Sound Off: Will the Troops Invade Texas?


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As reported here at, Chuck Norris, the beloved and legendary veteran,  has some serious concerns about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 training exercises in Texas and wonders aloud in a WND commentary if the operations just might be a cover for a U.S. military invasion of Texas.

Even though Chuck presumably participated in training exercises himself during his service, he finds the fact that Texas is “hostile territory” on the maps for the pretend war games to be a matter of some concern. He also attempts to deflect any charges that he’s attacking the military by saying that, whatever they might be up to, they’re “merely following orders.” He quotes an “affable” Texas antiques store owner who says, “I think there’s something a little more involved than what they’re telling us.”

So, here’s the question: should the Pentagon, charged with defending the life and liberty of United States citizens, conduct training exercises within the country’s borders if those exercises make some citizens nervous? Do the men and women currently serving believe they’re pawns in a conspiracy to strip Americans of their rights?  Is Chuck right on or is he contributing to a situation where paranoid Texans might feel compelled to “fight back” against troops who are just trying to get through their exercises without getting yelled at?

  • Yellow Devil

    I like Chuck Norris, met him in Al Asad airbase when he came out during a USO tour. Although I disagree with his assessment of possible invasion of the U.S. Special Forces or conventional Army into Texas, I do think the military did a poor job labeling the territories in the exercises. While working on a NATO exercise some years back, we had to be very careful about what we called the countries we were using in the scenario, even if they were quite obvious what they were on the map. To me, the military seem to also do very little to reassure the public after details of the scenario was released to the public.

    • IronV

      How can you supply “reassurance” about something so profoundly stupid and witless to complete idiots? There is no reassurance for these morons because they are simply not capable of critical thinking.

      • guest

        Well, we can start by electing people that are worthy of our trust. It’s a travesty that it has fallen to “the military” to reassure the public. That trust should come well in advance from a COMPETENT Commander-in-Chief that doesn’t treat his Oath of Office and the Constitution like a disdainful inconvenience. Those people down there have NO power, so all they can do is call it like they see it. Like we say, “perception is reality”, and it’s on this Administration to change that.

      • Coho 38

        A lot of people in our country just don’t trust our fearless leader! I wonder why?

    • guest

      While working on a NATO exercise some years back, we had to be very careful about what we called the countries we were using in the scenario, even if they were quite obvious what they were on the map.

      .I remember that. They called them “Aggressor Forces”. from the land of Aggressakstan!

    • CWJ

      I want to thank those Texans who worry about the US Govt being organized enough and secretive enough to organize a secret invasion. I’m a veteran and have been very bored lately. Thank you for the humorous pick me up.

  • Joey

    The inability of the public to reasonably discriminate facts and separate reality from fiction is made even more apparent, and dangerous, by the absolute submersion of too many minds in the baseless and irresponsible drivel of the Internet.

    Or as my Grandfather would say – “Boy, get out from in front of that screen, it’ll turn you stupid!”

    Glad he died a happy old man and left before seeing the 21st Century’s newest sport – that where we bash and destroy everything for our own vanity. To include our Country’s military, police, firefighers, courts, educators…. well lets just say all the things that made the U.S. successful. And most of the idiots out there spouting off have never served, and never will because they lack even a basic sense of honor and integrity.

    My own grandkids are screwed….

    • biblly bob


  • No, of course the military is not going to invade Texas. Y’all get real. There is probably a lot of Texans in the special forces. I think Texas is used for training because it closely resembles the terrain and climate factors of hostile countries that we might gave to invade!

    • Taxpayer

      LOL! Gee, the United States already has invaded Texas! 20 “permanent” military bases and 10 Coast Guard bases!

      • rlmayberry

        LOL. So true.

    • rlmayberry

      Gee Meadows, you hit the nail right on the head. All the southern states are hot in July but parts of Texas resemble places we currently have troops fighting.

      • Mark R

        Sad that Abbott thought he needed to respond to the hoax & issue orders to the Tx guard! Responding to speculation based on nothing is stupid!

    • gunzmith

      we dont “have” to invade any country

  • CDS

    Here’s the deal: Instead of making up 100% fake countries and making up all the different kinds of maps we use and then making all the necessary copies of those maps, we just use existing maps, which involve existing geopolitical entities, and create a fake situation with them.

    Usually, especially if there’s a particular ground-focus and DEFINITELY if people are actually going to be moving across that ground, we use the maps from the area where the exercises will be occurring.

    And to answer the question at the end: Yes, the government should be conducting exercises within the nation’s boarders because it’s prohibitively complex and expensive to do it overseas. (Plus, if Texans are reacting this way, how would we expect foreign governments to react if we used maps of THEIR country, much less using their maps and sending our military over to THEIR neighborhood?)

