One Newspaper’s Spectacular Nazi Cremation Fail



The Millard Family Funeral Chapels in Missouri just wanted to advertise its cremation services with an image of a soldier and asked the Jefferson City News Tribune to create an advertisement that highlighted its “cremation with integrity.”

Some low-level employee in the advertising department puts “soldier” in the search engine for their photo service and randomly picks a guy in a helmet, a guy who turns out to be a German Nazi soldier from World War II.


The full implications make take a minute to dawn on some people, but others of you will already be trying to pick your jaws off the floor. If there’s any soldier who’s going to cause maximum offense in a crematorium advertising mistake, it’s going to be a Nazi.

Holocaust survivors, their descendants and a large contingent of WWII veterans opened their Sunday papers and, understandably, took exception and called out the funeral home on social media.

The newspaper has issued an apology: ‘On Sunday, July 19, an ad appeared in the Jefferson City News Tribune for Millard Family Funeral Chapels. The wrong image of a soldier was selected by the newspaper’s production department. We apologize on behalf of the News Tribune and Millard Family Funeral Chapels. We regret the mistake’.

So many questions: Doesn’t the Jefferson City News Tribune most likely require its employees have a high school diploma before they get a job there? Is it possible that World War II is so far in the past that entry-level employees don’t recognize a Nazi when they see one? And, seriously, how does the image of any soldier convince customers that you offer “cremation with integrity”?

  • Vietnam Vet

    Big lack of common sense.

  • Ed C

    Typical uninformed citizen…

  • 357dragon

    Poor choice in picture, but those who KNOW WWII history know he’s a German Wehrmacht (army) soldier, NOT a Nazi. Nazi was a political party, which most Germans were not actually a part of. The SS were Nazis. SS soldiers were volunteers and were the ones running the death camps, NOT the average army soldier.

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      Most Germans, Japanies and Italians were PEACE LOVING
      along with the majority of Russians they were all irrelevant!

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      The funeral home had to approve the ad before it ran.
      Proof Read, size and cost and location in paper.
      Then the ad had to run by the paper owners!
      I can’t believe they would run a ad for a whorehouse
      why did they abandon all logic and decency to permit
      this shame to be imposed upon a client?

  • bbabbitt

    Well, that newspaper apparently doesn’t know the meaning of integrity.

  • crazyelf

    I understand, even though it’s a picture of a German WWII soldier. I still find it offensive. As would any and all who fought and/or lost their life in battle or a German POW or “death camp”.
    Think about it!!!

  • jonbad2

    The person that wrote this article also made a glaring error. How did he/she know the soldier shown was a Nazi? They didn’t. Nazis were a political party. Probably very few in WW ll German military were Nazis.

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      No matter how thin one slices B$ it
      keeps it’s unique tantalizing aroma!

  • Alan K Sones Sr

    Im sorry but they should do more than just a apology and beside when students go through high school they learn about what happen during second WW l l

  • CDS

    With as many people out there, to include some who’ve gotten through college, whose knowledge of history basically stops at being able to regurgitate enough tripe like “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue” to pass their tests in grade school before brain-dumping it, this doesn’t surprise me too much.

    Maybe they know enough to know “Nazis = bad”, and perhaps they know what Hitler looked like. But that doesn’t mean they’d be able to recognize anything else from WWII Germany.