Sound Off: Should Jade Helm Conspiracy Theorists Apologize to the Troops?



We’re a couple of weeks into the Jade Helm 15 military exercises in Texas and no citizens have been rounded up, no guns have been seized, no one’s been shackled inside a train car, no abandoned Walmarts have been pressed into service and President Obama has not declared martial law.

The leading voice in promoting the idea that Washington was planning to invade Texas was Austin-based radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes the government was behind the 9/11 attacks and faked the moon landings. He stirred things up back in March when he said, “They’re going to practice breaking into things and stuff. This is going to be hellish. Now this is just a cover for deploying the military on the streets… This is an invasion … in preparation for the financial collapse and maybe even Obama not leaving office.”

Many (if not most) would agree that Jones is a fringe figure. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard to keep tabs on the exercises. And Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Louis Gohmert both expressed “concerns” about Jade Helm 15 to the Pentagon.

Now that Jade Helm is in full swing, here’s the report from Becki Womble, president and CEO of the Bastrop, TX Chamber of Commerce: “Our economy is booming,” Womble said. “[These men and women] are buying our food, gas, and other services we have to offer. Having Camp Swift — we have always had a good relationship with the military and we are happy to accommodate them.”

So here’s the question: Texas is full of thousands of men and women training to protect American citizens from military and terrorist threats. Do the politicians who indulged the conspiracy theories owe the troops an apology? Sound off!

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    I don’t think these conspiracy theories were ever intended to insult the troops, though the theories are insulting. Insulting the troops was collateral damage, so to speak. The main insult was to President Obama, first, and to rationality as a general matter. Texans do value military service. Mr. Jones is a nut. Gov. Abbott is pandering to Jones and his fearfully irrational audience. I’d say an apology is owed Obama by Jones, and to Texas and the troops by Gov. Abbott. Senator Cruz and Rep. Gohmert should join Abbott in the latter two apologies.

    • IronV

      They did, in fact, insult the troops and every critical-thinking American.

      • ipsprez

        I do not agree at all. The insult (if any) was to Obama and his overreaching ideas about Federal government.

      • That is the stupidest thing that I have read all day. And that’s saying something.

    • Anne Cosper

      Yes! They should apologize. So should the Governor of Texas. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a citizen of Texas.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    While we’re there, and on this very specific subject, can Chuck Norris be invited to apologize too?

    • ipsprez


    • Bill

      And this has to do with what?

  • IronV

    How can you apologize for being a mental deficient? How can you apologize for being mentally ill? How can you apologize for profound, unrepentant, ignorance? How can you apologize for delusions of your own self importance?

    • ipsprez

      Liberal aren’t you

      • IronV

        You just made my point. This isn’t about your stupid “liberal” vs “conservative” nonsense that is dumbing down American politics. It’s about the abject failure of our school systems to teach critical thinking skills and the ability to discern legitimate phenomena from fantasy.

  • BixlerB

    Fat chance. They’ll say nothing happened because the Army knew it was being watched. Sad twisted souls.

  • Frank

    Communication, what a wonderful thing when its used.

  • guest

    Apologize for what, being cautious and vigilant?

    • Jake

      Cautious and vigilant against what?

      • ipsprez

        Obama and his bottomless desire for power and control

      • This ties for the stupidest thing that I have read all day. Oh, look! Same poster! Surprise, surprise.

    • IronV

      “Cautious and vigilant” against a UFO invasion and plague of pink unicorns…

  • Guest

    IronV – are you referring to Chuck Norris or POTUS??

    • IronV

      The very fact you feel compelled to ask proves my point.

  • LIAM

    What bothers me is how elected officials et al actually BUY into this stuff! Senator Cruz in my view is a total loon!! WHERE are the Republicans of old!! WHY do they not speak up against the sacking of good and reasonable souls!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PARTY I WAS ONCE A MEMBER OF???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ipsprez

      They moved hard left. The GOP of old and in fact the US Gov. of old would never have been held in such suspicion as to warrant these conspiriacy theories

    • IronV

      To any reasonable person, Cruz is an opportunistic, self aggrandizing loon.

    • wtf?

      “the clown car is so full and 15+ of the clowns are falling out ARS clowns” The trumpeter is america’s gift to the Democrats ;)~

    • Chuck T

      Republican Party of old and the Democratic party of old are just that. I am more leaning to Libertarian than Republican, but both parties ‘ain’t what they used to be. But they both stink…

  • Charles

    The GOP itself should apologize to the American people, its current (and many millions of) former members, the members of the military, and the POTUS, for giving ANY credence whatsoever to the crackpot fringe, conspiracy theorists, and loons that they encouraged for solely short-term political gain.

    But since they failed to apologize to the American people for two incompetently managed wars, severely damaging America’s international reputation, or taking the cowards way out by not accepting ANY responsibility whatsoever for their part in causing the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression: I’m not holding my breath.

