Sound Off: ‘The Most Decorated Veteran in American History’?



What would you do for backstage passes at a Rolling Stones concert? For Navy veteran and former SEAL Robert O’Neill, that experience is worth letting Kid Rock bring you out onstage in Ohio and introducing you as “the most decorated veteran in American history.” You might remember O’Neill as the guy who told the world that he took the kill shot on Osama bin Laden and he’s used his newfound celebrity to make friends with the rap/rock superstart

Don’t believe Rob would let that happen? Check out the video below:

Make no mistake: O’Neill is a highly decorated veteran, with two silver stars, four bronze stars with valor, a joint service commendation medal with valor, three presidential unit citations and a Navy commendation medal with valor. But all of that impressive hardware doesn’t make him “most decorated,” not even close. Most folks credit General Douglas MacArthur, who counted a Medal of Honor among his more than 100 military citations.

What do you think? Should O’Neill get a break? Maybe he didn’t hear exactly what Kid Rock was saying because of that warbly saxophone rendition of the National Anthem? Should he have corrected the singer’s mistake? Or should he not be parading around rock and roll stages at all to begin with. Sound off below!

  • JohnD

    Do not take idiots at their word! Many people today have no clue about history or heritage! This former SEAL should know about the MOH recipients from Vietnam and others in Iraq and Afghanistan! He doesn’t have a Navy Cross or MOH , he is highly decorated but should be humble enough to not go,with the most decorated! Don’t believe your own PR!

    • JINJr

      As a retired Master Sergeant U.S. Army and a “recorder” of military historical facts for the U.S. Army, Rob O’Neill’s Official Navy records stand as the official document of his accomplishments while serving as a Sailor and Navy Seal over 16 years of service to his country. No where in his file is there a statement that says he is “the HIGHEST decorated veteran in American history.” You don’t have to have been awarded the MOH to be the “Most Decorated Veteran” in Modern History.”
      It is my belief that the word “Modern” has been left out to sensualize his true accomplishments. The statement of his military accomplishments by the Media need to be corrected to read the “Most Decorated Veteran” in ‘Modern’ History.”

    • Doubtom

      It’s a fact that SEALs are way overrated but America needs regular doses of heroes in order to continue ravaging the planet with unnecessary and illegal wars so we create heroes at regular intervals. With three PUCs, which are the ‘unit’ equivalent of the Navy Cross, he definitely stands out as heroic.

    • Rich Schwerdtfeger

      I agree John. The last I heard Audit Murphy (WW II) was the most decorated American with the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars, Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars with V for valor, three Purple Hearts plus 23 other awards and metals. Some of them includes high ranking medals from France and Belgium, O’Neill thinks he is famous, but is a disgrace to claim he is the most decorated American. He makes me sick and mad. My brother gave his life in service to our country and never claimed he took a shot which can not be verified. I am a USAF, MSGT, Retired, a Sole Surviving Son and a Gold Star Family member.

    • USMarine64

      Guess he never heard of Audie Murphy.

  • BusterB

    Brings his integrity into question. Sad. He needs to jump on this pronto to clear the air.

  • Jim

    We are in no position to judge this war hero. I did my time in the military (6 years) as MM1(DV) but this man is a true military hero.

    • shipfixr

      Whether he is a ‘true military hero’ or not isn’t the question: is he “…..the most decorated veteran in American history”? Highly decorated yes, the MOST decorated….not even close.

    • USMarine64

      One of thousands.

    • LHS3

      I agree…The key word that could have been missed was “most”. You know when my wife tells me something about anything I very seldom hear every word. I say give this guy a serious break.

  • Guest

    I thought Audie Murphy, would have had more decorations than this SEAL

    • Ed C

      Or Sgt. York!

    • shipfixr

      Or two time MOH recipient Dan Daly, USMC

      • Doubtom

        Or Smedly Butler who had two MOHs. And there’s a few more who also were awarded two MOHs.
        Butler actually had a MOH and a Brevet Medal, which was later upgraded or made equivalent to a MOH.

    • Doubtom

      He did!

    • Frederic

      America’s Most Decorated – Home of Heroes
      Audie Murphy is often remembered as the “most decorated soldier of WWII,” yet Holland, MI, hometown of Matt Urban is quick to claim when Urban received a belated Medal of Honor from President Carter, this hometown hero became the most decorated.

    • Guest

      Audie Murphy of WW2 would get my vote.

