US aid early in his efforts to organize native resistance to French colonialism. He petitioned U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to help remove the French from Vietnam and replace them with a new, nationalist government in the 1920s. He He repeatedly petitioned American President Harry S. Truman after August 1945 for support for Vietnamese independence, citing the Atlantic Charter, but Truman never responded. By this time, he was a full-blown Communist, an ideological threat to all things American, and was on the wrong side of the domino.

    Giap knew the score. He knew that the Communist Nationalists could not be defeated as long as they had the will to continue the fight. An he was right. Vietname has a LONG history of resisting and repulsing foreign invaders – just ask the Chinese about that. They are a proud, willful, and resourceful people. And history has taught them to take the long view.

    Vietnam was a war lost. We failed to achieve our stated goal of a free and independent South. American leadership should have read the history of the area before taking action. We thought that overwhelming firepower would trump Vietnamese will, capacity for suffering, and resourcefullness. And that’s what the British thought during the American Revolution.

    The American fighting soldeir accomplished everything set before him during the war. Where he met the enemy massed for battle; he kicked the enemy’s asses. But the majority of the Vietnamese didn’t buy pacification and existing under a corrupt and incompetant South Veitnamese government.

  • Lawrence

    “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”.

    If you believe in a Christian God, you believe in the above.


    USN Corpsman


  • Bob

    If your apologizing now, why did you go in the first place. noone believes you story and your are still considered a traitor.

  • Jack Curcio

    She is a incredible piece of shi– who caused untold pain and suffering to American Prisoners of War and should never be forgiven……this from a Korean War Veteran who today read that after 62 years…finally, one of our heroes…a catholic chaplin was finally to be awarded the Congressional Message for his incredible service during interment in the worst conditions you can ever imagine, while keeping the faith and hope alive with so many fellow American prisoners in the worst conditions you can ever imagine!! She should rot in Hell!!!

  • cbt1148

    I would luv to see her in Hell with her back broke.
    Then she should be sent to a maximum security
    prison and given to the death row inmates.
    Since this was exactly what she did to our POWs
    How can we repay such a BITCH. Why don’t we
    give her to the Viet Nam VETS and let them give her a sentence that she rightfully deserves.

  • Jane will never be able to hold up her words of please forgive me what I did was a stupid thing.. Yes itr was and it is a shame that on one of my 50 flights over hanoi that we could not drop a cluster of snake and nape on her so that she could be welcome in hell with all of her other friends. this was one of my three trips there and I still have sleepless night several times a week.. Jane go to HELL.

  • Wayne

    I was in VN from 1965 to 1967 In the Delta crewing helicopters. There is no explanation or justification for stupidity and what Jane did to all of the Americans, Australians, Koreans, and the other nations that sent troops to VN and have their son’s returned in black bags. Someone should stack an equal number in her front yard so she can see “I am sorry” will never cut it.

  • BRO

    Hey Bro’s, Was there 6/67 – 6/68 The Big Red One and We were winning when I Left!

  • Mike Bronner

    I wouldn’t fuck that bitch with Obama’s dick. Every fucking Liberal in this country is slime and should be exterminated.

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    • Bill

      Such a despicable and puerile post serves only to reveal at least one person exudes more than their fair share of scum.

      • Izzy

        Thank you Bill

  • lawrence pulliam

    jane fonda,sly salone,and bill Clinton all are trators two going to Canada one to Vietnam,if I had did this I would have been courtmartial .

  • An actress still, I believe.

  • nested grid

    Anything she says sounds insincere. She can’t apologize enough as far as I’m concerned. She was a daughter of privilege who chose to market herself in the popular underground anti-war movement. She deserves the continued derision of veterans of any age who put their lives on the line for her freedom. As a navy vietnam-era veteran, there’s nothing she can say that I will ever accept.

  • boldaq


  • Tom

    Ditto, all negative comments regarding the reprehensible Hanoi Jane; she is undoubtably
    the most despicable individual the USA has ever produced. If justice is poetic, it is just and poetic that those enemy of America she abetted also regard her as a pathetic excuse for civilized humanity.

  • boldaq

    What John Traitor Kerry did was far worse than what Hanoi Jane did.
    Back in 1971 John Kerry made a name for himself when he went before Congress and lied about his army brethren. Kerry accused US soldiers of numerous war crimes.
    Here is what Kerry said about his fellow soldiers back in 1971:
    “They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.”
    This disgusting speech of lies propelled the antiwar idiot into a career in politics.


    • DD Johnston

      Good point ,Kerry is a slap in all Vets Faces

    • Richard Flewelling

      Kerry has his own spot in Hell reserved for whatr
      he did, is and is doing.

    • Edward Kay

      If what he said was true why didn’t he stop it???

  • Craig

    I am a vietnam era vet (USAF) never served in country but many of my friends did. I remember vividly being spit on and called a baby killer in my own country. Thanks you piece of shit Jane Fonda and all the ass wipes like her. As far as VN, Iraq and the rest of the bs conflicts we would not be involved if they had enough smarts to take care of thier own problems. It is a shame that the greatest and most powerful country since the romans has to clean up everybody elses mess. I for one am tired of this BS. Let us take care of the USA first and let the rest of the world fend for itself.

  • DD Johnston

    Maybe she should have talked to the vets before going to Hanoi.You ever notice the Americans that have the most are usually the one;s that roll over the quickest.??
    Semper Fidelis

  • jack young

    I was in vietnam in 66-67 and I will never forgive her for the traitor she is.

  • marty h


    lf your apology had been a real true & more

    forthcoming and done decades ago, along

    with your admission of guilt it might be easier

    to accept if it was real, you are just now feel-

    ing the heart of all those years you committed


    You ruined the lives of many of those of us

    who where in Vietnam.

    To little to late.

    Your still not allowed to be seen on tv in my

    house. Your father & brother [movies] are

    allowed in my home

  • marty h


    lf your apology had been a real true & more

    forthcoming and done decades ago, along

    with your admission of guilt it might be easier

    to accept if it was real, you are just now feel-

    ing the heart of all those years you committed


    You ruined the lives of many of those of us

    who where in Vietnam. i was an Army Medic.

    You offer To little to late.

    Your still not allowed to be seen on tv in my

    house. Your father & brother [movies] are

    allowed in my home

  • Samuel Hilburg USMC

    WE don’t forgive traitors we hang them

  • I am also a USMC Vietnam Vet. The guy with the Ace of spades should have delivered it. 58,000 died at that HELLHOLE. And she has the audacity to come to that country and ask us why we were killing innocent people, women and children? There is a special spot waiting for her in HELL!!!!!!!

  • Richard Flewelling

    That miserable c–t is going to take that curse
    with her to her grave.
    What she did is totally unforgivable and I know
    she is going to burn in hell no matter what she
    says until that time comes.

  • Robert

    I don’t care what she says, or anyone else for that matter who speaks in her defense. There is much more she’s guilty of than posing for a photo while sitting in an anti-aircraft gun and she knows it in her heart. It’s not mine to forgive her, (and I will not) what she’s said and done is between her & God. In my younger days I’d have seem her shot for what she did. She can apologize until her face turns blue, but I will never believe she really means it. She’s sorry alright…

  • bitemeiamtoxic

    I hope she starts doing book signings, again. I haven’t had a chance to spit on her yet.

    A traitor asking forgiveness?

    Her suicide would prove her regret.

  • john

    From reading these comments I think “bill” is jane!
    No one else but john kerry could/would defend her. Remember all those draft card burning “friends” of hers, that are now why we have laws regarding Stolen Valor. Rot in Hell.

    1/7 Cav 71 Garry Owen

    • Bill

      With such a juvenil post, it appears your age has long since exceeded your I.Q.

      • john

        Did I touch a nerve? jane and bob are the ones that most of us who served in Viet Nam vent our feelings towards. They helped the NVA…. and troops, air crews and POW’s paid the price.
        Still have your draft card?

      • Bill

        I gather you believe that as a 2-year old, or the maturity and mentality of one thereof, would upset you. What I find astonishing is you are well past the age to have reached adulthood, but then Peter Pan never grew up either.

      • john

        I meant not bob, but tom…her husband at the time. What happened to him? Wasn’t he there too? Will he and the unnamed others with jane in North Viet Nam at the time ask for forgiveness now as well? Will it be on oprah?

  • My wife says what about Rodnan well not that I am a fan of fonda she will allways be a trader to me , but it apears Rodmans judgement was questionable allso in my opinion . By the way jane I a veteran and so are all my ancesters in this country back to the revelution I sure they would find you a trader as well ”’

  • John Barnes

    I was a Navy Beachmaster serving 1969-1973 out of Coronado California serving in Vietnam on three deployments during the years of 1970, 1971, 1972, and until Januarey 27th 1973. After the ceasefire we were deployed to Haiphong Harbor after the war to mine sweep. First thanks to all the men and women that went in harms way by raising their hand to serve and protect their country. We know I was lucky in the duty we were assigned. I salute those that were truly under fire in the air, land and sea.

    I think it is important to note that in 1969-1970 Nixion was trying to turn operations over to the Vitemenese. The fact that the war went on until Januray 27th 1973 was because North Vietnam Generals pointed out that American sentimanent, the protests, proved that they could win the war.So they held out on peace talks in Paris. Tricky Dick bombed the crap put of them in the Christmas offensive on 1972…God bless you B-52 crews!

    Jane Fonda’s comments at that time forty five years ago in conjunction with the peace protests casused 25,000 to 30, 000 US casulities for their “Freedom of Speech”. I support their frredom of speech as their right , but they must accept the deaths of over 30,000 Americans from 1970 on based on their actions.

    Fellas and ladies, we have had to live with a lot since we were served. For you new veterns….we are with you!

    Finally, here is to my classmates who did not come home to enjhoy a full life.

  • NotoriousRoscoe

    My fourth grade teacher explained there are some things you can do in life, for which there will never be forgiveness. One is being a Nazi. The other is being Jane Fonda.

  • Commie Jane should be executed. 57,000 reasons why. I wasn’t there. But I appreciate those that were.
    She IS a COMMIE. Thanks Vietnam hero’s.

  • Jane Fonda

    Really Jane? you act if you did nothing wrong what a dumbass thing to do.I am a ‘Nam vet and damn proud you actually make me sick at 19 you thought you had the mnaturity to handle the freakin VC?????? you dumbass hippy. you’re Brother on the other hand did well dispite your treason,I am a biker today because of easyrider.But I love my country,It’s my government I fear

  • Hater

    Do you guys realize the war didn’t stop in 1970? Some of the units stood down but it was Tricky Dicks intent to get the South Viet Namese to fight their own fucking war. But those worthless fuck couldn’t take it over. They refused to fight. The Americans won our part of the war but the South Viet Namese lost their part. Americans were killed in that piece of shit country right up until 1975. If Nixon wouldn’t have had his head so far up his ass he would have told the American troops to end the fucker regardless of the cost. And It would have been done. But in 1970 Nixon talked the South Viet Nam leaders to send their army into laos and shut down the Ho Chi Minh trail. They sent 16000 Arvns against 60000 NVA. And the ARVNs had their asses handed to them. The leaders of Viet Nam and the ARVN lost their war. When those ARVN went into Laos we weren’t allowed to go with them. Many Americans were killed during Lam Son 719. I was there and saw a war. And that was in 1971. My best friend who I grew up with lost his legs in Viet Nam on New Years Day 1971. Tell him the fucking war was over.

    Jane “The Traitor’ Fonda gave up her right to free speech when she left the shores of North America. By going into Hanoi she became a traitor. By providing Aid and comfort to the North Viet Namese she committed treason. She should be punished as any other treasonous piece of shit would be. But she was Jane Fonda and we couldn’t do anything to the whore. And then you get some cock sucker like Obama who want to make a hero out of her. He should be tried for treason too for aiding and comforting that treasonous whore. Any one who plays into her phony bullshit should be dealt with as you would any other snake in the room. And you chickenshit mother fuckers who think she didn’t do anything wrong can kiss my ass.

    Respectfully submitted by a 100% disabled American veteran from 1970/1971 Viet Nam Northern I Corp.

    • Edward Kay

      Well said brother. I too am a 100% DAV. I Corp, 67,68,69 Dong Ha,(13 clicks from DMZ ) , Vandergrift, Khe Sahn, Quang Tri, Rock Pile, Hill 883, & others I want to forget.
      ps: Topeka Kansas VA has fantastic 7 week in house PTSD program. Probably saved my life.
      Welcome Home to you and the new Vets.

    • Bob williams

      Well put Hater. I commend you.

  • sw mcbride

    I cant believe you. what the hell were you even doing there you truly have no business living in this country. Where men and women still sacrifice their lives for the very Freedom you enjoy. and still have not the least bit of honor, to take responsibility for actions. Go to the men you endangered at the Hanoi Hilton and beg, yes Beg forgivenace for what you did to them. And what you did to everyone who served there.

  • Randall J. Marlowe

    Hanoi Jane will always be Hanoi Jane and there is no apology that could be acceptable. You knew what you were doing and that it was treason. What you should have done was shoot yourself and maybe, just maybe, we could have forgotten about you, but never forgiven, ever. For us you are the walking dead. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires (74).

  • Newsman

    May Jane Fonda suffer in the afterlife as our brothers suffered in the Hanoi Hilton.

  • Deadeye Dick Long

    Ahh…Do not forget her Buddy John Kerry..remember the chit he pulled right with her!!

    • Bill

      john kerry our sec. of state is just a male version of fonda. I spent a few years in Viet Nam and Loas, MAC SOG 60-64. When I was discharged, there was a long line of “protestor” tossing ballons filled wirh urin on soldiers while they called us “baby killers.”

  • I was special forces, mobile riverine vet Task force 115 & 117. I spent 6:1965,66,67,68- campaigns in Vietnam,at Cat Lo and several other places I spent as an RD-2 &1. I spent the last on USS Chicago as Piraz,Positive Radar Advisory Zone out of Hai Phong,close air controller and personal. We had hanoi janes pictures printed for the bottom of heads and target practice when we were just pissed. I’m Catholic and I don’t care if God sends me to hell, I’ll never forgive or accept her, hanoi jane into my life. It reminds me of my cousins and uncles who served against japan and the atrocities thay commited against our US Troops. They can never forgive or foget and I under stood after a useless and senseless things that jane Fonda did. The only problem is I and a lot of others will be in hell with Hanoi jane.

  • Bob williams

    I was in the army at fort bragg in 1963-65. At one time the bitch put on a show, and at the show she AND her cronues were handing out anti war litersture to the troops. She was put into a MP jeep and was taken outside the main gate and dumped and was told to never come back. In 1967 I went to vietnam not in the army but in the navy seabees. I say she is a traitor to her country and should have been punished severely for what she done. I think hanging her would be a fair punishment.

  • Gregory D’Aiuto

    U.S. Army 9Th Inf Div 67/68 Jane Fonda and Barak Obama go good together I would Never forgive either
    one for what they did to my country they are both
    scumbag liars who could care less about the veterans
    who fought and died for this country. We didn’t fight so that Illegal Aliens could come here and take over
    God help us all……….

  • Mactac

    Jane apologized, a superficial thing. Did she ask to be forgiven? Completely different! How far is she willing to go to show her change of heart? To ask for forgiveness is a good thing but only if it comes from a changed heart. Did she change? I don’t think so. She is a traitor by definition (and there were others) and I am very sad that she (and the others) were not punished. I can choose to forgive her but that does not negate punishment. She should be punished by death for treason. That will not happen at this time in this culture. It is time for me to remember that she will give an account for her actions to her maker when she stands before Him as her judge. His judgement will be perfect. I was USN 6th fleet during Vietnam but proud of my marine friends. I lost friends there also.

  • Indyson35

    Definition of Traitor-

    1: one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty

    2: one who commits treason

    Origin of TRAITOR

    Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give — more at date

    First Known Use: 13th century

    Related to TRAITOR


    apostate, backstabber, betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, Judas, quisling, recreant, serpent, snake, turncoat

    Related Words:

    accommodationist, collaborationist, collaborator, sellout, subversive, subverter; coconspirator, conspirator, intriguer, plotter, schemer; defector, deserter, renegade; blabbermouth, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, informant, informer, rat, rumormonger, snitch, snitcher, squealer, stool pigeon, talebearer, talker, tattler, tattletale, telltale

    The question for a few seems to be, was/is Jane Fonda a Traitor. By definition, yes.

  • MadYank

    Oh MAN, I hate when I have to give a history lesson on-line – the class NEVER listens!

    In World War II, Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese guerrilla fighter against the Japanese, supported by the US. He had attended college before the war IN the US and France.

    When the war was over, he wanted to see Indochina free of French Colonial authority but ALLIED with France, something like the Philippine Islands were to become with the US. However, the French, as usual, were determined to “restore the glory of France” by repossessing all their former colonies – including French Indochina.

    Ho basically said “the Hell with that crap!” And established the Viet Minh – with unofficial American advisors! There was no mention of communism, at that point.

    Things got out of hand with Southeast Asian attitudes toward “interrogation methods” and the American support disappeared; at that point, Ho found support from the Soviet Union – mainly because he needed all the help he could get, and he did NOT want Mao Tse Tung OR Chung Kai-Chek in Indochina; the Viets had put up with over 2,000 years of Chinese domination.

    After the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu and finally kicked out of Indochina, the area was divided into four countries; Laos, Cambodia, and North and South Vietnam. The North was declared Communist, the South democratic under Ngo Dihn Diem. And Allen Dulles and Dwight Eisenhower concocted the South East Asia Treaty Organization, a carbon-copy of NATO, to pull Australia, New Zealand, most of Indonesia and Indochina, the Philippines, and Taiwan together with the US in another “block the spread of Communism” mutual-defense treaty. It obligated the US to intercede in the defense of any member nation against Communist aggression, foreign or domestic, if asked. And THAT is how we got involved in Vietnam.

    And Laos.

    And Thailand.

    And Cambodia.

    Kennedy wanted our involvement limited to Special Forces-type advisors; William Westmorland decided he wanted one last big war before he got farmed out to pasture, and HE convinced Johnson to commit HUGE forces in-country.

    1st Air Cav went in, followed by nearly a million troops before Nixon said “enough!” and pulled us out with his “Vietnamization” program.

    And what NO-One figured out here was that nobody except the politicians in Vietnam, North OR South, gave much of a good goddamn about whether Ho Chi Minh or Diem or Thanh or Thieu was driving; they just wanted to be left alone to grow rice and poppy – which both sides would have let them do. And pretty much HAVE do, once all the fighting is over.

    I did a short tour there in 71-72; I was USAF, running around as a CAC. I had a draft lottery number of 321; those of us who lived through that era know what that means. I volunteered when there was NO WAY IN HELL I would ever have gone. And YES, I got spit on at SFO when I got home, too, probably by the same little blonde bra-less brat with the bare feet and the tie-dyed T-shirt and the raggedy jeans as some of the other guys. But that’s okay, too; I did my tour so she COULD spit on me safely.

    I don’t LIKE Jane Fonda; I HATE what she did to our POWs. I think she SHOULD have her citizenship revoked, and be tried for treason.

    But I also know that it ain’t gonna happen, guys; not in this climate of “forgive and forget.” We’re lucky WE don’t get reviled any longer – after all, WE’RE the ones who were all those horrible baby-killers, remember? When some homeless guy goes off and chokes some jerk out for being a jerk, ever notice how the newsies immediately label him as a Vietnam vet? If one of our fellow vets decides to dig a survivalist shelter, the newsies immediately bring out how he’s a Vietnam Veteran. EVERY time one of our fellow veterans does something even a LITTLE different, his SEA tour status gets brought out. But if one of us does something really GOOD, nothing about that status gets mentioned.


    • Newwsman

      Well said … it is nice to find someone who knows the same history that I do. One little tidbit that also figures in is the belief that there is oil in the region and we wanted it.

  • Ken Guyer, USN/RVN 6

    It has little to do with the “apology” and more to do with the fact she does not think she did anything wrong even to this day. The only reason for ANY contrition on her part is for her own self interest. She is hoping to soften the effects of her treason as the generation she offended become fewer and fewer. All we can do in continue to call her what she is, a treasonous bitch who has no right to enjoy the freedoms we fought for

  • Larry Dahlka

    I was a member of The Vietnam Veterans against the War which later became the Vietnam Veterans of America, as former combat veterans we protested to end the war and bring our brothers home,but we never carried the enemies flag or went to Hanoi. Allowing Fonda to do what she did and not speaking up against such actions or those spitting and shouting baby killers was a deplorable government failure and will neverwill be forgiven nor should it.

  • I agree she is a traiter whore and should have been shot or hung years ago.

  • rickers

    Thank you- Agree with you 100%. People today, view their actions as justifiable by the times; they are not. Situational ethics has no place when it comes to treason

  • rickers

    You are right, all the more so for calling her a traitor!! What are you saying? Because it was not a declared war that the 50K guys/gals killed over there were not killed in a war? You are just like a politician, or a member of the SDS at the time-playing with Semantics that mean’t nothing to those who were called and served honorably.

  • rickers

    Hi Bill!– Pls let the hatred go, I was like you, but you gotta let it go-consuming you for all these years.. Better to help those who need it from that era than waste all that energy on her & her ilk..

    Karma buddy, Karma.

  • rickers

    Thank you, well said and very eloquent!! You will never hear the media say what you said because—YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT!!

    Thank you again…

  • rickers

    You know not what you talk about!! He was a puppet for the Communists agitators working in this country!! Bet you never saw pictures of MLK in Life Magazine back in the early 60’s while he was visiting Cuba.

    Lenin always did say there are tons of “Useful idiots” out there to further the cause!

    Does not excuse ones conduct when their actions cause harm and mayhem to their fellow countrymen- let alone their brothers and sisters in uniform.

  • rickers

    absolutely right- Old Henry had a lot of clout– While we are at it- check out Hillary’s background from that era- She was an attorney working to impeach Nixon, and she also gave legal assistance to a lot of radical groups back then- not sure any more, but SDS & Panthers come to memory. Easy to check out.

    She was another piece of work from that era. God help us if she runs for the Presidency and get’s elected. Contemptuous of the military- we will be sitting ducks.

  • rickers

    Doesn’t matter- she turned on the very country that made her what she was- notice, I said was!!

    She rode to stardom and fame on her father’s name-and in doing so, gave legitimacy to the anti-war movement which gave comfort and aid to the enemy.

  • rickers

    Thanks Mike Man!!

  • rickers

    How about a picture of that SOB used as a target with USAabove it when the North Koran soldiers are doing the drills that are show on our tv’s for nightly news.

    Such bad asses- the little pukes are all tough guys when no one else is shooting at them.


    Ooops- forget new leadership in America today- Let’s just invite em in for a beer at the O Club while Obama discusses plans to withdraw.


  • rickers

    Agreed- 100%. The nation made of people like you & I & all the others are bigger than that spoiled puke!!

    Why do you think she is going on Oprah??

    Because she evokes visceral emotions and will never be forgiven or forgotten by those who love this country.

    Her place is well established for future historians to write about- The Vietnam War “TOKYO ROSE”.

    she died in obscurity by the way!!

  • Vietnam Vet – 68-69, Combat Infantry Grunt. In my AO ; south of Quangtri to the DMZ, I never saw any of the things Kerry accused our soldiers of. However, I did have an oppertunity to visit our hospital ship ” Sanctuary “. What I saw there left an everlasting memory! I saw 4,5 and 6 year old little girls who all had been mutilated by the Viet Cong or NVA. They would gather all village members at gun point, select a little girl, and mutilate her in front of the villagers. This was done to ” solicit ” their cooperation. The little girls had either an ear, nose, or tongue cut off! We would send them to the hospital ship for medical treatment. The little boys were taken as needed for slaves and to be indoctrinated. We also made frequent trips into local villages as security for medical teams giving vaccine shots to all.

    I have seen the evil of the godless Commies, and as then, stand ready to fight them again. I am just afraid that this time, it may be right here at home!!

    Oh Yeah, Jane Who?????

  • Age911

    I don’t care what they say about Hanoi Jane or how she supposedly feels today she can go to Hell and I will light the Fire if it isn’t on already.

    Way to many of my young Brothers and Sisters left their Bodys over there for me to ever Forgive her and I have Forgiven many things in Life but this will never ever be one of them.

    Vietnam 70-71

    Semper Fi to my Brothers and Sisters out there.

  • Steve

    Bob V, it’s liberals like you who have weakened our nation and continue to do so. You do 100 times the damage our soldiers do simply by opening your mouth. Let me guess, you get your information from MSNBC right? Have you served in Iraq or Afghanistan? Your kind truly believe we are over here just “killing people” at random, that shows how clueless you really are. Keep living in your dream world and running your mouth because that is about all the contributions that come from liberals like you. You are not intelligent enough to see the strategic objectives in maintaining a free world. I only wish liberals like you would join the INS so we could start eliminating their supporters as well. Do you see a correlation between the debt, unemployment, world instability, etc. with the percentage of people in the US who voted for Obama? You should propose banning knives now after the mass stabbing in Texas…

  • Larry M

    I agree, Vn 1968, also pu t John Kerry with her.

    in Hell

  • I agree with Edward Fonda should at least mentioned Veitnam as that Veitnam not “That Thing.” May be she would have gotten more forgiveness. My father was going to send me away from home if that war kept up. I am proud of my twenty years in the service and believe that it took courage for her to stand up and admit that she was wrong and may be she should star in a movie (based during the Veitnam War) where she is married to a military person, defending what they were doing and disagreeing with the people that were protesting the war. She could also have a few of or all the veterans she spoke with in the film. Just a thought.

