R. Lee Ermey Plans ‘Saving Private K-9’



Our favorite movie Marine (and real-life Vietnam vet) R. Lee Ermey returns to TV this April with Saving Private K-9 on the Sportsman Channel. The show will profile some of the 2,500 dogs that military and law enforcement.

Ermey joined the Sportsman Channel in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show (that’s the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show for our three readers who’ve never heard of it) to announce the show. (Ermey was also there as a spokesman for Glock to talk about the new Glock 42 .380 pistol. Check out all our SHOT Show coverage on Military.com’s Kit Up! blog.)

R. Lee & Gavin Harvey

R. Lee & Sportsman Channel CEO Gavin Harvey make the announcement at SHOT Show.

Here’s the PR release on the show:

Each episode of Saving Private K-9 highlights the dogs’ battlefield training, heroic accomplishments, and relationships with their handlers – as well as their impact on those who have worked with them. Viewers will see inspiring accounts of the selfless battlefield service and acts of valor that military dogs perform, as told by those who fought beside them. Additionally, the show will focus on the dogs’ lives post-service, which often involve rigorous rehabilitation and adoption.

Ermey is best-loved for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, but he’s had a long post-service career as an actor and TV host (remember Mail Call on the History Channel?). “This show is a great opportunity for America to see our four-legged, sometimes forgotten, heroes in action,” said Ermey. “So many of us have no idea of the level of dedication and training it takes to prepare of a dog for a life of service. This show will shed light on that process.”

The show debuts on April 24th at 8:30pm. If you’re a satellite customer, you get the Sportsman Channel. Cable carriage is a little more dicey. Find out if you get if or where the channel is on your system here. There are also helpful links to complain if your system isn’t yet carrying the channel in HD.

  • Indian Medicine

    Gunny, First I am aware that you are a DAV – and as a fellow Veteran, I appreciate you as a Warrior on The Field of Honor.

    Since you were a “DI” in uniform, you already know how to :Modify,Convert, and Adjust Civilian Thinking”; into “Practical Application” – a “Tough Calling” – but necessary to properly adjust “Brain Housing Groups”.

    The “Man – Dog Teams” have been critical to successful Military Campaigns throughout History – starting in organized manner by “Alexander The Great” – a Battlefield Man Power Multiplier.

    Hunter / Killer Teams, Tunnel , Explosive, and Drug, Utility Man Dog Teams are fit into every day Operations in the Military and Law Enforcement Forces – a Real Time necessity.

    I know, Civilian Lobotomy’s are a “Dirty Job”, but . . . . Somebody has to do it – and it’s you !

    Besides, the only way a USMC can be stopped is to “Throw Sand Against A Brick Wall, and Tell Him to Hit The Beach” – They fall for it every time !

    – De Oppresso Liber – Non Gratum Anus Rodentum –

  • PABaker

    Awesome job Gunny, Love all your shows, This new one sounds like a no miss to me, Saw a lot of working dogs while in Iraq, They were a lot easier to put up with than some of the people there! Semper Fi

  • Michael Gobert USMC

    Hey Gunny you should have not apologized for the time that you made comments about Obama. Semper Fi.

  • Vietnam vet ’65-’66

    I have read our military dogs were left in Vietnam to the Arvn’s. I think that is a crime. Those poor dogs must have felt abandoned by their handlers. i am sure those guys loved those dogs. They should have been brought home just like we brought home our two legged soldiers!