    • Larry

      Most logical answer I’ve seen.

    • guest

      I’m with you, but it’s on this Administration to restore the public trust that THEIR constant criminal wrongdoing and lack of accountability has lost. We’ve done this sort of training many times before and the public doesn’t even recall, because such faith existed that the public never gave it a second thought. It’s absolutely shameful how the public trust in this Administration’s military agenda has been destroyed within the last 3 years.

  • purpleheartpark

    If I remember during a Reforger Exercise we attacked inside of Carjackistan and Defended the Country from Rudabega. We were winning until the Siamtalians launched HamHock Missiles at us with the Flushu Virus imbedded in them…Big Bio Issue then as it affected everybody’s Zorch…….Not sure why todays Military can’t use the same type of Terminology instead of saying “Texas”…..

    • guest

      Because they are using Texas an Utah, both of which are labeled “Hostile” while Californicate and Nevada are labeled “Permissive”.

    • shipfixr

      Because all the military leadership has diflukus of the plug…….?

  • conradswims

    Drink your Ensure Chuck! Let the young guys worry about stuff like this. Time for your nap buddy.

  • USMC

    infantry Marine here. 1986-1990. I lost all respect for chuck now. Is he senile or what?

  • Edward Soria

    A temporary mental disturbance , as during a fever marked by confused speech and hallucinations according to Webster’s dictionary-we have some people who can not see straight and use their hate to spread lies and distortions . The very idea that war games are being used to attack Americans is ludicrous and people who express opinions that are baseless only expose their ignorance. There are some real good people in Texas and we should not castigate all Texans.

  • Dr.Earle Baldwin

    The U.S. Military is not doing anything unusual . People get a life please.
    Retired U.S.Army

    • wtpworrier

      Telling Texans to get a life is like telling a new born to stop crying…it’s not going to happen.

      • Gary T

        Worrier, you’re just another opinionated oaf speaking from ignorance of Texas to pump yourself up. We have the best medical facilities in the world, some of the best engineering and tech companies in the world, without a doubt some of the best universities, one of the best unemployment stats despite the oil production slow down and on and on. Oh, and the most beautiful women. I’d look forward to engaging you in a battle of wit but you would need more ammunition…so far you’re only half way there.

    • gunzmith

      its the chinese troops they get training with them

  • Leo Johnson

    There are already some Troops in the city limits of Austin Texas .The gorenor has ordered the Texas guard to keep an eye on their movements.and has issued an lawsuit against Obama for stationing troops in the city limit’s.

    • Confused GI

      There is active duty B1 wing in Texas.. That is enough firepower to take even the most civilized society back to the stone age..

    • Rick

      As well as the people in charge of the operation pretty much said, I don’t care,sure, watch us…….

    • IronV

      Your governor is a complete horse’s rear end. An embarrassment to all educated Texans.

  • Leo Johnson

    there are oter cities in Texas who are quite concerned about this exercise cities like San Antonio,Lakey,Kingsville ,which don’t like stationing troops so close to popudated area’s.People down here are really questioning the Army people about the possibility of “Martial Law ” being instated here in the Southwest .This exercise not only includes Texas but the entire Douthwestern part of The United States.The people in Utah are really “Pissed” about it.

    • Confused_GI

      In a word “Breath”.. It is a training exercise.. A logistics test.. There is no state or city going to be invaded.. Come on… This is just to give the logistics people the mental and physical challenge to move stuff..

      • guest

        Says you… You were invited to sit in at the White House briefing behind closed doors? If any part of the plan wasn’t totally above-board, do you really think they’d inform any of the troops involved?

    • Prior Army Medic

      Spell check much? Give me a break, how many bases are there in and around San Antonio again??? If you’re (not your) one of the paranoid bunch, wake the F up and let me thank your (not you’re) entertainment value. Wake up Texas.

      • guest

        You are correct that there have always been bases and even large-scale FTX’s there. Ft Hood itself is enormous. So why don’t you ask yourself who’s responsible for losing the public trust, and who’s JOB it is to regain it?

    • IronV

      Are you freaking serious? “San Antonio” is “concerned?” Well they don’t seem to be too concerned about Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases, do they? And they sure aren’t concerned about the economic benefits they get from having all these evil Air Force personnel stationed in their city, do they?

      GET A LIFE. Go to school. Read a book.

    • Utahan

      I am stationed in Utah and have not heard anyone being “Pissed” about it. We are more like shaking our heads that people so paranoid.

  • Leo Johnson

    I’m sorry that I misspelled a word Douthwestern I meant to say southwestern Part of the United States.But being almost blind I have to feel my way around the Keyboard.