  • Art

    As a 20 plus year Navy Veteran I take my hat off during the National Anthem or stand attention and salute. Doesn’t matter how many medals you have so respect.

  • Donnie

    I really dig KID but come on bro read some history! And when do you cover your heart with the left hand. WTF!

    • Jack

      When you do not have a right hand.

  • what a douche. He is embarrassing himself.

  • John Fleming

    I salute his valor and service, but he should stand up like a MAN, SOLDIER, do the right, and sat the record straight, that he isn’t the most decorated soldier in American History. McArthur may have had a MOH and 100 citations, but Audie Murphy’s medals along with a MOH out weigh McArthur 100 citations,
    making him the most decorated Soldier in American History.

    • Gene

      If you read the citation for McArthur’s Medal of Honor, the translation reads:
      Doug, you’ve always wanted this medal because your dad had one. We need a hero right now since this war is really going bad for us. So here it is. Enjoy.
      Among Murphy’s decorations is the Legion of Merit. Now how in the world did a first lieutenant do anything to warrant the Legion of Merit. It appears the citation should read:
      Audie, you have every medal we could possibly give you except the Legion of Merit. It’s really not appropriate, but we’re going to give it to you anyway. We just can’t figure out a way to give you a Distinguished Flying Cross.

      • MSgt Retired

        Right on I concur! A great Seal, soldier — shouldn’t let it go to his head. if you go by the points system check the top 50 With MOH. His name is not on it. so he is not even in the top 50! Heros don’t make crap up, they should be honored yes but to accept credit that is not warranted??? cant accept that.

      • shipfixr

        I think Douglas MacArthur managed a Distinguished Flying Cross and/or Air Medal for flying over battlefields to see how things were going. They say that when the Bronze Star Medal was created during WWII….they just sent him one as a matter of routine. BTW, what DOES Murphy’s citation for the Legion of Merit read….I thought he had the FRENCH Legion of Merit.

      • OberstB

        He had both the Legion of Merit and the French Legion d’honneur, upon which the Legion of Merit was patterned. As to Douglas MacArthur, he probably hold the record for the sheer number of awards (the word ‘citations’ was perhaps not well chosen as they were Orders and decorations – true awards). Many came from WWI, including three DSCs, seven Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts. He was nominated for the MOH during WWI as well. My guess is that the Bronze Star and the DFC were sort of given to him to round out his collection, but that doesn’t take away from anything else. Audie Murphy was probably the most decorated for his grade and years of service, although his LOM always seemed to be a bit unusual for a captain.

      • Frank

        Please tell me this is not the disrespectful behavior you’ve taught your children. How about listing all your awards to give the world some true perspective.

  • Rick

    There’s a difference between decorated (includes campaign, service, unit citations, etc) and highly decorated ( medals for actions in combat from the purple heart to the MOH) Kudos for his service but he’s not even close for the title of most decorated. MacArthur is #1(served in WWI, WWII, Korea); Audie Murphy and Matt Urban (tied 29 medals WWII) ; Col Hackworth (32 medals in Korea, Vietnam);
    Gen Chesty Puller (WWII, Korea, only marine in history to receive 5 Navy crosses) …as well as the 19 double MOH awardees…just to name a few. McNeill’s not listed in this category in any reference… either needs to reenlist or set the record straight (and set his buddy straight on rendering honors to the colors)

  • ron

    Audie Murphy is the most decorated soldier in the united states military’s.

    • Ernie

      I’d have to agree with your choice of Audie Murphy. He stayed behind, firing a 50 cal to cover the withdrawl of his platoon to better defensive positions, all that time exposed to hostile fire and all
      directed at him. The German Infantry obviously didn’t know that he WAS IRISH!

  • Dan Sherman

    I think he should have said something, but staying away from events, is fine!

  • Edward

    Audie Murphy still remains the most decorated Veteran in US History

  • Tim

    Check me out on this, but aren’t veterans now allowed to remain covered during the National Anthem and render a hand salute? Perhaps the cover on and left hand over the heart mistake was just stage fright.

    • Retired AF Lt Col

      Only outdoors.

      • Murray

        Is this the appropriate site, I thought we were discussing Kid Rock & O’Neill..but . . all persons present in uniform should render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute. All other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, or if applicable, remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Citizens of other countries present should stand at attention.”
        The VFW salutes while indoors and their caps on and some American Legion Post do also, so it doesn’t make a difference indoors or not. It’s an option for the salute or hands over the heart. The salute recognizes Veterans. I heard the Navy & Maine Corps, however, doesn’t recognize this Congressional change and has been directed by their Commandant to recognize the old way for active or retired in civilian clothes. You, as American Citizens, have the right to honor the flag in whatever way suits you – as long as you violate no laws against desecration of the flag – and there are too few of those. ALL Veterans were ALWAYS given the option of saluting. Who would ever tell them not to??? The new ‘Law’ changes nothing – just states what is a common practice.