  • Al Cusick

    I am retired Navy, two tours RVN and remember Hanoi Jane and Her sidekick former atty General Ramsey Clark antics only too well. iMHO, this may be a start, but I suggest that Miz Fonda put her ill gotten money where her mouth now is. Set up scholarships in the names of some of the POWs who endured in Hanoi and other locales . I can give her the names of several Naval aviators I know who deserve such a belated honor. Mike Mc Grath, Paul Galanti and the late Bill Lawrence. Talk is cheap Jane, lets see you actually do something if you want our forgiveness! Cdr Al, USN (ret)

  • Way, I agree with you. I am facing a manditory furlough because of those idiots and had to take on a second full time job. And what they are doing is a lot worse then what Fonda did and said or about as bad depending on how you look at it.

    However, the blame must not stop with them it will have to go down to the people that elected them to office and the ones that are causing this problem are the 49% of the Republican party and a few Democrates. And we are paying their salaries for what?

  • Ron Rufner

    Bob Vitray, April 9,2013 was correct there was no declared war against Vietnam. We were there thanks to Lyndon Johnson and his “False Flag” excuse ” the so called attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. The outcome was the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution granting Lyndon Johnson the authority to assist South Vietnam against “Communist Aggression.” The resolution served as Johnson’s legal justification for deploying U.S. conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam.

    Jane Fonda had the right of free speech but had no business doing what she did while Americans were dying in Johnson’s War, the so-called war to stop Communism. The same Communist country that now enjoys diplomatic relations and has permanent normal free trade relations with the United States. That thanks to the “Great Stain Maker” Bill Clinton. “WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DOMINO EFFECT THREAT?” Tell that to the guys who died and their families and those crippled for life or dying because of agent orange diseases. The Communist victory in South Vietnam abruptly concluded three decades of United States intervention in Vietnam.

    Bob Vitray was right regarding the yahoos, young and dumb and full of cum who will talk themselves into another silly war.

    Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring, said it best. The people don’t want war it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, . Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. “That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    Does the term “Terrorism or Terrosist” sound familiar.

  • I was a combat medic with the 4th infantry in 1968 and we lost a lot of good soldiers. I was in the boonies my whole tour before being medivaced and did not know about her until I came back to the world. I am a Christian so I forgive her, but I still consider her as a traitor. Who can forget our dying brothers while she brought comfort to our enemy.

  • Paul Phipps

    A nd you are pos that sould be hanged

  • Buzztower

    Hello to my fellow V-nam vets. First let me say that I flew A-1’s off the decks of different carriers during this period and I too was shot down, however, fortunately I was recovered and not imprisoned like so many others. During my service I learned with disgust about Hanoi Jane and the damage she was doing and could not understand how she could do it.

    Years later I met Jerry Driscoll (go to google.com and read his bio) he spent 7 years at the Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured and starved and the subject of that purported “note passing” to Jane, which he denies every happened. If you’re interested in learning the facts then please take the time to read his statement/bio. There are many reasons to hate Hanoi Jane but this is not one of them. Col. Jerry Driscoll is a true patriot and not in very good health today, but he clings to his statement that the note is a “hoax”.”

    I for one can never forgive “HJ” her for her betrayal of American fighting forces and her criminal conduct while enjoying the many freedoms of an American citizen living in the USA. I always thought that a book would come out later explaining her conduct as one of a patriot where she cleverly disguised herself to infiltrate Hanoi to learn what was really happening and how best to account for our captured. I mean she is an actor and as such it only made sense that she was there on a covert mission to beguile the enemy to gain information. To date no such record denying her culpability has ever surfaced. No book or account explaining her betrayal was ever written. She was there for reasons of her own. While US service men and women were getting killed and wounded she propagated the enemies agenda. She certainly does not deserve to live among us today, and that to me is the real crime.

    Now, she has to live with her infamy and the justified disgust of so many Americans who loathe her.

    It seems only just that she should begin paying

    the humiliating price of betrayal. We can all be thankful we don’t have to live our lives in such shame.

  • c4246 I agree with you but don’t forget we sacrfice ourselves for the likes of them because that is or was our jobs, to defend their rights to be assholes and not step on their Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech.

    If the Government stripped them of that right and left them there how would we look in the eyes of the rest of the world?

  • It doesn’t matter what it was in Veitnam, Americans put their lives on line to defend those that could not or didn’t have what it takes to defend themselves. We were upholding our treaty obligations.

  • Jeff Daley

    We all fought to preserve the freedoms of the USA. Having said that it does not include aiding the enemy and that’s what Fonda did with this propaganda. Two combat tours in Vietnam and many years with water lots of water under the bridge I still cannot forgive this women.

  • She should actually stop apolgizing and doing something to prove to the Veitnam Vets that she is really sorry for her actions, like donating her time to the Wounded Warrior Program, and helping those Veitnam Vets with housing and counseling, or producing a movie that will defend what these Veitnam Vets did in Veitnam and what they had to face on a daily bases. May be then we as American military veterans from the Veitnam era to the war in the Middle East can really see that she is serious about us forgiving her.

  • Bryan Williams

    I was born in ’91, and in 22 years of life I have never heard of Hanoi Jane. My dad served in Vietnam, as well as his dad, and my Grandpa on my mothers side. I never knew much about the war, except from the very few stories my dad told me while growing up, and the movies I watched. Yesterday my dad posted on Facebook a picture of Hanoi Jane, and it caught my attention. I asked my dad what the story was, he blatently told me that she was and still is a traitor to this nation. I decided to start reading up on the history… I have seen allot of Interesting things. I contacted a friend of mine who collects Vietnam memorabilia and asked him what he knew about the subject. He was able to fill me in quite a bit on the matter! I now serve in the Army and have deployed to Afghanistan 3 times… I would love to go back, I enjoy fighting for my country. Unfortunately I cannot due to Injuries sustained as a POW during my last deployment. I see how much it effects the Vietnam Vets that Jane Fonda is being recognized in a way that I and so many others feel she shouldnt be. Despite the contradictions of Jane’s statements and the statements of Veterens thenmselves. My question to Jane, is why do you wait so long to ask for forgiveness. If you feel you have done nothing wrong then why do you feel the need to be forgiven. In my opinion, someone who asks for forgiveness is someone whe has a guilty conscience. We have all seen the photos, and we all see it as incriminating evidence that you are a traitor. To all the people who support Jane, my question to you is… if someone that didnt have fame and riches, did the exact same thing as Jane. Would you support them, would you believe the words they say to you? Words are only what a person feels you want to hear, you can make yourself believe what you want to believe with your own lies. Can Jane Fonda prove her innocence? People can tell lies just as fast as they can speak, if you want my forgiveness… Words do not even come close to making a dent. Since I have returned from Afghanistan, I have been spit on several times… I have been to my soldiers funerals, where protesters are shouting derogatory remarks during the service. I have been pushed over in my wheelchair while wearing my military uniform, and have had to wait for help to get back up. Jane I’m 22 years old and have no legs, I have a child that I can no longer play with, without severly hurting myself. I have been tortured, and betrayed by many. And that is what I signed up for, regardless of peoples actions I will continue to do what I can to provide for this country and for my people. I will never forget what has been done to my, and I will never forgive people for their actions. However I will always forgive myself, for not being good enough for people like you. If you feel you must have forgiveness for your actions so long ago, then you must feel that you know you did wrong. I’m sorry that you live with guilt, but karma is a bitch. If it takes 100 years for you to realize that you are wrong, that you have lied to the people of this country, that you do not deserve the support of so many then so be it. To all veterens who support Jane Fonda and to all veterans who despise Jane, regardless I want to say thank you for your service. I lost both of my grandfathers to the war, they were both POW’s and they were both tortured endlessly. I have diaries from the two, and one mentions meeting Hanoi Jane while a POW. And the treatment he recieved as such. ” I was starved, and beaten everday for 3 years. My teeth were ripped from my mouth, with hope that I would break. My body was burned and my skin was peeled from my face. I only wished to see my wife and child, one last time. I remember the day I was taken to a room, and shackled to a wall. A woman sat in a chair in front of me smiling, asking me if I have been treated well. I could tell by her voice that she was beautiful and young. I didnt know what to say to her, my body in pain andstarving from hunger. I asked her name, she replied Jane Fonda I am an American communist.”

    • Excuses Excuses


    • Navy Vet

      Wow, sounds like your grandfathers diaries are the smoking gun. Undisputed proof!

    • Scott

      I have to call BullShit on you being a POW in Afghanistan.


      Wait let me guess, you were on a secret mission that you can’t tell anyone about, and the government denies happened.

  • Gunfighter

    The vitriol on both sides of this argument is disturbing. What I believe is that:

    1. Whether we (the military) wanted/declared war we were in one – you’re just as dead in a ‘police action’ as a war. To think otherwise is semantics and has no bearing on the discussion.

    2. Governments make bad calls; often because of bad information; sometimes for money; sometimes for aggrandizement – we do hold them accountable (or not) by voting them out. Should they be tried for doing the best they believed at the time – and pending any evidence (another protected right I fought for) history will be the judge. I know I’ve mad a mistake or two in war, wouldn’t want to be held accountable for (but I must live with the rest of my life). Like Jane, those that don’t like me for indiscretion don’t like me and it is my and their burden alone….

    3. We (Americans) place too much credence on celebrity. Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Dennis Rodman, Eva Mendes, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton – what in the hell qualifies them to be representative or authoritative in representing the ‘real America?’ Why do we care what they think/say/do? Jane was a B actress (at the time), daughter of an American legend – had she been Sally from Jersey sitting in NV, would we even remember? I hate what she did, it was dumb – I have the right to refuse to acknowledge her professional offerings and not contribute to her gain – so I don’t endorse her with my subsidy by attending her performances and, judging by her career since the incident, it has had some impact (though I could live on her penalty!). As to her two academy awards – lest we forget, there is much discussion that one must be of a proper political persuasion to even be considered competitive as history bears out.

    4. Whether she passed notes, people were beaten or not, it is moot; those that witnessed her actions and interface with our enemy felt betrayed. She was a ‘daughter of America’ a beauty whom they saw as epitomizing what they were fighting for, that they sought to return to; instead they were insulted by her youthful indiscretion. Remember: Free speech goes both ways! If you opt to believe she was trying to save you or end the war by telling unsubstantiated ‘stories/lies’ to the press, or even if you believe she was truthful, then the folks above fought and provided you that option. I do wonder what your reaction would be today if someone called you or your son or daughter a rapist, murderer, or criminal to great puclicity and it was not true; you were not, would you just smile and appreciate their right of speech?

    5. I don’t know and don’t care about who plays who on screen (see Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady (and her recent comments) or George Scott as Patton); if the representation is bad or flawed in fact, the moving will end up in the dustbin of cinema – if truthful and powerful – it will be a legacy to the ACTUAL person not the person who pretended.

    I spent 36 years of my life in the Marines and now work as a civilian still supporting our folks forward. I may not agree with what some of y’all say, but I would still lay down my life to defend your right to say it….forgive or not, she is old news!

    • Ron Rufner


      Your right,

      ….forgive or not, she is old news!

      If you spent 36 years in the Marines, you know better.

      Governments know exactly what they are doing and it’s not SOMETIMES for money but ALWAYS for monetary gain (OIL and Military Industrial Complex.)

      Make bad calls, bad information, your joking aren’t you.

      Sometimes for aggrandizement (“The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one’s own importance, power, or reputation”.) It’s called Policeman of the World.

      We do hold them accountable by voting them out. If that were only true. The first sign of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over.

      We keep voting for the “One Party System Masquerading as Two” and keep getting the same results. Just look at the Middle East, another False Flag. (Weapons of Mass Destruction.)

      Should they be tried, No they should be hung.

      Gunfighter, we both agree to disagree with what some are saying, but I also would lay down my life to defend their right to say it.

      God, not history will be the judge of your life.

      History is written by those who win the war.

    • Ron Rufner


      Suggested reading for you and every other Marine contributing to this site:

      “Wars is a Racket”

      Author: Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

      Twice received the Medal of Honor one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and Medal of Honor.

      Smedley Butler – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • We could blame a few other departments as well but I agree blame should be placed on their shoulders, remember, “Nixon is not a crook” his own words.

  • Gene D

    Watch the video again. She is apologizing for having her picture taken, not for supporting the enemy.

    I also don’t like the way she refers to Viet Nam Vets as “them”.

    It took me about 30 years after returning from Nam to start appreciating (not necessarily agreeing with) the opposing views of the war of others.

    Too bad her picture was taken. I forgive her for that. Now lets hear an apology for supporting the enemy.

  • Well folks its almost 50 years since Viet Naam

    we currently export and import to them.

    Jane Fonda has made her amends for a foolish

    and maybe even a traitorous act.

    If we still have that hate toward her then she lives

    rent free in your heads sorry. to forgive and forget

    is a healthy way to live. You must forgive yourself before forgiving some else so get busy and healthy

    • Vietvet1968

      Gordy B I think you live in a fantasy world of your own choosing or you are a born again Christian. Either way only GOD forgives. Vietnam veterans do not forgive somebody who is a traitor to her country. I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman with 5th Marines and I can tell you that what she did I learned about when I came home in 1969 and my own mother called me a baby killer because Jane Fonda said both in print and TV. So get your head out of your but and pray for redemption!

      • Excuses Excuses

        “Only God forgive”? What the hell kind of church do you go to?? Christ gave the commandment to forgive, “not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

      • Ron Rufner

        Excuses Excuses,


        We should pray for Vietvet1968.

      • Ron Rufner


        It’s you who should get their head out of your butt.

        Look no further than Luke 17:3-4

        Jesus, couldn’t have made it any clearer.

        “Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, FORGIVE HIM. And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns to you, saying I repent, you shall forgive him.”

        Gordy B is practicing what Jesus instructed every Christian to do.

        I suggest that you pray for redemption.

        The term born again means nothing more than accepting Gods word and practicing it.

        All of us with gray hair or what’s left of it should hopefully have gained some wisdom regarding the past.

    • Ron Rufner

      Gordy B,


      Matthew 7:1-5

      Look no further than what we did to the people of Vietnam and their country after invading their country. If one wishes to be angry than address it to the SOB that lied to get us into that mess.

    • soldier

      Ron if you want to be angry with the person that lied and got us into Vietnam. Look no farther than Kennedy.

  • Nathan G.

    Oh she has publicly apologised for sitting on that damn gun plenty of times, but not once has she apologised for her visit to the Hanoi Hilten and what she did there.

  • gyrene1

    Her father was a WWII veteran, so she knew what veterans of war are, and she saw the end of WWII, even though she was young. She knew that to go there was an act of treason, but she did it anyway. At least Benedict Arnold never came back after his treason was found out.

    • Ron Rufner

      gyrene 1,

      You didn’t hear a word Jarhead said. I understand, you don’t want to be confused with the facts.

      You sound like some politicians.

      Address your anger at those who lied and sent all of our brothers there.

  • bronco billy

    I really can’t understand how she got with the Enemy to begin with an How she made it outa Nam is one for the books.All Nam Vets Hated her then, we all let her live..I picked a guy out of a paremeter guard bunker that had been shot by his bunker buddy once in the forehead,he said he got tired of his bullshit an shot him.Where was this guy when Jane was there,i know there was many more like him.What about her manager,he was in it too,promoteing her,whos he?Hes as guilty as her.

  • Ray Carter

    Mr. Baxter – Were you an ASW helicopter pilot and from Kansas ?

  • Mel Beasley

    Now if we could get John Kerry to admit he comitted treason by meeting with the Noth Vietnamese in Paris while an officer in the Navy, all would be good.

  • AO3AC

    Nothing she has or will say, nothing she has or will do, will change my mind how I feel about her. She was and is still a traitor. So easy for her to denounce herself, yet nothing will change for those that lost their lives. Who do they tell, what can they change?

    Am I bitter…yes…very bitter. But I go to bed at night with a clear conscience…something she will never have. Her day will come to face her Creator, let the Creator judge her actions and provide forgiveness!

    • Excuses Excuses

      You go to bed bitter… and plenty of blame for your part in this.

      • Edward Kay

        Excuses Excuses

        April 7, 2013 at 8:05 pm

        47 years with PTSD sounds like it has become a convenient truth. Shit, even McCain has moved on… and recently even defended her.


        Edward Kay

        April 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

        Is that like any other battle wound being a convenient truth? You obviously know nothing about PTSD . I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one the %#%# cowards cursing us when we retuned home. So shut your ignorant piehole.

        It would really make my day to have you say that to my face!

        Excuses Excuses

        April 8, 2013 at 5:31 pm

        Ed Kay, speaking of ignorant pie hole, a claim of continuing PTSD lasting 47 years, even without treatment, suggests either a subsequent trauma or a different underlying mental health issue. And I have no doubt it would be the height of your day for me to say it to your face.

        Edward Kay

        April 9, 2013 at 7:02 pm

        Let me guess, you are an expert in mental health. by the way, what are the other names for PTSD?

        I’m still waiting for the answer about the other names for PTSD. Mr.Expert



        apostate, backstabber, betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, Judas, quisling, recreant, serpent, snake, turncoat

  • chvietvet

    I am sure that Jane Fonda will cry all the way to the bank about all these negative comments. America has given her a fortune and immunity against prosecution for all of her crimes. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of veterans of Iraq and Afchanistan whose financial situation has driven them to desperation. There are estimates that 22 veterans commit suicide every single day due to the hopeless financial situations they find themselves in and not to bad experiences in the war. As a Vietnam veteran, I can understand their situation. I have been denied all employment in the United States since I received my honorable discharge in 1968. I was able to support a family because I left the United States and worked as a scientist in Europe and South America. I sued the U.S. government about specific incidents of discrimination because of my veteran status, and in so doing, I collected a vast amount of documentation about how the federal civil service and federal contactors keep veterans from working. Many veterans have filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Labor, which has found that the complainty have no merit 100% of the time, even though the discrimination is evident from the evidence. The Merit System Protection Board rules against veterans in 100% of the cases, even though it alleges that 2% of the decisions have been in favor of veterans. The problem is that the veteran receives no compensation from the 2% of the decisions supposedly in their favor. Our government is murdering veterans to save the money it owes them in benefits and has been doing so since the Vietnam War. This is a monstrous crime, and Jane Fonda is not the only traitor. I would roughly estimate that half a million veterans were killed by denial of a means of earning a living since the Vietnam War. This requires prosecution of those responsible. Death penalties would be appropriate.

  • Excuses Excuses

    Piss on you, traitor.

  • Excuses Excuses

    No. It’s not, but thank you anyway for defending our country, even if in ignorance.

  • Excuses Excuses

    Nothing like proving yourself wrong by posting the definitions used even colloquially. For those of us who have some proficiency in reading comprehension, she was not a soldier thus had no specific duty and, though her words were hurtful, even perhaps shameful, she committed no treasonous acts. Give up, you’ll just keep losing.

    • Ron Rufner

      Excuses Excuses,

      Well said,

  • Ron Rufner

    Robert Baxter, yes it does matter. Your in denial with your treaty obligation BS. Most Americans put their lives on the line because they were drafted and didn’t have deferments attending college. Johnson lied to get us into that mess with the “False Flag” Gulf of Tonkin” so called incident. We were going to fight Communist Aggression to stop the “Domino Effect of Southeast Asia”.

    After the Communist victory and thanks to the “Great Stain Maker” Clinton, Communist Vietnam now enjoys diplomatic relations and has permanent normal free trade relations with the United States. What am I missing? Explain that to the families who lost their loved ones, those crippled for life and victims of agent orange.

    When are we going to learn, wars are fought for monetary reasons, today after another “False Flag” “The Weapons of Mass Destruction” we are imbedded in the Middle East for OIL and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Not to mention fighting to the last drop of American blood for Zionist Israel.

    More of our finest are dead, crippled for life, suicides, PTST and exposed to Depleted Uranium the new Agent Orange. It will take a few years to see the outcome of that man made disease. We no longer have a draft so they now serve multiple tours of duty. If we did have a DRAFT, WHICH WE SHOULD, than every American family would have a vested interest. That should include women we mustn’t discriminate. Yes your daughters and sister.

    Watch how fast this BS would be over, we would have the same outcry and backlash we seen with Vietnam. No more sighing after hearing about someone else’s family loss and than turning on Dancing With the Stars or the Football game.

    Wake up Bob.

  • Navy Vet

    Darn, I remember those urinal screens. They were fun! I always enjoyed taking a leak when I was aiming at Jane. Now gentelmen, whether she snitched on the pows in the camp or not is irrevelant. The know and undisputed fact is, she is a Traitor! I believe in forgiving when it’s sincerly asked for. However; BETRAYAL is a very, very,very hard sin to forgive. Regardless, of what her political views were, she gave moral support to the enemy. She could have stayed her butt at home and protested like every other American. But no, She had to do it HollyWood style and go sit on an enemy AA gun in North Vietnam. Once she sat on that gun, she became the enemy. Yes, I know the war is over. However, try for a minute an understand the Vietnam Veterans. Most of them were drafted into a war they didn’t want. Most of them are broken down and barely gitting by. Hanoi Jane is living the high life after BETRAYING her country. Forgivness might be long coming and very,very hard for Jane Fonda.

    I think that pretty much sums it up for most Veterans.

    • TruthBeTold

      They were placed there because vets were had notoriously bad aim. Truth be told, you probably still missed.

  • anarchyst

    It is interesting to note that the so-called “anti-war protestors” were actually interested in only one thing–saving their own sory butts from being drafted. When the draft was eliminated, the protests stopped.

    I have nothing but contempt for jane fonda, walter cronkite (that declared the Tet offensive a decisive enemy military “victory” despite the opposite being true.

    I would p!ss on both their graves along with 99% of the so-called “news media”.


    • PissantSquisher

      To GSGT, I am a social liberal, and not a vet, but even being a “libtard” I recognize a “BASTARD” when I see one. In your case, GSGT must stand for Great Shit-Gas Transmission.” Now go put in your teeth and put down your walker so you can look like a bad ass and not just an ass.

  • namvet71

    Army, central highlands 71– I have one of those Hanoi jane urinal targets on my bumper. I put it down low so the dogs could hit it ,too.

  • Gary Parker

    I think Jane Fonda is a traitor.

    US Army soldier in Vietnam 169-1970

  • Ed

    I was an 0311 grunt in Nam(12 mo. 5 days). Can I forgive her, yeah. Can I forgive myself, I’m getting there. I gave up the hate, bitterness, and most of the survivor guilt long ago. Better to forgive then hang on to all the bullshit. Time to heal for us all and I mean all.

    • Edward Kay

      I’m behind you all the way. GOD Bless You & Semper fi

      • Ron Rufner

        Your right Edward Kay.

        Time to heal for us all.

        We are all old men with gray hair or what’s left of it. Our brothers sound like Manchurian Candidates repeating the same BS.

        If they wish to vent their frustration and anger write or call you representatives to bring home our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, from the False Flag War in the Middle East. We were lied to now as we were lied to with a False Flag to invade Vietnam.

    • Ron Rufner



  • Steve

    Dear Bill, Bob, Gene, et al, so let’s see now. Communist NV invaded the sovereign state SV. USA came to SV’s aide upon request, honoring our treaty. We fought in SV, we did not invade NV or attempt to conquer NV. During the conflict a USA citizen illegally travels to Communist NV, our polical and military rival, and makes verbal, written and filmed castigations and accusations against our armed forces including those in captivity. You may use any verbage you like to describe the actions of that time, but I suggest that citizen’s behavior was treasonous and not protected by our constitution given the circumstances. Her braodcasts were played to USA fighting forces. They belie her allegiance to USA and were treacherous to the morale of the armed forces and the USA at large.

    We on the other hand, after negotiating a peace agreement, adhered to it. We left voluntarily according to our pact. What did NV do? They invaded, conquered, murdered, “re-educated” and otherwise imposed their communist government on SV. The USA citizen encouraged that.

    What sovereign states has the USA invaded, conquered and imposed our government on? How many states and colonies do we have in other parts of the world. Do Japan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Iraq, and numerous others have senators and representatives in our congress? Did the states invaded by the Axis powers mind our help? How about Kuwait more recently?

    Heaven forbid USA is not perfect. And you do have a right to voice your opinion – here. And most fighters in SV were not draftees, I wasn’t. And I’m proud of my service as a combat soldier. I would do it again. You can keep your illusions that that particular citizen was somehow heroic in defying our goals and objectives. And I will keep my rather simple but strong belief that we were there for the right reasons but, unfortunately, it was not very well managed. Praise God for the United States of America. May it always be a beacon of freedom throughout the world.

