Get the Bad Guys With ‘American Sniper’

snipergetthebadguys copy

snipergetthebadguys copy

American Sniper, Clint Eastwood’s movie about the legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, has almost completed its theatrical run and it’s officially the #1 movie of 2014 with a total box office gross of just under $348 million. That’s more than Guardians of the Galaxy, more than The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and almost $100 million more than #4 movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Most of what Americans know about the war in Iraq comes from Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Kyle.

That phenomenon is about to get a whole lot bigger since the film is now available to buy on Digital HD from iTunes, AmazonVudu and CinemaNow. Blu-ray and DVD will be in stores on May 19th and we’ll have a full review of the bonus material when the discs arrive in stores.

To promote the digital release, Warner Bros. has released a clip from the film that features the scene where Kyle expresses a desire to get off overwatch so he can get down on the street to lead teams on a house-to-house mission: “I just want to get the bad guys. If I can’t see ’em, I can’t shoot ’em.”

  • Jango

    More subtle Marine Bashing………..

  • SemperGunny

    “Most of what Americans know about the war in Iraq comes from Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Kyle.”

    This sentence, by itself, pretty much explains every single thing that is wrong with our country. When your neighbors, or their children, or their spouses are risking their lives for your country, and the most you know about what is happening comes from a movie, released 12 years later…

    • Guest

      Please tell me why the Iraq War was “necessary” to defend out Country?

      • morgan

        Probably because it was a haven for terrorists that wish to do harm to everything American…you think those fighting for ISIS just moved to Iraq within the last year or two? Do you think they don’t intend to inflict harm on American soil? If Saddam was still in power things would be much worse and innocent Iraqis would still be slaughtered by his regime.

      • Guest

        Actually, it was the Iraq War that unhinged the entire Middle East and led to the ISIS terror group
        gaining a foothold in Iraq and Syria.

      • dcanaday

        I think you meant to say “Arab Spring.”

  • nanacat

    Thank you SemperGunny. So many people do Not know what is going on. We watch FOX news
    every day & we & others who watch Fox know what is going on, & its not good!
    Thank you for serving.

    • Guest

      Fox News – The propaganda arm of the warmongers in the US Congress.