The VA is Curious About Your Sex Life

sexhygiene copy

sexhygiene copy

While scouring the Veterans Administration website for the kind of information we share on’s excellent and essential Benefits channel, one of our editors came across this curious blog post: “Sexual health: it’s time to talk about it.

“Every clinician should be asking their Veteran patients about sexuality,” said Dr. Linda Mona, who’s spent the last nine years running an intimacy clinic at the Long Beach VA. “There are many Veterans struggling with this part of their life, which means there are so many families struggling with this issue.”

While it’s 100% true that many Veterans struggle with their sex lives (something they have in common with a large percentage of the civilian population), we know a lot of military men and women who’d be horrified if asked about how often they’re getting it on and how much fun they’re having when they do it.

So many questions. Do you trust the VA with the details of your life in the bedroom? Is a satisfying sex life a key to personal health or something that’s none of your doctor’s business?

Before any of you launch into a torrent of comments about moral decay in the modern world, here’s a reminder that the Army has long been interested in what male soldiers are doing with their equipment. Check out “Sex Hygiene,” a (shockingly graphic) World War II training film that aims to teach young men how to avoid getting a venereal disease while serving Uncle Sam.

Posing leading questions about home life to men and women who’ve already served seems a lot less invasive than showing this movie to a theater full of inexperienced young recruits, but you can let us know what you think below.

  • Guest

    This article just goes to show that in WW2, the military ignored the UCMJ which criminalizes sex between two people that are not married. Something our current military is trying to enforce.

    • Leon Suchorski

      During WWII, they were not operating under the UCMJ. I don’t know what the other services had, but the Naval Department operated under “Rocks and Shoals”. It was totally different as any who served under both will tell you. Get your facts straight before you comment.

      • shipfixr

        Glad I read you reply before I answered him with the same thing. “Rocks and Shoals” was, of course, the nickname for Navy Regulations (still is). I think the Army operated under the Articles of War which were, of course, Army Regulations.

    • geo

      The VA operates under the laws of stupidity. Veterans with Hepatitis C rarely qualify for above 20% disability rating even though it drastically affects thweir lives, not to mention their sex life. And o yeah, don’t forget a veteran with a bad back that lives in agony only gets 20% disability if he can bend over 30% – How does that affect sex life? The hell with the damn VA

  • Guest

    Our federal government is concerned and interested in every tiny aspect of your life.

  • bacsimike

    During World War 2, there was NO UCMJ, rather, each service punished miscreants under that services own rules. In the Navy, it was called “Rocks and Shoals”. Before posting again, it might behoove you to learn something about history in the military.

  • fsunols

    It is a very good question and I would sing up for clinc if possible. There are any number of disibilitys that cause a vet that cause them problems when it comes to sex.

  • shipfixr

    Interesting; when suffering the after effects of radiation treatment for service related prostate cancer, the VA had no interest in one’s sex life and how it was affected by the radiation…….this being less than a year ago.

  • stewamart

    Really???? Go Fish!!!!

  • Maggie

    The UCMJ was passed by Congress on May 5, 1950, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman the next day. It took effect on May 31, 1951.

  • mkantzler

    Well, the pharmacy does dole-out Viagra, so if you ask your PC person for it, you’ll be the one that opens the door to your bedroom.

    • geo

      The hell with Viagra. How about adding Prevacid, Lunesta, Ambien, testosterone medicine, and a whole lot more drugs vets have to buy since the VA says No

  • Private Snuffy

    It is time to close down the whole VA system, the monster has gotten to large and out of hand. Not because of this lame article but the ongoing BS and wasted tax dollars. Get rid of the VA give every vet who deserves the right for care, Vouchers to go out to get private care which will be better by a factor of a 100 . The gov’t would make out so much cheaper and vets get allot better care all the way around for which we deserve. SORRY MY BROTHERS BUT WE HAVE TO GET BETTER CARE AND THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN RIDDLED WITH CORRUPT AZZCLOWNS WHO CARE ONLY ABOUT BONUSES FOR THEMSELVES OR OTHER DIRTY SIDE DEALS BY THE VA MAFIA.

    • Steve

      I agree that vouchers would be better for both the veteran and the military.

    • Jason

      If we start giving “Vouchers to go out to get private care” to our veterans were going to watch ourselves slip further and further into debt. But yes I do believe that we need to reconstruct the VA because the months of waiting and the improper care that there giving to out veterans is absolutely ridiculous.