  • Chris Alexander

    I have plenty of respect for my fellow veterans of Vietnam. They have given when a country has turned their backs on them. While I was attending Kent State University, I conducted research during the Vietnam Era on the protesting. What the state conducted itself was horrible and a wrong to use forces of the military to control its own citizens. So, on both sides of this Era of the Vietnam we have many wrongs. Jane Fonda did a wrong in which she will forever must live with in which all veterans will never let her forget. But, I am reminded about our own government doing its own wrong on the citizens of this country and the continuation of what it does in the political scenery. We need to focus on the right thing, our duty as veterans, doing the right thing for or people, our family, and our fellow veterans. Our forefather had a dream and it lives within us, we must endure the pain, the agony, and the suffering to maintain our democratic right to peace, justice, and the freedom to live in happiness. God Bless you all!

  • I wish her the best of the worst life can bestow upon her.

    She does not deserve my forgiveness nor will

    she ever have it. As she was enjoying her life

    my buddies were dying and loosing every thing

    life,limbs,looks and any hopes of a life like hers.

    GOD,forgive me, i hope she suffers.

  • Bill C.

    I believe that God will forgive Jane. However, her actions in Nam will never be forgiven by the Vietnam Vets! Too Little, Too Late Jane! The USA should never forgive a traitor!

  • jono

    And what is her exuse when the POW gave or rqther slipped her the names of all the prisoners with military service numbers AND she turned and gave them to the NVA Guards?

    She should be hung as a Military Spy.

    kill this bitch…

    • JoNoNothing

      Read the comments, idiot, it never happened. Lame ass ignoramus.

  • Bill C.

    In total agreement with you Major! Forgive & let the Judge & Jury hang the Guilty!

  • Stuart

    Perhaps one should look at the Vietnam conflict as an unforgivable mistake (treason) by what General/President Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex. The gulf of tonkin resolution was based on a hoax not unlike the yellow cake in niger.


    I took the same oath, seems like we always forget the domestic enemies when they hold positions in congress or the executive branch.

    I always wonder why people would want to hang someone who went to vietnam to with the intention of helping soldiers and was set up by the same kind of people who started the conflict on our side, and then want to have a beer with someone who’s dad got them a job that kept them out of the war and did not even perform his duties the last 2 years of his commitment.


    And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

    too bad it is always Cain’s kin who get the interview

  • costa piperakis

    she is apologizing, sure not because she regrets what she did. But she is not making the money she could be. You don’t see too many producers calming for her talents. Veterans buy tickets too. Hanoi Jane I have to spit to take the bad taste of her out of my mouth.

  • Larry

    I served 2 tours in Vietnam w/Coast Guard, saw alot of things, did a lot of things, we had to. John Kerry was also slinging a lot of shit about that war.

  • JoAnnB

    I asked my local VFW if I could go in and pee on Jane and the gentlemen kindly stood watch so this female sailor could pay her respects. Osama was in the other one. Decisions decisions…so I piddled a little on both.

    • Edward Kay

      Now you’re my kinda Gal! ;-)

  • Jim Brand

    As a Marine I served two tours in nam (67 & 69/70 during the time that that traitorous bitch was hobnobbing with the NVA. I will put up a sign in my yard when she dies celebrating that the traitorous BITCH is dead.

  • Chuck Gunter

    That Bi**H will neve gettanything from me but disgust and hopefully the oportunity to pi** on her.

    • JoNoNothing

      And does your wife feel the same about you? Grow up.

      • Chuck Gunter

        Shove it jojo baby.

      • JoNoNothing

        Thanks for the invite, but I’m not gay… good luck with that. At least now I know why you hate your “bitch” so much.

      • What would his wife have to do with it?

        Speaking of growing up…

      • JoNoNothing

        Mike, nevermind, you wouldn’t get the connection if his bitch slapped you up against the side of your head. And, yes, speaking of growing up….

  • JimV

    Put her in a cage with Rodman- kinda like West – Kardashian without the traitor connection.

  • Doug Sapulpa

    I was in-country for 32 months with the Air Force. Hanoi Jane is noumber 10. Who is Opra?

  • Didn’t the American Traitor Bitch also support the building of a memorial to the protesters, who sacrificed so much?

  • sgt d usmc

    I will forgive jane fonda , when the Jews forvive Hitler

  • Hank

    People, people, people. Get over it. I just bought a shirt the other day that was made in Vietnam. Most of the “stuff” us retired G.I.’s buy was made in China (you remember them, the People’s Republic of…). We’ve been out of Vietnam for a long, long time and we seem to have moved on – just like we did with Italy, Japan, and Germany. The war is over, put it away and calm down or you’ll end up giving yourselves a heart attack. Really, let it go. You’re hurting no one but yourselves.

    • Metfan Lou

      NEVER NEVER NEVER. Go to “The Wall” and tell that to my fellow combat buddies!

    • Ron Rufner


      The ironic thing is they all keep voting for the “One Party System Masquerading as Two.” The same people who sent them there and the same ones who have sent our best into the Middle East.

      When will they learn these fu–ing wars are about MONEY. OIL and POWER (Military Industrial Complex and Big Oil).

      We had a candidate Ron Paul the only veteran that was running who told our brain dead country he would bring all of our troops home from policing the world.

      They voted for Barry or in the past for Joe Six Pack georgie W who spent his time during Vietnam awol or flying missions over Oklahoma.

      Instead of venting their anger at the SOB’s that sent them and continue to send their son’s and daughters they chase their tail and babble about Hanoi Jane.

      Turn off Fox News and the talking heads.

  • Eagle Driver

    Here is one more piece of misinformation Jane Fonda was spreading that no one but me and probably 100 USC students heard. Only I knew she was lying. I flew F-4Es out of DaNang SVN in 1971-72 so was there when the bitch “did her thing”. I DEROSed back to Eglin AFB FL in September 1972 and in April 1973 I was subsequently was yanked out of the squadron at Eglin and sent to attend Flight Safety Officer training school at USC in Los Angeles (not a bad gig other than you become marked as a safety officer). One noon lunch time I wondered across the campus and discovered Jane Fonda was a lunch guest speaker on a stage USC had for this type of activity. Her favorite subject was, of course, Vietnam. I stood in the back of the crowd and listened to her say that I (while in Vietnam) was getting double time pay on weekends and triple time on Holidays!!! Unbelievable ignorance! So, it wasn’t just “that thing” that displayed her complete treachery and stupidity. She is still on my list.


  • Metfan Lou

    The whole country hated us ad spit on us for our service in ‘Nam. She was just another piece of shit in the crowd I want nothing from this country and when I did I told my son no flag , no uniform, no taps, no veteran’s grave-Nada nothing. You despised me in life and I don’t want your pity or honors when I’m gone. By the way during my three combat tours it hurt to come home and be absolutely ashamed of my country. IO still am.

  • Lyle Gerlock

    There just isn’t much else I can add to the comments already made about this degenerate traitor. Even Tokyo Rose got what was coming to her at the end of WWII. Incarceration for nearly a decade. Her time in jail was only lessened by the fact that she was cunning enough to provide, knowingly or unwittingly, information to the Allies. Even though she identified, time after time, names units and whereabouts of Allied troops, she also unwittingly gave us lots of info. Ms Fonda on the other hand, knowingly and without reservation went to the enemy and sided with their political posture and did indeed cause harm to our POW’s. Not Forgiven, I am only waiting for her to be in a military court on grounds of treason, aiding and abeding the enemy.

  • Felton McAfee

    I do not think she should be hanged. That would be too quick and peaceful for her. I think she should belocked away in a dark hole and fed bug infested rice. Given filthy water to drink. Taken from her hole and beaten with bamboo rods three times a day. I think she should have her hands tied behind her back and then hoisted off the floor to hang in mid air by her hands. I think then she should be given a glimmer of hope and be allowed to slip a note to her loved ones to a visitor and have that visitor give that note to her enemy. Fonda is a dog and should never be forgiven for her traitorous acts.

  • Ronald M. Herzer

    I’m a flyer with twenty two years service. I did not make it to Vietnam. I was involved in many other combat areas. But my father spent 3 years over in Vietnam as a Army pilot. I found out the real deal of jane fonda in Air Force Survival School. Normally traitors are shoot. And nobody has said anything about the three US POW’s that were killed because of this actress. This was confirmed with the US Air Force.

  • Nickel

    Three deployments betw ’67 and ’73; two dozen shipmates on The Wall…. She has been quoted as saying, “I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.” I can’t believe she said this. I can’t believe she’d say it and then believe that we’d swallow it. Over a dozen of my buddies, including the godfather of my youngest daughter, spent the best part of their young lives surviving in that hellhole called the Hanoi Hilton. You bet they were harmed, physically and mentally, and it only got worse after her smiling visit.

    She called our POWs liars and cowards. She has no idea. She literally has no idea. And we take it personally. No wonder a patch with her name on it is on so many riders’ vests.

    So, how do we fix this festering sore? How about doing benefits for veterans? How about visiting veterans’ hospitals? … not just once, for appearances, but regularly, for heartfelt thanks for the freedoms she enjoys and for the freedoms we tried to guarantee for the people of South Vietnam. How about campaigning for Agent Orange victims? How about using her influence for deployed veterans’ families and taking part in Welcome Home ceremonies? How about taking back the limited apologies she’s made and replacing them with the real thing, and not while she’s got a book or a movie in the offing? How about acknowledging the terrible wrong she did to our fighting men, all of it? How about renouncing her affection for the godless North Vietnamese government and admitting that it was the most ruthless and murderous of the decade? We weren’t the baby killers… the NVA and the VC were.

    No one hates war more than the soldier. Not even Jane.

  • Max Martin

    Bill how many witnesses do you need. She did give the serial numbers of the prisoners to the North Vietnamese. You belong in the same hell she is going to. You do not deserve to breath the free air we fought for. you do not deserve to own property or have a business or keep any of the money you earn. You didn’t fight for it. We did. Quit spitting in our faces. We will not continue to fight for the rights of the likes of you and hanoi jane.

  • Richard Dodge

    I am a retired Marine who served in Vietnam in 1966 @ 1967 and am fully aware of Fonda’s terrible and hurtful behavior. Whenever her name pops up, I re-experience a rare feeling of hatred; a feeling I have never felt towards anyone else. Other than maybe Hitler, I can’t imagine anyone being so hated. She’s deplorable and despicable and the world will certainly be better off without her

  • Dan Isaac, CSM US Ar

    Troops, all of the rhetoric about whether or not “we were at war or not” is a bunch of liberal-progressive bullshit!

    She gave aid and comfort to the enemy during times of hostility and should be called to account for it.

    I am all for giving her “a little bit of forgiveness”, say in the form of a 220gr, 30 Cal enema.

    TREASON is TREASON..no matter how you cut it and it does not “just go away”, even in this “age of political correctness”

    She and her cohort, Commando Kerry should both be doing a tap-dance at the end of a 1/2 inch ROPE!


  • Marty

    Since the majority has given my feeling of Hanoi Jane I will say thanks to all Vietnam Vets that knew why they were in Vietnam fighting, the others had no idea why they were there. God Bless.

    • Ron Rufner


      Why were we in Vietnam?

  • Sam

    To all, I was born in 1936, and didn’t miss any

    skirmish along the way to now. When a

    narcissistic’s career is in the toilet they will

    say or do anything to recapture fame.

  • James summers

    every time i hear her name or see her face i get sick.

  • Randall J. Marlowe

    If, Pres. Obama, honors Hanoi Jane, like planned, then he is a traitor, just like her. Since when do our Presidents honor traitors? Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  • Nomen Nescio

    I tracked down Paul Galanti in Richmond Va, by way of the Nam POW website.

    He was a guest in the Hanoi Hilton. He told me straight out that Fonda never happened, that the Fonda bitch was never there with them. You don’t have to believe me. get his email from the website or call him on the phone. The problem with people making up these stories is that when they are found to be lies, the bad people, who are still bad, can say, “See they make up lies about me”. In regard to the story, there was a big giveaway in it. The slips of paper were said to have Social Security Numbers on them. Those of us who served know that was the key to breaking the fake. At that time we all had assigned Service Numbers, not SSAN’s. Mine started with RA (Regular Army) , and there were others like ER (Enlisted Reserve) and my special favorite US for draftees (Unwilling Servitude) {8>)

  • JoAnnB

    I was born in 72 to a Korea War Marine. I saw HJ’s

    Publicity stunt in my late teens doing a research

    Paper. Until then I only knew her as a shitty actress

    Trying to ride the coat tails of her famous father.

    No I was not in Vietnam but I did choose to join the Navy

    At 24. I stayed in nearly 10 years and got closer than

    Family to many I served with. To me every veteran is

    A brother or sister. Any shitty actor or Hollywood

    Wannabe who puts my family at risk simply pisses

    Me off. I don’t give a shit for half hearted apologies.

    You dug your own grave HJ and Rodman and Penn who

    Hasn’t done a decent thing since Fast Times can wallow

    In their own shit for all I care. I don’t support them in any

    Way shape or form. Douchebags will be douchebags. Once I accepted that simple fact my life gained so much


  • Unforgivable. This is truth!

  • SirLancelot

    I agree with the comments. I still will not watch a movie or TV show that she is in. She is a bitch of the highest order and should be dropped to rot in the jungle. After she is shot, stabbed, poisoned, hung and anything else we can think of. Rot in Hell, Fonda.

  • James Downey

    First, You do not join the enemy…No doubt she extended war, giving aid and comfort to enemy.

    The dregs of this war are now Socialist Proffesors in our Collages today.

    Seeing Obama reelected appears the Commies are winning…Retired Combat Fighter Pilot from Viet Nam Era…Proud of it…

  • Dale Slaasted


  • HEvans

    Ms. Fonda’s apology may be sincere however, there are no words that will erase her actions and words. Expressing my contempt for this woman serves no purposes but like others here I avoid her movies, quickly correct others in their opinion of her and continue to teach my children the truth of her actions.

    Is she traitor? Regardless, of the political circumstances – she is traitor in my country and hardly deserving the comfort she has been afford throughout her life.

    • Ron Rufner


      Eloquently stated.

      Question, do you actually teach your children about Hanoi Jane’s actions?

      How do you feel and do you have contempt for the comforts afforded those responsible for that False Flag tragedy in Vietnam?

  • Bob

    Hitler was “sorry” too

    • Ron Rufner


      I would venture to say the only thing Hitler would be sorry for is not doing what they accuse him of doing.

  • wr134

    Agreed! She still doesn’t get it. I won’t even go into the fact that this clip was edited and she had who knows how many takes to get it “right” but she said she did ONE unforgivable thing and that was to sit in that anti-aircraft battery. News flash for you, Jane, you should NEVER have been treating with the enemy to begin with! I call BS on her “apology”.

  • gyrene1

    What got me the most about her meeting the captured men, was that they were all skin and bone. Everyone could see that, yet she ignored that fact. Once you notice that they are skin and bone, you would have to believe that anything that they said in support of the North, had to come from starvation and torture. yet she went on in support of the North, after our country had forbidden all travel to the North. So when you add all of that, it is treason and still is treason.

  • ron dot”o

    What a great performance in the above video. She almosty seems sincer! She should get a golden globe for that performance. What a load of BS. The reason that she apoligised was because they wanted to rent the VFW hall as a location for the movie she was shooting. I hoope Hell has a special place for her.

  • JGP

    Wow, who would have thought that so many veterans were atheists?

    I say that because if you were christians, you would forgive her.

    • Steve

      Beg your pardon, JGP. As a christian, I believe Christ forgives me so that I might have everlasting life – after my body dies. While here on earth, I am a flawed man who, try as I might, does not forgive everyone.

      • Ron Rufner


        Your right Christ died so that we may have everlasting life after death. But, the results are up to us.

        We are all flawed and sinners.

        I realize it’s a hard pill to swallow but Jesus was very clear. He didn’t leave it up to us to pick and choose.

        Luke 6:37

        Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

        Mark 11:25-26

        If you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. If you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive you your trespasses.

        Christ has given us our marching orders.

      • Dan

        Steve, that is exactly what I was thinking. People say they are religious, but when it comes down to how they really feel; religion goes right out the window.

      • Ron Rufner


        Christ does forgive but also tells us to go and sin on more.

        We are all flawed, Jesus tells us in Matthew 7

        “Judge not that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge you will be judged and the measure you use it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye but do not consider the plank in your own eye.

        Your faith in God goes right out the window when as a Christian you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

        Dan, look no further than Luke 17:3–4

        Jesus, couldn’t have made it any clearer.

        “Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, FORGIVE HIM. And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns to you, saying I repent, you shall forgive him.“

        He has given us our marching orders.

  • Dave Avery

    Bumper Sticker:

    “Vietnam Vets are not Fonda Jane”

    Vietnam Vet 1966 & 1969

  • Mac

    Lord knows I have no right to judge. I have made my share of mistakes especially when I was young. I joined the Marines immediately after Vietnam Nam and although I have held that Hanoi Jane is a traitor IF her apology was contrite and IF the Vietnam Nam Vets can forgive her, I am willing to give her a second chance. Prior to a REAL apology, I am for capital punishment for crimes against our nation.

  • I am a Former Disabled Marine Viet Nam Vet And as far as I am concerned about Hanoi Jane she can go to Hell with her apology. She’s nothing more than a Treasonist Bitch who belongs in Hanoi with her Cohorts and Buddies the Commie Bastards. A group of 6 including myself enlisted in 1967 and only two of us returned home. So I hope she suffers everyday with the Guilt of what she did and the deaths of so many Fine Americans who Gave Thier Lives and Limbs Seving this Country in the Fight against Communism. In my opinion anyone who would forgive her is also a Commie. Enough said because I’m Getting Pissed!!!

    • Ron Rufner

      Bob B,

      I salute you and your buddies, may they rest in peace.

      You have every right to “Get Pissed”.

      If Communism was such a treat why after the Communist victory did the “Great Stain Maker” Clinton establish diplomatic relations and permanent normal free trade relations with Communist Vietnam. What am I missing? Explain that to you and the families who lost their loved ones, those crippled for life and victims of agent orange.

      While we are at it why do we have free trade with Communist China.

      Bob, the bottom line is war’s are all about money and power. Look at the Middle East, OIL and ISRAEL.

      Suggested reading for you and every other veteran contributing to this site:

      Title: “Wars is a Racket“

      Author: Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

      Twice received the Medal of Honor one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and Medal of Honor.

      Smedley Butler — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • I am a Former Disabled Marine Viet Nam Vet And as far as I am concerned about Hanoi Jane she can go to Hell with her apology. She’s nothing more than a Treasonist Bitch who belongs in Hanoi with her Cohorts and Buddies the Commie Bastards. A group of 6 including myself enlisted in 1967 and only two of us returned home. So I hope she suffers everyday with the Guilt of what she did and the deaths of so many Fine Americans who Gave Thier Lives and Limbs Seving this Country in the Fight against Communism. In my opinion anyone who would forgive her is also a Commie. Enough said because I’m Getting Pissed!!!

    Read more: https://undertheradar.military.com/2013/04/jane-fo
    Under the Radar

  • Brian

    Your right, since she made her visits to N.Vietnam I’ve not so much as supported any of her efforts. In fact I’ve always wondered how many G.I. lost there lives bcause of her visit to the North. How many G.I. are not here to listen to her poor excuse on what she did many years ago. I remain the same where she is concerned, in my mind she is no more, and I turn my back on her as I have done since that day in history.

  • Bryan

    To Excuses Excuses, and Scott… You both are entitled to your own opinion, I dont need to defend myself. And Scott there are people who choose to not be recognized, in the news or other public matters. I was there, I know what happened and thats all that matters. Also Scott the link for the POW’s are all men and or women from Iraq. Thanks for the reply…

  • Scott


    I am here now, currenly at BAF. I still call BullShit on your sposed POW status. You might be in a chair, but I highly doubt it. If you feel the need to make up stories to boost your ego, please don’t try to claim to be a Solider.

    What branch were you in? What was your MOS? You tale reaks of falsehood. That link was to all the POW’s from Iraq and Afghanistan, both rescued and still being held. So how is your name not on that list?

  • Scott

    In addition to the fact that you would have to have joined in 2009, so you are saying three deployments in four years?

    Do I really need to show you how much your story is bullshit?

  • Tom Lucas

    As a U.S.Marine Corps Vietnam Vet 1965 & 1966, I can

    tell you what my brothers will say. That a traitor is a traitor, and nothing can change it. Fonda has to live with it! We would have been shot on the spot if we’d pulled that stunt. Just think about all our young military men and women killed serving their country, while she’s siding with the enemy. I don’t buy it for one single minute. After all, she is an actress, and I don’t believe anything she has to say.

  • wes

    Traitor- 1.a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

    2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

    Treason- 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

    2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

    3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery

    Why she still has citizenship and any public standing speaks volumes of our nations collective ignorance and Willing blind stupidity. It also speaks volumes of the Leftist/Communist Influence that has been infiltrating our nation since the 1930’s

    • Ron Rufner


      How do you feel about the “Great Stain Maker” Clinton who allowed Communist Vietnam to enjoy diplomatic relations and permanent normal free trade relations with the United States. Do you think that speaks volumes.

      How do you feel about the billions our government loans from Communist China.

      Do you suspect a little treachery.

      Lighten up and have a beer.

  • silly bitch, has a Marine Vietnam vet, I will never forgive her she should be tried as a traitor, far too little way to late

  • Bob

    Jane Fonda tells Oprah that thing she did in North Vietnam was an “unforgivable mistake” nand asks for forgivness

  • robert Lugo

    forgiveness from me will never occur in my life time. People with dependency on public revenue have a tendency of being remorseful just prior to release of a public venture to maximize revenue. Fonda’s goal may also be to not go to the grave with this as her legacy. This is her legacy and there is no denying it, as the photos speak for them self as will Rodman’s photos with North Korea leader.

    • Ron Rufner

      robert Lugo,

      I’d rather see Rodman talking to that little jerk in North Korea than seeing war on another front.

      Something the Military Industrial Complex would love.

      You sound like a bag of hot air, full of himself.

      Why don’t you let us in on your BS about “people on dependency on public revenue have a tendency of being remorseful just prior to release of a public venture to maximize revenue.”

      You shouldn’t smoke that stuff before commenting.

      At the rate we are going we are all going to be on public revenue if they keep borrowing from China to finance Perpetual War. If you want to get on your soap box than complain about the One Party System Masquerading as Two that has sent our Industrial Industry to the third world.

  • Navy Doc USMC

    Hey–all you people that never served—you have no right to critize anyone for their level of “hate”, etc.

    You have no idea what combat is like or watching your friends die. So pi**s off from this commentary. I am an Iraq and Afg veteran. My parents told me as a kid they lost friends in Vietnam and refused to watch Fonda. Now I do too. Regardless of her stupid apology. The same goes for all these idiot hollywood stars

    who collaborate with communists and John

    Kerry for his lies, and the veteran imposters out there…

    And most especially for the young idiot generation who

    votes for socialist pacifists who don’t give a damn about veterans.. You know Obama doesn’t even sign the death letter to the families? It’s computer generated. At least GW Bush came to Walter Reed and cared about military, signed each letter in pen and made phone calls. This obama moron can’t even do that. I’m glad I retired before his name was on any of my paperwork. They can all burn in hell for all I care.

    All you Vietnam brothers–Semper Fi and Best WIshes. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  • Nick

    I read most of your posts. And watched the video. As a 20 year old 1/9 Huey pilot in 69 – 70 and later Army Reserve and National Guard Cobra pilot until 1995, I’ve peed on HJ’s urinal sticker many times. And would again. It’s hard to forgive HJ’s actions. But I think she gets it. We need to go on. Hate is bitter like an acid eating you away, affecting your health and those around you. As a born again Christian, how can I continue to hate when I’ve been forgiven so much? It’s going to take some time. So I’m going to start to pray for Jane every day and I pray you do to. Unless you’ve never done anything wrong, of course. Now for trying to forgive Johnson for what he did. Got to pray about that to. Cav 40

    • Ron Rufner


      Well said.

      Jesus said it all.

      John 8:7

      “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

      Nick, we can’t even imagine what those that were on the receiving end (civilians) harbor inside them. No, Jesus hit the nail right on the head.

      Your right concerning Johnson, those serving multiple tours today and those that bear the scares for life, I am sure feel the same way about georgie W, the neo-cons and Military Industrial Complex.

      Your in my prayers brother.

      Suggested Reading:

      “Wars is a Racket“

      Author: Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

      Twice received the Medal of Honor one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and Medal of Honor.

      Smedley Butler — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • Betty

    TRAITOR…. Hang her!

  • There is no punishment suitable for this tramp. I would have loved to get the bitch in my sites and take her apart one piece at a time.

