Call of Duty: How Far Are You Willing to Go?

callofdutyblackop3teaser copy

callofdutyblackop3teaser copy


Ready for more Black Ops action? Treyarch keeps up the yearly pace with a new teaser for their latest title:Call of Duty: Black Ops III. With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare going through its DLC phase, this year will see the return of everyone’s favorite black ops group. The teaser for the trailer (embedded below) doesn’t provide many clues to what’s in store for fans, but the swirling, digital marquee of symbols and echoing dialogue ripped from previous Black Ops titles indicates a continuation of the tightly-woven narrative fans have come to expect over the years. The ominous ending soundbite (“the only thing holding us back is how far we are willing to go”) hints at a story that keeps up the tradition of moral complexity and dark government secrets.

Will the game bet set during the Cold War or Treyarch’s version of 2025? Will the dreaded exo-suit make a comeback? All will be revealed on April 26th!

  • SGM Bob

    If you’re going to post gaming crap, then PLEASE at the very least begin the heading of the article as “Gaming” or some other juvenile nonsense. Most veterans see the question of “How Far Are You Willing To Go” as a question of defending our freedoms – not as a “buy” line for an article directed at video gaming. Please – firmly identify your gaming articles as just that: Gaming Articles. Leave the rest of us alone with your dark room video games.

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      It says Call of Duty in bold print…

  • Dustin

    Really, you’re bitching over a title to an article? Stop crying like a little school girl.