Sound Off: Are Blue Star Flags Sacred?



Donna Morey of Hatfield, PA has run into trouble with her homeowners association for displaying a Blue Star flag in her window to honor her son, Army Major Donald Morey. Her neighborhood in suburban Philadelphia has made a rule that only white or off-white window treatments may be visible from outside the house, which means the blue star and red borders are against regulations.

Ms. Morey is aghast and told station Fox 29, “I want to display that for all who served, not only my son, but all who served.”

That’s a sentiment everyone can agree with, but she chose to buy a house in one of those neighborhoods that regulates what your yard can look like, how big your mailbox can be and what kind of vehicles you can park in your driveway.

The neighborhood association may be willing to work with her. They’ve asked Morey to apply for a temporary exemption, but she’s insulted that she even has to ask. “I don’t know if you call it an exemption. I just need special permission from the architectural committee to be able to display it. I think that’s ridiculous. I’m not doing it. I said I’m not writing the letter.”


  • Hank

    HOA rules are the rules. I am sure she signed a contract when she moved in to abide by the HOA laws and bylaws. She needs to read the HOA laws and by laws carefully. There may be another part of the house, besides a window, where she can display her little flag. Don’t like those rules than move.

    • Leon Suchorski

      The flags were originally designed and set to be displayed in the front window of houses to display the honor and lose that this family has endured so that we may be free. There is NOTHING THAT AN HOA CAN SAY TO THE CONTRARY. To a lesser extent, it would be like telling a baseball team that they can not have a 7th inning stretch.

      • Mike Delta

        She is a blue star mom, not a gold star mom. Big difference. Also you say they were designed and set to be displayed in the front window of houses. Many things are designed for different purposes, which has nothing to do with her violating HOA rules, where she chose to live. The HOA has their rules, which she must abide by. The article even states the HOA will grant her an exemption, but she’s too special to apply for it. That is arrogance. I am a veteran and wouldn’t allow my mother to get embroiled in such a controversy.

      • Guest

        Yes, the HOA can enforce this. These banners (not flags) aren’t protected under the law.

        I’d never buy a house under such restrictions, but legally, the HOA can enforce this. On the other hand, public ridicule of the HOA can be a pretty powerful tool.

      • Guest

        Nitpick: Blue star flags are for a family member/loved one who is deployed. Gold star flags are for loved ones who have been killed in action/during military operations.

    • janey k

      On her front door. But I agree with her. This is way over the top for that association.

    • Jean

      I don’t think they are legally binding though, and I don’t think any law enforcement agency is going to do anything. And if they have the kind of money it will take to try to file a law suit then put the money to better use and support our troops. I bet the rules change soon.

    • Tom Tuttle

      Wrong. I would bet good money that if the flag was some kind of PC crap like a rainbow for LBGTCP30R2D2 they would be fine with it.

      • Guest

        If the homeowner took the time to write a single paragraph request to the association, then the association very well may be fine with it. What makes her so special that she can’t be bothered to do the same, or this particular cause not worthy of less than a minute of her time? She can do interviews on how horrified and offended she is, but can’t toss off a note that would render the whole situation moot?

      • Robert

        Somewhat true, but who knows for sure why she felt so strongly about it. Perhaps she did over react, but what ever happened to compassion?

      • kduke

        I would gladly take your money for such a stupid bet.

        But good try at diverting and turning this into a private rant.

    • Jer

      I wonder how many “rules are rules” die hard adherents will change their tune if an extreme socialist like Bernie Sanders became president and demanded that all guns be turned into the police and legislation was passed becoming law. Would you rush down to turn in your gun….because rules are rules.

    • j lopez

      HOA s have no right to tell you not one iota about your homestead. I believe they came into existence to promote the homebuilder’s “good neighborhood standing” in order to s completely build all new available houses in the subdivision. Once the subdivision homebuilder sells all his lots, he takes his money and is gone. The HOA then assumes complete dictatorship of the subdivision to nitpick anyone who they think does not fit their standards. Least of all, homeowners are assessed an annual fee to “neighborhood upkeep”. HOA s should be outlawed…………..

    • RPD

      HOA’s are the evil incarnate. States need to start regulating which rules they can make, enforce and the makeup of HOA boards. They now smack of dictatorships with all knowing potentates in charge. Abolish them or regulate their existence. Power to the people!

    • Captain Jacob Humble

      You are being ridiculous now saying there is no way she should fly the flag. You seem to obviously be someone who has never served.

    • Z Hughes

      You are incorrect. HOA rules are not binding into eternity. They can be changed. Certainly, the HOA never addressed the issue of Blue Stars, but they should do so now and do an amendment to the rules.

    • Prof DS Parker

      This is the United States, not China……….
      HOAs are ruled by people that forgot that this country is for ALL PEOPLE………
      I come from a long line of Veterans, going back to the Birth of This Nation.
      A lot of us lived, but some of us died. I am 100% disabled, and one of my sons came home injured.
      If anyone told me I could not fly my FLAG, that would be a very big mistake….
      My Family has served in all Branches of The U.S. Military, we earned our Freedom.
      A lot of the HOA members thru out this country, are the same ones that Protested and Spat on us when we came home……..
      Hank, YOU sound like one of those people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Prof. D. Shelton Parker , USMC & USN

    • John

      HOAs are a Nazi society that want to control how people think and act. They are against the American dream of being able to own a home. HOAs should be disbanded and prevented from ever forming. They are even worse then government controlling people’s lives. Puece of crap wannabes who don’t have any power in life so they have to force their will on others. And yes, Nazis are what I compare them too. Who else in history was so die hard that everyone had to conform to a certain standard or be ostracized from society.

