‘House of Cards’ Needs Veterans!


If you’re a veteran living in the Washington, DC area, the hit Netflix series House of Cards wants you. Filming on the fourth season starts this July and they’re looking for extras. The show wants to cast men and women who actually served.

There’s always a chance they’ll give someone a line which would get you into the actors union which could lead to a huge action movie career. Or you could at least be visible in a couple of shots, allowing you to show the episodes to your friends and family and talk about what it was like to work with Kevin Spacey.

Check out the details from Project Casting below. They’re very concerned that applicant follow instructions to the letter, but that should be easy for anyone who served and got an honorable discharge, right?

Also, when showbiz folks say “play either right before or right after the July 4th weekend,” they mean “film either right before or right after the July 4th weekend.”

How to apply:

MILITARY VETERAN (age 28-40, male AND female) – Preferably someone who actually toured overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan. This will play either right before or right after the July 4th weekend. Please have a flexible schedule.

TO APPLY please email: mhc.drama@gmail.com WITH

1. Height
2. Weight
3. Age
4. Waist and Jacket/dress sizes
5. Three (3) Selfies. Selfies, not headshots. Must be recent!
6. What military experience you have
Paid-Up SAG members, please email sag.mhc@gmail.com.
Subject Line: VETERAN

  • dan barrett

    This should be fun. Tom Selleck used about 40 of us Navy and Marine Corps officers in dress uniforms w/wives all decked out for his Hawaii show. We got to meet him, see how a show was produced, and eat a lot. Several of us got to check out his uniform and make sure the ribbons were correct. We got paid a about a hundred dollars plus money for drycleaning our uniforms.

  • dan barrett

    This was about thirty years ago so the pay was great for morning of star gazing.

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