  • joe

    snopes has been proven to be ran by a couple of democommie hacks. do nott believe anythign from that site

  • Bonnie

    Jane Fonda most certainly had a right to the Freedom of Speech for which you were fighting. And she exercised that right, right here in the US. I have no problem with that and certainly do not blame her for choosing to express those opinions. That is every citizen’s right. But when she very publicly made the decision to travel to Hanoi to join with the enemy, she was NOT exercising Freedom of Speech. She was voluntarily joining the enemy camp, yelling at the top of her lungs in support of the enemy and grabbing every photo op available in support of the enemy. She was using her fame and name in support of the enemy. That is NOT Freedom of Speech. That is making a conscious decision to do whatever you can to destroy your country, its citizens and the very freedoms she had enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, all her life. In support of a country that denied its own citizens anything remotely associated with freedom. And THAT is why I will always consider her to be a traitor.

  • Randall J. Marlowe

    Hanoi Jane did and does have Freedom of Speech

    but at the same time responsability for what she said or says today. Democracy is a two way street: you have freedoms but you are also responsable for the use of them. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  • joe

    She’ an actress and is just acting in hopes of fooling people who didn’t witness or live through her treason. Its not just the photo behind the AAgun, It was the trip to the North at a time of war, wich she still isn’t apoligizing for. some things are unforgivable and should never be forgoten. That death card needs to be in her mouth.

  • tiler

    I was in Viet Nam and the one story about Hanoi Jane, it is that she went to a prison and talked the prisoners while there a wvet handed her a letter for his wife. Suposedly she gave the letter to the guard, who beat the soldier. She walked away. This kind of story may not be true But it is the kind of actI that I believe her and Joan Byaz or what the commie singers name.m In fact she is over in Hanoi right now, which showswhere her loyalties are the comunist still is there.

  • Ira

    You are so right. She never did mention how she betrayed the POWs at the Hanoi Hilton. She is a TRAITOR and always will be.

  • Ira

    You are so right. She never did mention how she betrayed the POWs at the Hanoi Hilton. She is a TRAITOR and always will be. She bought the title and now let her take it to the grave with her as she said on the video clip.










  • usmc viet nam vet 9th marines 68-69. you

    demoralized many a good marine with

    your antics. you and tom haden and john

    kerry. but worst of all you look just like my

    x-wife these days.

  • Cayce Cash

    I will not pull up this Military website ever again.

    Only Jesus Christ could forgive the jane fonda


    Cayce Cash

    Infantry/Tunnel Rat

    Vietnam ’68-’69

  • Gene Holden

    To Nomen Nescio: I’m not going to argue the point on whether or not Jane gave notes from pow’s to North Vietnam offcials at the time of her journey to North Vietnam, but you are incorrect when you state that the U.S. military wasn’t using social security numbers for identfication. I was a 20-year veteran of the USAF but I did not immediately reenlisted after my first enlistment. Sometime between the time I got out in October 18, 1966, and when I reenlisted on January 17, 1967, the military switched from using a unique identification number to using the SSAN. Even after all these years I still remember mine (AF19752456).

    As for Jane? She still is a traitor to me, and always will be.

  • Peteer E Gould SGM R

    I forgive her. I forgive her. I forgive her. For the pain she inflicted on my dead comrades I forgive her. For making me so sad on patrols in the jungle I forgive her. Each time I show my grandson my Purple Heart Medal…. I forgive her.

    We were patriots, those of us still alive are evidence of our belief in country and a duty to serve. We went into harm’s way like good sons and fought the good fight. We bled, sweated thirsted, ached from many days on patrol with heavy packs. We missed holidays with family, lost our loved in the States. In the hot sun of Vietnam covered in dust – tired form the hard grueling work we tasked on and on and on. We did our duty and we went where we were told often without any question. We did not question why… we just went and some of us died. Now in the winter of my life I sit in front of my fireplace and say Jane ” I forgive you”. We did not reason why, we did our duty and some of us died.

    Jane I forgive you.

    Peter E. Gould

    Sergeant Major retired.

    Brandon, Fl.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US


      This is one of the most sane comments I’ve read. Thanks for your compassion.

      • Ron Rufner


        We are of a kindred mind, Peter represents what is good about our country and it’s people.

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        Or if you come to Texas…whichever happens first. It would be my pleasure.

  • Buzz Barton SMsgt US

    I was in Nam 69-70. I didn’t much like Jane’s actions then, nor did I for many years. However, she made a mistake, just like anybody can make a mistake. People during that time displayed their discontent with the war in many ways, some more violent than others. Some went ROTC (Run Over To Canada), some burned flags. After many years I decided that by me not forgiving them I was giving them control over my life, making me bitter and eating a hole inside me. They will all have to account for their actions with God, and it’s His place alone to pass judgement. We will all have to account to Him. As for me, I’ve made enough of my own mistakes to know that I am no better than anyone here, and no better than Fonda. I forgive you, Jane.

    • Ron Rufner

      Buzz Barton SMsgt USAF retired,


      Thanks, for a breath of fresh air and some common sense.

      You sound like a guy I’d enjoy to have a couple of beers with.

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        Thanks Ron. I drink Coors Lite. haha

      • Ron Rufner


        If you live in or near Jersey I would be honored.

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        Or if you come to Texas…whichever comes first…it would be my pleasure, Ron.

  • John Drake

    While not a fan of Jane Fonda I think if you look at the event in the context of the times, you should accept her apology and move on. Let’s not forget that the Viet Nam war ripped this country apart. There were riots and protest of all sizes and shapes. Returning military veterans – for the most part reluctant draftees – were spat at; something no one could ever imagine happening to today’s returning Iraq or Afghanistan veterans regardless of your position on the legality of those wars. Jane Fonda did, as many others had done at the time, was protest the war. By the time of her visit to Viet Nam in 1972, only 28 percent of the people agreed with the war. Her trip to Viet Nam was to document the US bombing of dikes, which was the life blood of the civilian population. It should be noted that she was investigated by the US government upon her return and it found no reason to bring any charges against her. If John McCain could forgive his captives, it’s time to forgive Hanoi Jane.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Very well said John. God Bless.

      • John Drake

        And you, my friend.

  • Bill

    Jane .. You know in your heart your actions were wrong. You knew that both then and to this day. But, you went to North Vietnam, you made anti-American statements, and caused serious harm to the USA. This fact remains. We are a country of laws and you still stand guilty of treason. You should be prosecuted.

  • chuck in st paul

    She’s never been more than a life support system for a female sex organ. She is such a shallow mind that she never really got how stupid and disgraceful her trip to Hanoi was. She’s ‘sorry’ now because we have never, and will never forgive the wench for her traitorous act and how she ratted on the POW who gave her the message.

    • Buzz Barton USAF SMS

      “When they persisted in questioning him, he straightened up and told them, “Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      John 8:7

  • It was not a mistake, the Hoe did it because she wanted too!!!

  • Jeanne A

    Concerning Richard Nixon. My sister and I were active in the POW/MIA Families group in Michigan. We and parents, wives and children of those missing and held prisoners in Vietnam felt we were making progress by getting a great deal of media coverage. Then Tricky Dick was caught and that was all you could see and read.

    To this day I believe his behavior in the Watergate scandal was directly responsible for deaths and disappearances of prisoners and MIAs.

  • gyrene1

    You want to get the oil and military-industrial complex out of this. Fine, then imagine what will happen to our economy. Those industries are not stealing people from other industries, nor is it stealing product from other industries. Imagine our unemployment lines if you got rid of all of those industries, we would have the worst depression that this country has ever seen. With all of the unemployment now, private industry is wide open to get started into anything it wants with cheap labor.

  • I appreciate your thanks, and I respect your right to disagree. During the Vietnam years, most of those who

    fought were young and ignorant. It’s rare that the grunts know the truth in any conflict. My beliefs are not an excuse for ignorance, but rather an affirmation of the oath we all took .

    Has our government learned anything from the Vietnam War? Hardly, but that still doesn’t absolve one from doing his or her duty after taking that oath. And, it still means that speaking out against your country while you are in the enemy’s camp is treason.

    • gyrene1

      I beg your pardon. I had two years of college, as did a lot of the guys that I knew. One was a graduate electrical engineer. Another was rich enough to buy new Jaguars for the wife and himself each year. And I would say that about 95% of the guys that I knew were in for at least three if not four years, with most being four year men.

      • Gyrene 1,

        You have nothing to beg my pardon for. I didn’t

        mean ignorant in general, but rather, ignorant

        of the machinations that were going on behind

        closed doors in Washington. I had a year of

        college before enlisting, but my crystal ball

        wasn’t working when I swore to follow Robert

        McNamara and the military industrial complex

        into Southeast Asia. I never did learn how to

        play dominos either.

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        It’s sad to see so much hate still brewing over something that happened so many years ago, and some of it coming from people who admittedly weren’t even born yet. Anyone who was in Vietnam should remember the distorted “facts” that were being reported in the USA during that war. Many of those so called facts were spread by the North Vietnamese. I know while I was there my family was writing me about things they had heard on the news that were in no way actually happening. I guess there aren’t many Christians posting comments here, since Christ spoke about forgiving those who persecute us. Christ himself asked His father to “forgive them, for they know not what they do” while He was being crucified. We might all want to remember ”

        For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:2

  • Scott

    Guess no responce, that is tipical of someone who is pretending to be someone they are not.

  • Michael, I joined the Marine Corps, in 1969. I received a Service Number starting 2627 and had that number for more than a year, when they went to using your Social Security #. As for Hanoi Jane, what she did was unforgivable period.

  • Bruce Walters

    If Jane Fonda is responsible for the death of three Americans, then the blood of 58,000+ other Americans stains the hands of four U.S. Presidents and their administrations.

    We should have never, nor should we ever again, commit the lives of our sons and daughters to anything except complete and total victory when they are called upon to lay their lives upon the Altar of Freedom.

    We should forgive her. As hard as it is for some, it is what God wants us to do.

    • I’m sorry Bruce, I cannot forgive a traitor to

      our country. Has history ever forgiven

      Benedict Arnold ? No, our government learned

      little or nothing from the Vietnam fiasco, just as

      it learned little from Korea. You are right Bruce,

      the military is taught how to win wars, not how

      to be politicians. Thank God for that.

    • gyrene1

      At least Truman had the guts to drop the bombs and save lives on both sides. If he had not, the war would have dragged on and we would have lost men trying to secure Japan, and the Japanese would have fought harder as we invader the homeland, and even civilians would have fought in the carnage. We know this from the attitude of the civilians on Saipan who would dive over a cliff to their death rather than surrender to us as we watched them.

  • SFC Dave, US Army(Re

    I normally don’t give her any attention. After all, she is an actor, so I don’t give this performance any more attention then I already have. Now Oprah, she is from the same cloth. She is an actor and a media host that sells air time to advertisers to make a profit. She presents controversial topics for ratings to sell ads space. This is nothing but Hollywood helping Hollywood for profit. A WELL Scripted performance.

  • you were and still are a traitor jane fonda. i never have and never will watch anything your in. what a disgrace you were to your father. i never have and i never will forgive you, hanoi jane.

  • Wendy

    I remember that incident making the news and talked about in the last 20 years… she is cruel, inhumane and a traitor. That one particular act was horrendous, not to mention all of the other things she did throughout the years in regard to the vets. She chose sides – she should live there or be hung here.

  • Tom S

    F&&& Jane Fonda. I too am a Marine Viet Nam vet. She is and always will be a traitor. She caused men to be tortured and killed because of her traitorous antics. May she rot in hell.

  • Tom S

    People like Bill (probably a liberal and voted for Obumble too) who were NOT in Viet Nam and probably was not even in the military, think they know it all.

    Hey Mr. Bill – where do you think the photos of her in party time mode with the NVA came from, they sure weren’t photo chopped.

  • Tom S

    To Bob Vitray – You say the Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened. ?? R U NUTS ??? My A## it never happened I was there pal, in Regimental Landing Team 9 as part of the 3rd MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force). We were out in Mike boats (landing craft) doing landing craft drills when the fire fight started. We could see the tracers back and forth from the PT boats towards the 2 destroyers USS Turner Joy and the Maddox.

    Where the hell do you get your information from ?? Probably the same place Mr. Bill does.

    • Bob Vitray

      The reports I have are that the weather was bad and it was at night. Were you a radar operator? Also could you give me a better line on this Regimental Landing Team 9 of the 3rd MEF. When I google it I get no match.


    the picture that is being shown means very little to the compaired to other things Jane Fonda did.

    Sending medical supplies and food to North Vietnam


    The picture that is being shown has very little to

    do with the crimes comitted by Jane Fonda.

    While we were enguaged in combat with North Vietnam

    Jane Fonda had medical supplies and food sent

    to North Vietnam through Canada. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is TREASON. The dirty bitch should have been shot.

  • Carlos Lleguer

    I am a 75 year old U.S. Air Force veteran and highly proud of it. However, if we were to “hang Jane Fonda” for treason, I am afraid that we would have to hang millions of others as well from the era. Surely all of us remember how disgustingly things were here in our own Country back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s — riots on university campuses in favor of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, the blatant flying of the Viet Cong Flag during treasonous demonstrations and marches in favor of the Viet Cong, the burning of buildings on university campuses, etc.

    These radicals really did more to hurt us in the war than Jane Fonda did and they surely did far more damage to the minds and moral strengths of countless numbers of people in our Country to begin the downward spiral of moral decadence that continues even today.

    It is one thing to oppose a war, but it is indeed another to do things to do things to hurt the people who are in honest concience or obligation giving or risking their lives to fight it.

    But then I also ask myself, for the repentent, what terrrible burdens will they now have to carry for the rest of their lives. Consequently in Christ’ name I feel that I must pray for these people rather than hate them, and that would have to include Jane Fonda.

    It is they, with Jane Fonda included, who will some day have to stand in judgement before the Lord.

    Didn’t Paul, once Saul, involve himself heavily in bringing about the death of Stephen and likely countless numbers of the deaths of other Christian believers?

    Meanwhile, God bless all of you regardless of whether or not you agree with me.

    Thank you


    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Very well said, Carlos. It’s not that none of us has never done anything wrong ourselves.

    • gyrene1

      Spoken on US soil, it is Freedom of Speech. Or don’t you believe in the Constitution? Spoken at a rally in a foreign country to which travel has been forbidden for Americans, and it is TREASON. Or haven’t you noticed the trouble that some people are getting into for going to Cuba lately. Kindly check your facts before you open your mouth.

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        Merriam-Webster defines Treason as 1: the betrayal of a trust : treachery

        2: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

        First of all, Ms. Fonda was a private citizen, so the government had no official “trust” in her. Had she been in the military it would, in fact, be treason. Secondly, she was not attempting to overthrow or kill anyone, so please tell me exactly Ms. Fonda fits into the definition.

  • mike

    Bill is right and get off of his back! The prisoners themselves have stated that this did NOT happen!

    That doesn’t erase Fonda’s treason. That doesn’t mean that anything she says or does is to be believed or trusted.

    But nothing you write will change the fact that Bill is right,

    and Fonda was and is wrong.

    Since some of you are already pissed off – wtf does it matter whether or not someone is a combat vet in regards to whether or not Fonda passed those notes? That has absolutely NOTHING to do with it!

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    Very nice way to speak to a fellow veteran GSgt USMC. Using capital letters to get your point across, throwing obscenities and telling him to rot in Hell. I’ll say the same thing Gene said…get over it. It happened, it’s over, nothing can be said or done to change it. It’s the same as all the African-Americans that are still blaming the whites for what “our people did to their people”. You can’t hold on to a burning coal without getting burned yourself. God bless you, Gene, and your voice of reason.

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    It’s sad to see so much hate still brewing over something that happened so many years ago, and some of it coming from people who admittedly weren’t even born yet. Anyone who was in Vietnam should remember the distorted “facts” that were being reported in the USA during that war. Many of those so called facts were spread by the North Vietnamese. I know while I was there my family was writing me about things they had heard on the news that were in no way actually happening. I guess there aren’t many Christians posting comments here, since Christ spoke about forgiving those who persecute us. Christ himself asked His father to “forgive them, for they know not what they do” while He was being crucified. We might all want to remember “

    For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:2

    • gyrene1

      Talking about forgiving and being a Christian? When we came home we were not treated as Christians would treat the military. And for all of the years since, it has been the same story. Even today they want to cut our disability and retirement benefits that we risked our lives for, and managed to make it back alive. We did not work a 9-5 job and go home to the wife and kids, we risked our lives 24/7 when we were in that combat zone, and now we are still getting screwed.

  • anthony

    yes treason death is the answer!

  • Ben

    Get over it? You idiot. I will get over it,

    After she is drawn and quartered. The bitch should die a most horrible death. 1957-63

  • Elizabeth


    You are correct, there are probably many of us who were not born in the late 60’s during the Vietnam war but that does not mean that we have not been impacted by it. My father served our Country during that time and regardless of what the distorted facts ( in your words) were, the truth and the facts of what happened when our service men came were utterly irreprehensible. I am a Christian and I do believe that Christ calls us to forgive our enemies, but I sincerely doubt that Jane Fonda is looking for our forgiveness. I am a military wife and I cannot tell you how many times that my husband and I have been out at a restaurant and when he is in his flight suit, many people have offered to buy his meal and thank him for his service to our country. I appreciate that he is treated with respect. But it makes me sick to my stomach to hear the stories that my dad tell about how things were when he got back. Being spat upon, called a “baby killer”, having urine thrown at his face and not being able to get a job because he served in that war are definitely things that affected him for many years. I personally want to say Thank You to all of you who served and fought in that war and I am truly sorry that you did not get the respect that you deserved. God bless you and your families!

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Elizabeth, I thank your dad for his service, and I thank you and your husband for your service, because even though you yourself did not sign enlistment papers, the families of service members are affected just as much as the service members themselves. Luckily, I came from a small town and was not spat upon or called names, but I had friends that were. It saddens me to this day that such an unpopular war caused so much hate on our own shores. But living in the past and letting it churn over and over in our minds is not good for anybody. People can’t hold a burning coal without their own hands being burned. Hate begets more hate. Everything in the past should remain in the past, so that people can get on with their lives in the present. Again, God bless your dad and your family for your service.

  • Sam

    As said above Hanoi Jane and the other 300+ who went there should have their citizenship revoked and all assets taken and given to the vets and Vietnamese who got out as well as the families of those who never made it home. I can forgive there stupidity but not forget what they did.

  • Roger

    I served as an infantryman with the 173RD Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. I’m also a retired high school social studies teacher and coach. One of my more difficult tasks as a teacher was to have my students wrap their head around this fact: freedom, including freedom of expression, must also be extended to those people with who we do not agree.

    Like those of us who fought that dirty war, Ms. Fonda was manipulated, lied to, and used by people who had their own evil agenda. Like us, she was then a child: lost, confused, trying to do the right thing, and seeking the truth. Ms. Fonda’s Vietnam experience was,i n some ways, much like our own. At least she had the balls to act on her convictions. Like we did. She paid a big price for acting on the courage of her convictions. She continues to pay. Just like we paid and continue to pay.

    Did we not, at least obliquely, fight to extend freedom to the people of Vietnam? I believe we did. Are w to deny this freedom to any American citizen?

    To those of you good Christian people so filled with hate toward Ms. Fonda, you might be better served actually reading what Jesus said about forgiveness. He didn’t make it voluntary.

    • larry burdge

      Roger, When I think of Hanoi Jane, I also think of the many who were killed in proxy by her trip to Nam. She could hace made her Anti=War statments back home (across the pond) just as easily, But SHE made the decision to put herself out front for all the world to see. Patronizing with the enemy would have put any of us, in the service, behind bars for a long time. I will not excuse her actions now. Like so many Hollywood types, she milks our system for all she can get out of it , then preaches her hate for America. Comrade Jane sucked then and she sucks now.

      • CC Ryder SMSgt USAF

        Since you seem to know so much, Larry, please tell us EXACTLY how many were killed in proxy by her trip.

    • CC Ryder SMSgt USAF

      Roger, thank you for a breath of fresh air in this hate-filled discussion. Too many in here are going by rumors and so called facts they have heard, but have not experienced it first hand. God bless you.

  • larry burdge

    173rd Abn. Bge. Sep Nam ’67/68″ Hanoi jane is still acting and doing her best to appear sorry. Mentions the photo ot sitting on the AA gun, and possibly being set=up. Sorry Jane, I don’t buy your Bull Shitte. Your visit to Nam involved a lot more than just the photo. You were, and still are, a traitor to this country. No Appology will do, Comrade Jane. Craw back under your rock and please stay there.

    • CC Ryder SMSgt USAF

      All your hate has clouded your mind, because evidently you forgot to turn on your spell check and grammar check. It’s all in the past. Nothing you or anybody else can do will change it. Let it go and get on with your life. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

  • Polly

    I am curious about this: since McCain has recently stated that Jane Fonda was acting *within her constitutional rights* when she was in Vietnam, I wonder why you would claim that she is guilty of treason?

  • Kill the bitch and all of the dumbacrats that are trying to take our USA down. It’s time to kick ass and take names. LOOK at what Obammy and his Mammy is doing to our Constitution !!

  • James

    Your right, you are hated with a sense of hositility that will never go away. Your legacy will be as a traitor to this nation. I had a brother there for five years and my sister’s son was wounded five times and died after coming home. I also was there for one tour and came away with memories that stick with me today. I will never forget your betrayal and I never watch anything if your in it, though this did attract me. With all your dollars I do not hear anything of you giving it to those still suffering from their service there for their country. Men who have not had a moment of natural life since that war or the familys who have lost others during or after the war, even up to this very day. My brother, a veteran of 2o years service lost his leg from diabetes contracted as a result of that war and when they tried to give him a new hip he lost his life before his time should have been. His wife is now alone and lost. I hate you woman and that will never ever go away, beyond the day of my last dying breath. My you burn in everlasting hell Jane Fonda.

  • James

    Your right, you are hated with a sense of hositility that will never go away. Your lasting legacy will be as a traitor to this nation. I had a brother there for five years and my sister’s son was wounded five times and died after coming home, still a young man who was clearly suffering from PTSD. I also was there for one tour and came away with memories that stick with me today. I will never forget your betrayal and I never watch anything if your in it, though this did attract me because I thought you might actually say something of value. With all your money I do not hear anything of you giving it to those still suffering from their service there for their country to this very day. Men who have not had a moment of natural life since that war or the familys who have lost others during or after the war, even up to this very day. My brother, a veteran of 2o years service lost his leg from diabetes contracted as a result of that war and when they tried to give him a new hip he lost his life before his time should have been. His wife is now alone and lost. I hate you woman and that will never ever go away, beyond the day of my last dying breath. My you burn in everlasting hell Jane Fonda.

    • CC Ryder

      “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”
      John 8:7

  • James

    Your right, you are hated with a sense of hostility that will never go away. Your lasting legacy will be as a traitor to this nation. I had a brother there for five years and my sister’s son was wounded five times and died after coming home, still a young man who was clearly suffering from PTSD. I also was there for one tour and came away with memories that stick with me today. I will never forget your betrayal and I never watch anything if you are in it, though this did attract me because I thought you might actually say something of value. With all your money, I do not hear anything of you giving it to those still suffering from their service for their country to this very day. Men who have not had a moment of natural life since that war or the families who have lost others during or after the war, even up to this very day. My brother, a veteran of 2o years’ service lost his leg from diabetes contracted because of the war and when they tried to give him a new hip, he lost his life before his time should have been. His wife is now alone and lost. I hate you woman and that will never ever go away, beyond the day of my last dying breath. May you burn in everlasting hell Jane Fonda!!!

    • CC Ryder

      “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”
      John 8:7



  • John

    Exactly Richa, she should have been hung for that. That little part is rarely mentioned.

    Its absolutely disgusting. I would personally shoot the bitch myself if It didnt land me in prison for the rest of my life.

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    I agree with everything you said gyrene, but Fonda was not the sole reason for the way we were treated then, nor is she the reason now. People were spitting on us and calling us baby-killers way before she went over there. I was in for 20+ years and saw things in Nam I never want to see again, but just rehashing the past and letting it churn over and over inside us will accomplish nothing except keep us bitter. I didn’t approve of her actions, but I know I have sinned also, so I feel I’m no better than she is.

  • CC Ryder SMSgt USAF

    Speak for yourself, Ken. I served two rotations in Nam and I have no hate for her. She did something stupid, that is her only crime. Have you never done anything stupid in your life?

  • David

    Seriously!!!! I could not even finish watching her. Did she practice for that like all her other roles!? Did not change my thoughts of her. That picture is not all that she did. Even if you do not believe in the reasons for the war there are many other ways to express it in a good way.

  • joseph

    F@#$$@%THAT BITCH, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!!

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      I so agree, it should be kept simple. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

      Luke 6:37

  • Tom

    Traitors can never be forgiven. Yes you will take this to your grave, and pay for your sins.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Anyone can be forgiven by God, and He is the only one that counts.

      “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      John 8:7

  • Dennis Cavallo

    She must be worried about her place for eternity and she is trying to make amends.

    I have always considered her a traitor but I will be willing to forgive her when I find out that most of the Vets buried in Arlington and all the other Veterans Cemeteries say that they have forgiven her. They’ll have to take the lead on this.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      I would say we all need to be worried about our place in eternity. If she is trying to repent I believe she should be forgiven. As for “most of the vets buried in Arlington and all the other Veterans Cemeteries” you mentioned, if they are in the right place in their eternal life, how do you know they haven’t already forgiven her? Even Jesus asked His father to forgive those crucifying Him.

