Sound Off: Is the Iran Deal Really the End of the World as We Know It?



Retired rock star Michael Stipe blew a gasket this week when presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz used the R.E.M. hit “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” as walkup music during their appearance at the Tea Party Patriots End the Iran Deal rally on the U.S. Capitol steps.

Trump declared, “We are led by very, very stupid people.”.He also called the deal “incompetent” promised (in true Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood fashion),“We will have so much winning if I get elected, that you may get bored with winning.”

Leaving aside whether Mr. Stipe has a point about whether copyright holders have a right to complain when their work isn’t properly licensed for a public performance (correct answer: he does), Cruz and Trump raise an interesting question: will our almost-certain-to-stand nuclear deal with Iran make the world a safer place? Or (as implied by the song), will the agreement lead to a nuclear confrontation likely to result in the end of the world?

While you’re thinking, check out a (properly licensed) video of the R.E.M. classic and then take our survey below.

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  • SeaSnake

    The fundamental underpinning of any deal is the understanding of what you are getting in exchange for what you are giving. In this case it is very clear we are providing tangible assets in exchange for a “promise” from a very questionable regime with a track record of being the biggest terror sponsor in the middle east if not the world. The terms of this deal are so offensive that the President elects to shroud them in executive privilege or classification so that the public is never made aware. The democrats support this by blocking a vote on the deal in the US Senate on a purely political basis. The deal has every outward appearance of being one-sided and as a result will upset the existing balance of power in the region. Consequently, the result will be the very opposite of the stated intent of reducing nuclear arms. Other regional powers will now be forced to develop nuclear weapons to buttress their defenses in the Iran while the US foreign policy continues to become less and less relevant. Obama and the Democrats have undone 60 years of nuclear non-proliferation and this will change the global balance of power as we know it.

    • jbaldwin

      They pay themselves by getting their own frozen assets returned, we pay nothing and they dismantle most of their nuclear infrastructure and it is verified that they do that . They give up 98 % of all fissionable material refined up to now . Then cannot enrich to over .05 %.Great deal Even better is that we don’t loose live doing Israel’s bidding . Any nation who try to sink an American ship and kill 44 Americans in the attempt we would declare war on. North Vietnam did less and we lost over 58,000 men avenging it . Why didn’t we declare war on Israel for those 44 killed and over one hundred wounded . That was a bad deal .


      Very well stated. This is a bad deal. They say this will stop Iran for 10 years nuclear indeavors. So we given them 150 Billion and I just bet they will buy nukes from Russia and still not break the deal. They Iranians are smat negotiaters. We sold the farm on this deal and ticked off many in The Land of The Sand.

  • wtpworrier

    No, is not the end of the world as we know it…However I DO think it’s the end of the “dumpster” Trump and the “dummy” Cruz’s world, because neither one of them are going to win the nomination. Why people keep giving them money is beyond me.

    • MBush

      Me too sir, however, they make a good comedy hour.

  • catahoulagill

    The end of the world as we know it?
    No. But another bad situation made worse.

    Stupid deal and another prime example of a completely incompetent administration?
    Most definitely.
    Mr. Dumpster and Mr. Dummy are far better material with much more real world experience than the current President or any Dem candidate.
    Oh, and people will keep giving to those they have things in common with.

    Look at the idiots still giving to Hillary. Must all be stupid crooks…

  • 11CP5

    Bad Deal, Good Deal, No Deal. It is all the same in the end. Iran will have a bomb. How that changes everything depends on how much the world trust Iran with a bomb. I can think of a few nations that do not have a bomb that may now be thinking otherwise. History gets to say who is right who is wrong. All us little fish can do is try and not get eaten while enjoying the pond.

  • LTC Gene

    Too many people seem to forget that this is not a deal between the U.S. and Iran. It is a deal between the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China with Iran. We are one of five other countries that made this agreement. Now maybe one country can be foolish – but six? Come on.

    • Don

      Didn’t several foolish nations end up in WWII?

