Win a Surprise Dream Marriage Proposal



Our friends at the VFW have let us know about a reality TV opportunity for an active duty service member or veteran who’s looking to get hitched.

If you haven’t popped the question because of finances, your ongoing deployment, medical issues, this unnamed national TV show wants to talk to you. They’ll take your application even if you don’t really have a good reason for not asking yet.

Explain in 250 words or less why you and your future fiancé deserve a dream proposal and send the entry, a recent photo and contact information to by August 19th.  And, if you get chosen for the show, let us know.

  • Great Story

  • Hm. Interesting. Looking at this imagery, I get a sense that it isn’t actually about love and marriage at all. I get the feeling that it is about contracts and opportunities presented to you, that you have 3 opportunities or job options, or some other contractual obligation or opportunity before you, and you want to pick the third one, instead of picking the first one offered. The first opportunity that was offered you was not your first pick, but the first pick is not available. This is the action that I am looking at here.