Noah Galloway Makes the Final Four on ‘Dancing With the Stars’



Did anyone believe Army veteran Noah Galloway had a shot at the Dancing With the Stars semifinals when the season premiered eight weeks ago? Yet here he is, with a missing arm and prosthetic leg (courtesy of an IED in Iraq), with a shot to win a dance competition.

Galloway and pro partner Sharna Burgess may not be earning the highest scores from the judges, but viewer votes are a huge part of the competition. Noah and Sharna could have a shot to win.

The other remaining stars are Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore), Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and Riker Lynch from the TV show Glee.

DWTS has switched to a two-nights-a-week format and Galloway’s next performance epsiode is Monday, May 11 at 8pm ET. Results will follow on Tuesday, May 12.

ABC has decided to be less generous with embeddable video as the season progresses. They’re still sharing the performances on YouTube but each one has a box around it so the image isn’t nearly as big as you’d like to see. But check out Galloway’s most recent performances below.

Tango from Week 8

Salsa Trio from Week 8

’70s Jazz Routine from Week 7

  • John D

    I admire and fully support Noah’s courage and his efforts. He’s amazing and I respect him with all he has been through. God Bless him. I’m a Vietnam combat veteran myself. However, as a dance fan I don’t know how to say this without upsetting people. If I had to evaluate his dancing steps, movement, fluidity, poise, grace etc., I would only consider a very low score maybe as low as a 7 as his very best effort. Just being honest and not letting my feelings enter into the evaluation. If I evaluated with my feelings I would give him a 10 every time. Just saying…

    • Paul P

      I can see your reasoning and enjoy your honesty.

    • GaryDC

      I agree with you. The fan votes he’s received, I would consider them nothing more than “sympathy” votes. I also think he’s getting them from the judges as well.

  • Noah from the Sea

    Kind of harsh coming from another vet. I’ll agree to disagree with you. I think he is doing outstanding.

  • Corky

    You have to understand that Noah’s leg amputation is Above the knee and without that bendable joint, it is almost impossible to do many of the moves required for this type of competition. I am also a Vietnam Vet and I really take my hat off to his motivation, perseverance, and hard work to get to the top 4. This guy is one helluva man, and he was/is a Paratrooper :)

  • Hooah! You continue to show how it can be done by a can do troop!

    • SFC Robinson


  • dme

    I agree with Jim that Noah is doing one hella of a job , but he is not a great dancer, which the show is all about. I am an Army Vet too and I don’t think anyone should be chosen because of a military injury no matter how good or bad it is. There is no place for for being biased in the military or on Dancing With The Stars. I still admire him but the show is not about admiration.