      “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      John 8:7

  • J Hill

    Be sure to check out the comments of a unapologetic Hanoi Jane on fox news.

    She just told you vets to get a life. Ok libs make an excuse for her now. Is she still young and foolish?

  • gyrene1

    When will you guys understand the undermost fact here, and that is that ALL AMERICANS WERE FORBIDEN BY OUR STATE DEPARTMENT FROM GOING NORTH OF THE LINE. She did that when she got there through Canada with aid supplies for them, and then showed them comfort in those news reels. Those are the qualifications of the definition of treason, to which she should have been charged as soon as she set foot on American soil.

    • Roger

      Sir: Thank you for your kind words. All this misplaced anger. It only hurts us. If we could direct this passion toward the current economic and political powers that be-the ones responsible, the ones who thwart the will of “…we the people…”-oh, well. Thanks again.


  • gyrene1

    “She was a child”? She was about 34 or 35 at that time, and what did you do, flunk History? North Viet Nam was off limits to ALL AMERICANS by order of the state department, the same way that Cuba is off limits now. So, her actions of going to Canada with her direct intentions, of taking aid packages up there, and them being in the news reels fulfills the definition of treason, and not some simple mistake. You must have been the worst teacher there. And as we know, even the marginal teachers get kept on the payroll.

    • Roger

      Thanks for sharing. Lord knows I could have been a better teacher. I humped a horn in the Central Highlands for 9 months and was a squad leader for the remainder of my tour with the 173Rd Airborne Brigade. I was 11B1P. I’ve a Combat Infantry Badge, a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star. That was my military service. I noticed you failed to mention your own.

      • gyrene1

        I made no remarks about your in-country service, nor mine, because this is not a pissing contest. I remarked about your teaching, because you left out the most important facts as to why she was wrong to be there and do what she did. I did remark that a similar situation exists AS FAR AS TRAVEL GOES , to Cuba in today’s world. This as a scholastic you chose to conveniently avoid so as to strengthen your argument and weaken any other. THAT makes you the poor teacher that you are, and you just can’t come to terms with that.

  • gyrene1

    Hey, Jarhead, did you forget that George C. Scott was a Marine when he was alive. He was in at the end of WWII.

  • rdw

    really? and you don’t think she was just a much a part of the engine of the times that you were? she was wrong, but we should also not have been in Vietnam. why were we there? and what did it do. she was NOT in the military. she was a citizen. she took the wrong action to demonstrate her protest. but her protest – the protests of Americans for a war we should not have been in, is what brought us home.

  • Lonewolf1_1

    She apologized for the one picture. What about what she did at the POW Camp, where she humiliated us POWs. We served our country and were locked down because of doing so and SHE came over there and called us war criminals and degenerats, and baby killers and…I can’t keep talking about it. I was there man with 200 other men from all branches of the service. We didn’t even know if we would ever see home again. Then she comes in and verifies all that our captors were telling us about our country hateing us and such. I for one will never forgive that traitor, NEVER

  • CC Ryder

    “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    John 8:7

  • appollo

    It was sad that JF gave aid and comfort to the Vietnamese people who were defending their country and was considered the enemy. I would add, that to my way of thinking LBJ and RN are war criminals for playing politics with the war costing America thousands of lives and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions forever. Not to mention the millions and millions of Vietnamese lives.

    I don’t care for JF, but I reserve my anger for the politicians who seem to think our service members are just pawns for them to use in their political quest to be remembered as ‘tough guys. Sadly, we now have two more Presidents I would add to the list of war criminals.

    • Roger

      From a Nam grunt, “Outstanding!”

  • William Brown

    No one found Fonda’s actions more dispicable than I did. And I’ve campaigned against her ever since. But if those who have suffered in prison camps can forgive her than I should too. The early Christians were able to forgive Saul, who later became Paul for rooting out believers, seeing them imprisoned and sometimes killed. If Jesus forgave him, and he did, then we should do no less. For those of us who believe the scriptures, that unless we are willing to forgive, he will not forgive us. I don’t know about you but living eternally with God is more important than hating or unwilling to forgive.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      God Bless you, William. You pretty much summed up the way we should all feel.

  • Michael E. L. Toole

    I spent 13 months in the Nam as a 17D40 in ’68 and ’69. She caused the VC and NVA to be enhearten and fight more viciously because we did not have home support. She should have her American citizenship revoked for consorting with the enemy. Send her back to sit on more antiaircraft guns see if China respect that action.

  • d sharp

    Amen brother at arms true shame for actions has NOT been there. I think her Hollywood make believe life has convinced her she is somehow deep down right and she hangs by that thread of insanity when should have neen hanged by the rope of justice long ago.

  • Fonda (and others) protesting the Vietnam war was right, because it was a war America should have never fought–another case like Iraq and the extended attempt to go beyond defeat of the regime in Afghanistan that fostered the attack against us. The way Fonda protested was wrong, in almost the same way Dennis Rodman is so wrong palling around with Kim Jong-un in N. Korea. Fonda should have known better, because Americans doing their duty, despite the political crime of America;s leaders in sending them there, were being killed by those she suppoorted, and that was the crux of her crime: supporting the enemy vs. opposing the war. Rodman hasn’t the sense to see how his actions are screwed up.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Very well said, Malcolm. If people want to talk about treason, how about the way Obama can use drones to kill Americans overseas just because he “suspects” they may be subversive? As his administration has proven, clearly the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

      • Kerry Carroll, Jr 1Sg, Ret US Army

        My father was in Vietnam 3 times from 65 to 69. I was young but I remember well what that Bitch did. I also remember her turn in the notes to the NVA that a couple of US soldier wrote that she met with. Does she know what harm she caused them? She thinks this hatred of her is from one picture wake up smell the crap under your nose. She so full of it that soldier should have given her the Spade card. Buzz Barton and CC Ryder go take a Buzz some where in the wild blue. I know where I’m going when the end comes. I will accept my fate but I will not forgive a trader to my country. DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY. You two wing nut never left the flight line I’m sure do you need a burn or a cup piss in.

  • Fonda (and others) protesting the Vietnam war was right, because it was a war America should have never fought–another case like Iraq and the extended attempt to go beyond defeat of the regime in Afghanistan that fostered the attack against us. The way Fonda protested was wrong, in almost the same way Dennis Rodman is so wrong palling around with Kim Jong-un in N. Korea. Fonda should have known better, because Americans doing their duty, despite the political crime of America;s leaders in sending them there, were being killed by those she supported, and that was the crux of her crime: her method of more supporting the enemy vs. opposing the war. Rodman hasn’t the sense to see how his actions are screwed up, and unlike Fonda, probably never will.

  • Terry A Gordon

    Buzz I am with you!! As a Christan I forgave Jane long ago. We did our duty that is all our God and Country ask of us. Come home fellow Vets. “Love thy neighbor as thy Self”. One of the top TEN!!

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      Amen Terry!!!!! And just because I forgave her doesn’t make me any better, it just makes me happier. God Bless!!!!

  • Henry G Andrew

    Hanoi Jane can never be forgiven for her actions, they led to so many deaths of her enemies otherwise known as our comrades in arms, MAY SHE DIE IN A CESSPOOL

    • Bruce Walters

      Anyone who has ever been in the military understands that you must follow orders whether or not you agree with them or not. As much as i don’t like what Jane did, I have orders from Higher Headquarters to forgive her. Those who don’t follow those same orders to forgive, are just as guilty of treason to God as you accuse her of treason to the U.S.

      “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. (Matthew 7:1)

      “Forgive 70 times 7”. (Matthew 18: 21-23)

      “Forgive us this day our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”. The Lord’s Prayer

      Bottom line is this. If you believe the Biblical principles this Country was founded on, you have no option in God’s eyes other than TO FORGIVE HER.

      To not obey his commandments is to be guilty of treason to HIM! You wish to hate somebody and refuse to forgive? Then you share the same bitterness in your hearts that the islamic nations that bear ill will against us.

      And the funny thing is, you can’t figure out how it’s the same hate.

      Feel free to never watch another movie of hers. Feel free to trash all of her “workout videos”. Don’t recognize the Atlanta Braves as YOUR 1995 World Series Champs if you choose. Never read another article or watch another news clip she’s in. But please forgive her and forget her.

      Don’t let your eternal soul become another victim to her actions.

  • CC Ryder USAF Ret

    Henry, you seem to know a lot about history. You stated “Hanoi Jane can never be forgiven for her actions, they led to so many deaths of her enemies otherwise known as our comrades in arms”. So, can you tell us EXACTLY how many deaths her actions are directly responsible for? I’m curious.

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt Re

    Well said Bruce. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

  • Tony Gruda

    I took my oath 54 years ago and agree 100% with Edward, She is still my enemy as well, and will remain so until I die. She should have been charged with Treason long, long ago.

  • Kerry Carroll, Jr 1S

    My father was in Vietnam 3 times from 65 to 69. I was young but I remember well what that Bitch did. I also remember her turn in the notes to the NVA that a couple of US soldier wrote that she met with. Does she know what harm she caused them? She thinks this hatred of her is from one picture wake up smell the crap under your nose. She so full of it that soldier should have given her the Spade card. Buzz Barton and CC Ryder go take a Buzz some where in the wild blue. I know where I’m going when the end comes. I will accept my fate but I will not forgive a trader to my country. DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY. You two wing nut never left the flight line I’m sure do you need a burn or a cup piss in.

    • CC Ryder, USAF Ret

      You’re right, Kerry, my unit never left the flight line. The work we did kept the airplanes flying that provided air support for your father and our other Army brothers. It’s a shame that all this is dividing brothers-in-arms as it is. We all had our jobs in Nam, and each was important, so if you think trying to make my job any less important than yours is going to justify your opinion, then you do what you feel is necessary. Thank you for your service, and God Bless.

      • Kerry M. Carroll


        Now there the problem keep God out of this. God did not make her go over to Vietnam and protest. She provide aid to the VC and she wants to down play her action. Really, you want soldiers to forgive her just so she can go upstairs, tell god she was great person the people have forgiven her for being DUM. Let not forget so she can be Women of the Year. She should have been put on trial as a trader. I’m not trying to justify anything. I can see I struck a nerve, if you want warm and fuzz you might want to end this topic.

      • CC Ryder, USAF Ret

        No, Kerry, I do not want soldiers to forgive her just so she can go upstairs. I want soldiers to forgive her, not that she has the right to be forgiven or deserves to be forgiven, but to give the affected soldiers the closure that they obviously need. The only person that hate hurts is the one that is doing the hating. Fonda isn’t reading all these comments, nor is she liable to, but it’s obvious that by getting things off people’s chests they are dredging up old hurtful memories. And if I wanted a warm fuzzy I wouldn’t be involved in the conversation. It’s just sad that fellow service members who have so much in common are calling each other names and using profanity over a subject that is over 40 years old.

      • Bruce Walters

        Kerry, Our forgiveness of her actions does not guarantee that she will go to Heaven. That question is between her and the Lord. Our forgiveness of her only serves to free us from the burden of hate and allows us to receive God’s forgiveness for our sins, which are many. Regardless of what she says in public, only God knows what’s in her heart, and for that she will be accountable one day.

      • CC Ryder, USAF Ret

        Thank you, Bruce. That’s what I’m having a hard time getting across to people. The forgiveness is not for her benefit, but for ours. God Bless.

  • I hate state propaga

    Jane Fonda remains a hero. And it is most unfortunate that propaganda machines like this one attempt to continue the “flame wars” designed by our corrupt oligarchy to keep Americans dumb, docile and easy to fleece.

    The tens of thousands of Americans (and several million Vietnamese) that died in that war were NOT victims of Jane Fonda, but of our corrupt oligarchy and their wet dreams of world domination. If anything Jane Fonda saved lives by contributing to the end of that war. She (and John Kerry) should NEVER apologize for saving American lives. In fact, it would be best if they would recover their fervor and start denouncing the continuing wars by our corrupt oligarchy. Remember that most of our foreign policy is not even determined by Aermicans, but rather by a small mideast country.

    • To “I hate state propaganda”: Bul*sh**t, Jane

      Fonda aided the enemy, went to their country

      and spoke out against America. and is therefore

      a traitor. At least Kerry had the good sense to

      wait until he was out of the service and state

      side to make his protest. None of us are saying

      anything about the war being justified, we’re all focusing on Hanoi Jane. God gave me free will

      so I’m exercising it to damn Jane, maybe I’ll

      meet her in hell someday. I will not forgive or

      turn the other cheek.

      • Kerry M. Carroll


        Its our right to forgive or not to forgive. I for one do not. As for Kerry he was a dam reporter, he wrote his own award something he never did. That government for you.

  • Kerry Carroll, Jr 1Sg, Ret US Army

    My father was in Vietnam 3 times from 65 to 69. I was young but I remember well what that Bitch did. I also remember her turn in the notes to the NVA that a couple of US soldier wrote that she met with. Does she know what harm she caused them? She thinks this hatred of her is from one picture wake up smell the crap under your nose. She so full of it that soldier should have given her the Spade card. Buzz Barton and CC Ryder go take a Buzz some where in the wild blue. I know where I’m going when the end comes. I will accept my fate but I will not forgive a trader to my country. DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY. You two wing nut never left the flight line I’m sure do you need a burn or a cup piss in.

  • Susan Malia

    She was also at that time still popular mainly because she was the daughter of Henry Fonda whom everyone loved. Sure she was an actress then but still her dad was a major influence in her popularity then and so she was going off and developing her own place in the world…what a way to grab attention!

    And why do people ever consider an actor as an important person when it comes to politics and war and such?

  • 66panhead

    As I was not aware of Jane’s doings while she was over there, as I was a child, I will say that there were POW’s that very well could have had their lives turned upside down by her actions. Why did she not choose to have her picture taken with AMERICAN SOLDIERS during this time. What she did was give aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. What she did was inexcusable and traitorous. Her actions helped bring about a swaying of public opinion thru media led and infused propaganda. Sorry, but her actions are still to this day, in my opinion, inexcusable. Piss off!

  • Ron Rufner


    Your mixing apples with oranges.

    How do Christians treat the military?

    Our should I say how do you believe Christians should treat the military?

    Christanity has nothing to do

    Christians aren’t cutting our disability and retirement benefits. It’s the same element that are behind every war that are responsible. The selfish interests that we risked our live for profit, starting with the Military Industrial Complex.

    They sell their product to the rank and file with the noble excuse of defending democracy but the bottom line is money and power. Both parties of the “One Party System Masquerading as Two” are guilty. The bottom line today in the Middle East is OIL and the ISRAEL LOBBY. If you want to believe in the old spreading democracy BS, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

    Suggested Reading:

    “Wars is a Racket“

    Author: Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

    Twice received the Medal of Honor one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and Medal of Honor.

    Smedley Butler — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Those that sold the democracy for Vietnam BS are the same ones indorsing the free trade for Communist China and Vietnam today.

    If you remember correctly the Vietnam war was the first brought to America’s living room live every night in living color. The public seen the death and carnage both to our troops and the Vietnam civilians. Case in point the infamous little girl running naked with napalm burns.

    Why do you think presently they control everything in the media coming out of the Middle East including video or photo’s of the caskets and body bags.

    Granted we were taking orders and this was taking place in a combat zone. But, whether you agree we were guilty through association. We all know about the Nuremberg Trials don’t we.

    gyrene 1, wake up and get the blinders off. You suffer from tunnel vision.

  • Tony.S

    Screw her, she should die of cancer

  • Denny M

    Jane Fonda. I am amazed at how long it has been since I came back from VN. I was with the 1/52 inf Americal Div. and MACV in the delta. Whenever a JFK movie comes on or an interview appears I swear a little and change the channel. I am surprised that America with a monument with 54,000 + names on it sees her has a role model and a success. I guess that is the free pass you get if shout are a Hollywood type.

    One Holywood type that deserves a mention is Martha Ray. As a advisor in the middle of big and ugly she suddenly showed up and talked to us (3) advisors told us thanks and that we should be carefull. She was in a Lt col nurse fatigue uniform told us to call her Maggienad proved to be a very nice person. She buried in the military cemetery at Fort Bragg.

  • Denny M

    Jane Fonda. I am amazed at how long it has been since I came back from VN. I was with the 1/52 inf Americal Div. and MACV in the delta. Whenever a JFK movie comes on or an interview appears I swear a little and change the channel. I am surprised that America with a monument with 54,000 + names on it sees her has a role model and a success. I guess that is the free pass you get if shout are a Hollywood type.

    One Holywood type that deserves a mention

    is Martha Ray. As a advisor in the middle of big and ugly she suddenly showed up and talked to us (3) advisors told us thanks and that we should be carefull. She was in a Lt col nurse fatigue uniform told us to call her Maggienad proved to be a very nice person. She buried in the military cemetery at Fort Bragg.

  • Terry McKinney

    Thanks for the history lesson! ALWAYS good to learn more about the way actually happened.

  • Terry Kearns

    I served in the USAF (66-70) and although my service wasn’t up close and personal with the enemy as many brave men that have posted, I will still say that all of us have deep feelings about this time in our lives. Like most of you I had very hard feelings about Jane’s actions. I have come to learn (personally) that we all make mistakes, come to feel sorry for them and can choose to repent of them. Is she truly sorry? She seems to be. I can’t judge her. I know that a just, loving Father will. I’m thankful for repentance and the Atoning Sacrifice of our Savior that makes it possible to return to His presence…

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      God Bless you, Terry. One of the most sensible posts I have read in here.

  • Jane Fonda is a traitor in my mind and always will be. Her actions along with the media were responsible for the response Vietnam Vets received when they returned to the states. As far as I am concerned she deserves a trial with Vietnam vets as the jurors and she should be found guilty for her actions and the punishment appropriate for her actions.

  • Steve

    Goodnight Jane. Sleep tight. Dream a little dream of of forgiveness, because that’s all it will be. You were a revolutionary then and you still are. I don’t hate you, nor do I think about you – most of the time; just when you get back in the public eye on enterainment media with entertainment moguls and offer up a goat at the alter. I believe the government didn’t have the fortitude at the time to prosecute you and so you were “forgiven” by their inaction. This is kinda like OJ: acquitted in criminal court but convicted in civil court because everyone knew.

    For those of you who quote Matthew 18:21-22, read the rest of the chapter. Jane is as the unforgiving servant who is forgiven her bohemian, hedonistic lifestyle in her homeland only to repay her good fortune by laying with the enemy of her homeland. She should be given over to the torturers “so My heavenly Father would do…”

    So, Jane, from a biblical standpoint, I forgive you. But from the standpoint of man’s civil law and our morals and patriotism, I think your person should continue to be “tortured” until you can truly pay your debt … just like a murderer, a pedophile, a terrorist, et al.

    • Bruce Walters

      Verse 35 (The last verse in that Chapter) says:

      “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.”

      The phrase “….from your hearts” implies that that forgiveness is sincere, complete, unequivocal, and without reservation. So there really can’t be “two” types of forgiveness; Biblical and “otherwise.”

      • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

        Excellent point, Bruce. I totally agree.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      And what verse 35 states is what I have been trying to get across to everyone….it is not our place to judge…that action belongs to God alone.

  • Bruce Walters

    This the definition of Treason per U.S. Code.



    ACTIVITIES 01/03/2012 (112-90)









    2381. Treason.

    2382. Misprision of treason.

    2383. Rebellion or insurrection.

    2384. Seditious conspiracy.

    2385. Advocating overthrow of Government.

    2386. Registration of certain organizations.

    2387. Activities affecting armed forces generally.

    2388. Activities affecting armed forces during war.

    2389. Recruiting for service against United States.

    2390. Enlistment to serve against United States.

    [2391. Repealed.]


    1994 – Pub. L. 103-322, title XXXIII, Sec. 330004(13), Sept. 13,

    1994, 108 Stat. 2142, struck out item 2391 “Temporary extension of

    section 2388”.

    1953 – Act June 30, 1953, ch. 175, Sec. 5, 67 Stat. 134, added

    item 2391.



    18 USC Sec. 2381 01/03/2012 (112-90)






    Sec. 2381. Treason


    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war

    against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and

    comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason

    and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five

    years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and

    shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    Thank you, Bruce, for bringing this to my attention. Obviously I was wrong in my idea of what treason was. However, since the United States government did not bring charges against her I can only believe they know more about this than I do, and I still believe that everyone harboring all this hate is not accomplishing anything…it is not giving them peace, joy or closure. As I’ve stated in previous comments, I don’t agree with her actions or her ideas, but I am not going to hold her accountable. That’s between her and God.

  • Sky King

    As a B-52 Pilot, I had the distinct pleasure to purchase a stack of Hanoi Jane-Urinal Stickers at an air show. The seller was a Vietnam Vet and he gave me a very fair price when I told him where these stickers would be going.

    I’m happy to report (and Stan I hope you’re reading) that during my tenure in the USAF, I put a HJ Sticker in the lid of every ‘Honey Bucket’ aboard every aircraft I flew, in every latrine where I was stationed, and in every VFW I visited.

    God may forgive her, I sure as hell never will. Jane Fonda is a TRAITOR, she should have tried for treasonous acts during war time.

    • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

      “Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ 34 In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

      “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

      Matthew 18:32-35

  • bill trice

    what you did,hurt those of us that were in the nam…you will never be forgiven,,,i lost several friends,and they can’t be replaced..former united states marine

  • gyrene1

    You idiots about forgiving Fonda. I suppose that in that combat zone after the enemy has just killed 5 of your buddies, you are going to stand up and scream out to him that you forgive him? I don’t think so. Your going to want to kill that SOB for sure. Well, is it any different for someone who commits treason during that war? I don’t think so either. Hang the POS.

    • Roger

      Do everyone around you a favor and get help.

  • Bruce Walters

    Gyrene, I am of the studied opinion that Jane Fonda has become something larger than that young woman who went to North Vietnam and cavorted and connived with the enemy. I think that to many Vets, she has become “the face and name” of all the millions of other Americans who turned their backs on those the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen that returned from Vietnam. Since then, the American people have done a 180 degree turn-around with how our returning Vets are treated. Have you forgiven the rest of America for how you were treated when you returned? If you have, then forgive her. If you haven’t, then add America to the list.

    Panel 41E, Line 29 has my brother-in-law’s name on it. While our family does not agree with what she did, we have forgiven her for what she did.

    So, you don’t get the Bible’s direction on forgiveness.

    “With malice toward none and charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nations wounds, to care for him who shall borne the battle and for his widow and for his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Remember, he spoke these words in the last few months of his Presidency, while this nation was still embroiled in the Civil War, the most divided and derisive time in American history.

    Forgiveness and moving on from the past is in our DNA as Americans.

    • Roger

      As a Vietnam vet with a Combat Infantry Badge, a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star, I have only this to state about your post: outstanding!

    • gyrene1

      You just don’t get it , do you? They were screwing us then, and they are still screwing us now. They have limited what vets can go to the VA hospitals, They are shorting the care of those that are there, and now they want to take away part of our disability money. When you are physically limited in what you can do, you need every penny of that money to just get bye. But they figure that if we economize to save a few cents, the then you must not need that money. Well, there goes that present for mom.

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    I agree Roger, Bruce did a great job. And for gyrene, I’m sorry your bitterness and hate have pulled you down to the level that you call fellow veterans names just because they don’t agree with you.

  • I am a Christan and those who do not forgive feed on their own hate. God pease help me for I am sinning and I am and always will be a Marine. I not only lost my mind but, my childhood best friend in Jane’s world. Tape up the A’s of spade.

  • Joyce Bates


  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    Amen, Daniel.

  • Steve

    15 And Samuel said to Saul, “The Lord sent me to anoint you king over his people Israel; now therefore listen to the words of the Lord. 2 Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘I have noted what Amalek did to Israel in opposing them on the way when they came up out of Egypt. 3 Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction[a] all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’”

    Don’t imprison, don’t assimilate; murder, eradicate ALL traces of a people. Now that’s forgiveness. In Matthew, Jesus hands off the the forgiveness issue the the Punisher, His Father, the mean God of the Old Testament, His alter-ego. Jesus is good cop, God is bad cop I guess. Jesus forgives, God does not. And you guys say you can’t have it both ways.

    If it’s not our place to judge, why do we have civil laws and courts. Because time and time again, and still in the world today, we know that religions alone cannot run a nation without tyranny, oppression and torture – because they are so unforgiving!

  • Buzz Barton SMSgt US

    Jesus came in the New Testament as an atoning sacrifice for men’s sins because the people of that day were taking the Old Testament and turning things around to suit themselves, and twisting it around to suit their own wants. As far as Jesus being good cop and God being bad cop, don’t you think that’s stretching it a bit far? Surely you can’t believe that. And our civil laws and courts were not created by God, they are man made, so I’m not going to try to pretend why they exist and if they should or shouldn’t exist.

