Left for Dead in ‘The Revenant’



Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu follows up his Oscar-winning movie Birdman this Christmas with The Revenant, starring Leonard DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The just- released trailer for this based-on-true-events film makes it look like the kind of classic revenge western that Clint Eastwood used to make.

DiCaprio plays legendary explorer and fur trapper Hugh Glass, who’s left for dead by his own hunting team after a brutal bear attack. Glass must survive a vicious winter to make it home to his family and settle scores after he’s betrayed by Tom Hardy’s character John Fitzgerald.

Iñárritu has again partnered with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, whose innovative camera work was such a huge part of Birdman‘s success. This time, they seem to be aiming for a kind of first-person, immersive perspective that should resonate with Assassin’s Creed video game players.

  • magnogreato

    Some years ago, John Huston and Richard Harris played the same roles in the movie called “Man in The Wilderness” in 1971 which was an excellent production, but the boat was left for the Indians because the Missouri River was not able to be navigated. In this one, the boat is burned up so guess I’ll have to read the book to see which is correct and if the movie flows as the book…most movies DON’T follow the book.

    • droggen

      Agree ! an excellent movie—I believe Hugh Glass was abandoned by 3 trappers in real life and one of them was the famous Jim Bridger who was reluctant to leave and always haunted with his decision. Glass located all the deserters eventually and it was not pretty. The deserters felt Glass was near death and wanted to catch up with there fellow trappers….

  • guest

    Dicaprio is exactly how I picture an old time mountain man looking. In real life he is such a tough, macho, dare devil kind of guy. Always off on some adventure in the wildest parts of the globe.

  • JohnD

    Hollywood. At its best! Reshooting old,movies due to,lack of imagination! Remember “Man in the Wilderness”? Another crappy remake!

  • ron stillwell

    Some frontier adventure movies that are worth watching are The big sky, Northwest passage, The last of the mohicans ,The books North West Passage and The Last Of The Mohicans are very good books to read . they will give you a very good since of what it was truly like durning the Frech and Indian War.

  • Jango Soprano

    Soon they will be making remakes of remakes upon rebooted remakes.

  • Bob Balent

    I wonder how much Dicaprio complained and Bitched about all the wasting of resources, You know Hollywood is not known for being green while make a movie even if it is a remake. Burned the boat, what a wast of wood!

  • NSFA96

    I watched the trailer it looks pretty good, I know it’s a remake, but still looks good.

  • This is the quality of Leonardo DiCaprio that he always bring a real story in front of the world. Amazing Trailer.