  • Rick

    You need to do a little research Ron… Matt Urban’s delayed award of the MOH in 1980 tied him with Murphy as WWII’s most decorated soldiers. For number of combat awards goes to Col David Hackworth (2 DSCs, 10 Silver Stars, 1 DFC, 8 Bronze Stars, 8 Purple Hearts, 33 Air Medals, 3 ARCOM w/V device) Murphy (MOH, 1 DSC, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars, 3 Purple Hearts) award of the MOH does not make him the more decorated but rather higher decorated.

  • Len

    Its silly to try and correct everyone every time that you get introduced, he is not making the claim so just let it go, and as long as he is not saying or doing anything to disrespect the country or the military let him be a Rock star! We need more like him!!!

  • Rick

    FYI John…I’m not a big McArthur fan and Gene probably is right about his MOH award but his 3 DSCs and 7 Silver Stars awarded in WWI for actions in France are a bit more than one of those 100 citations that you mentioned….Audie Murphy and Matt Urban are tied for most decorated soldiers in WWII…not all time…COL David MOH but sheer number(most) of valorous decorations makes it obvious decorated more times than Murphy.

  • Dennis

    Col. Bob Howard & SSG Joe Hooper are among the most decorated. But I believe Gen. McArthur holds that honor.

  • Jack

    The most decorated are the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. They may have not had a bunch of medals on their chest, but they were all welcomed into Heaven as heroes.

    • USMarine64

      Well said. Wonder how many of them would have earned the MOH and other high level medals had someone been alive after the action to report their heroism. Guess we will never know. Some died due to bad luck and others due to heroism that was not reported or could not be reported. Sometimes when it was reported, the recommendation was down graded by some safe staff officer.

  • gmcm about Smedley Butler? He was decorated twice with the Medal of Honor. He also received the Brevet Medal (looks like the MH but red) when officers were NOT eleigible for the Medal of Honor. Argued to be the only 3 time winner of the highest US award for heroism in combat.

    • Doubtom

      Correction, history shows Butler as having been awarded the MOH once, and a Brevet Medal which was later made the equivalent of the MOH. He did NOThave three MOHs. NO ONE HAS! Get your facts straight!

      • gmcm

        Doubtom, Per the Army Historical Center..”By the end of his career, Butler had received 16 medals, five for heroism. He is one of 19 men to receive the Medal of Honor twice, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, and the only Marine to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions.” The Brevet Medal was Officer equivalent of the Medal of Honor during a time officers were not eligible. You disagree that the Brevet is equivalent. The 3 awards are fact.

  • ldajnowski

    The media and others ( reporters) should STOP talking about the MOST, MOST, MOST decorated and talk about those that served; period! Whether one served in Combat or not, one could still be injured or killed from simply an accident and some accidents like arresting cables breaking on a Aircraft Carrier, IED explosion in a non-combat zone, or aircraft crash will injure or most likely kill those involved. Once the Service man or women is dead they join all those Vets who died before them and you can’t take your MEDALS WITH YOU. Just honor memory of all who served and stop taling about who is better, most, best, etc We who served are all the MOST! Regards, MCPO USN (Ret) Vietnam and Persian Gulf Veteran

    • James


      ldajnowski, I second that motion

      Sgt – Jim E. Novak USMC

  • Walter l. Krack

    Jack Very well put I am a 20 year Vet , all who served with honor deserve the respect from the people of this country. God bless all vets Walt Krack

  • Rick

    Your interpretation of this issue kind of strays from what the discussion was all about. While it is tragic that many service members have lost their lives outside of the combat area, comparing someone involved in an unforeseen accident to someone displaying courage and valor in a combat engagement is simply not the same. Fortunately the military has yet to adopt the civilian world’s “everybody is a winner” into “everybody’s a hero” philosophy. A service member who displays valorous character in an adverse situation should be recognized with the appropriate military decoration, which by the way no one I know was thinking about an award at the time. Military valorous decorations have their purpose.
    Its not any different from the promotion system or should everyone get promoted for just being there?