  • Bruce Walters

    Gyrene1, I must have missed the transition from Jane Fonda to the VA Administration. I agree with your assessment that the VA Administration is not meeting the needs of wounded veterans and their families, but that’s a separate discussion.

    By the way, I know it’s way overdue (like 40+ years, or so), but, Welcome Home and thanks for your service to this Country.

  • Bruce Walters


    God has no alter ego. God manifests himself (Sorry ladies, I’m using the male pronoun as the Bible does) in three parts: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

    When Christ said “Judge not, lest ye be judged”, he wasn’t talking about civil law. He was talking about God’s Law.

    For example “Thou shalt not commit adultery” was never a civil offense, but it is one of the Ten Commandments and that was the situation the young woman found herself in when the crowds wanted to stone her.

    To the point of religious laws on civil law being unforgiving, you may find it interesting to know that your UCMJ is based more on the Ten Commandments than our civil law is.

  • I will keep this simple. I do no forgive and I do not forgive.

    I do not like people to thank me for my service–they spit onus coming and going . My best friend Jimmy Owens was spit on going and I had to bring his body home. There was no big turn out, and his wife was dating her boss. My country craped on me and at the time I also had no where to go so I stayed in the army. Most Vietnam vets forgave the actions of our country, I hate the country of the Vietnam time, it moved on and it is hard to pick out those who hurt our men.

    • gyrene1

      All of those who are saying “forgive, forgive, forgive”, why don’t they forgive the Boston Marathon bomber. And just let him go. It was the rash impulse actions of a 19 year old. So, why not let him go, we let Jane Fonda go, and she was a lot older when she committed her treason. You can’t have two sets of rules in this country. There must be only one set to live by or we have chaos. Like murder, there is no time limit for a trial on treason, so we can still try the bitch today. We have been getting screwed since Nam and are still getting screwed, and those of us that have kids, can see the effects in some of them. But the government wont recognize these defects. Just like when we came back and went to the VA with PTSD and the VA cold shouldered us because according to them, it did not exist. But in the mean time it only got worse for us because it wasn’t treated in a timely manner. And then when they did start treating it, we were blamed for all of the conflict because their classes were set up for recent guys with it, and not guys who have been living with this for well over 40 years. If someone says to me that I should forgive, I will punch their lights out.

    • skypilot

      Spoken like a true jarhead. Some people like to argue just for the sake of arguing, to keep the fires stirred up so that they can feel justified for everything they say and do. I guess all you guys ready to crucify Fonda have never done anything stupid in your lives, rolled through a stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop, taken office supplies for personal use, etc. You guys need to build a bridge and get over it, and quit blaming everybody else for whatever injustice you think they brought down on you. When you get up every day it is YOUR choice to have a good day or a bad day. YOUR choice, nobody elses!!!! Keep letting all the hate brew inside you and nobody is going to suffer except yourselves.

      • gyrene1

        If Fonda is innocent, then the Boston Marathon bomber is innocent. She was a heck of a lot older when she committed her treason. The treason that she was never charged or brought to trial for because she was too big of a name. In all of the pictures of the bomber, he might have even been Biden’s child. The nurses at the Boston ER describe it as being so horrific. Were not our s the same for our doctors and nurses, and they did not get to “go home” at the end of the day. For them, the next day was just like it. To the bomber, this is a war just like we were in, and Fonda should be treated the same.

    • skypilot

      Oh yeah, I forgot something gyrene. Only a schoolyard bully threatens violence because of a conflict of opinion. You may want to have your therapist up your meds.

    • skypilot

      Then get a petition started up and send it to your senators and congressmen. Instead of just complaining about it over and over do something constructive with your time and petition the government to do something about it.

    • gyrene1P

      Paul, there is an old saying that goes to the effect, Those who are not for me, are against me. Since we have been back from Nam, we have been spit on, cussed at , screwed over by the government that said that they would be there for us, deprived of our rights, and had many of our brothers in arms die because of this. The actions are to be taken by the civilian population that has gone so far as to write the Vietnam War OUT of the history books of the children. No wonder that we are though of as a bunch of loonies, when the parents wont even teach the kids the truth about it. OUR TRUTH. At least a whole generation has lost our story. It is time for the rest of America to start making up for those mistakes.

  • Nomen Nescio

    To: Gene Holden, etc.: When I went in in July of 1967, all people were still being given Service Numbers. John McCain who was a plebe at Annapolis in 1954/55, (my brother was class of 55), would have also had the same form of Service Number except for the leader codes. It would have been highly unlikely that he would have been using an SSAN in 1967 when he was shot down. It is certainly possible that there were some newbies there with SSAN’s, but the thrust of my post, the one that made me seek start fact-checking was hat anomaly. By tracking down a live first hand witness, that concocted story could be outed. It’s what we all should do with these far-out internet legends. The fact is that Fonda DID help get people killed, by virtue of her abetting the effort to get us to not win that war, but bail out. LBJ and Democrats in Congress saw money spent on the war as being money that could be ‘better used’ for their ‘Great Society’ vote-buying. Fonda had to have been pro-actively aided by Washington to get to Hanoi to begin with. It was off-limits for Americans. Am I the only one who noticed that? She was part of the propaganda war against the Viet Nam war. She worked to pull the rug out from under not only our warriors, but also the warriors and people of the South.

    When we pulled out, the North took control of the South and proceeded to murder 1.25 MILLION men, women, and children in the South (Statistics of Vietnamese Democide,Chapter 6, RJ Rummel).

    Jane Fonda was an active enabler of those deaths. Just as Europeans were tried and put to death for complicity in the rounding up and murder of millions in the WWII Holocaust, Jane Fonda should have also been tried and executed for here crime. Other than that, I have no strong feelings on the matter.

    • gyrene1

      I am so glad to find someone who sees the facts for what they are as I have. I have avoided the rhetoric of the SSNs because only a fool would use that if they served at that time. Her entry was through Canada with the supplies that she brought. And if these idiots are asking us to forgive her, then they should forgive the Boston Marathon bomber in total, and set him free for ever, with all sins forgiven. If they are as truthful as they say that they are. But you know that those hypocrites will never go for that. Or to put it another way, THEIR”S IS THE ONLY TRUTH.

  • skypilot

    So, gyrene, let me get this straight….just because somebody has a difference of opinion with you they are idiots? Do you persecute those living today in Germany and Japan for what their ancestors did to us in WWII? If you are from the South do you hate the Yankees for winning the Civil War, or if you are from the North do you hate the Rebels for their slavery?Where do you draw the line? If YOU did something you were ashamed of and had a change of heart, would YOU want people to forgive you?

    • gyrene1

      You idiot, you are missing the whole point. SHE COMMITTED TREASON. And for that she must pay as the traitor that she is. This is not a high school debating class, This is the LAW OF THE LAND. The LAW that we fought for, and some of us died for. And you do not WANT to see it. And that makes you an idiot.

  • anarchyst

    Another aspect of the Vietnam war that is conveniently overlooked is the millions that were made by defense contractors and their political sponsors. RMK-BRJ was a consortium of defense contractors and politicians that handled civil engineering and other projects in Vietnam.

    RMK was “Robertson, Morrison Knudsen” Robinson was Pat Robertson’s daddy, the senator.

    BRJ was “Brown-Root Johnson” yes, president Lyndon Baines Johnson who escalated the war.

    War is INDEED big business, and business is good.

  • anarchyst

    Hanoi Jane should be BEGGING for forgiveness. Forgiveness from those aggrieved is useless unless the person who did wrong asks for forgiveness.

    One-sided forgiveness does little good . . .

    • gyrene1

      You put two Oscar winning actresses together on a stage, and what do you get, HAM.

  • Jeff

    The fault is our own. We create the cult of personality these celebs exist in. Why is someone who provides entertainment seen as an intellectual. Everyone has an opinion but for some reason we raise up the opinions of people who have done very little for society. I for one care far more about the opinion of the working class stiff sitting next to me than any celebrity. We hold these actors, and atheletes above somebody who has spent thirty years fixing things, being a cop, or really any HARD job. I mean come on Jane Fonda is famous for two things 1 acting, and 2 being married to Ted Turner, why are either of these things a basis for having a political opinion of any relevance?

    • gyrene1

      Jeff, don’t blame me, blame the media for exalting these people as some kind of expert in the field. Or even our Congressmen for that matter. I prefer to do my own research on everything to find out the answers that I am looking for. so if you want to run around with a guilt complex about Jane Fonda, you do that. But her whole life has been following the man that she was with at that point in her life, who ever he was. Check it out, from Roger Vadim, right on through. She did what HE WANTED.

    • gyrene1

      Jeff, if you want to feel guilty about these celebs, then you just go right ahead. I for one don’t trust their opinion, nor do I trust the opinions of our congressmen. I find out things for myself .I don’t do things the lazy way and take someone else’s opinion. If you want to check it out, Jane Fonda has changed her opinion as often as she has changed her men. It started with Roger Vadim, and proceeded on through every other man that she was with.

    • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

      Jeff, you are soooooooo right!!!!! In today’s society celebrities are famous for nothing except being celebrities…they’re done nothing for their country and have contributed nothing to society, case in point, the Kardashian family, Paris Hilton, etc. And like you said, WE are responsible for their celebrity status. Remember when being an unwed teen mom was disgraceful? Now, on MTV, it makes you a celebrity. Once we started to let people take God out of schools and trash Christian values it all snowballed out of control.

      • Jeff

        Yeah I mean here we are still talking about her decades later…five bucks says she comes out with a new movie soon.

  • gyrene1

    LMAO You are trying to say that the people in our government are NOT Christians, and therefore can NOT be included in these figures of peoples who have legislated against us, and totally ignored us? Get your head out of the ground and start living in the REAL world buddy. You have been getting screwed four ways to Sunday for years and you don’t even realize it. Every President has gone to church on Sunday while in office, but does that make him a Christian? You haven’t the slightest idea of what you are talking about , so kindly just shut up.

  • skypilot

    Awwwwww, what’s the matter gyrene??? Are we getting to you with logical conversation and facts so all you can come back with is to call people names and throw accusations and threats??? Were you the playground bully who took other kids’ lunch money, or took your ball to go home if everybody else didn’t play by your rules?Poor little misunderstood you. Never had anything good happen to you, always mistreated by your parents, etc. Usually I find that the people that resort to calling names and using profanities have a low education or have problems expressing themselves in an acceptable manner. So which category do you fall into?

    • gyrene1

      LMAO since I have been stating the facts of the situation from the beginning, and using college level .words, I think that it is your problem of non-comprehension of the facts here. And so you lash out to ridicule those who do not believe the way that you do, even though you case is flawed. You sit down to a poker table with a stacked deck, and when you get caught, you call the other guy a sore loser. Well, no matter how you want to juggle the facts, you are wrong, and Jane Fonda is guilty of treason. And those ARE THE FACTS.

  • skypilot

    Maybe when you use your college words you should check your punctuation and spelling. You accuse me of “lashing out”, yet I’ve seen you calling people idiots, saying that if anybody ever tells you to “get over it” you will punch their lights out, telling people to shut up….all because they don’t agree with your way of thinking. Here’s a little quote for you gyrene….”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” You’ve pretty much removed all doubt for us, so have a great life living with your bitterness and inability to justify yourself without using threats or calling names. Time to pull up your big boy undies, build a bridge and get over it. Oh, and you may want to ask your therapist to increase your meds.

    • gyrene1

      So why have you not taken your own advice and remained silent, so we would not know you for the idiot that you are?

      • Ed Kay

        Is this a forum about that piece of sh%t? Or is it about senseless arguing? I would think that alot of vets have quit following a real important subject cause this is just a waste of time. It reminds me of all the stupid fights i had w/ my wives.

      • gyrene1

        You call it arguing, I call it repeatedly pointing out the LAWS THAT SHE HAS BROKEN IN REGARDS TO TREASON, which you choose to disregard as meaningless. A lot of our brothers laid down their lives for those laws. The least you could do is respect them for that by wanting her to stand trial for her treason. If you don’t, I am glad that I did not serve with you, because my life might have depended on you, and you are not trustworthy.

  • Rosalee

    58,000 died……….Vietnam killed my father later

    and during my service it killed friends of mine

    However, I don’t find her any worse than others of the

    La la land elite who are always so self

    righteous about things they know little about

    other than what they learn at schmooze sessions

    they attend. I particularly love it when people like

    Pitt and Clooney pontificate about things happening

    in the third world like NOBODY else has been

    aware of it till they discovered it. I find them all


    • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

      I so agree with you Rosalee, she was no worse than others in LALA Land, and certainly no worse than the Washington politicians that kept the war going. They treated the “war” as a business, because there was big bucks to be made. As the saying goes, “War is business, and business is good.” The thing that saddens me is there are so many fellow veterans in here that are at each other’s throat, ie, calling each other names, using obscenities and threats etc, over something that happened over 40 years ago, when they should be uniting in brotherhood. Whether or not she has made her peace with God, that is between her and the Him. His judgement is the only thing that counts. Us condemning her is only bad for our own souls, not hers. I’ve actually read comments in here that stated they would rather go to hell than forgive her. That’s a mighty big statement to make, considering hell is forever, and it would be a shame if she went to Heaven while some in here that have condemned her wouldn’t. I am not a judge or jury, and I don’t want my eternal hinging on whether or not I forgave her foolish actions. Have a blessed day, Rosalee.

    • Jeff

      The funny thing about clooney is the movie Three Kings critizes America for NOT invading Iraq after we drove them outta kuwait. These people, sorry these celebrities, are just ignorant spoiled little contrarians. The only reason they haven’t turned on Obama is because they fought so hard to get him elected. Heck CNN barely acknowledges he exists. I guess if you don’t have anything positive to say…

    • gyrene1

      When you are talking about Hollywood, how can anyone leave out the Pitt-Jolie and their Heinz 57 family. I am not against the family, just the fact that their travels seem to lead them to believe that they are THE WORLD’S EXPERTS on it all. Personally, I would rather go to the people of the countries, themselves.

  • Rosalee

    she failed to differentiate between the war and warrior. That is what makes it so unconscionable……..and not only in her case, but so many more in the entertainment biz.

    It lead to a lot of pain for those who served and their families but as long as the entertainment elite were happy, that is all that mattered. To some degree they still are

    self righteous about things they have little knowledge about.

  • Rosalee

    she is no better than Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally

    Just too late………

    • gyrene1

      As we go through life, we are given our choices, and we must answer for all of the wrong ones. To decide that she belonged in any other file except that of a traitor would be sinful. She is no better than Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose, and they both were brought up on charges. Of course for Fonda, a 30 year stretch would probably be a life sentence, and be quite fitting, now. And don’t forget, there is no time off for good behavior on a federal offense. She does the whole time unless she is pardoned by the president. It would be so fitting that for once in her life, she screwed herself.

  • skypilot


    Still in the name-calling stage. Should I call the Whambulannce for you?????? As with all schoolyard bullies, call names, threaten violence. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. You should really seek medical help.


    • Steve

      And you, skypilot, should seek psychological help for your compulsion to provoke from a distance, get the last self-righteous word in. Be the better man … if you can.

  • Roger

    50 years later and we tear at one another instead of being the band of brothers we should be. Have we not yet come to understand that we really have only one another? It makes me sad. Our fallen brothers in heaven must be ashamed of us.

    • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

      So, so true Roger…and so, so sad. I guess there’s not that many of us in here trying to throw water on the fire instead of gas. How everybody went from Jane Fonda to the present day VA, the present administration in Washington, getting spit on and called names I’ll never know. But the really sad part is people in here calling each other names, threats of violence, etc to comrades in arms. It seems that many in here just want to argue for the sake of arguing, and love to keep the flames of hate fanned to justify their hate of something that is beyond their control. God bless you for helping to bring a breath of fresh air in here.

      • gyrene1

        If you guys would get your facts straight to the LAW as it is WRITTEN, we would not have these problems. The problems always come up when people deviate from the law, and say that it is all right for them to do it because they are on a mission from God, or something to that effect. It was treason when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg committed it and died for it, and it was treason when Jane Fonda committed it. And it was treason when Benedict Arnold did it. Learn your American History.

      • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

        What “facts”, gyrene? What “history”? The main idea of the forum was Jane Fonda. You have deviated from that and made it about the wars in the Middle East, the way the “establishment” is treating vets, how we’re getting screwed left and right. Where does it all stop? When is enough enough? Why not direct your energy toward doing something about it and petitioning your representatives in Washington. Is rehashing all the wrongs actually making any of us feel better about it? I have to agree with Roger and Bruce. Please say something positive for a change about your fellow vets instead of calling them “idiots” and accusing them of not knowing the facts.

      • gyrene1

        Because Mr. Smartypants, who wants to ignore the facts, I happen to live in who’s senator headed up the SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE, and his office would not even recognize my calm letter to his office for information. And under his many many years in office, and the fact that our city is represented by the longest serving member of the House, this state has sunken to have it’s veterans be 53rd out of all of the areas, as far as receiving disability. So, even if I go to the to, I am screwed. I have helped so many of my buddies get to 199%, but others should be, and it hurts. I cry over this because the people at the top are holding it back. It hurts to write this, but you would not understand because you have goy yours, and that is all that matters to you. I am glad that I never served with you, because I could never have counted on you in combat, And None of us would have made it back. And yes I went to the Va back in ’71 0r ’72 when I found myself crying for 3 days straight, and they told me to go away. so don’t talk about the ’80s with me, I have had this monkey on my back a lot longer than that. Can you imagine crying for 3 days straight? that is no sleep, no eating, no nothing but crying.Your whole body is consumed in nothing but crying. And I still get shorter episodes today. But you are such an expert tell us all about YOUR problems and how you got over them. And go into detail. I have told you enough of what I have fought.

      • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

        Gyrene, I’m sorry you had to go through all that, and I’m sorry for whatever you are going through now. And I’m sorry you can’t make one comment that is not negative. The biggest physical problem I got out of Nam was a spine that will never be the same. And for the longest while after I came back, I had nightmares 6 days out of 7 over watching one of my buddies kick a can while we were in Saigon and had his leg blown off up to his knee because it was booby-trapped. And not once have I called you ANY names, but you’ve called me an idiot, Mr. Smarty Pants, told me to shut up and who knows what else. I apologize for whatever comments I have posted that have given you the idea the I needed to be called names, because I must have offended you terribly. God Bless you for your service.

  • gyrene1

    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were not soldiers, but were convicted of treason, for giving our atomic bomb secrets to the Russians , who were our allies at that time. So kindly go back to school and learn your HISTORY, as there were others. You probably flunked kindergarten also.

  • Roger


    Please make our day-say something-anything-

    positive about your fellow vets.

    • Bruce Walters

      Charlie Daniels did a song a few years back called “Still in Saigon”. The song is about a veteran that suffers from what we now call PTSD. (Not sure what they called it back in the 1980’s when the song came out.)

      That said, it appears that we left more men over there than just the POW/MIA’s. There are those who received some very painful wounds that have not, and may not ever heal. Some carry wounds and illnesses that will torment them for the rest of their lives. Some don’t heal because they don’t want to heal. They prefer to carry that hate and hurt with them and torment themselves for the rest of their lives. But there is a way out if you want it.

      And yes Gyrene, it starts with forgiveness, regardless of whatever threats you make.

      • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

        Very well said, Roger and Bruce. We need more positive stuff in here. And I especially agree with what you said, Bruce…some people don’t heal because they don’t want to. I have some veteran friends who are like that and they are miserable EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I’m not making enough money, my boss hates me and on and on and on. I understand how people can hurt, but I am not smart enough to understand why they want to continue to hurt when they do have other options. We do have the choice to be happy if we want to be, whether we do it on our own, need God’s help or a physician’s help. Have a great day, guys, and God bless you for your service.

  • Buzz Barton, SMSgt,

    Skypilot, I agree with Steve. After reading both sides I can see where you’re coming from, and I really don’t believe you are intentionally trying to provoke Gyrene. I agree with you on many points, but I think you could do it in a more diplomatic fashion. Yes, he is wrong to call people idiots for not agreeing with his way of thinking, but you are wrong to reply in an accusatory fashion. Like Steve said, be the better man. Take the high road and don’t put more negativity into an already volatile situation.

  • Edward Kay

    To Mike: “wtf does it matter whether or not someone is a combat vet in regards to whether or not Fonda passed those notes? That has absolutely NOTHING to do with it!”

    What a sorry statement!!!

    Combat Vets have a personal perspective that others cannot even fathom. There is a saying “Freedom has a flavor that only those that fought for it will ever know.” This also is something that only WE will ever know. It’s arrogant to assume you know anything of which you speak. Her actions are a part of what we live with. To this day, we smell, taste, hear, & see, what no man should ever have to experience. Yet, we did so for many diff. reasons.

    It’s a burden we willingly accept. But don’t try to tell us what we should think. You have absolutely no idea how her actions effected us and our brothers.

    I could sign off will some cursing or name calling but I will not stupe to your level.

    • gyrene1

      I thank you for that comment. It expresses what I have been trying to get across to these many characters on here. Or as the other expression goes about walking a mile in another mans shoes.

  • Edward Kay

    Are you kidding me? Where did you get that from? It certainly wasn’t from anything that I said! This was my 1st post on April 3rd.

    ” Edward Kay

    April 3, 2013 at 11:19 am

    She’s right about one and only one thing — “it was an unforgivable mistake”.

    She still doesn’t take responsibility as she labels it as ” that thing” NO! it wasn’t “that thing”, it was pure TREASON! PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!

    47 years ago I took an oath to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. There was no expiration date on that oath. She is still my, our enemy!”

    Scroll back and read that from 4 weeks ago.

    L/CPL Edward Kay USMC. I- Corp, Dong Ha, Vandergrift, Khe Sanh, Rockpile, Quang Tri, Cam Lo, Camp Carroll, Con Thien, Camp Evans. 67-69. I left the posterior 1/3 of 3 vertebrae from my neck over there. My latest surg was 2008- got 4 more plates & 8 screws and another scar. Dong Ha was 14 kliks from DMZ and 5 more to our neighbors to the N. So don’t you DARE run your mouth at me! Assailing my patriotism. You’re probably a REMF who has the G-2 of a retarded field mouse.

    I have to take that into consideration when I say SEMPER FI

    • gyrene1

      SEMPER FI bro. very well put.

  • skypilot

    Steve & Buzz, y’all are right. I shouldn’t have stooped to the same level. It’s just that I can’t see why this guy keeps calling people names just because he doesn’t like what they’re saying or they don’t agree with his way of thinking…that’s not going to accomplish anything. Plus I’ve asked him questions and instead of answering them he just throws out the name calling again and threats. Anyway, I’m going to take your advice and walk away. Gyrene, in front of God and everybody here, I sincerely apologize for the things I said and the way I treated you. Thanks for serving.

    • gyrene1

      Skypilot, why do you avoid facts? I have stated facts to you, and you run around and keep saying “I don”t hear you?” . There in lies your problem. It is like the guy who says “I can’t see you.”, and the problem is because he has his eyes closed. Now, if you don’t understand what I am saying now, you must surely have flunked out of kindergarten, as the only answer to your problems.For I have only stated facts, and you keep saying that you do not see them.

  • skypilot

    gyrene, I did not say “i don’t hear you”, and I didn’t flunk out of kindergarten. I keep trying to say there are two sides to every story, but you refuse to admit this. You continue to throw out accusations after I tried to apologize and take the high road and end this feud that you obviously delight in having. So, the feud ends now. I won’t be baited into more arguments with somebody that refuses to have an intelligent conversation without name calling or throwing accusations. STEVE and BUZZ BARTON, I tried to be the bigger guy like you suggested, but it didn’t work. As Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid!” There’s no sense continuing in here. I refuse to be pulled down to his level, so y’all are going to have to reason with him yourselves. Thanks to you guys for serving.

  • thesameskypilot

    For some reason this post didn’t take, so I’m reposting under another name……”gyrene, I did not say “i don’t hear you”, and I didn’t flunk out of kindergarten. I keep trying to say there are two sides to every story, but you refuse to admit this. And in my last post I apologized to you, and thanked you for your service, but you refuse to even acknowledge those facts. You continue to throw out accusations after I tried to apologize and take the high road and end this feud that you obviously delight in having. So, the feud ends now. I won’t be baited into more arguments with somebody that refuses to have an intelligent conversation without name calling or throwing accusations. STEVE and BUZZ BARTON, I tried to be the bigger guy like you suggested, but it didn’t work. As Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid!” There’s no sense continuing in here. I refuse to be pulled down to his level, so y’all are going to have to reason with him yourselves. Thanks to you guys for serving.”

  • ccryder

    Gyrene, what the heck? Skypilot apologized to you and thanked you for your service, and you turn around and slam dunk him and accuse him of flunking out of kindergarten. He took the first step to try to stop the feud and you can’t meet him halfway and accept his apology and thank him for his service and let bygones be bygones?