    • mtngoatjoe

      It’s not your spelling that blows people’s minds. It that you try to justify, rationalize, and empathize with these nut jobs who are scared about an invasion.

      Personally, I think the only reason these people are afraid is because the President is black.

      • guest

        Except that he’s not anymore”black” than he is “white”, LOL! More false perception spread by his political machine, and you obviously bought it. Well guess what, these “nutjobs” don’t trust his white half, either – go figure. Maybe it’s because he and everybody that works for him can break the law whenever they want and never go to jail? Everything Hitler and his party did was technically “legal”. You can’t even say that about this guy!

      • mtngoatjoe

        That makes absolutely no sense. When it comes to racism, any amount of black is too black.

        As for breaking the law, I seem to remember a guy in the last administration going to jail and then getting a pardon. Weird how that works. Just plain weird.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Chuck Norris is a nut. So are the other people who insist that Jade Helm is a means to occupy Texas, declare martial law and occupy Texas.

    If the sight of Americans in uniform makes you nervous, move to some other country.

    There was an account on this site of an American officer, speaking in Texas to a community group, in which he was asked if the Army was importing ISIS terrorists from Iraq in order to manufacture an excuse. I couldn’t believe it.

    • gunzmith

      you sound like the jews …when hitler was executing the gypsies…..oh it aint us we aint gonna be hurt

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        And who, exactly, is that evil Obama executing? Are you watching FEMA take people into custody?
        Details, please.

    • guest

      As of today, DHS is facing contempt charges from the judge who issued the injunction against the unlawful edict by this “Commander-in-Chief” to let 100,000 illegals slide, so how would anyone know the backgrounds of all these people with no SSN’s? (After Garland, TX, it turns out that they don’t need to “import” ISIS terrorists because they are being homegrown in our radical-leftist universities via the internet.) That same Lt Col also had to distance the Army, politically, from its own Commander-in-Chief because he doesn’t have an answer to the FACT that this President has destroyed the public trust. It’s not the sight of Americans in uniform, it’s the disgusting reality of a criminal administration in command of Americans in uniform that makes people nervous.

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        Get your bugout bag ready. I heard from an Internet source that Obama’s bringing Klingon soldiers to disarm America so the Klingons can govern more easily. …. And on a more humble note, what do fights over immigration have to do with Army exercises being used as a disguise for the imposition of martial law?

      • MAJ Arkay

        That’s beyond absurd. The Klingons would never, NEVER, have anything to do with someone so dishonorable as Obama…

  • Neal

    Just Because your paranoid doesn’t mean you are wrong

    • mtngoatjoe

      A broken clock is right twice a day. That doesn’t justify pandering to a constituency that thinks the clock is “right” enough.

    • wtpworrier

      It doesn’t mean you’re right either.

    • IronV

      Yes it does. It means you are utterly incapable of critical thinking and risk assessment.

  • nick

    Yeah, they’re going to invade the state where more active duty army is from than any other state? How’s that order gonna go? “I know most of you boys are form here but we’re gonna invade your home state”?

    • phil

      Well going to Texas is another country, hello who ever been to Texas would see how the flags are flown, the state flag is equal height as the stars and stripes. But it is ok because it is Texas. By the way to add their has always been certain kinds of training there. Many moons ago it is why there is many military installations.

    • guest

      Many National Guardsmen were also from Louisiana during Katrina. Many states have since passed laws to preempt the unconstitutional confiscation of firearms and other property that those Guardsmen were ORDERED to do AFTER they got there, and it was too late to object without incurring an Article 15. They thought they were going down there to “help” hurricane victims, and they and Police (who swore the same Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution) were turned into Gestapo by Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin (now sentenced to 10 years in Federal PRISON). So don’t act like our troops have never been duped into violating the Rights of Citizens before…

  • peker_mcgillicuddy

    This also from the same idiot that promised “a thousand years of darkness if Obama is elected”. Remember that gem? He’s at the point where he’s trying to stay relevant and probably attempt his own political career.

  • Confused_GI

    Invade? We have enough military stationed in Texas to “occupy” it if we wanted to without sending in re-enforcements. And you got to ask… WHY?? Mexico tried it a few years ago, and it didn’t work out. Why not Canada that way we would own the land between Alaska and the lower 48.. This is just SILLY.. SSgt Chuck Norris (Air Force) should know better, he went to basic training in Texas..

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Wal-Mart has been sufficiently disturbed by the fuss over Jade Helm that the company issued a statement denying claims that a couple of closed Wal-Marts are going to be used as prisons by FEMA to hold people arrested by Jade Helm participants. Incredible, just incredible.

    Neal, being paranoid does mean that you’re usually wrong.