    • USMarine64

      Depends. There are military members who lost their lives trying to save others under dire circumstances. That is pretty far up there in the category of heroism. Each case is different.

  • dan barrett

    MacArthur doesn’t belong in this group. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for the same service in the Philippines that earned him the title “Dougout Doug” from the troops he shamefully neglected in terms of preparation for a seige. That’s why they were starving and lacked basic medicines. MacArthur was far more concerned about getting payoffs from the Philippine Government than he was about the welfare of his troops on Bataan and Corregidor. He did nothing heroic to earn the medal and its award was the idea of General Marshall who drafted the citation and made it all up. President Roosevelt approved of the award as a way of placating MacArthur who he regarded as a dangerous political opponent. Roosevelt wanted to keep MacArthur out of the country and out of any future political race. Finally, Macarthur was a liar of the worst sort and subsequent to his service in WWI was detestable in his actions. He should have been court-martialed for dereliction of duty for losing his air force “on the ground” hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor and for his failure to stock the Bataan Peninsula for a seige despite pleadings of subordinate officers. I personally think he also should have been charged for running almost daily amphibious assaults on strategically meaningless Philippine islands after the invasion of Luzon–we lost a lot of Americans when those Japanese garrisons, if left alone, would have surrendered at the end of the war as so many did in other parts of the Pacific.

    • steak 101

      The General got his MOH during WWI not as you state! Your allegations indicate you have a vendetta against the man. History does not support your statements either.

    • USMarine64

      Wonder how many of those medals that good ole Doug wrote for himself and approved by himself since he was the senior guy in Theater. Something tells me, several, that that is only conjecture. Doug, based on historical accounts and confirmed by Truman’s comments, had one heck of an ego.

  • Deane Durham

    I am neither Kid Rock nor a decorated hero, so I’ll stop right now.

  • USMC0846

    Don’t really care what Kid Rock thinks about anything….he has, and is entitled, to an opinion. He gave an opinion…my opinion is otherwise….so this is all a big yawn.

  • Paul

    Audie Murphy was the most decorated in WWII until the time of his death.
    His tomb is near the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington and unless you knew exactly where it was, it is as simple as the rest of the headstones with barely enough room to have just a few of his citiations carved on his tombstone.
    Col Matt Urban of WWII received the MOH from Carter in 1980, after Murphy died and was in the Guiness Book as the most decorated, but lately was replaced by Murphy. Urban did not receive the DSC, while Murphy did.
    Then are the most COMBAT decorated among them being Vietnam Veteran, Col Robt Howard.
    For interesting reading:
    Just because O’Neill killed OBL, he’s no hero. He was just there before anyone else and there are others that were there, that doubt his claim.

  • Mike

    I salute you all. i was never awarded any metals just a few ribbons. But you guys were there when needed.When I was in business in aviation, vets were always hired before anyone else. Guess I’m discriminating but one, I don’t care and two, they have always made the best employees for me. USAF vet

  • PBM

    O,Neill only had 2 Silver Stars and 4 Bronze Stars with “V” device for Valor. Although I commend him for the SS’s & BS’s, he’s not even close to other medal recipients and did not receive the 2 highest awards in combat.
    What is ironic is this SEAL thing. Back when I was in VN, no one outside the military, knew what a SEAL was. It was the Green Beret back then.Then GI Jane movie, which was a misnomer since the Navy is not GI. I even found out later that one of my friends was in Seal Team 1 at Granada and I never knew. Any time something happens, you hear about the SEALs. During many missions, it is a joint operation from all services. I think there was an USAF dog handler on the OBL mission. All the service mostly operate together for different missions.
    Critical of O’Neills claims, his higher ranking SEALs say:
    A critical tenant of our ethos is “I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions

  • PBm

    Kid Rock wouldn’t know a decorated veteran if he tripped over one. When did he serve???

  • TJ Collings

    What about WII Double Agents who get the highest medal from England and the highest medal from France and the second highest from USA, plus contributed to saving tens of thousands of lives? Do they count?

  • K.O.

    SEALS shouldn’t be media whores to begin with.

    • Brian

      W.h.o.r.e.s? No.
      They should be in the campaign of the Utopian Media who denigrate bravery, cannot recognize faith, attribute “courage” to degeneracy, and otherwise burn our flag with words. O’niell was there “showing the flag”. He needs schooling on short speeches and appearance, he’s in a different jungle fighting an different enemy. It’s the same war, different weapons.