    • gyrene1

      . Words are cheap. Jane Fonda can sit there and say that she is sorry 45 years after the fact, but there is too much water under the bridge now. And anyone who thinks that she DID NOT COMMIT TREASON, is telling themselves a lie, or are a fool. I have been listening to too many people telling me that they are sorry when I have gotten screwed, That I have drawn that line in the sand. Like the saying goes, the only time that someone takes advantage of you, is when YOU let them. he must totally capitulate and renounce everything that he has said against my stand, and come over to my side. I will accept nothing less. He went too far, for too long for it to be any other way.

  • Timmy

    Roger, your comment is one of the few that I agree with here. Thanks for stating it.

  • Timmy

    I dunno, but I’m of Vietnamese origin. To “I hate state propaganda”, while I do not live in USA, I disagree, JAne Fonda’s actions weren’t commendable, and my extended family and I dislike her as much as those who kicked us out of our home.

    • gyrene1

      Thank you Timmy. If these “gentlemen” wont listen to me, maybe they will listen to you. That is unless they just call you a figment of someone’s imagination, and the proof is that your name is TIMMY, because it doesn’t even sound Vietnamese. Oh, these will be their arguments even before they start because they refuse to admit when they are wrong, even when faced with solid evidence against them. They are in total refusal to believe the facts. But thank you anyway Tim.

    • Timmy

      Yeah, its a name I used in the West so that people could actual call me something they could pronounce.

  • ccryder

    Gyrene, so there is no forgiveness in you at all? Not for anyone? When you accuse HIM of going too far, I’ve read both of your postings and it appears you both were handing it back and forth pretty equally. You seem to be going pretty far as well. He is a fellow veteran. He may not have gone through the same things you have, but then again you may not have gone through the same things he has.

    • Roger


      My comics were delayed today. Could you post another comment, please?

    • Roger

      gyrene: I missed the comics today. Could you post another message soon? Thanks!

  • Roger

    Buzz: I greatly appreciate your comments. I’m sure many other Nam vets do, also. I’m proud to call you my brother-in-arms.

    • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

      Thank you, Roger…I appreciate that. I, also, enjoy your comments. After all, there has to be a little sanity in here to balance out the other side. Haha If you ever come to Texas I’d be proud to share a beer with you. What branch of the service were you in? Did you make it a career? Did you suffer any kind of service related disability?

      • Roger

        Buzz: Thanks for the invite-might take you up on that beer! My wife wants to go to San Antonio. We live in Ohio. I’m a retired high school social studies teacher and coach.

        I was 11B1P, Army. Humped a horn for 9 months and was a squad leader for 3-have a CIB, Jump Wings, Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star. Served with the 173RD Airborne Brigade from 1970-71. I’m proud of my service and proud of vets like you. I’m 100% service-connected disability.

        I shouldn’t poke fun at gyrene, I know, but he makes it so inviting. I’ll try to do better, but probably won’t.

        I see you are retired Air Force. Bless you and yours for all those years of service, my brother. Take care.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        Sorry to hear about your disability, Roger. I was at Saigon for my tour 69-70. Not much action there, but the VC in the area did try to overrun the base twice and then on New Year’s Eve they dropped some mortars but thankfully nobody was hurt. Retired after 20 yrs, 8 mos and 5 days, but who was counting???? haha I am getting 20% disability for a spine injury that they are afraid will worsen if they try to fix it, so I take meds and do back exercises to keep the muscles on either side of the spine strong to keep the spine supported.

        Yeh, I agree, gyrene does make it easy. On one of my comments he replied “I am glad that I never served with you, because I could never have counted on you in combat, And None of us would have made it back.” Truth be told, I’m glad we never served together either because he is the type of unreliable loose cannon that probably would have shot somebody in the back because of a difference of opinion and then used the excuse of “friendly fire”. Whoops….I’d better be like you and try to do better, but probably won’t either. I think Skypilot finally did the right thing by offering an olive branch. He apologized, thanked gyrene for his service and then left. Of course, gyrene responded with something like him avoiding the facts and accused him of flunking out of kindergarten, etc, etc, etc. It seems that there is only one accepted opinion in here, and it sure isn’t ours. hahahaha

      • Roger

        You bet. As for your …not much action there…’, we all know that one look in the face of our own mortality is more than enough. It separates us from everyone else and only those who have been there and done that can truly understand. I’d have love to have had you and gyrene in my U.S. History classes to debate, but I suspect that-in the battle of wits- he is unarmed. See! I just can’t help myself.

      • gyrene1

        At DaNang, when Charlie was expected heavy, the Air Force flew their birds out of country. And when the rockets and snipers started coming in thick and fast at nite, the ground people went to the heads. It sort of figured as your style when you come to think of it.

      • Roger

        Really? That’s all you got? As for my brother vets in the rear, how could you know unless you were there?

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        HAHAHAHA I’ve never heard that one before, so I may steal it and use it later!!!!!! The closest I came to my own mortality was when a friend of mine and I were walking around Saigon one day playing kick-the-can with some old cans on the street. We had consumed a few beers, and having fun, and when it came my turn he laughed and pushed me out of the way and kicked the can I had in my sights. It had been booby-trapped, and took his leg off up to his knee. I never want to come that close again. I had nightmares 6 days out of 7 for years over that.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        And, there it is.

      • CCRYDER

        The Air Force probably flew their birds out of there because the ground pounders couldn’t provide their own close air support or lay down their own napalm.

      • gyrene1

        No, the Marine aircraft all stayed. And as I recall, it was part of basic orientation upon arrival, NOT to play kick the can, or pick up ANY war souvineers as they might be booby trapped. But leave it to the boobies not to listen.

      • Roger

        Your pathetic attempts to bolster your own self-image by demeaning veterans speaks to a desperate cry for help. If you are indeed a veteran yourself, the VA has programs in place. Do everyone a favor and avail yourself of them. In any event, it is time for you to be quiet now. Adults are talking.

      • gyrene1

        Honestly Roger, you guys have portrayed the American military as a bunch of kids over there, playing games, and doing other foolish things. We Marines started our countdown calendars the day that we got there. We listened to the guy who had been there even ONE day longer than we had, because that meant that he knew how to live to make it that one day longer to get away day. And by the grace of God, and listening to all of that wisdom that came from others, somehow most of us made it home. But it seems from everything that you have said, it was MOSTLY a game over there, because you didn’t listen to the guy who had been there longer than you. And when you came back, forgetting it came easier for you than for other people, and you resent that they could not forget it as fast as you could. For some, the pain lingers for a lot longer time. Maybe because we DIDN’T play games over there, we just tried to stay alive, one day at a time.

      • gyrene1

        I am not going to stoop to your childish games of who was over there, and who wasn’t, because by your emanations of stupidity, you have admitted as much. And as to whether I was there, no amount of proof would satisfy you. So you will have to chew your teeth off over that one. And as to the further discussion on this matter, no matter what I say, you only listen to to what you want to hear, so I might as well be talking to a wall. End of discussion.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        AMEN Roger!!!!!! Well said!!!!

      • CCRyder

        Gyrene, you keep talking about history and facts, but you must have missed the day in history class when they taught the Marines were not the only branch of service represented in Vietnam. It was a join effort, or can’t you wrap your small mind around that fact? Every man did their part, no matter how big or small that part might be. And contrary to what you may believe, you weren’t the only one that left that country with some sort of battle scars. You made a big deal about telling your sad story to Buzz, and then challenged him to tell HIS story, and to go into detail. He met your challenge, telling you he was sorry for what you went through, and then did go into detail about his injuries. He ended by saying “God bless you for your service”. Did YOU reply with any compassion for HIM?????? Did you thank him for HIS service????? No. You criticized him and called them “boobies” for not listening. You must lead a miserable life, carrying all that hate around every day. Your only joy seems to be coming in here criticizing and insulting your fellow veterans. You talk about walking in another man’s shoes. How many shoes of other men have YOU walked in? Time to come down off your pedestal and realize you’re no better and no worse than anybody else in here. We all did our part.

      • SP

        Gyrene, you keep talking about history and facts, but you must have missed the day in history class when they taught the Marines were not the only branch of service represented in Vietnam. It was a join effort, or can’t you wrap your small mind around that fact? Every man did their part, no matter how big or small that part might be. And contrary to what you may believe, you weren’t the only one that left that country with some sort of battle scars. You made a big deal about telling your sad story to Buzz, and then challenged him to tell HIS story, and to go into detail. He met your challenge, telling you he was sorry for what you went through, and then did go into detail about his injuries. He ended by saying “God bless you for your service”. Did YOU reply with any compassion for HIM?????? Did you thank him for HIS service????? No. You criticized him and called them “boobies” for not listening. You must lead a miserable life, carrying all that hate around every day. Your only joy seems to be coming in here criticizing and insulting your fellow veterans. You talk about walking in another man’s shoes. How many shoes of other men have YOU walked in? Time to come down off your pedestal and realize you’re no better and no worse than anybody else in here. We all did our part.

      • Roger

        Amen, my brother, amen!

      • gyrene1

        Some people just listen to what they want to listen to, or hear what they want to hear, or see what they want to see. I can not account for their short comings, and nor will I try. Those are their problems, and they must live with them. They must live with the problems that arise because of them. The problem is theirs, and that is all that there is to be said on the matter.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        Gyrene, you keep talking about history and facts, but you must have missed the day in history class when they taught the Marines were not the only branch of service represented in Vietnam. It was a join effort. Every man did their part, no matter how big or small that part might have been. And contrary to what you may believe, you weren’t the only one that left that country with some sort of battle scars.

      • CCRyder

        gyrene, you made a big deal about telling your sad story to Buzz, and then challenged him to tell HIS story, and to go into detail. He met your challenge, telling you he was sorry for what you went through, and then he went into detail about his injuries. He ended by saying “God bless you for your service”. Did YOU reply with any compassion for HIM?????? Did you thank him for HIS service????? No. You criticized him and called them “boobies” for not listening.

      • gyrene1

        I am sorry, but you guys have convinced me that you were there playing games. This I got from your stories. I on the other hand was there to do a job to the best of my ability, which I did, and to get my ass back in one piece, which I did. Unfortunately, later I started seeing the problems which are related to being there. The VA even sent me from Detroit to San Francisco just for an exam, as a prelude to surgery, down the road. So to go into detail on everything, would take up too space and I am not including PTSD in my disability rating of 100%. PTSD would add another 70%, if it could. And I am tired of people denying the truth to suit their needs, and will not give in to their crap. Not anymore, so says my shrink.

      • Bruce Walters


        If the United States Marine Corps had wanted you to have a shrink they would have issued you one at Paris Island.

        You don’t need a shrink, you need a Saviour.

      • Roger

        Congratulations on the most ridiculous and unhelpful message yet posted.

      • gyrene1

        I guess that that comment by you just goes to prove how much of an idiot A**hole you really are. For only a fool does not ask for help when they need it, but you have proven yourself , by saying that, to be the fool that you are. It is a wonder that you made it back alive at all..

      • Roger

        Thanks for the yucks. Keep em coming!

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        Gyrene, none of us was over there playing games. We all knew our jobs and did them, all to varying degrees. Everybody was of equal importance, because we all supported each other. The guys on the front lines saw more action and life-threatening situations than us in the rear, but we were the ones that kept the aircraft flying to give you air support and drop much needed supplies. And yes, we did enjoy taking it easy when we had the chance, because we never knew what was going to happen within the next 10 or 15 minutes. And I think everybody came back with some sort of battle scars, things they never wanted to see or remember again. Just some came back with more than others. That’s was makes us all brothers….we’re not the Navy, the Air Force, the Army, the Marines…..we are the United States Military.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        Agreed Roger. Not helpful at all.

      • Bruce Walters

        To Gyrene1 and everyone else involved in this thread.

        Please accept my sincere apologies for my abrupt and totally inappropriate posting. All of us, to some degree, were greatly affected by the war and its aftermath. for me, I found therapy to be of not much help at all. it wasn’t until i turned everything over to the Lord that things got a lot better. All the bad stuff that people try to get you to live with he took all of that away. Every single bit of it.

        I never found a therapist that could do that.

        Again, please accept my apologies.

      • gyrene1

        I don’t know how long you have been living with it, but I told you how long it has been for me, and when someone rattles my chain, I naturally go off the edge. Some times more than others, and I thank you for your apology. I know that for each of us to say that “I am sorry” , is sometimes a hard thing to do. Each of us has been hurt in so many way, and for so long, that to just break down and start crying is not uncommon, even after all of these years. And like you mentioned, the help from the VA for the most part is crap. I myself have walked out of several of their options because they were not suited to me. They seemed to be suited more to the more recent vets, rather than us vets who have been haunted by this for over 40 years. They told me that I have PTSD at a 70% disability rating, and I told the doctor “big deal”, since I am already 100% disabled. Some days you just can’t win for losing. But thank you for the apology again, as I know that you really mean it.

      • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

        Gyrene, I really enjoyed reading your post today. There was no cussing or calling people names….you just spoke from the heart. We’re all a military family in here, doesn’t matter what branch of service we served in. One thing I definitely agree with Bruce on is there are some things better left to God. I know I tried to do a lot of healing in different ways, but my peace finally came when I turned it all over to God. I read somewhere that if you can’t control something there is no use worrying and stressing over it. Hang in there, Gyrene. I’ll be praying for you, that your life may be filled with peace and good health.

      • SP

        That’s a sad cop out, gyrene. You want everybody to sympathize with you, but you don’t want to sympathize with them. We could say the same about you that you said about us…..You just hear what you want to hear, eventhough people in here have tried to reach out to you and connect with you. It appears most of your problems are of your own making also. . It must be very disappointing for you when nobody other than you shows up for your own pity party.

  • ccryder

    HA!!! Nice one Roger. The problem is, it is not funny…it’s sad. I’m sure on the battlefield we would be banding together. Why there is so much hatred and back-stabbing over this subject is beyond me.

  • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

    Thank you, Roger…I appreciate that. I, also, enjoy your comments. After all, there has to be a little sanity in here to balance out the other side. Haha If you ever come to Texas I’d be proud to share a beer with you. What branch of the service were you in? Did you make it a career? Did you suffer any kind of service related disability?

  • Ron USMC

    Fonda, NO FORGIVNESS here, just go fuck yourself whore.

    • gyrene1

      SEMPER FI, Ron.

    • Sky Pilot

      Jar heads of the world unite. Do you kiss your mom with that mouth Ron?

      • gyrene1

        Hey, Sky Pilot, from all of us who KNOW the truth, and are ticked off about it, KOAs.

      • sky pilot

        gyrene, knowing the truth and hating because of it are two different things. Everybody makes mistakes, so if you can’t forgive other peoples mistakes, don’t expect anybody to forgive yours. Oh, and as far as the KOA goes, you should be able to do it quite easily all by yourself since your head is so far up yours. You must have a glass stomach so you can see where you’re going!

      • gyrene1

        Everybody was quieting down until you and your knit picking buddy would not quit, so don’t blame me. Even I had not put up a post in several days, while you guys had been playing tag wrestling on the subject. So would you just kindly give it a rest, instead of inciting people.

      • sky pilot

        And just which nitpicking buddy would that be??? Oh, and by the way, my comment was directed specifically to RON!!! YOU were the one that jumped back in. This may come as a surprise to you, but the earth revolves around the sun, not you.

  • sky pilot

    gyrene, knowing the truth and hating because of it are two different things. Everybody makes mistakes, so if you can’t forgive other peoples mistakes, don’t expect anybody to forgive yours. Oh, and as far as the KOA goes, you should be able to do it quite easily since your head is so far up yours. You must have a glass stomach so you can see where you’re going!

  • Del

    sorry to break up the circle jerk but Barbarella is my president.

    • Bruce Walters

      I guess some folks just aren’t satisfied with a muslim socialist as president.

  • Ed Kay

    Barbarella? huh? Pres of what? your urinal?

  • Bruce Walters

    What? A Muslim socialist isn’t enough?

  • Hi there! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you have got right here on this post.

    I will probably be coming again to your blog for more soon.

  • Bruce Walters

    Your’e not happy with the Muslim socialist?

  • Robin

    Navy Doc USMC, I’ve read most of the posts and yours is the only one I cared to comment on. You totally said it right. I’m not fonda Jane either, but there are more important people out there causing bigger problems. Specifically Obama! What makes me sad is that so many people have voted for these people to run our country. Americans are fickle, they easily forget what they once demanded our service to fight for our rights, but when things start getting ugly they turn it around on the servicemen who are fighting for our freedom and rights. When I think of all the Vets in our country and that Obama was re-elected, it makes me sick.

    Thanks to all of you who put your lives on the line for us.

    • Bruce Walters

      Fonda for Prez? You not happy with our Muslim Socialist?

      Hey Mr. Moderator, since you no longer allow my postings, please remove me from this blog.

      Thanks, and please read your Constitution.

  • Ed Kay

    “people on dependency on public revenue have a tendency of being remorseful just prior to release of a public venture to maximize revenue.“

    WADR I think what Robert was referring to was that the bitch was putting this on so that her movie coming out soon would make more revenue. I don’t think he was referring to welfare etc.

    • gyrene1

      You mean like those people on the Hollywood “welfare” line before a new movie comes out, or they want to sell you something? You know, like Oprah and her network that is decaying faster than a crop in the dust bowl of Oklahoma? She figured that the network would be loved and make her another billion, but it is taking a nose dive into the sewer. So she corrals her buddy Fonda and some stooge Nam vets to listen to her clap trap, and brings her own programs back on in hopes of upping the ratings. And only a chump would fall for Fonda.

    • Ron Rufner

      Ed Kay,

      Your explanation regarding “people on dependency” is accurate but has nothing to do with Jane Fonda. I seriously doubt she wants for anything monetarily, what she does want she is receiving in spades through this site.

      Yes, her appearance on Oprah Winfrey does generate public interest for her movie and ratings for Oprah.

      That said, this on going diatribe on this site does nothing but reinforce her objective. If those expressing anger and resentment for Fonda’s actions really wish to obtain retribution “drop the subject and move on.” Unless of course your a masochist.

      Those in entertainment thrive on publicity both positive and negative.

      It keeps their name in the media, this enhances their ego and pocketbook. They smile all the way to the bank.

      I’ve come to the conclusion this site is providing Gyrene1 his “Moment of Fame” in his otherwise shallow life. If the man is serious he has some deep issues and should seek medical help before he does harm to himself or others. Whether he realizes it or not Gyrene1 enjoys all the attention he is receiving. Old Gyrene1 has become a celebrity of sorts.

      Many such as SMSgt Buzz USAF ret. have offered compassionate advice to help this man and others like him who keep regurgitating their experiences in Vietnam and their hated and resentment for Fonda. Their castigation of Fonda accomplishes nothing but mental self abuse stemming from what they witnessed in Vietnam. Also, like so many of our brothers their time in the military is the only thing that represents an accomplishment in life. So they wear their hats and t-shirts and never stop talking about it.

      Once again their venom only poisons themselves and promotes more of what people like Fonda thrive on, “Publicity.”

      Regardless, of your opinion or stance on this bitch Jane Fonda all the men and women bickering amongst themselves are accomplishing one thing. “MORE PUBLISITY FOR JANE FONDA.”

      Wake up and smell the coffee, unless of course you get off on keeping the “Bitch” front and center.

      Stand at Ease, Dismissed.

      • gyrene1

        Ron, you really must be an idiot. Everyone knows that you do not make fun of the handicapped, nor trip a man who is trying to walk on crutches. A very long time ago I stated that I have been under VA treatment for PTSD, which I have had sine about 1972. So since I have stated my condition a very long time ago, that would obviously make you an antagonistic bigoted idiot.

      • Roger

        gyrene: wah! “I have ptsd so I can be a jerk.”

        Not. Grow up.

      • Ron Rufner


        It sounds like my description of you was accurate, did I upset your ego.

        You sound like a whining little boy who has been caught with his pants down.

        No, one doesn’t make fun of the handicapped, nor does a real man with a disability use it as a crutch for sympathy or an excuse for being ignorant.

        gyrene1, you really should go in the outhouse and have a good talk with yourself and while your at grow up.

        From the sounds of all your recent comments I believe your moment of fame as a blog pundit is dwindling.

        Everyone is wise to you.

  • CCRyder

    Ron, you hit the nail on the head. This discussion has turned into everything EXCEPT about Jane Fonda….name calling, etc. Plus, as you said, she is getting all the free publicity she needs. Seems like there’s only a few in here with heads clear enough to sensibly debate the subject, you and Buzz SMSgt USAF Ret included. Seems like you guys have no problem expressing yourselves without demeaning others by calling names and throwing accusations. Keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping it real and God bless you for your service.

    • Ron Rufner


      Thank you for your kind words your a gentleman. Sir, we are all Americans who love our country. There are a lot of energy and emotions being expressed regarding a person Jane Fonda who doesn’t deserve the time of day. I strongly suggest to all my brothers and sister to refrain from discussing her any more. It only is providing free publicity for her. People like Fonda thrive on anything positive or negative just as long as their name is mentioned. God bless you also.

  • Buzz, SMSgt USAF Ret

    Thanks for the nice words, Ron and CCRyder. I don’t claim to be any better than anybody else, I just hate to see brothers-in-arms arguing over something that is such old news. One thing we all need to remember…When you judge another person, you do not define them, you define yourself. Thanks for y’alls service and God bless.

    • Ron Rufner

      Buzz, SMSgt USAF ret.,


      You have summed it up.

      They are all busyer than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest trying to out insult one another.

      And, for who and what?

      An over the hill actress want to be. They have placed her center stage where people like her thrive on publicity good or bad. Just as long as someone is mentioning their name.

      If they wish to insult her than they should turn their backs and ignore her.

      God bless you also Buzz.


  • gyrene1

    Concerning Fonda, what is the old quote? They can say anything that they want about me, just spell my name right.

  • Sky Pilot

    Ron, like CCRyder says, you again hit the nail on the head. Nothing like a sanctimonious pot calling the kettle black. I have a 56 yr old brother who STILL blames our alcoholic father for my brother’s drinking problem. There comes a time when everybody needs to take responsibility for their actions, and not keep blaming somebody or something else. I know several fellow vets who have PTSD, and they neither act like gyrene nor use their infirmity as an excuse. I have to agree with you…..he loves the attention and will continue to do and say whatever he has to so he can stay in the spotlight. Come to think of it, he and Jane would make an ideal couple.

    • Ron Rufner

      sky pilot ,

      Well said,

      Yes the whiner and Fonda would completment each other.

    • gyrene1

      SKY PILOT, since you know so much about the subject, why don’t you apply to the VA for a job? It is my understanding that there is a vast shortage of qualified help in this field. Or would that expose you for the chump that you are? You are the one who says that he knows it all, so prove it.

  • Sky Pilot

    Oh no, gyrene, there’s no way I could take the “know it all” title away from you. You’ve criticized, called names, accused and made fun of everybody in here that has an opinion different from yours. I suspect you didn’t last long in the Marines, because from what I’ve heard they are a disciplined and honorable organization. You’re an unstable loose cannon with a hair trigger, who only cares about himself and you love all the attention you’re getting. Yep, you and Fonda should really get married.

    • gyrene1

      To tell the truth, the Marines offered me the whole book of my picking to ship for six. But I had plans for when I got out, so I turned ALL OF THAT TAX FREE MONEY AND SCHOOLS AND CHOICE OF DUTY STATION down. My final evals were 4.9 and 4.8. I think that they wanted me very much. And it didn’t matter what outfit that I was with, I still got those kind of evals. What were yours, 4.0?

  • Sky Pilot

    Yeh, but no. I’ve found out that usually when somebody starts their conversation with “To tell the truth……..” whatever follows is probably fabricated. And it pretty much doesn’t matter what scores I put down for me, because you wouldn’t believe me anyway. But I can see why the Marines would want you very much……you would make a great propaganda machine. Oh, by the way, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back so much.

    • gyrene1

      SKY PILOT, and then there are some people who are in so much denial, they will never admit to the truth, no matter how much fact is presented. So I guess that includes you. And you in a jury box would be called a fixed jury. Bought and paid for.

  • Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Re

    I recently read an article on The Heart of Texas Blog by Julia Robb that pretty much explains hate and grudges, and the point many of us have been trying to get across. Here is an excerpt from it……

    “Why is anyone holding a grudge? I’ll tell you why.

    Because we won’t forgive. We believe what happened to our ancestors was a personal affront to us. We believe as long as we hold a grudge, the other side doesn’t win.

    As long as we hold a grudge, we are punishing the bad guys. This kind of unforgiveness plagues our personal lives and for the same reasons. Holding on to anger, on our personal behalf, or on behalf of our ancestors, can destroy us inside. And holding on to old grudges harms us as a nation. Let’s love each other like we did on 9/11.

    No matter what happened in the past, we are one people now.”

    • Ron Rufner

      Buzz, SMSgt, USAF Ret


      Thank you for your comments and attempt to share sanity with your fellow man.

      The quote from Julia Robb addresses the nature of man and his selfish tribal mentally. Those of us who adhere and profess to be Christians understand Jesus message regarding forgiveness. The act provides us freedom from our natural instincts and the effect it has on us.

      Speaking as a Christian I accept that man has been born imperfect. Only through the Grace of God can we walk the path He wishes for us.

      Those who are atheist must honestly answer if they believe in good, if so they must believe in evil.