  • guest

    With the bunch running the show in DC, who knows. Trust but verify.

    • mtngoatjoe

      There is far, far, more evidence for man-caused climate change than there is evidence for a government invasion of Texas. And I don’t see Texas jumping on the “Save the Planet” bandwagon anytime soon.

  • LIAM

    I really think the whole paranioa has gone over the edge! The fact that Chuck Norris Ted Cruz etal are making such waves only instills unwarrranted fear in people. Such deviceive remarks and beliefs are NUTS at the outset! Then later it is deemed “entertainment”! Playing with peoples minds like this is henous at best and vulgar at the least! We can do better. We in the US have more serious matters to address than over paranoia!!!!!

    • gunzmith

      your sure that it isnt moving a heavely armed military force into states isnt whats causing the paranioa?

  • Joe Shelton

    I sincerly hope all are right about this being a big ado about nothing; however, with the Muslim of Chief, his 60plus executive orders and firing numerous ranking Generals, you have to wonder. Obama is a dangerous despot, a provacatour, and based on his agenda a traitor of everything American.

    • IronV

      And his hunting down and killing of Osama bin Laden and hundreds of other Islamic terrorist leaders.

    • Joe Bfnl

      Take your meds, you are having an attrack again.

    • gunzmith

      it isnt just obama…its the fascsit corporate state of america and it new constituion “the patriot act” and the disrespect of the constitution of the united states of america by the fascsit government now in power which is the problem…….wont be long till you see people flying the stars and strips kicking open your doors and taking your guns and all the rest of your rights will be gone

      • steve

        Historically the party not in the White House has accused every President of violating the Constitution daily. It’s ok. You can relax.

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        Well, this is new. Usually when I read anti-Obama rants, he’s either a Muslim or a Communist. Sometimes he’s born in Kenya, sometimes in Indonesia, and for all I can tell, there may be claims that he was born simultaneously in both countries. It’s the sort of sneaky thing that real conspirators do all the time, to hide what they’re up to, and if you think that a person can be born only once in one place, you’re another dupe of the Lame Stream Media.

        Let us know when you spot that first Wal-Mart full of prisoners detained by FEMA. In the meanwhile, consider making use of a spell checker.

  • Rich McKinney

    The Special Ops bubbas have “attacked” PineLand (North Carolina) every year for at least 2 decades.

    • Fred

      As they have here in Florida. Move the exercize to the Sunshine state, we can use the extra revenue.

    • wtpworrier

      Is North Carolina under Martial Law because of it?

  • Gary

    The military has so many bases why not do their training on them instead of in public or in our towns.every base has mock towns they don’t need ours.

    • rlmayberry

      Served in the military 21 years at 9 different bases and have yet to see a mock town. I think there is one in Virginia and there may be one in Louisiana. And by the way, seen and participated in a few of these type of exercises (Red nation – Southern Cal invaded Blue nation – North Cal; seen the map of enemy territory – Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina; Map of Nevada being enemy territory).

      • Odee

        I can show you SIX of them in VA!

    • ColdWarVet

      This is nothing but intimidation from the White House.

      • Joe Bfnl

        Int5emidating who? You?

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        Yeah! Who ever heard of training in dry scrubland just because you’re fighting there? It must be a plot.

  • They had there chance at a training in two other states, ILLand Maryland , was active now other. There are other play grounds, Korea , Germany, White sands Erwin , no need to come to that a power play from the white house,? We will never know, all the lies that come from there. Love the U.S and Texas.

    • Brian B. Mulholland

      You will know. If the exercise opens and closes without Texas being subject to martial law, guns being confiscated, FEMA incarcerating people and so on, you’ll know that the fright peddlers were irrational kooks from the start.

      Korea, Germany, White Sands and so on don’t offer the vast expanses of dry brush that Texas has. The Army’s looking to train on terrain similar to where they anticipate fighting in the near future.

      • guest

        “…to the best of your knowledge…”, which is nowhere near the level of comfort and confidence that these Citizens deserve from their government.

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        What these citizens want is to indulge their irrationality, and no one’s going to take that away from them. And no one will.

    • wtpworrier

      If they went all the way to Germany and Korea to train, you’d be screaming about how much it cost. Texas has nothing anybody but other Texans would want.

  • guest

    6 yrs back during their last little outing,I awoke to army trucks on the highway out front and a jeep that had turned up the wrong road ( mine) in the middle of the night….1/4 mile to the house and the turnaround, they just turned, drove over the cacti and mesquite and left, posthaste.
    It’s harmless fun for the military folks, but, lock your gates if you live in the toolies.

  • GrundoonSR

    This rhetoric is a result of policies of the present administration. People will accept what was what thought stupid or improbable because they believe the actions of our government,as now constituted, is capable of anything.