    • AF Retired 10/1984

      I have had nothing but the best medical treatment from the VA than any other medical treatment facility that is have ever had to use. The Joke is the treatment received in the military hospitals. Yes their are some bad apples that give the whole system a bad name but I can attest to the quality of care I received for a heart attach, 2 knee replacements, kidney stones, plus numerous other minor problems that was very time consuming and needed several followup checkups to make sure the treatment was doing what it was supposed to. William S Middleton Veterans Hospital in Madison WI is the top hospital for those that are authorized to use it.

  • Wife

    Whoa. Hold on. Did anybody click the link and read the article? My husband is transitioning out, has had many of these exact appointments that are mentioned in the article and he and I have both all but begged for help with regard to exactly what is written. PTSD from multiple deployments, emotional disconnect with family, medical issues combined with stress and anxiety have all but ruined our sexual relationship. And let’s not kid ourselves kids….the military makes it all too easy for infidelity to take place and it’s running rampant. I find it extremely ironic that the VA is pushing for their workers to talk about this, but are clearly unable to provide help if and when it’s needed.

  • Mary

    As the “Ex-Wife” of a Vietnam Veteran who could no longer perform – therefore in his own mind he is not a man. An attempted suicide failed and I over heard him tell a rep from the VA “I have no feelings from here down” pointing to his waist.

    Men we did not marry your “Johnsons” we married you –

    My ex will not stay away more than a couple of weeks – before he calls

    Don’t give up on your Marriage – all most women truly need is to be loved – which does not mean being laid, BUT held (hugged) kissed and told you love them.

    Good Luck

  • Whatever

    I agree with wife

  • Getting Better

    Interesting comments . Our V.A. Hospital & O.P.C.s , are set-up to deal with these issues along with MST/PTSD . Maybe it’s just us in the Northeast CONUS that have the trained people necessary in place.
    Like everything else we need…..we have to stand-up for ourselves and PUSH for the CARE that we need.
    DO’NT get frustrated and quit, that’s what the piranhas expect/want you to do.

    Just my opinion – as an ex-airman getting what HELP I need.

  • Robert

    TREAT the VA like you want to be TREATED and you will have any problems.
    Don’t go in and start “PISSING & MOANING” about everything – NO ONE likes to hear that BAD MOUTHING either in the VA nor at Wal-Mart.
    ACT YOUR AGE and REMEMBER you aren’t the ONLY veteran in the system.
    A 22 year veteran/RETIREE…………………….Been there – Done that!

  • conradswims

    One blank page!

  • 1st Cav VN Vet

    Nurse at VA clinic when I went in for flu shot said she needed to update my records with a few mandatory questions. First question was I ever a victim of sexual abuse. Second question, how many sexual partners did I have in my lifetime. The nurse was embarrassed to ask them, so I told her sorry she had to ask these questions but tell the VA to put them where the Sun doesn’t shine. I didn’t get the shot and I won’t ever walk in that place again.

  • George

    The major disability associated with combat war veterans is PTSD. Yet it’s not considered being awarded a PURPLE HEART for. This should be changed. I served in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division and was blessed to not sustain and visible injuries but I am 70% diabled and on several different medications plus regular psychological and psychiatric sessions. Looking at me, maybe you can’t tell but I’m scared for life also. This should be discussed.

  • mstmarine

    We all have problems with our sex lives
    If you served in any war you have them BUT if YOU do not use the help thats out there ,the VA or Vetcenter in my case you will never never be able to manage all those learned disconnects
    it took me 40 years, 1000 jobs ,200 relationships before my current wife said GO TO THE VA AND TALK TO SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY VET!
    You also need to realize the VA is huge and like any bug dinosaur it moves slow SO you need to be PROACTIVE call them repeatedly until you get what you NEED AND WANT
    We are in this together we understand one another but its time we STOP supporting each other in bitching about it instead of helping each other GET BETTER , its still a jungle out ther help your brothers now
    Semper Fi

  • navy_survivor

    What’s next? Are they going to put a computer chip in my groin?

  • CG SAR Aviator

    Since the VA prescribes a maximum of 4 Viagra/Cialis/Levitra per month, they are in effect, dictating the frequency of sexual encounters for many vets. Express Scripts (Tricare pharmacy) is much more interested in my well-being; they allow me 6 per month. I’ll keep that prescription with my Tricare doctor, even though it would be free for me through the VA, thank you.

  • Mouse

    You know you have a problem when Rosie and her four sisters don’t even do the job. That is the point you know you need help. I spent 36 years, five months and eight days plus to many conflicts and the loss of many friends. I have been retired for 12 years. From E-1 thru E-6, W-1&2, O1 thru LTC. I have been in a lot of shoes and know how you feel.