      When man embraces evil either as atheists or one that accepts a Higher Power he adheres to the essence necessary to sink to the lowest form of life.

      Buzz, perhaps this business about Fonda was good for everyone, it has given us a chance to reflect. It has offered many a means to vent emotions they may have carried within. Men were offered an opportunity to extend the hand of friendship, to consul his brother and fellow man.

      We have been blessed.

      The opening line from a hymn written by William Cowper in 1774 best describes it, “God Moves In Mysterious Ways.”

      I suggest everyone watch a movie directed by Wolfgang Peterson who has given us “The Perfect Storm” and “Das Boat.” If you have seen it watch it again. A story about two soldiers representing their countries and have been trained to recognize the other as the enemy. It was made in 1985, the title is “Enemy Mine” starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett.

      A man who made a profound statement and embarked on the biggest “fight”of his life was Muhammad Ali the greatest heavy weight champion from our generation. When he refused the draft for Vietnam and became a conscientious objector.

      He stated, “I ain’t got no quarrel with the Viet Cong, no Viet Cong ever called me Nigger.” “No I am not going 10,000 miles to help murder kill and burn other people to simply help continue the domination of white slavemasters over dark people the world over. This is the day and age when such evil injustice must come to an end.”

      Communist Vietnam now has diplomatic relations with the United States and is a trading partner.

      President Lyndon Johnson’s biggest financial supporter was Brown & Root. When Johnson got America into the Vietnam War, Brown & Root made a fortune constructing military bases in Southeast Asia.

      Brown & Root is a subsidiary of Halliburton Vice President Cheney was the chairman and CEO of Hallibuton Company. During his time in the Department of Defense he oversaw Operation Desert Storm. Halliburton is the largest contractor in the Middle East.

      Men, wake up and smell the coffee, wars are about money and power.

      Suggested Reading:

      “War Is a Racket”

      written by retired United States Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler, two time Medal of Honor recipient.

      Julia Robb closing sentence sums it up.

      “No matter what happened in the past we are one people now.” Actually we have always been one people.

      • Leon Suchorski

        Your statements are loaded with conflicts. You bring in people who were against the war, and then you bring in people who were not even around for the war, and then you bring in people who were obviously for the war. So the conclusions that you draw from this make no sense, as to a unifying principle. The fact that you bring YOUR religion into it at the beginning, brings the idea that ALL must be CHRISTIANS. I think that you should think about what you say before you say it.

  • Ron Rufner

    Navy Doc USMC

    Visited Walter Reed, signed letters (With a real pen “Wow”) made phone calls and visited.

    That’s the least georgie W could do for those troops and their parents and loved ones after lying our nation into a war and invading another country.

    Of course georgie W served during Vietnam, ask your parents he defended our country doing fly overs in Texas and Oklahoma when he wasn’t drunk or AWOL.

    Doctor, all of georgies administration were Chicken Hawks, none served in the military. Especially his Israel amen team the best representatives the Knesset ever had the neo-cons Wolfowitz, Perle, Ledeen and Feith who BS georgie about weapons of mass destruction.

    The disgrace was georgie’s and Cheney’s stooge General Colin Powell who lied before the UN to get our nation into that BS.

    Doctor, I’m afraid you have been exposed to too much depleted uranium.

    If I hear that “Thank You For Your Service” one more time I’m going to puke. Every swinging dick should have to serve. Reenact the Draft. Both men and women who are eligible should serve for their country, yes women we mustn’t discriminate. Then every American family will have a vested interest. Watch how fast this BS will be over in the Middle East.

    “you have no right to critize (Doctor it’s spelled “criticize”) anyone for their level of “hate”. You sound like a real tough guy. Doctor get you head out of your butt.

  • Sky Pilot

    gyrene, you’re a fine one to talk about being on a jury. You’ve judged everybody in here guilty that didn’t agree with you. You accept YOUR truth as the ONLY truth. You can either be part of the solution or part of the problem, and you’ve proven you would rather be part of the problem and wallow in your own self-pity, wanting everybody else to feel sorry for poor ol’ pitiful you instead of you empathizing with others for their problems. As it says in Matthew 7:5…”You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

    • Ron Rufner

      Sky Pilot,

      You and so many other well meaning men mean well but this man wouldn’t have it any other way. He enjoys spending his time feeling sorry for himself having a perpetual pity party, whining endlessly about how crappy life is.

      He is the type of individual who if being hanged he would complain if they didn’t use a new rope.

    • gyrene1

      When you are on a jury, you can rule on the case as AS PRESENTED, or have yourself excused. The 2 facts are that Jane Fonda went NORTH of the line when ALL CIVILIANS WERE forbidden by our State Department, to do so, and while there she did give aid and comfort to the enemy. Those ARE THE FACTS. you can not pick and choose what you like od them, you must rule on JUST THESE FACTS. If you don’t like the ruling of those who see these facts for what they are, namely TREASON, you must shut your mouth and stop crucifying those who see them for what they are.

  • gyrene1

    When you are on a jury, you are allowed to accept the facts AS PRESENTED. You are not allowed to make up ideas of your own, nor are you allowed to AVOID some of the facts because you don’t like them. Then, whether you like the decision or not, you rule ON THE FACTS. And it seems here that so many people have decided to pick and choose what they like to come up with a verdict. The FACTS are that 1, Jane Fonda went to NORTH VIETNAM, when travel to there was forbidden to civilians, or anyone without government approval. And 2, that she did bring aid and comfort to the enemy, and did broadcast her show on the air waves. Those facts add up to treason, and so many here refuse to understand those simple facts, and are crucifying those that do see that. For that, they are blind, or just DO NO CARE about this country.

    • Sky Pilot

      And, therein lies the big differences between us. Even though she did wrong, she has repented and some of us can obviously forgive where you can’t. And as far as not caring about our country, I served 2 terms in Nam and 30 years in the military. YOU, however, couldn’t make it past your first and only enlistment because you had PLANS for your life….evidently those plans did not include caring your country. So go on your witch hunt and take your pity party somewhere else because you’ve exhausted your entertainment value.

      • gyrene1

        SKY PILOT you are a pitiful example of a veteran, if in fact you are a veteran, to condone TREASON against this country. How can you stand to look yourself in the mirror without cutting your own throat for condoning TREASON, as long as someone says that they are sorry? That would be like setting off a deliberate flare when you are surrounded by the enemy, and expect your buddies to forgive you as you say “Can’t you take a joke?”. You are the sorriest of an excuse for an American that there can be.

      • Sky Pilot

        Gyrene, if YOU are the ideal example of a veteran, then I want nothing to do with being one. You call yourself a veteran who cares for his country, yet you are the biggest closed minded bigot I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. It’s people like you that crucified Jesus. It’s people like you that fed Christians to the lions. It’s people like you that pushed Jews into ovens during WWII. It’s people like you who wear white sheets and burn crosses down in the south. I’ll bet you joined the Marines because YOU were looking for a few good men too. It probably made your day in the shower when the rest of them made you bend over to pick up the soap. So, like it says in the Wizard of Oz movie, “Begone, before somebody drops a house on you too”. Your 15 minutes of fame is long since over. Your entertainment value has expired. You’re a dog chasing his own tail, and we all know how futile that is. So go curl up in your perfect world where everything is all about you and let the grownups tend to matters of state. Oh, I forgot to tell you….Jane called and wanted to thank you for all the free publicity. xoxo

      • Leon Suchorski

        In pre WWII time, the German-American Bundt in this country, kept trying to convince people of their “peaceful” intentions, while holding allegiance to Hitler. It portrayed any who did not follow their ideals, as traitors. But history has proven who were the TRUE Americans, and who were the traitors. The truth is not up to popular vote, but up to the facts. If someone does not like being a true American, let them leave this country, for traitors are not welcome here.

  • Sky Pilot

    And, therein lies the big differences between us. Even though she did wrong, she has repented and some of us can obviously forgive where you can’t. And as far as not caring about our country, I served 2 terms in Nam and 30 years in the military. YOU, however, couldn’t make it past your first and only enlistment because you had PLANS for your life….evidently those plans did not include caring your country. And it seems like in here you act like you are not only on the jury, but you are also the judge and the executioner also And as long as there are idiots like you running around acting like they’re so much better than everybody else and spouting off redundant rhetoric I refuse to shut my mouth. So go on your witch hunt and take your pity party somewhere else because you’ve exhausted your entertainment value.

  • Sky Pilot

    Gyrene, if YOU are the ideal example of a veteran, then I want nothing to do with being one. You call yourself a veteran who cares for his country, yet you are the biggest closed minded bigot I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. It’s people like you that crucified Jesus. It’s people like you that fed Christians to the lions. It’s people like you that pushed Jews into ovens during WWII. It’s people like you who wear white sheets and burn crosses down in the south. I’ll bet you joined the Marines because YOU were looking for a few good men too. It probably made your day in the shower when the rest of them made you bend over to pick up the soap. So, like it says in the Wizard of Oz movie, “Begone, before somebody drops a house on you too”. Your 15 minutes of fame is long since over. Your entertainment value has expired. You’re a dog chasing his own tail, and we all know how futile that is. So go curl up in your perfect world where everything is all about you and let the grownups tend to matters of state. Oh, I forgot to tell you….Jane called and wanted to thank you for all the free publicity. xoxo

    • Bruce Walters


      Ultimately, Gyrene1 will be held accountable for his thoughts, words, and action. It is not ours to condemn him, but to continue to pray for him and the hope that he will forgiveness in his heart, while still not agreeing with her politics.

      While we all may not agree on the subject of Jane Fonda, we are less than two weeks out from Memorial Day 2013. We have no right to expect the rest of America to respect and appreciate our service to this Country, if we cannot respect and appreciate, within the ranks, our common service as Defenders of this Great Nation.

      I’m headed up to D.C. next to participate in the many opportunities to express my thanks for those who have served and continue to serve this Nation.

      May everyone reading this have a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend. Regardless of your views on the subject of Ms. Jane Fonda, THANK YOU ALL for your service to this Country and in case you haven’t heard this in the last 40 years, WELCOME HOME!

      • gyrene1

        SKY PILOT, I am glad that you have finally admitted how un-American you are, and that you would just as soon sell this country out as the traitor that you have shown yourself to be. No TRUE veteran would put up the excuse of “I’m sorry.”, from an admitted traitor. And anyone that would side with a traitor is no better than the traitor themselves. So why don’t you leave this country and go where traitors like you are loved, because America does not need traitors.

      • CC Ryder

        Sky Pilot, I agree with Bruce. It’s not our place to condemn gyrene, even though he evidently feels it is his place to condemn Fonda as well as everybody else that doesn’t agree with him. As Bruce said, gyrene will ultimately be held accountable for his thoughts, words and actions, as will we all. I read a comment that Buzz, SMSgt posted awhile back. This is what he said…. “We believe as long as we hold a grudge, the other side doesn’t win. As long as we hold a grudge, we are punishing the bad guys. This kind of unforgiveness plagues our personal lives and for the same reasons. Holding on to anger, on our personal behalf, or on behalf of our ancestors, can destroy us inside. And holding on to old grudges harms us as a nation.” I think I also read a comment that Bruce posted a while back saying something to the effect of “Having a battle of wits with an unarmed man.” That’s exactly what you’re doing with gyrene, so don’t stoop to his level by fueling hate with more hate. We’re all brothers in here, who have fought together and done our time. Bruce, have a safe trip to Washington, my brother, and WELCOME HOME to you as well.

      • Sky Pilot

        And no true Christian would harbor the hate you have clung to for so long. I have no intention of leaving this country. One reason is I fought for it a heck of a lot longer than YOU did. Another reason is I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. I can see you love being the center of attention and being in the spotlight, and you will jump on any soapbox you can find so that people can see and hear you. That is why you keep this going in here….you thrive on the confrontation it brings. It brings you a feeling of power and being in control. But Bruce and CC Ryder are right; it’s not my place to judge you or anybody else. Sometimes the best way to cure a disease is to ignore it and let it eat itself up. So Bon Appetit, gyrene. Enjoy your meal. To the rest of my fellow vets, especially Ron, Buzz SMSgt, Bruce and CC Ryder…peace, love and prosperity. Bruce, have a safe trip to D.C.

      • Ed Kay

        jeez! bla bla bla bla bla! PLEASE at least bury this poor horse. Beating a dead one shouldn’t go on forever, and ever and ever. I shall not return. I wish you all PEACE. & good health.

      • Leon Suchorski

        LOLOLOLOL. It truly seems that we have some VERY BIG BIGOTS here. They think that everyone MUST be a Christian like them. They hold no sway for anyone who isn’t. What fools they be, that DEMAND that others be like them.

  • Del

    I don’t think she did anything wrong in the eyes of god. She knows the Vietnamese were simply taking back their country after years of colonialism. Slaughtering civilians is an outrage against god. What she did was epic. Threatening her with death as a traitor is yet more treachery against god.

    Barbarella is my President.

  • John J. Kato

    As a two-tour marine VN vet, the 2nd as a POW interrogator, I have no intention of joining these squabbles. I know what the Hanoi Whore did and look forward to outliving her. Even if they bury her deep in a secret, mined and triple-concentina-ed grave, we’ll find it, and I’ll fall into that long line of us creating the path to piss on her grave! She is the personification of those Americans who sold us down the drain in Vietnam. JKato

    • Roger


      I was engaged for 2 years to a clinical psychologist who works at a Vet Center. Here is the best advice she ever gave me: “get over it.”

      Do everybody around you favor and give it a try.

      Have a good Memorial Day.

  • Jim Stoeffler

    I do not waste my time or money on anything she does – I am a DAV. You stir up old things, make a lot of noise. She makes money being interviewed – I doubt she did Oprah for free. Let it all die – let her not be remembered.

    She will never be held accountable and will never be forgiven.

  • gyrene1

    Yes, I did one 4 year enlistment in the Marines, And now am 100% disabled, but still fighting for ALL SERVICEMEN to get the disability that is due them. For some , they only lived months after I started getting the fight going, but to their families, they were grateful for that. I would much rather be doing what I am doing, than loving a treasonous bitch like some of you who are looking for something else in life.

    • Sky Pilot

      Darn, gyrene. You’ve been so quiet for so long we thought you finally wised up and figured nobody wanted to listen to your crap anymore. And nobody said we “loved” Jane Fonda. We said we forgave her, you idiot!!!!

  • gyrene1

    Sky Pilot, all that I can say about you is that your bigotry explodes in press. You must be foaming at the mouth and need to have somebody put you down for the betterment of mankind.

    • sky pilot

      hahahahahaha YOU are a fine one to talk about bigotry, after all the people in here that have reached out to you compassionately and all you did was call them names and disrespect them, even though they are fellow veterans. You are such a clown in a Marine uniform.

  • gyrene1

    When I talked about myself, and the Marines, it was first hand knowledge, not misinformation about others. Since I have been back, I have helped servicemen from ALL BRANCES get the disability ratings that they should have. one sailor lived only 9 months because of Lou Gehrig’s disease, but the help that his family got during that time was greatly approached There have been many more cases, gladly with happy endings. I get nothing out of this except to help a fellow vet.

  • al roughton

    It isn’t a question of who “won” the war in Vietnam. Its abundantly clear that the 100,000 traitors and their hippie minions who fled their country in its time of need who are the clear “winners”.

  • ‘DOC’ Dodge

    Jane Fonda, Traitorous Bitch.

  • Leon Suchorski

    Actually, if you really check into it, you will find that Eisenhower sent the first “advisers” over there, and he was a Republican.

  • K43

    Jane Fonda is no traitor. She was one of the only few Americans who recognized what the Americans and other countries did to Vietnam as Vietnam was trying to liberate itself from foreign aggression and domination. She learned a lot from the experience and for those that hate on her have no right to. If you think about how many millions of Vietnamese (both soldiers and innocent civilians) were killed, probably many of you would retract your statements. While both sides suffered, Vietnam suffered more and it was their own turf that was being bombed, massacred, and depleted. The American government greatly misunderstood the situation that was happening in Vietnam and decided to involve themselves in a war they could not win at all. I admire Jane Fonda’s bravery, will, and diplomatic character for standing up for what she believes is right and her message serves to show how there are multiple perspectives and dimensions of war. Everyone involved suffers.

  • N.A.Tee’Vaeradore;

    Americans-When anyone is sent into battle or otherwise you must give free will inorder to achieve the desired conclusion if possible in the outcome-you aren’t there dealing with it-you don’t have all the green facts- and so much more-so thye obvious mentallity is if you weren’t there don’t make absolutions about things you don’t have all the green facts on-consider if Judas Iscariot was sent by Jesus Christ to betray him at some point-Judas Iscariot concluded his affair as decided-and never take away rights or powers when an operative is still engaged in the affair-people come from families-people talk-it could end up(your problem has become you sacrificed to many men-now it’s going to sacrifice you-what did you expect-flowers and chocolates in some cases of your elite majestical austentatious magnificent decisions about other peoples lives becomes the question?)

    • Ed Kay

      Un freakin unbelievable! That is the longest (151 word) sentence ever written. Beside the fact that dozens of words were not used anywhere nearly correct.
      ” don’t make absolutions about things” HUH??
      “Iscariot concluded his affair as decided-and never take away rights or powers when an operative is still engaged in the affair” WHAT???
      “people come from families” WHAT THE F?
      “in some cases of your elite majestical austentatious magnificent decisions” WH WH WHA WHAT???
      Please stop smoking, drinking, eating, shooting up, snorting, anal enema inducing all at the same time. Or at least please consider a lobotomy. I’m sure we could chip in more than enough to pay for it and maybe even enough to surgically get your head out of your ass!!!!!

  • David O. Chung

    A lot of Vietnam veterans are upset because of what Jane Fonda did. I was there when she was telling us to surrender! The 1972 Easter Offensive was a horrible ordeal. Being at An Loc was a tragedy. Dying American Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors during the Offensive was hard to endure. Having Jane Fonda there at the same time took it’s toll on American and Vietnamese lives. A lot of innocent people perished because of her. She caused a political problem as well as a moral problem. Panel 2 W at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a sad place for me because of her.

    Sgt. David O. Chung USAF
    7th AF, Det. 1, 377th ABW
    Attached: 1st MAW, 12th MAG
    An Loc-Bien Hoa

  • Leon Suchorski

    Well said Sgt. Chung. We all have our sections of the wall due to her actions.

  • Edward Kay

    Can anyone explain to me how the hell empathy is revolutionary? Wiki definition- ” when used as an adjective, the term revolutionary refers to something that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.”

  • sickened by hate

    And yet another reason why I find I want nothing to do with religion. I guess not one person here has EVER done anything remotely wrong in their ENTIRE lives. Not one single person here has never betrayed someone?

  • Ron

    When I attempt to respond to a new comment you have sent from a specific individual, in the case “GUEST” responding to Brandon Johns I am directed to “Post A New Comment”. In the past when I accessed “REPLY” I was able to comment and responded directly to the writer. Is there a different fromat now?


  • lewwaters

    She delivered her lines masterfully, but that is all it was, just another script for her.

    When her QVC book promotion was cancelled she said, “Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us. I do not understand what the far right stands to gain by continuing with these myths.” http://janefonda.com/qvc-cancelled-my-appearance/

    A 2004 interview with CNN’s Paula Zahn saw her saying, “No. There’s a lot of people who – who – it’s a cottage industry to hate me. And if they – if they stop, that might mean that they’d have to look at some things that would question their own identity. And that’s – it’s very hard for people to do.”

    While she continues to express “regret” for the photo, she has yet to own up to her gleeful opposition to American Troops and praise of the Communist Forces of North Vietnam, heard in an early 1970’s speech given at Berkeley: http://youtu.be/0ZHkqRLkNrY

  • fred fleet

    A has been Actress. Her only Legacy is this. I am sure she must, by now, get it. Before she dies, I would
    like to see her move out of this country, to let’s say an atoll in the pacific. Nothing personnal.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Back in the day…the “rich and privileged” always got away with murder. Jane Fonda got away with treason.

  • Chuck Lee

    There is nothing anyone can do to “undo” anything. You can print retractions, some dimwit lawyer in a black robe can tell the jury to disregard the testimony of a witness, and if you screw up a line of text on a word processor you can click on “undo,” but in the real world, once something is done, it’s done and you can’t undo it. You can apologize for a careless and hurtful remark, but you can’t delete it. So, Jane Fonda was “directly” responsible for the death of three servicemen? I don’t think “directly” applies there – unless Jane actually did the beatings or pulled the trigger. But how many deaths do you suppose can be laid at the feet of Lyndon B. Johnson? Not to minimize Fonda’s sinful and treasonous behavior, but c’mon people – get real! Johnson is the guy that turned a “support and advise” situation into a full-blown shooting war – WITH NO INTENTION OF WINNING! I am a 71 year old U.S. Army veteran and yes, I was there too! Most of you “heroes” remind me of that crowd of people (men) ready to stone the woman taken in adultery while letting her “partner” totally off the hook – hell, he was probably in the crowd with the rest of her customers! Was Jane Fonda wrong? Hell yes she was! And two wrongs don’t make a right. But if Lyndon Johnson is okay, then by God so is Jane Fonda. If your expressions of outrage don’t include at least ten times more verbiage about Lyndon B. Johnson, then anything you say about Jane Fonda is meaningless.

    • Buzz Barton USAF Ret

      Thank you for adding some common sense to this debacle. I’ve used the story of the adulterous woman and other biblical references and got called a bunch of names for it. Seems like some people just love to hate, as if it adds something to their lives and justifies their existence. Thank you for your service, Chuck. God Bless.

      • Leon Suchorski

        Buzz, again you are blind and still don’t see it. According to YOUR thinking, all the Army major, who is on trial for his life in Texas, has to do is to say that he is sorry, and he should be set free. I think that that is one thing that WILL NOT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. There are certain crimes that cry out for punishment, no matter how much someone says that they are sorry over 40 years later. And this is one. What would happen to our court systems if all that you had to do was say that you were sorry in front of the judge? How many people ONLY SAY THAT THEY ARE SORRY AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND GUILTY? Are we to set all of these people free? I think not. There is that line in the sand, that if it is crossed, punishment is dictated, and she has crossed it. What makes her so special that she is exempt from punishment? If we let all of the people out of our prisons, just because they said they were sorry, we would have more crime, because criminals would know that all that they have to do to keep out of jail, was to SAY that they are sorry. Get back to the real world and admit that you are wrong.

      • Buzz USAF Ret.

        Well, Leon, the big difference between Fonda and the army major is HE was arrested and brought up on formal charges, she was not. If no one thought it important enough to arrest and charge her in the past 40 years, why are people still so adamant about crucifying her. Who is actually being hurt with all the hate that is being spread. She is getting royalties from movies,m books, etc. The only thing the haters are accomplishing is letting this eat them up on the inside. I don’t condone her actions nor do I agree with them, but I am not going to let her stupid actions dictate my feelings and drag me down to her level. And if you think I’m going to admit to being wrong just because I refuse to keep hatred spreading you are sadly mistaken. You are entitled to the way you feel, I am entitled to the way I feel.

  • Lee

    The SDS, now there was a bunch of cowards. When I was discharged from the Marines, I went back to work, and then enrolled back into college at the University of Detroit. At the one time during the week when there were no classes, and the student union would have the greatest crowd of the week, the SDS decided to usurp our free time for lunch, and give us a lecture about the rights of the Vietnamese. Since I knew the man who had the concession for the juke box ,et al, I knew that he would not approve of them turning it off and depriving him of income. Especially since they did not have a permit from the dean to do this by their own admission. So I confronted the 8 of them that the juke box was going back on to satisfy the rights of those of us who came here to eat and enjoy the music. That was when they started swinging on me, and at first I went down. But when I got up, I made sure that they were kicked off of campus forever within 2 days. I don’t think that any of them were even enrolled at the school. But it does show the power of one person, when they stand up to evil stateside also. The COWARDS.

  • Kenneth C. Aiken

    Yea right. She had her fame then.l Now she is all sorry. BS. I have an MS (More of the same). She was mature and knew full sell what she was doing. Oprah has been scammed in the past, this is just one more scam. When will Oprah learn/wake up.

  • b18ca1

    I was born way after this my grandfather is a ww2 Vietnam and Korean vet. I am trying to get some facts but all i get is people being belligerent at jane fonda( rightfully so) but Vietnam was legal a police action congress did not declare war. can she or any civilian be tried for treason during a police action and not a war ( yes I know it was a war to those involved it was just as devastating and horrible declared or otherwise.) If she could then why not now I do not think there is a statue of limitations on treason and war crimes. what did she do aside from take pictures with those we have conflict with? I am writing a paper. and I am looking for unbiased and nonbelligerent facts ( even if ones biases and belligerent is warranted) thank you

  • Gulf war veteran

    Give it a rest you miserable fucksticks, man up and get over it as I did.

  • Gulf war vet

    Why bother having a commenting policy when you allow everything the policy claims it will moderate?

  • S. G

    Jane has balls. Where was Barbara Walters, et. al. and all the other “rush to war” pundits? Wish she weighed in on WMD.