‘Aloha’ – What Alec Baldwin Really Thinks of the Military

alecbaldwinaloha copy

alecbaldwinaloha copy

As an actor, Alec Baldwin has played some played some iconic roles: Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross (“Coffee is for closers only!”), “Cucumber” Frank DeMarco in Married to the Mob, Pete Schweddy on Saturday Night Live, the narrator in The Royal Tenenbaums and NBC exec Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. You could even argue that his portrayal of Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October is the performance that’s most representative of Tom Clancy’s version of the CIA analyst in the original novels.

Baldwin returns to the screen this Friday as USAF General Dixon in Aloha, a new movie written and directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous). Dixon has to deal with Bradley Cooper’s Brian Gilcrest, a military contractor who’s got a history with General Dixon. It’s not a huge role in the movie, but he does get to yell a lot and do a few excellent slow burns.

Baldwin’s also well-known for his loud and public devotion to progressive political causes, a fact that will cause some of you to decide that he doesn’t support the troops. Let’s go to the videotape: Alec Baldwin, what do you really think about the military?

  • Ed C

    Does anyone really believe this guy? I’m ashamed to be from the same hometown as him.

    • shipfixr

      I agree with what he SAYS but I doubt that’s how he really FEELS……

  • bigfatduke

    Who really cares what this guy thinks.

  • Paul Gallagher

    Now we see his real color, YELLOW!!

  • Frank

    Those who can’t, Act…

  • robot

    no one cares what some crack head thinks of our miltary, and no im not referring to barry

  • sharpsrifle

    Baldwin disgraces that uniform!


    Alec Baldwinj is nothing more than a piece of crap who loves to be heard about anything he considers contraversal. He doesn,t deserve to wear the Uniform of Our Armed Forces. DocJ retired.

    • bigfatduke

      Most actors fit that description, as a POS.

  • Robert

    That guy can’t even keep a straight face. His eyes move from far left to far right or somewhere else when he talks. He is lying.

  • Newsflash, folks: Liberals don’t hate the military. To the contrary, when I read the news these days, I see more far-right wingers acting paranoid and hateful towards our servicemembers and what they represent.

    • JJMurray

      newsflash dc – The left has a long and proud history of gutting the military so they can spend money on their social programs. You have a long and proud history of people like John Kerry who consider people in the military rapist and thugs and no better than Genghis Kahn. Code Pink is not made up of right wing conservatives you know. And it wasn’t the right wing that went ballistic over Abu Ghraib and held Bush “personally responsible” for the behavior of a few enlisted troops in a Reserve company. It wasn’t the right wing screaming about how our military was “broken” when we had troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan and now insist that we need to “draw down” the size of the force. Sorry but that’s ALL the left.

  • JJMurray

    What I got from the video was that he looks at people in the military like lab rats, they’re “interesting”. If anyone really thinks this guy thinks the military isn’t overrun with “baby killers” then you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Newsflash

    newsflash for jjmurray – if the right loves the military so much, why are the right wing republican representatives, John McCain and Lindsay Grahm, leading the charge in the congressional subcommittee’s that are cutting all the benefits to the military you claim they love so much? That’s a great way to show your appreciation – by taking away the military members earned money and benifits. At least Baldwin isn’t saying he loves the troops and then taking their money that they use for food and housing, like McCain and Grahm – baldwin’s just saying he respects their service and commitment and leaves it at that.

  • Guest

    At least Charlie Sheen was a Navy SEAL at one time.