  • john baldwin

    No and anyone who think so has a skewed idea of history and the world. There are more evil people in Pakistan who nuclear weapons , than Iran . More nuclear bombs n North Korea , China and Russia than Iran . Those people who call their country Israel has killed more Americans than Iran , they have nuclear weapons and the world has not ended . Maybe an end for the imposters (Israel ) but not the end of the world.

    • Soph

      The difference is that Iran wants to bring about the end of the world. Their religion places on value on human life, not even their own. And please explain how Israel has “killed more Americans” than Iran. I would like to hear that explanation.

  • vestre

    It forces Israel to act, that is perhaps the saddest thing of all. The Obama/Biden effort to enhance Israeli defense capabilities is a too little too late. Israel cannot afford a nuclear Iran because of Iran’s declaration of war in which they guarantee the demise of the Israeli State within 25 years. Netanyau can’t risk a nuke strike by the rabid state, they simply believe that if they do all in their god’s name all will be well for them, consequences just do not register with the Muslim mindset. Obama’s act will do more than just destabilize the Mideast, he has started the nuke race with the Saudis and other oil magnates rushing to buy a finished product price notwithstanding. Sad day for the world indeed.


      Israel has between 50 and 100 nuclear weapons, and it’s a sure bet a good number of them are targeted at Iran. Iran may be run by religious nutcases, but I doubt that they are suicidal!

  • James Hook

    So the conservative contention is that the deal should not have been made, thus allowing Iran time to complete their weapon, all in the name of “making sure Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons”
    Hmmm I guess the actual point was to create opportunities to criticize this administration, regardless of the world consequences

    I’m just shocked that no GOP candidate has yet to publicly proclaim they’d accommodate the Iranians by sending them nuclear weapons – inbound and armed, of course. Why not? I would perfectly fit the tone of the current rhetorical slant.

  • John Patterson

    OOPS Russian troops now in Syria, mustard gas, chlorine gas, blister agents used on civilians and Kurds. MR. O’banana Man where is our line in the sand or is your head stuck so deep in a sand trap on your golf course? Or just stuck in your rectum (a prayer rug accident)? You lying son of a gun.

  • davec.0121

    It’s not a particularly good deal, but it’s better than no deal at all. Iran was/is only a little distance from building a weapon, with or without sanctions. This deal is an attempt to incentivize Iran not to build one. And remember, the other five nations have already said that they will lift sanctions and not re-negotiate the deal. For the US to refuse it would leave us isolated and unable to influence the debate while at the same time trying to enforce impotent sanctions. Also, if the Israelis opt for unilateral military action, we should not get involved. Israel should not have the right to drag the US into their wars.

  • Yellow Devil

    It won’t “end the world” because that’s a loaded assessment to begin with. But it definitely won’t make things better. My argument that if the Iranians are going to get the nuclear bomb, we certainly don’t have to help them out with this Nuclear giveaway. This isn’t a deal, because that would require us to get something in return. We couldn’t even get four American hostages, yet we not only lift economic sanctions, we also give them 150 billion dollars. As for “the other nations were going to lift sanctions anyways”, that’s like saying “everyone else is jumping off a bridge, so we should do it too”. Dumb. Not to mention the U.S. clout on the world economy is still much more then Russia or even China. We used to try to restrain the spread of Nuclear capabilities in the most troublesome areas of the world, but this administration has some sort of love affair with Iran, since he loves to send and receive personal notes to the regime. Also if the Saudis want Nuclear capabilities, should we help them as well?

    Oh and R.E.M is a bunch of has beens.

  • jeff

    I do not who made up this false report because I know for a fact that they asked him before hand if they could use it in the Campaign, it was reported before hand he was pleased to give them permission and respected the fact that he was consulted before hand when they clearly did not have too.

  • 6gunsally

    Giving Nuclear capabilities to a Country with an unstable Government…? To me this means that whoever (Taliban-Isis) takes over will have the Nuclear power!

  • Shawn McFadden

    I don’t think this deal is the end of the world, however, I will say this, if this deal is indeed bad, then the U.S. and Israel might as well say the hell with it, and go to war!!!!