    • ipsprez

      What, you are delusional. I don’t have time to expose all the misrepresentations of your post. I am sure you think Obama has greatly enhanced US respect, Hillary is darn honest and ISIS is not a result of Obama yanking the nation building troops of of Iraq

      • wtpworrier

        Well, just “expose” one then.

  • Warchuleta

    Why should anyone have to apologize, It has gotten to the point that if someone doesn’t like what you say, then you must apologize for saying it. What ever happened to freedom of speech. Little by little, this country is becoming a socialist enclave. Oh yeah, I am NOT sorry for saying that

  • grunt

    ha ha ha ho ho ho the crackpots run around don’t know. the sky is falling what azzclowns.

  • Fred

    No one has to apologize for anything. People are allowed to think what they want to think. But, just because it hasn’t happened YET, doesn’t mean it won’t. When the economic crisis that IS just around the corner hits, you will see unprecedented civil strife. That is the sort of thing JADE HELM is practicing for. You can backlash all you want. But my words to you all are…… you’ll see.

    • Jake

      Look under the bed, I think your bottle of meds fell off the nightstand and rolled under your bed.

      • ipsprez

        Wow, that was a super intelligent response. Thanks for educating Fred and all others who read it.

    • IronV

      An alien spacecraft hasn’t landed in Times Square… yet. All kinds of ridiculously improbably things could happen but haven’t happened yet. What’s your point? You think the Army acting in collusion with dark and evil forces we can’t possibly know or understand is LIKELY to act as oppressors of the American people?

      That is completely insane of course.

    • peter

      i agree with you YET best to be on the safe side and be refferred to as a fool. caucious and vigilant.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Fred, people are indeed allowed to think what they want. What is “allowed” is not the same as what is reasonable, or even appropriate, and especially for people in a leadership position. Only one governor has pandered to the lunatics by calling out the state guard. (Jade Helm involves seven states, I think). Only Texas has seen the creation of a citizen’s committee to monitor the SOCOM personnel in their training. Only one Senator has treated Jade Helm as a menace to the citizenry.

    Given the number of military personnel in Texas on a regular basis, I can’t imagine a remotely rational reason for believing that the relative handful of people involved in Jade Helm are suddenly tripping the scales by increasing troop levels to a level that’s dangerous. But, if you need to go re-check your bugout bag, you are certainly free to do so.

    • ipsprez

      So calling people you disagree with “lunatics” is OK because you said it and not those other lunatics. I don’t disagree with your sentiment that such a small force could not reasonably be expected to implement martial law but I do find your condescending attitude toward those who feel threatened by our out of control Obama regime to be sad.

    • IronV

      Exactly. Are the “citizens” monitoring, oh, say, FORT HOOD?

      • Docsenko

        Maybe they should. There was a military cartoon showing a soldier telling his wife he is being sent to a war zone. Then he said Fort Hood.

  • wtpworrier

    People that think they are right about every thing don’t apologize, even when they know they are wrong.

  • ipsprez

    Absolutely no apology owed. The conspiracy theorists are always going to fret about something. The focus of the ire was (and is) fundamentally a massive distrust of the Federal government thanks to an atrocious Obama regime. Any apology should come from a Federal government that is so out of control that people are beginning to believe that they will need to defend themselves from it.

    • wtpworrier

      Only the crazy right wingers think the Government is out of control…They should know what out of control is, the right wingers have been screwed up for many a year. I mean when you got guys like Trump, Cruz. Chuck Norris saying the things they say…dude! that speak for itself!!!

  • gmeade

    Didn’t your parents teach you better, when you’re wrong, just apologize. Learn from your mistakes.

  • SF. Dad

    Problem wasn’t with the troops at all. Problem was everybody jumping through there butts before not knowing what was really going on. Special Forces have an exercise for every class of Green Berets called Robin Sage. It takes place using the whole state of North Carolina and in particular one town. It is so common for them it’s like death and tax’s. So the country and military decides to do it on a larger scale this year and use the State of Texas. I travel occasionally on Interstate’s 80,81 and 95. Not uncommon to see military vehicles on the move. As former military and police I view this as common occurrence. Just because our President and I use that term loosely is a jack-ass along with many in Senate and Congress do you think the members of our military would actually go along with imprisoning our citizens? Military who’s families and close friends would be involved in the round up? I think not! Now had someone said UN. forces were involved that is totally a different story. It is however logical that it was held where it was due to the illegals not just from Mexico but other countries including the Middle East and China coming across the border like diarrhea from a goose. However even the illegals didn’t seem deterred because of numb-nuts hands off policy that they knew of.

  • Thong

    Right! follow the light then, have no doubt at all, please don’t be vigilance, please fall a sleep and please pay no attention at all. also please believe all the government statement too. sigh … one day you don’t even know how your freedom is gone. Being vigilance in many way is being paranoid, if one doesn’t understand this then he or she already is a lost soul. On the other hand, being full out paranoid without taxing you or infringed your rights, will not do any harm to anyone except to oneself. weigh on this!

