Pin-Ups for Vets is Looking for a Few Good Men



Gina Elise and her team at the veterans charity Pin-Ups for Vets are putting together their 2014 calendar and they’ve put out a casting call for male Veterans (one from each branch) to appear in a group photo with Gina for one month in next year’s edition.


To qualify, you must submit:

* Your full name

* EITHER a video entry OR written entry of why you would like to be featured in the calendar’s service member group photo

* Two clear photos of yourself (1 headshot, 1 full bodyshot)

* Please e-mail all of the above to:


*** IMPORTANT: You must provide your own transportation around Southern California and be available for the entire day of the photo shoot. (Photo shoot date TBD)***

More details here. Let us know if you pass the audition.

  • Linda Joyner

    I think you should get Taylor Morris to pose for your Calendar. He is the “hottest ” Veteran (Navy) I have seen anywhere!

  • gallglas

    The DoD is currently scrubbing pin ups and porn from every barracks and ship, aircraft and vehicle in readiness to welcome women and Gays into the ranks.
    Then this comes along….it has a man pin up in it so I guess it will get a pass.

  • Rosalee

    mixed messages it would appear…………………….

  • ms6

    She’s showing ankle…eyes burning… must not look… GOD save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………


    I don’t know what part of the equator you are from with this idea. President Obama, the so called commander in chief have done a great job in emasculate US the military. I gave the Air Force 10 great years and the Army National Guard 4 great years and 6 lousy years under Obama and now I have nothing to show for it. I know of lots of soldiers that are unemployed who can’t find a jobs, or go to sleep hungry…now to much politics in the military…they can cut everywhere else and leave us alone…hope you find superman!!!

  • This is actually an idea I had years ago. Just never followed through with it. Kudos for these ladies for doing it. Too bad I’m camera shy. :-)

    @STANLEY – Sorry to hear about fellow vets you know that are unemployed or even going without a meal. What area are these folks in?