    We have these exercises all the time in various areas of the country. Here in NC, the special forces used to do a thing called “Robin Sage”. Probably still do.

    • Kduke

      That is complete and utter bullshit. Stupid people accept stupid information because it matches their own fears. This is not tied in any way to the “actions of our government” but the actions of hate merchants stroking your tiny mind.

      Try reading a textbook from an adjoining state, since the ones in Texas ceased to care about facts.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    “Muslim in Chief,” huh. The alternate reality – if that’s the right word, “unreality” might be better – so cherished by crackpots is genuinely frightening. I’m not sure it’s going to abate when Obama leaves office, either, a large segment of America is now devoted to political fantasy as a matter of course.

  • GrundoonSR

    This rhetoric is a result of policies of the present administration. People will accept what was what thought stupid or improbable because they believe the actions of our government,as now constituted, is capable of anything.

  • wtpworrier

    “WILL THE TROOPS INVADE TEXAS?”________________________________Not no, But h—-ll no!…How can you invade your own country. I mean, I know some Texans don’t feel like they are apart of this great nation of ours. Besides, some of them “Troops” might be from Texas…what are they gonna do, Assault their parents home???

  • rlmayberry

    Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UTEP, and a host of other fine higher learning institutes in the great state of Texas and we have __________ (you fill in the blank) who believe that 1200 troops could some how take over Texas, Utah, Colorado, and a small part of Southern California…SMH. By the Way do you think that some of the 1200 could possibly be from those areas?
    Come on people, we’re better than this.
    And if you don’t think we need these type of exercises, look what just happened in Garland, Texas. We just might need troops to actually do the real thing sooner than later.

  • usmc-fo

    There are clearly folks in Texas, and I suppose elsewhere, that are living in an alternate universe loaded up with paranoia and delusion. Personally what Chuck Norris does and says is of no interest to me at all…he wants to live the crazy life, more power to him. But when the governor of Texas, and to some degree the junior senator from the state play into these delusions they do a disservice to the state constituents that are still hanging on by some slender thread to their sanity, and more so they encourage the sort of utterly deranged and delusional thinking of the folks who have, for any number of reasons, simply slipped the bonds to reality and sanity.

  • Jeff Grant

    should the Pentagon, charged with defending the life and liberty of United States citizens, conduct training exercises within the country’s borders if those exercises make some citizens nervous?


    Do the men and women currently serving believe they’re pawns in a conspiracy to strip Americans of their rights?


    Is Chuck right on or is he contributing to a situation where paranoid Texans might feel compelled to “fight back” against troops who are just trying to get through their exercises without getting yelled at?


  • Charles

    The right-wing-nut fringe of the GOP (and/or Tea Party) has truly gone over the top of this one. And why *anyone* would give it *any* consideration (with the possible exception of offering ridicule) is beyond me.

    The tin-foil-hat/conspiracy clown-posse has been egged on by the GOP for short-term political gain, which will eventually bite them in the tookis – and deservedly so. They love to beat the drums over how incompetent government is, and then get themselves elected so they can prove it beyond any doubt whatsoever.

  • Pierson

    Texas is receiving more Federal funds than it pays in to. How about we, as a nation, just quit sending them the funds? They can survive without all the nationwide support we furnish, I’m sure. It would take 2 seconds, if that, to get Texas politicians to get on board to get that money flowing again. The right wing in Texas need to understand that united we stand……keep your guns. Pay your outrageous taxes. Support our troops to keep a strong nation or take that bumper sticker off your car. Oh, and tell Chuck Norris to get back on his meds.

    • smitty

      What if we closed all the military base in Texas. I Guarantee they will not be happy. Just think No Fort Hood, No Fort Bliss, No base in San Antonio ( Airforce or Army ), or Corpus Christian, and the other base I did not list, that a whole lot of JOBS LOSS AND Revenues

  • Jerry King

    What are these characters smoking? The U.S. is going to invade Texas? What for? In 1836 Texas was begging to join the United States. Texas and the Texas economy would not survive without the United States. Close all those military bases in Texas and Texans would begin to realize what that money does for them. I remember when the City of Dallas sent one million dollars to secure an oil company move to their city. The military bases in Texas pumps billions of dollars into the state economy and they don’t have to bribe them to stay in the state. Come on, stop listening to those nuts.

    • guest

      Point of info – Texas entered the Union via treaty. It was not “annexed” as other States were, so Texas was hardly begging. Now, Texas did need it, because the government up to that point had been devaluing its own currency by printing money to pay irresponsible, spiralling debt. Sound familiar? Second point – this has been spun. While there are those who have been warning of an agenda to at least be prepared to declare martial law, the message from the town hall meeting in Texas was simply “WE DON’T TRUST YOU AT ALL”. That’s not fear of invasion and no amount of Federal subsidy is going to make it go away. It’s a matter of keeping faith with the public trust, which this criminal President has utterly FAILED to do.

