Elysium’s Epic Gear



No matter how some of our readers might feel about the politics behind Neill Blomkamp’s space-station-for-the-1% movie Elysium, the visuals were spectacular and the weapons and spaceship designs were the best part of the movie.

All that prop design and special effects are detailed in a new book called Elysium: The Art of the Film. It’s not just a collection of sketches; author Mark Salisbury interviewed the crew about the process of designing the movie and gets them to talk about how they tried to make everything work together. Check out a gallery of images from the book below. 

  • sandra

    Seriously???? As many times as hollywood trashes the military and you guys keep glorifying them all??? Cold day in hell before I will ever watch a matt demon movie or any other for that matter. When they stop preaching how we need to live, then maybe….just maybe i might start waching them again. Until then . . . hasta la vista baby.

    • Skypilot1992

      And yet you evidently read and watch since you know all about the trashing, glorifying and preaching.