      • Brian

        …campaign *against* the Utopian …


    I served, but know very little personally about what it takes to be among those we call heroes. I only know there were many ordinary members from all branches, who when needed, performed in such a way they were later awarded top honors. Who was the most decorated in this legion of those receiving these awards is to me not the point, because I don’t think awards of any kind were on their mind when events occurred. Besides, what about the service member who died in actions that were never recognized as meeting “criteria”. Robert O”Neill did a great thing, and is among many who did so as well. That should be enough.

  • James Mendenhall

    Strange how everyone forgets about the Korean Conflict, my father fought there over one year in the frozen trenches on and around Pork Chop Hill and Old Baldy and he made it. That man is my decorated hero!

  • Andy

    I believe you are all being too literal. I took it to mean that as the man who shot Bin Ladin, he was or is probably the most famous or decorated. Kid Rock was the one who said it and I’ve not seen anywhere where O’Neill has made this claim himself.

    • Chandra

      I agree with you. He is a hero regardless of rank/medal for serving his country. To put your life on the line for others is brave. He may not be the most decorated, but he still has a right to be proud. Obviously, some had to put forth more than others. That’s just what the job is about. As a PVT in Army Reserve, I would shake this mans hand anyway.

  • sgtmoore1968

    I think Bob Howard was most decorated! McArthur earned his medals by sacrificing other people! His own blood wasn’t shed for them! Anyone who earns a Combat Action Ribbon or the Combat Infantryman Badge are a HERO in my book! I’ve noticed that most of those who have been awarded
    (EARNED) the medals they wear are more apt to say “The Hero’s Are The One’s That Didn’t Come

  • Ward

    Ya don’t do it for the medals.

  • Tim

    A USMC 0848 to USMC 0846 – You are so right. Done

  • Rick

    I couldn’t understand what Kid Rock was saying with that saxophone blaring away so I doubt very much if O’Neill could. Give the guy a break.

  • frank wood

    I agree that Audie Murphy was the most decorated.

  • KHadrick

    Joe Hooper was the most decorated soldier in the Vietnam War, earning more decorations than World War II’s Audie Murphy or World War I’s Sgt. Alvin York.

    But Sgt. York’s widow received more media notice when she died earlier this year than Joe Hooper did when he died in May 1979 of a cerebral hemorrhage. And Hooper was local, raised in Eastern Washington and working in Seattle after he got out of the Army. But hardly anyone noticed.

    Hooper was just 40 years old when he died in a hotel room in Kentucky, where he had gone to learn about raising race horses. In his own way, Hooper was an appropriate hero for the Vietnam War and the millions of men and women it touched. He was a good soldier, but a troubled civilian.

    Hooper had been awarded 35 medals, including the Congressional Medal of Honor, two Silver Stars, six Bronze Stars and eight Purple Hearts. He was credited with killing 115 North Vietnamese, but the number was probably higher. He used to say he could smell the enemy.

    Hooper knew that heroes from other wars would be remembered long after him. In 1977, Hooper summed up his fleeting fame and the war in Vietnam. “It’s like the war itself,” he said. “So many people wanted to forget us when we were fighting. Why would they want to remember us now?”

    Hooper was raised in Yakima, became a state scoring champion in football and top national runner in high school. But instead of continuing his education, Hooper joined the service. He went into the Navy, but when it came time to re-enlist, the Navy recruiter was out to lunch, so he joined the Army.

    It was in the Army with the 101st Airborne Division that Hooper founded his specialty. Hooper could kill enemy solders.

  • rover411

    Hands down Audie Murphy is THE most decorated American Serviceman.

  • B52B1chief

    Is the person bringing this up really able to hear what is said clearly. Almost sounds like the intro was, one of the most decorated veterans, to me. My other point is, who gives a rats ass.

  • don brown

    what about Chesty Puller, Lt. Gen, USMC. 5 Navy Crosses.

  • Jay

    EVERY single man and woman who served our country in combat is the most decorated. All served by doing different jobs. As for him and other SEALS honored after they retire that’s in public it’s their choice but I believe it goes against their motto. And why is he saluting with his left hand.

  • Slammer2353

    Not interested in glory seekers, while in combat these individuals will get you hurt. I don’t know what his agenda is, personal issues I guess. Don’t believe in ringing your own bell. Just me. Did 30 years proud to have served, my family that supported me were my heros, they definitely performed above and beyond!

    • Rick

      The old adage “discretion is the better part of valor” should be reinforced in the mindset of Robert O’Neil. Service to one’s comrades should be above touting one’s own ego. Twenty-one years of service it discretion was drilled into my mindset and always remember your buddies/comrades serving beside you.


