The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week: 8/26/15



Memesday! Thirteen of our favorites are below. Feel free to plaster your favorites all over We Are the Mighty’s Facebook page.

1. That’s the sergeant major’s grass and you’re just lucky you don’t have to guard it.


Once it comes in a little more, you will be grooming it.

2. Mk-19s are for when you don’t like an entire geographic area.


It will occasionally take care of buildings you don’t like, too.

3. Armories makes no sense to airmen (via Military Memes).


“Why send a round 300 meters when I can send an email across the world?”

4. Sailors are the world’s most glorified travel agents (via

OOR-Navy copy

The anchors sail away while the Marines go to play.

5. The Devil Doge (via Marine Corps Memes)


Prepare to be bit.

6. You train like you fight … (Via Coast Guard Memes)


… in ankle deep water.

7. When you learn your last unit was f-cked up (via Marine Corps Memes).


“I was with the Third Schmuckatelli Division.”

8. It’s a time-honored tradition (via Military Memes).


It’s not comfortable, but it’s time-honored.

9. Give your driver dip and energy drinks.


But, choose the energy drinks carefully.

10. How you know your unit needs more range time (via Sh*t My LPO says).


They may need a new range safety first though. The old one had a heart attack.

11. Why you get up at zero-dark-thirty for an afternoon mission (via Marine Corps Memes).


There will be a few more delays before anyone actually steps off.

 12. When “personalizing” your vehicle, don’t use military patterns (via Sh*t My LPO says).


That’s as bad as putting your entire military career in stickers on your back window.

13. The Air Force has so many sprinkles you can shower food in them (via


But, they’re TOTALLY a military branch and not a children’s party. Totally.

classedit2 David Nye – Staff Writer at We Are The Mighty

David is a former Fort Bragg paratrooper who deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team.


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  • JohnD

    Very funny stuff! In my last Iraq tour, i saw AF troops with brand new M4s never fired, my troops,had M16A2 and shot out! I did watch on a range an E 7 trying to load an M16 mag in backwards! Had to,tell her to,turn it around, Scary, Scary!

  • rivrat1970

    Ahhhh the “Falcon Codes”

  • Chief of Chiefdom

    Seems our Airman took down a terrorist with his bare hands. No rifle needed…

    • Leon Suchorski

      He just turned around, grabbed his knees, and passed gas.

  • Frya Duck

    Yeah, payout on an Airman now but when did you want that Warthog?

  • Anthony

    Lol @ the tough guy airman comments haha. We’re all necessary though.

  • Kate

    My cousin-in-law’s wife is an officer in the Air force. when in training, her group was shown where the range was and told “yeah you’ll never have to go there. You are non-combatants.” My husband and i are former marines. Needless to say we laughed allot.

  • SFC

    What is really funny is when your scroll through and read these, you don’t laugh, because it’s so true!!!

  • Julio

    They are all funny collection of memes! Most of them are really true. I know it by serving the U.S. Navy n Army!