    ‘one being paranoid, does not mean that he is wrong.”

    • Patrick Sannella

      Well said thong.indication and

      misdirection of the truth is the point and just knowing of the existance of the ideocentricity won’t
      Be one of the easyilly plausable idea that someone somewhere must be joking and saying we divided the two parties so now lets. Exploit the peoples weakness to see the ruse. This looks and feels like a Weishaupt lucifarian computer program that is that this A.I. experiment on us god fearing us citizens the answer is the pull the plug unfounded fire those responsible

      make anyone paranoid but more viggilance never hurt

  • davec.0121

    Of course they insulted the troops by implying that they would follow illegal orders and were part of the conspiracy. And of course they should apologize, though they won’t. Unfortunately, down here in Texas we’re blessed with a plethora of right-wing whack jobs and with politicians who pander to them. The problem is that none of these crazies are ever held accountable for the things that they say. Whenever the whacko birds are inevitably shown to be, well, whacko, they just ignore it and move on to the next bit of lunacy. No one ever makes them pay. Oh, and Greg Abbot (the only man who could make Rick Perry look smart) should apologize to the tax payers of Texas for wasting our money having the Texas State Guard “monitor” the troops

  • ammoman

    It’s not the trooops they didn’t trust , it’s the government.

  • bigfatduke

    Is this some kind of joke, who (the feds included) would want Texas,

  • johnny

    well I’m not sure what jade healm is but I do think that an open border has put this country at risk. and just from what I see this country is at more risk than ever.

  • Leo Johnson

    I’d like to say several things about this.I don’t know if you people out there know But it is against the “Constitution of The United States” to House Troops on” Private Property” regardless of what the owner say’s .The only reason that they let the Military use their “Property” is “Money”.I’m glad that the Governor Greg Abbott is being “Vigilant” on this.We here in Texas have been begging the Federal Government to “Reinforce” the Border here in Texas and along the Border all the way to the Pacific Ocean with Federal Troops but our request’s have fallen on “Deaf Ear’s”As for an “Apologizing for our Governor and all the Theorist’s for being “Vigilant” I say “No’

    • Yellow Devil

      The third amendment says “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” So with owner’s consent it is ok.

      I do agree with you on some of your other points though. And communications between the Military and local communities go a long way, particularly if the exercise is not frequent.

      So no, I don’t think apologies are in order. If we never expect anti-war protestors who accosted American troops from Vietnam need to apologize, than this is the least of our concerns.

  • robert

    u never know it just started wait and see dont count you chickens yet theirs alot that can still happen
    our dollar will crash just stay viligant for now fools.

  • wtf?

    Opperation jade helm should have been an op’s mission to round up our war criminals like Dick Cheney and George of the jungle w bush. ;)~

  • Sgt. Hazard

    Civilians shouldn’t be criticized too harshly if they’re a bit paranoid. It’s something that seems abnormal to them so they just need to see that there’s nothing sinister to it. that is, unless it turns out that something sinister does come from it. As a veteran, it seems unlikely to me but this is has been an odd world lately to anyone paying attention.

  • Ariel Gail MacLean

    As for me, I am with Thomas Paine: “The duty of a true patriot is to protect [her] Country from its government.” Just because we designed the best version of a Participatory Democracy since the Greeks, this does not entitle us to get lazy and opt out of our Personal Responsibility to engage and protect what we take for granted. As an advertised “Psy-Ops”, Jade Helm accomplished what it set out to do: distract and mislead Americans into believing we would be asked to defend our God-given Sovereign Rights of Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Speech, and our Constitutional Rights which include the Right To Bear Arms. FYI People: Gregg Abbott is NOT the only Public Official who has stepped up and asked these questions. As Karen Hudes, former World Bank Lawyer and now whistleblower recently reported, 49 of our 50 U.S. States have DEMANDED a New Constitutional Congress to confront these issues, and NO WHERE except the so-called “alternative” Truth Media has reported this. So, I will Defend To My Death, our Right To A Free Press because without this Watchdog of Democracy — Jefferson’s Fourth Estate, we would all be finished.

  • bill


  • why

    Why apologise, anyone. Should be proud Americans want their freedoms. Be glad for Jones too. He has sources and do not think that those sources don’t have other sources, most likely to weed leaks out. Conclusion seems to be gratitude.

  • why

    Also maybe people would understand more if there were not baby fetus DNA strands in everyday foods.

  • why

    Alex Jones was part of a big pull to bring troops back over seas BTW. Lol, this one guy seems to effect large masses in nothing but positive ways, Lmao. I give Kudos to him. Apologise, Lmao. What does this guy eat for breakfasts? Oh he is on a diet that dosnt consist of fda malarkey. Seems like some people want him to be hated, I think this one guy has a lookout for everyone, military too. Seems like he just wants true freedom and not to get poisoned or invaded by lizards or bombed by North Korea.