‘One on One’ With Godsmack’s Sully Erna



Sully Erna is a patriotic rocker.  Throughout the years as the front man of Godsmack, Erna has been vocal in his support of the troops.  He sat down with me to discuss why he became an outspoken advocate for the military and even offered relationship advice for soldiers.

You have supported the troops for years.  What drew you to advocating for them?

Well it started back around 2000 when a fan of the band from the Navy wanted to use the song “Awake” as the bed music for the recruit commercials.  

From there we did a lot of shows for the military or got invited to visit Army bases, naval ship carriers, Marine Corps, and things like that.  And after meeting so many troops and soldiers, and vets, young kids with no arms and legs, and seeing what they do for this country and how they risk their lives every day for us so we can live a free life and allow us to do the things we love to do, supporting the troops is the least we can do to say thank you!!

What is one of your best memories with a soldier?

Not sure I have just one; too many to remember.  But the one that sticks out the most was when I played a show once in Albany, and on my video screen I show a montage of a day and a life of the U.S. military and what their day looks like at war. A man came up to me after the show with tears in his eyes and explained to me one of the scenes that was in the video of a tank that got blew up, and told me it was him in the video that was asked to do that job.  After researching it, it turns out it really was him and it got into the Internet somehow, which is where I got the footage.   And he relived that moment through a very sentimental and emotional piece that I created for the people to see what these men and women do for our country.  It was very surreal.

If you could offer advice to the troops what would it be?

Keep your eyes up and come home safe… Always!!!!

Why do you think the troops love your music?

Erna: It’s full of energy and adrenaline and because it talks about “real life” experiences.  I know they need energy to get focused and pumped up for what they’re being asked to do,  but the emotional stuff helps them keep it together and focus on what’s most important, which is getting home safe to their families and loved ones.

You always have a million projects going on, what are you most passionate about now?

I’ve been spending a lot of time transitioning from musician to actor. I’ve been spending most of my time trying to get some momentum in TV and film.

I just recently finished a movie which I landed my first lead role in. It’s called Army of The Damned, starring Michael Berryman and Tony Todd.  It’s an indie action/horror film.  It should be out by December.  I also just auditioned for the new Denzel Washington movie which I’m hoping to land.  I really enjoy playing characters and hope to make a career out of it.

Congrats on your recent engagement.  You like many soldiers have to be away from your significant other due to touring, do you have any relationship advice on how to sustain while apart?

Thank you for the congrats!  As for the question, it may be the toughest question of all to answer.  Every situation and relationship is different.  All I can say is stay in contact as much as you possibly can.  Distance does make the heart grow fonder, but too much distance can also make people grow apart. I’ve personally suffered that scenario more than once.   So it’s a fine line to walk.   But thankfully in today’s day and age, we are blessed with iPhones, Internet, Skype, FaceTime, etc… So at least we have more tools today to accomplish that then we did when the soldiers had to send a letter through c0uriers.  :)

Go Army or Go Navy?

Go United States Military!  We need them ALL!!!

 What books/music are you reading/listening to now?

Not reading any books at the moment. But one of my favorites is Many Lives, Many Masters.  It changed my life on my perspective of life and death.  It’s a must read for the soul.



Diana Falzone is a FoxNews.com and Maxim Magazine contributor.  You can follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone.

  • Anthony Mark

    I am so moved to read this update

    To see people, donate their time in support of our troops is so inspiring and wonderful to see

    I need to do something in some small way to show my support too

  • angryrat

    “And after meeting so many troops and soldiers, and vets, young kids with no arms and legs, and seeing what they do for this country and how they risk their lives every day for us so we can live a free life and allow us to do the things we love to do, supporting the troops is the least we can do to say thank you!!”

    Thank you for ruining their lives in service of what, exactly? What wars were in the interests of the US? (and not the often mentioned Military-Industrial Complex, oil or fruit companies?) Perhaps he should be anti-war, if he really cared about sending these young people around the world to kill brown people, and get killed in the process.

    This mindless jingoism is NOT patriotic.

    • Jeffrey Hamilton

      people like him and many bands make a difference through their music, just like the lives that have been lost serving any type of purpose no matter if its through art or war. Please have respect for ANYONE trying to make a difference, its how we all should live.

    • DaPope

      Silly Liberal, you really should get out more and enjoy the freedoms this nation offers, but hurry your types are attacking these freedoms on a daily basis.

  • Leo

    brown people ? Ya germany, france, russia all are brown people. Another angry minority not given enough. Soldiers are told were and when to go..they to suffer the outcome of our politicians . Soldiers have more dignity and respect then you will ever have. You sound like a dumbshit that needs to be woke up by being sent back to where you came from to get a taste of what its like NOT living in this country. Then we will see how you feel about OUR soldiers and what EXACTLY they do for your undeserving ass. Anti war…. we are all anti war you mindless coward. Doesnt mean we go and slap our troops in the face for what they have no choice in. So you go and praise your book or statue or whatever your simple mind can handle and let us praise the real heroes.

  • Shawna Halm

    Yes! So glad I read this. Sully is awesome! I read an article from a long time ago where the reporter bamboozled Sully about the military and putting words in his mouth. This is awesome!