  • ColdWarVet

    For the past couple of years we have read several articles here about generals being forced out after being asked by DOD if they supported the use of Federal Troops to quell civil disturbances. Heaven knows they wouldn’t be used in heavily democratic areas. If the generals opposed the use they were shown the door. Now we see this. Also didn’t the Army build a very nice installation complete with towns and actors playing the part of indigenous civies? So why is this needed. Anything coming from this administration I suspect with extra scrutiny. When the liberal media labels this as the lease media friendly presidential administration……now I worry.

    • Joe Bfnl

      You really are sad. No one was asked your mythical question and there isn’t a installation big enough to handle an exercise of this size. Go take your meds, you are scaring the children.

      • guest

        You’re disrespectful and should remain at parade rest, however, put down the Kool-Aid and ask yourself why Texas and Utah and not Nevada and California? Why the dismissal of so many flag officers at all? Why would the fawning, breathless, leftist media that railroaded him into office now complain that his administration is anything but forthcoming, in violation of his most specific campaign promise to them if it wasn’t true, and why the constant stonewalling? The State Dept just announced that it is refusing to even review – much less investigate – unlawfully-unreported conflict-of-interest donations to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Sec of State. Why not? How can the State Dept just refuse to do their job and get away with it unless the White House is backing up the criminal acts of all concerned in support of the Democratic Party agenda? At least 5 undeniably criminal scandals and not one special counsel has been appointed. It seems this Administration doesn’t skip very many opportunities to break the law, so why should we NOT be suspicious of everything they do?

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Articles that report on the preoccupations of the lunatic fringe are not thereby supportive of the preoccupations of the lunatic fringe. There are certainly officers who have been shown the door over the past year or two. The ones that we read about here are being retired or disciplined for “loss of confidence” in their command abilities, which can mean anything, or who are involved in gross misbehavior (think “Fat Leonard”) or sexual relationships with subordinates, or battlefield failures, such as two generals recently retired after failing to secure a base against intruders (that cost us an easy billion in lost AV-8s) or a plan to speedily secure a base once it was penetrated. The idea that they’re being retired for failing to support supposed plans to suppress public uprisings comes from the same lunatic fringe as spy black helicopters overhead, see training exercises as a pending seizure of the southwest, and are convinced that Obama is in cahoots with the Klingons to deprive us of guns, Sunday Night Football, and make us all Muslims (no more pork chops or Playboy.)

    Obama may or may not be a good President. He may be lousy. If he is, it’ll be for far more prosaic reasons than his nonexistent plans to place Texas, Arizona and part of California under military occupation, seize all the guns, fluoridate the water, and ban bacon on your cheeseburger.

    • wtpworrier

      President Obama is a good President, much better than the President before him. Who cares what a bunch of nuts think….They can’t think for themselves, they let idiots like cruz and gomer think for them.

      • guest

        We’ve never had a President more inept at foreign policy, and completely lacking in the basic leadership skills and integrity that even many of our junior enlisted demonstrate regularly. The public trust was obviously there before, given the many exercises and many large military installations in TX, and this criminal Administration has managed to completely destroy that trust in just a few short years. Those same “nuts” were waving flags, yellow ribbons and “support the troops” signs just a few years back. Nobody else screwed that up, and even if it was possible for somebody else to be at fault, it’s STILL HIS JOB to NOT let it happen. He has completely FAILED on every legislative initiative except the one he LIED to get passed (and then screwed up even worse than his political opponents could have), and his arrogant, unconstitutional Executive Order Royal Decrees. Meanwhile, those “nuts” are dealing with 100,000 illegals (criminals!) processed in violation of a court injunction by DHS. Think for themselves? What they think for themselves is that their greatest threat isn’t ISIS, it’s the guy in the White House who just welcomed any number of terrorists and criminals across the border without even checking to see who they are. Wait until they’re in your town killing people you do care about.

      • Brian B. Mulholland

        As far as inept in foreign policy, I think his immediate predecessor sets the gold standard (cough) in that regard. bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, the massive liquidity crisis which Obama has inherited is largely resolved, and the economy is slowly crawling forward to a better recovery. It may not be an A+ job, but it’s better than B-.

        And that is exactly why the political whack wing of the GOP needs its’ conspiracies, its’ foreign-birth theories, and as much distance from an objective reality as it can find. Nothing else will do.

      • Fred

        I highly recommend reading “Why We Lost” by General Bolger and check out Colonel Davis’s web site. Sad to say, the Bush II Administration was inept.

