What Movies and TV Shows Are ‘Got Your 6’ Certified?


American Sniper Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller

Got Your 6, the campaign that unites nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners to promote veteran leadership in civilian life, has announced its first round of 6 Certified projects, as part of an overall effort to recognize content that accurately and responsibly portrays veterans in popular media.

That American Sniper tops the list should be no surprise, since the film about legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is the most successful military-themed movie of all time. You might be more surprised to find out they chose Amira & Sam, a remarkable romantic comedy written and directed by Army veteran Sean Mullin. You can read our interview with Sean and rent the film from iTunes or Amazon Video.

Check out a full list of honorees below and find how how Got Your 6 chose the winners.


Amira & Sam

The “6 Certified” program was enacted to encourage film and television creators to challenge misconceptions about veterans in popular culture and to foster a better understanding between veterans and civilians by moving away from the negative and stereotypical depictions of veterans and military families.

“Through ‘6 Certified’ we can battle the stereotypes and misconceptions about veterans that so often dominate popular culture, while drawing attention to projects that portray veterans reasonably and accurately,” said Chris Marvin, executive director of Got Your 6. “Each of the selected projects helps to craft a new cultural narrative with an asset-focused view of veterans.”

A “6 Certified” program must follow at least one of the following six pledges:

  1. Research or consult with real veterans, family members, or subject matter experts in an effort to create accurate representations
  2. Hire a veteran actor to play a substantial role
  3. Employ a veteran writer to contribute to the narrative
  4. Develop a multi-dimensional veteran character
  5. Develop a narrative with meaningful and accurate veteran themes
  6. Have veterans present for consultation throughout the filmmaking process

Here are the four TV episodes that round out the six honorees (2+4=6, get it?):

Noah-Galloway-and-Sharna-Burgess-DWTS copy

Dancing with the Stars (Season 20) – The inclusion of contestant Noah Galloway, an Army veteran and double amputee who appeared on the recent 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, counters stereotypical portrayals of veterans as “charity cases.” Noah’s own motto, “No Excuses,” embodies the resilient qualities of many veterans who have been faced with loss. Check out all our Noah Galloway/DWTS stars coverage here.


Hawaii Five-0 (Episode 18, Season 5) – This exciting police procedural portrays veterans as leaders and problem solvers. The lead character Steven “Steve” J. McGarrett was a Navy SEAL and uses his operational training to aid him in his work as a civilian.


Modern Family (Episode 22, Season 6) – This television program provides a balanced depiction of veterans through Ed O’Neill’s character Jay Pritchett, who served in the Navy. The character’s time in service does not define him but merely adds another level of depth and color to the characterization.

The Night Shift - Season 1

The Night Shift (Episode 12, Season 2) – Veteran characters on “The Night Shift” use skills they learned in the military to save lives on the show. “The Night Shift” creators collaborated with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden for a recent episode that explored post-traumatic growth and resilience among veterans, an epsiode we covered here.

  • Leon Suchorski

    Where is NCIS? The creator of the show, along with creating JAG, and QUANTUM LEAP, is a Marine. And don’t forget the NCIS spin offs. His bunky, when he was in, was Lee Harvey Oswald. Look it up if you do not believe me about Don.

  • Clyde642

    “The Night Shift” creators collaborated with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr.Jill Biden”
    WHAT?????? They are not Vets, How in the world does that make them “6 Certified”. This article drew me in and I thought it would be a good place to find VET movies and such FAIL.

  • Vietnam Vet

    For my Vietnam experience, it was a collection of 3 to 4 movies, like “Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, etc.” that captured different feeling and emotions experienced during my “Tour of Duty”. I found no one that expressed it all. But that’s just me.

    • Leon Suchorski

      And in Full Metal Jacket, the only thing that was not true to facts, was that the STAIRWAY to HEAVEN had it’s steps get wider apart as the higher that you climbed in those days. And as long as you could TOUCH that next step, you better go over it before you started down. Gunny Ermey was a DI at San Diego when I was there. He was at one end of the grinder, and I was at the other. Then by a quirk, we were both at Danang at the same time. He was in the MABS outfit, and I was in VMFA-542. And if you look in the credits for the movie, you will see him listed as the TECHNICAL ADVISER.

  • Popa John

    I believe that in order to give an honest evaluation to the film industry and their conception of the Military in Peace or Combat the viewing public like military films that portray real life people. My picks may include films like-The Killing Fields and Gardens of Stone just to name a few. Peace!

    • Leon Suchorski

      Not including THE GUNS OF NAVARONE? The movie was based on the real life experiences of Anthony Quayle, the star of the movie. There were two US Marines on that mission, But Quayle would have no truck with enlisted men on the quest, so one of the Marines was made a temporary officer. The other Marine? . Oh, he was the actor Sterling Hayden. Yes, he enlisted into the Marines, and then was recruited by the OSS for that mission.