‘On Two Fronts’ Highlights the Latino Experience in Vietnam



Premiering this week on PBS, the new documentary On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam explores the military service of men from the small mining town of Morenci, Arizona. Premiering at a moment when certain politicians are questioning the role of Latinos in American life, filmmaker Mylène Moreno takes a comprehensive look at events on both the homefront and the battlefront.


On Two Fronts details the Latino American tradition of military service and how these men struggled to adapt in the context of a rising Chicano anti-war movement during the era.

“With this film, we wanted to look back, five decades later, with the benefit of hindsight, at the Vietnam War — at its costs and consequences — and ask some difficult questions about the price of war and citizenship,” said Moreno.

Like many good documentaries, On Two Fronts focuses on a narrow story and manages to illuminate broader truths about the era. In the context of detailing the Latino experience, the film also highlights the ways that experience paralleled the fates of working-class troops from other ethnic backgrounds.

Check your local PBS listings for airdates and times. Or watch it on demand in the PBS app this week.

  • Leon Suchorski

    In the Marines, we had guys from all nationalities and religions. That was why we just said that we were all just GREEN.

  • Louie

    Who is questioning Latinos in America??? we have had Latinos here almost since the beginning. The only question being brought up today is illegal immigration which many LEGAL Americans of Latino decent agree needs to be taken care of. I agree with Leon 20 years in the Army I had several Soldiers study and get their Citizenship from several different Nationalities All of them were PROUD Legal CITIZENS! In the military in general there are no individuals you are a TEAM.

    • ColdWarVet75

      Exactly. How are background checks done on someone who is here illegally? When I was in the Corps, they did a background on me. How can you do one from someone from Mexico, Guatemala, etc?

  • conradswims

    Keep it up Nihilists! Do everything you can to divide Americans. That is your goal. To destroy America and remake it as a Marxist commie dictatorship.

    • Denilson SIlva

      Friend …
      Chinese´s Smartphones will make the US a socialist country! :)

  • Leo Johnson

    When I joined the Navy in 1955 I was in PBoot CSamp Company 176 “The Texas Company”at Camp Nimitx at the San Diego Ca.The Company was made up of all kinds of ethnic Groups.A lot of them were Latino’s.From down in the rio Grande Valley.I Then served with a lot of them throughout My Military service and they were all “Good Men”.Some of them were a little bit “MachO” but all were “Good men”.

  • Clarence C. Andrews

    I was in The U.S. Marines in 1979-1985. In 1981-1982 in the Marine Corps I needed Help to translate a letter from Spanish to English, One of my Cpl. of The Marine Corps was Latino , He translated this letter and many letters from Spanish to English for me, I am 3,000 miles away from home , These letters was coming to me from my hometown San Diego Ca, from a Spanish Young Lady at 22 yrs.old and I was 21 yrs.old. In Feb.1983 In The Marines I married this lady . I want to Thank The Latino Marine Cpl. and Want to Thank The Camp Pendleton Marine Sgts. and Cpls. That Married us. 1983-2015 still Married. The Marine Corps is one Brother Hood – We Were all Green. 1979-1985.