  • artymgysgt

    My late wife used to work in the Ft. Worth Courthouse and told me how disrupted it was when Chuck Norris filmed scenes from “Walker Texas Ranger” around the Courthouse.

  • wtpworrier

    We even got a right winger running for President agreeing with the nut jobs in Texas…of course he is from Texas. Yeah that’s right, it’s Ted Cruz. If he ever decide to become a DJ, his name should be “Radical T.E.D., or M.C. Crazy…or may be D.J. NUTTS. I Call Christy…”Notorious F.A.T.

  • Bert Lindsay

    Is’nt Texas still a STATE ?If so, how could they be”invaded”?

  • Paul berg

    Chuck Norris is my favorite movie stars and hero and friends and family and great walkers Texas rangers

  • Phil Isbell

    JadeHelm is just the SFs honing their skills for “soft missions” where they go into a foreign country, blends in with the population and train locals to fight a common foe. Like the Green Berets did in Vietnam with the Montagnard mountain people against the Viet Cong. They are doing this over several states thathave terrain similar to the countries they may go into. Mountains in CO and UT, swamps in TX and LA, deserts in TX and NM, forests in other states. Not sure why people are so paranoid of US military training here in the US. But hey make them stay on their bases and away from civilians right?? People are buying into conspiracies they are making up as they go. Once JadeHelm is over and nothing happens they will just make up a new one. The ultra rightwing are as nuts as the left in putting fear into people.

  • Here’s a thought. As long as they are going to be there; how about they secure the border?

    • Kduke

      Here is a thought. Why don’t you try to HAVE a thought of your own do some actual research instead of just lazy Fox watching. You’ll find the borders as less traffic than ant time in the past 40 years. Look it up.
      And if that’s not good enough, tell your shit-for-brains governor to have the State Guard secure it.

  • Lewis

    It is likely just lazy inaptitude on the part of the military for making up a scenario that involved attacking ranches, and cities in Texas. The last army to do that was Santa Ana. It was bad form fellows and insensitive to the border climate and citizens in Texas and elsewhere. I really hope is nothing more.

    • Fred

      Remember the large scale US Army exercises prior to WWII held in Louisiana and the Carolinas? Not limited to small areas, they were free wheeling, covering vast areas. It lead to the proper sizing of combined arms formations and the need for the interstate highway system. Check out the book “Hell On Wheels” or “There Is A War To Be Won” for more information.

  • jeff

    The best thing the Military should do is tell everyone whats going to take place and when, keeping things on the quiet side gets people worked up, its like what are the bobble heads at HQ thinking ? Its not like its super purple top secret and national security will be compromised.
    WE have Islamic soldiers and some of them are less than honorable and share information that is sensitive and some that is not so to our known enemies and they already know about these games beforehand.
    Are they afraid Retired Military and Civilians are going to show up as spectator’s ? Well it can be a bit interesting during the day when it comes to aircraft and at night when its ground troops firing arty, tanks, but ya have to know where to be at the right time, The seats where the Senator’s and Congressmen are always the best but security will not leak that info and if you had it you would be held back enough you would miss it, so just be open and be proud to be able to show Americans what we are paying for, we know its expensive so let us watch, I have seen and participated in these Games quit a few times and they are a blast to watch from a distance with the right location, better to watch then participate

    • davec0121

      You missed a few salient facts – the main one of which is that ” the military did tell everyone whats going to take place and when”. It’s just that many people are going to believe something, no matter how absurd, if it fits their internal narrative (in this case paranoia and suspicion, and anti-federal government).

  • Johnny K

    In the 70’s and 80’s I know they use to have Border Star held at Ft Bliss, TX. Where was the hub- bub back then. I think to many people are paranoid these days

    • guest

      Yeah, and which “leader” has the job of making sure people don’t come to distrust and lose faith in their government?

  • Rob

    Texas is already part of the U.S….

  • Kicknbak

    Oh, come on folks. Can’t you detect when a media is trying to blow something out of proportion just for the sake of stirring up the troops? Back to the original post, Chuck is “wondering out loud”, and it goes on. But those are the action words here. You military folks should be aware, anything is possible, there doesn’t have to be a reason. And for those of you who never served, well… your opinions are just that, opinions. Assumptions… derived from the word “Assume”, and you know what that makes of you and me. We all wonder about things, we just don’t have a news starved media lurking nearby to make a mountain of it.

    • Kicknbak

      There are many of you who said Obama would never get a 2nd term too.