    Tim, you are correct about leaving your cover on and rendering the hand salute while the Nat’l Anthem is being played/sung. Congress passed the law awhile ago and all veterans are now able to stand at attention and render the hand salute (including indoors) without removing their hats. I salute at our local hockey games and after explaining why to other veterans around me, they now do also. Some vets have a hard time doing this due to their military training, especially Marines. I salute because I feel that I’m doing it for all of my fellow vets that can’t now. May they rest in peace.

  • Dr_Monkey_Shine

    I think now a days you need to separate, it in two categories. Highly Decorated and Most Decorated.

    *Highly Decorated, would focus on the medals that are high in rank, i.e. MOH, silver Star, etc…

    *Most Decorated, would focus on overall medals awarded, i.e. anything under the Meritorious Service Medal. example, one might have 15 Commendation medals, and 15 Achievement medals.

    The military now has more medals and ribbons, than, lets says back in the 1940’s era for service and war.

    A service member with two MOH, from back in the day (1940+/-), BUT maybe only has a hand full of medals and ribbons, is Highly Decorated,
    A service member now (2000+/-) that has been in the gulf war, 1991-201? several times in several campaigns and maybe in two different branches, could be Most Decorated, with a lot of medals and ribbons.

  • Ralph

    He’s not the most decorated this bring up his indigerity perhaps the question should be why he jump and said he was the one that made the kill shot while there were other team members in the room before him!

  • Wilson

    The number of medals one wears on their chest don’t necessarily make you the most decorated of all time, but rather the content in how you earned your medals can make you the most decorated. Colonel Bud Day would be my choice. Check him out @

  • AF MasterSergeant

    Let us not forgetTHE MARINE, Chesty Puller.

  • Kenneth Bucy

    If he were that much of a patriot, why was he not standing at attention, with his hat over his heart, during the playing of the National Anthem?

  • Ralph Cummings

    CSM Basil Plumley was also very well decorated with 40 awards

  • Matt

    Seals, rangers and all the other spec ops teams are unsung heroes and for good reason. If this guy wanted to be a hero in the papers he should have done somthing else for a job. Military spec op teams just help the world continue to spin and fly under the radar with little recognition. If your a soldier and a hero just the feeling and knowledge of what you did is all that matters, no civilains or anyone else needs to know.

  • Tom Mason

    I once read that a US Navy Surgeon serving with the Marine Corps in World War 1 was the most decorated. It would need to be someone who has been recommended for the Medal Of Honor multiple times since it is awarded only one time. How many have made serious sacrifices, not observed by reporting officials and gone unrecognized. That’s truly who the most highly decorated service member is!

  • Chief

    Try Matt Urban
    I believe Most combat awards.

  • Marty

    I was in seal team 2 .we did our jobs and never spoke a word about any of the missions .. Seal 6 are loud mouth , big headed braggers. Seals are seals no matter what team they are in. We all do the same one is better than the others.

  • SFC Retired

    Forget the hardware, remember those who gave it all.

  • Dennis Herdina

    I am a 26 year service veteran. I saved 6 in air force and rest in Navy as corpsman withMarines. I my service in the AFi was a personnel specialist. I saw a lot of these so called decoratiosns being awared for anything but outstanding combat heroism unless a paper cut on your finger during a rocket attack cunts as combat. Officers gave themselves medals awards nd decs if they did not cut themselves shaving in the morning. I will warrant based on my experience in processing the justificatins for decorations that may of the medals that MacArthur carried he supposedly awarded himselfon ginned up reason. Many of these so called decs weremostly for dog andpony shows. The trueheros were the guys who never came back or if they did what they did did not matter,,,anyone ever hear about guys like Ira Hayes or Alvin Smith? Tomy way of tinking the only one that means everything and yet is considered lesser is the CAR. if you have to blow your own horn to get a highrt more prestigious medal you are NOT fit to weari it. Who has more medals and decs is a like asking which kills you quicker a pistol or a rifle.

  • steve willoughby

    has he ever made this claim? with being on stage and all that was going on i think we can give him a pass this time. this time.

  • Bob AMU

    I couldn’t hear exactly what Kid Rock said due to all the background noise, so maybe O’Neill couldn’t either? Bear in mind that Kid Rock is all show business, so why blame O’Neill for what a showman says? IMO, too many are jumping all over O’Neill for anything and everything because of his book.