Soldier of Steel: Can Superman Recruit?

soldierofsteel copy

soldierofsteel copy

If you’ve been to the movies lately, you might’ve noticed that the National Guard enlisted an undocumented alien to help bolster its recruiting efforts.

The Soldier of Steel campaign compares the National Guard to Superman (“Two American icons who put on the uniform when duty calls”) and hopes the cross-promotion with the new Man of Steel Superman movie will give potential recruits just enough of a superhero feeling that they’ll go ahead and sign up for the Guard.

The campaign includes a series of fitness videos that feature trainer Mark Twight leading National Guard Citizen-Soldiers through a series of intense workouts.

The whole series peaks with video featuring shirtless Superman actor Henry Cavill vouching for Twight’s training skills. The clip reminds everyone that this great American icon is being played by a Brit and looks like the kind of thing likely to turn up as a DVD extra somewhere down the line.

The other three workout videos are embedded below. The movie’s already a big hit and the studio’s obviously paying for the whole promotion, so here’s the question for our audience: does Superman make the Guard look good?

  • OldmanRick

    The Army, as all other branches of service, are going to need some great recruiting propaganda since the DADT has been relegated to the trash bin and women are going to move into combat roles, SF, Delta force, Seals, etc. From what I hear many parents are asking their sons to choose other than the services.

  • gabriel

    Soldier of steel? lol
    I look at some of the NG soldiers, and they’re out of shape.

    • Joey

      Look at some the active duty soldiers they are even worse

  • Steve-O

    Rule number 1 of “Murphy’s Laws of Combat” You are not superman!

  • Javier

    NG is a JOKE.

    • Guardmember

      The Guard has been around since 1636, long before the Army. I’ve heard several Active Component commend NG Soldiers during deployment for duties performed. Regardless of branch of service we all do our part in serving the flag. Physical appearance means nothing when it comes to doing our job and taking care of Soldiers. We all fight the same fight, wear the same uniform, and have the same mission.

  • TonyP

    Most Guard units have spent the last 25 years trying to change their image from the 1970’s Vietnam stigma. And the last 10 years making physical fitness so important that if you don’t pass your physical fitness test you don’t get promoted or awards (there are always those that cheat, welcome to the world). But this “physically fit” mentality is being emphasized more and more in the Army/Navy/Guard(nothing new to Marines). Superman fit? That’s just marketing. Like anything in life, if you want to get fit this is just another group that will help you achieve that goal if you join them (and give you a job skill too!). Of course, getting deployed overseas is not always good for your health…so don’t just use one commercial to decide your future.

  • Fred

    The NG is not a joke, believe its was you make out of it….

  • MSG

    I’ve served for 24 years. I joined the Active Army then the Army Reserves and have spent the last nine years in the Active Guard. When I came to the Guard I was amazed at the unfit, overweight, and lack of professionalism I encountered. However, the new leadership (including myself) have been shifting the atmosphere of that of an Active Duty force with strict regulatory guidance and standards. Once we’re able to weed out the good old boy system that keeps a few fat folks around, the Guard will become a full fledge military respected organization that meets and surpasses the standards. We’re better than we used to be but still have ways to go. The Superman movie can assist recruiters if utilized properly.

  • Will T.

    The Pentagon has a voracious appetite as it is always looking for “fresh meat,” new and younger bodies who will blindly obey their government’s orders to attack and occupy other countries. And, to be trained to kill, assassinate “enemies,” around the globe. The fresh bodies, male and female, are needed to staff the many US bases worldwide as well as our 30 nuclear submarines, our 10 aircraft carrier fleets, and so on. So, again, Hollywood cooperates with the Pentagon to glamorize and glorify war so that the next generation will see its own killing fields. From the “Sands of Iwo Jima,” to “Top Gun,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” and now “Superman.” Militarism is killing this country and must stop, or US is doomed.

  • Wake Up

    The US as we’ve known it is doomed – look at the demographics!