  • guest

    One fact that is undeniable is that the Army had to “distance itself” politically from its “Commander-in-Chief”, via the Lt Col liaison sent to TX to try to explain all this to a bunch of nice, small-town folks who would normally ‘support the troops’ all day long, but justifiably have LOST ALL FAITH in the current Administration, having seen zero accountability for the constant and incessant criminal wrongdoing.

    • IronV

      Oh no. Your whack job fantasy is quite “deniable.” Because it’s sheer lunacy.

  • Odee

    Nobody is asking: “What is wrong with using already existing training areas on our many bases across the country…hmm?”

  • davec0121

    I can’t believe that your web site is legitimizing this ludicrous drivel by publishing it. Do so only feeds the paranoia and suspicion of people who have a visceral dislike of the federal government anyway. It’s also an insult to the honor and integrity of the U.S. armed forces. As for Chuck Norris – he’s is just more living proof that being famous doesn’t make you smart.

    • guest

      The insult to the honor and integrity of the US armed forces is the man who lost the public’s confidence in the Commander-in-Chief’s ability to command. NONE of this domino-effect happens at all without first losing the public trust from the very top.

  • Sam

    I’m thinking that ol Chuck has lost his marbles! For real, this kind of paranoid thinking might get some people killed and not the bad ones! Has everyone in Texas gone completely mad?! I mean even the Governor of Texas is believing this shit! ENOUGH PEOPLE, get a grip here will ya. Obama is a yellow bellied coward and he doesn’t have the balls to do such a thing! PERIOD!

  • JimmyD

    If Chuck spoke this way to my paratrooper Niece, Mr. Norris would need EMS. The United States Military is full of Americans. Mr. Norris is full of a baser material.

  • JimmyD

    Air Cav used to fly out to our little lake each spring for navigational training. They’d land before sundown, camp out and fly out at dawn. We used to bring baked goods to them. Guess we welcome the US Army while Texans don’t.

  • JimmyD

    Thank you Senator and now Presidential candidate Cruz. The First Amendment for politics includes “Making a public fool of yourself hating on the US Military”.

  • Dee

    Chuck and the People of Tx have lost it. I did 20 years in the Navy and in that 20 years we went to sea and played war games / did Training over sea’s and in the U.S. and when I changed to shore duty we did hazmat Training. People of TX thats what we do we train all the time so we can protect the U.S.A. from foreign and domestic threats !!

  • patricia Hill

    I think he is right on.

  • Pierson

    Of course our troops should be allowed to conduct Excercises in Texas… they have for last 2 decades. The only difference this time is that you have elected officials clear up to an idiot governor that is so extreme that fueling the extremists on the far right makes it impossible for Texas to support our troops with the very excersizes that keep this great nation safe. Oh, and by the way….we as taxpayers send more money to Texas than they give back to us….maybe that should stop if they no longer want the excersizes. They don’t support the nation…….then we don’t support them. Sounds fair to me. What a bunch of maroon cartoons! I served three tours and I know we need these excersizes. What Texas needs to do is stand up to those extremist elements and make thier state safer…………not suffer!

  • Bigdaddy1369

    Grew up in Texas, joined the Army in ’63 attended the unpleasantness in SEA returned to Texas spent my worklife here retired here, thought I’d die here but the place has been taken over by whack-o-birds. If the US Military pulled out of Texas the economy would collapse ifn six months.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    I see that 300+ Marines are to deploy on training exercises to Central America. No doubt this is part of the plot too, as they’ll be diverted at the last minute to occupy Dallas and enforce a ban on barbecue and going to church. Obama is plotting this very minute to make America eat Kenyan food, since he was born there, and also Indonesian satay, because he was also born there. ;)

  • YoTop

    Chuck Norris, the governor of Texas, and most of Texas is paranoid as hell.

  • Confused_GI

    Last I checked Ft Hood was in Texas. They have 85,000 military.. Then there is Ft Bliss with with their roughly 9,000. Then the 8 Air Force Bases to include a B1 Wing. Who needs to invade??? We already have almost 5 times the forces of the Texas National guard already stationed IN TEXAS.. I dont know waht drugs people are on in Texas but “PUFF PUFF GIVE”.. Please… It is a freakin training exercise on movement of forces (Logistics training)..

  • Shawn McFadden

    Chuck, I got a lot of respect for you, however even though units like the one I was in when I was stationed at Fort Hood were driving through towns, the Military has no plans to invade Texas.

  • txkboy

    Had the military came out from the get go with the compass of this exercise and why it is not being carried out on a base or camp, then you wouldn’t have all of these conspiracy theories. Instead, now they’re caught trying to make up ground to silence all of the speculation. Guess we’ll find out the truth this Summer.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    The military did “come out from the get go” about this exercise. It hasn’t mattered.

    There’s no such thing as a reasoned disproof of the initially irrational.