    • John

      HOAs are a n*zi society that want to control how people think and act. They are against the American dream of being able to own a home. HOAs should be disbanded and prevented from ever forming. They are even worse then government controlling people’s lives. Piece of crap wannabes who don’t have any power in life so they have to force their will on others. And yes, n*zis are what I compare them too. Who else in history was so die hard that everyone had to conform to a certain standard or be ostracized from society.

      • Guest

        > Who else in history was so die hard that everyone had to conform to a certain standard or be
        > ostracized from society.

        Ummm.. Christians? Responsible for the Crusades, witch trials, Spanish Inquisition, Nazism.. all the way up to that woman who refuses to do the job she was elected to do.

  • John Fleming

    Ms. Morey, I stand with You and any other Family wishing too display the Stars Flags. But, Ms. Morey I do have a problem: I can’t understand WHY you choose too BUY a house in this area ? I feel that You didn’t read all the fine print. I agree with association about your front lawn, but telling you what can of vehicle you can park in you driveway is down right CRAZY, Hmmmmmmmm Do they all drive CADS Mercedes, etc. Park a restorable vehicle there and see what say, while you finish the interior. Now, the backyard: I would put as many as I could of the following: Bird Feeders, Wind Flags, American Flag on Pole, and Wind Chimes. give it a try I WOULD, and Put the American Flag’s high enough, so anyone driving by can see the Flag from street, PS add light under the Flag so you can light it at, this is the correct way too fly a American Flag at night. Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Son & which I Salute !!!!!!

    • Leon Suchorski

      Oh John, for all of your words, all that you are saying that the KKK can keep people out of an area when they do not like them. Or that another group can keep out the beaners. Or another the WOPs. And so on. You are nothing more than a bigot, advocating bigotry. I happen to live in a community of about 90,000, that is open to all races and religions, and we like it that way. We have many veterans here, and that is probably why we all get along so well. Last winter, I ran into a gentleman with a very da.rk suntan. We talked for about 10 minutes, and then he told me that he had just moved here three weeks before, and all of his neighbors had braved the snow, to bring him welcoming gifts. I told him to get used to it, because that is the way that we are here. The greetings that he received were not what he had expected, and he kept waiting for the other shoe to drop,but it never will. NOT HERE., We are listed as the safest city in this state, and we have less than a 2.3% unemployment rate.

    • Bruce

      I agree with John. HOA’s can regulate how you keep the outside of your home, but what you do or display inside, so long as it’s not patently offensive to passersby, is no one else’s business. The person who first noticed it and turned you in should be required to clean the outside of your window so folks can see it better. That person clearly has an issue with other folks showing a high regard for those serving in the military in public, and they’re trying to use some little rule to make themselves feel good. Go for it, Ms. Morey.

  • Patrice Foley

    Oh, for any sake you honor! Why would you live in one of these picky little communities, anyway? One of our kids lived in one for awhile, and they wouldn’t even let him plant a pair of Oak trees in the front yard. That was just as unAmerican as this rule against displaying star honors. He moved out, being a good member of an American military unit…

    • Fred

      Stepford villages. Little tyrants

  • Nick

    Hank, don’t be a douche! I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the one complaining to the HOA. Let her honor her son’s service to this country of ours any way she pleases. As long as it’s not hurting or endangering anyone, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Hank

      Going contrary to the HOA laws and bylaws is hurting the HOA. In the U.S. you don’t get to pick and choose which laws you like and are going to obey, and which laws you are going to ignore. Well you can if you are the president.

      • Leon Suchorski

        HOAs have already tried to stop veterans from flying American flags, and their service flags. The courts have already ruled that they are within their rights to fly those flags OUTSIDE of their units. And since that is so, this HOA is in violation oh all of the tenants rights to follow her lead. CASE CLOSED.

      • Sandman

        Why not obummer does it everyday.

  • Mike D.

    I tend to agree with Hank somewhat. If you are buying into a nice neighborhood that has a HOA, make sure that you read up on it first. If not satisfied, don’t buy into it. HOA’s are more of a headache and nuisance than it’s worth. If you buy into it, you are supposed to abide by it. I DO sympathize with Ms. Morey as I have a son in the army and I hang his flag proudly in my front window. I’m sorry you are having that problem. I hope things work out for you.

    • Raggs

      Ok fellas, are there school spirit signs and paraphernalia on the porches and lawns-I will bet there is -there is in my HOA- and if they told me to take my blue star down I would have a fit and demand all of their stuff go too! Wjhat is good for the goose is good for the gander!

  • gunnartheviking

    Well maybe this should not be considered an “adornment”? Common sense is gone anymore. God bless you and your son. May he return safely. Some busy bodies have nothing better to do” oh you can’t fly that!”. I wonder if it was the same size and it was rainbow? I could imagine the backlash with death threats.

  • Rob

    HOA contracts usually pertain to the decor of the outside of the house, not your interior decor. Not knowing the terms of her contract with HOA. She should stand against them, it just makes their HOA look bad.

    • Guest

      Not true. If it’s in the contract, an HOA can control ANYTHING that can be seen from the roadway, including ornaments seen through your windows, including your blinds and curtains. As sad as it is, there is no law protecting the right to fly the Blue Star Banner from inside your window.

      I’d never buy a house under such restrictions.

  • Guest

    It baffles me that you would buy a home in a neighborhood with an HOA and then complain about the rules. You should have known the rules before you bought the home and if the rules say you can’t put anything in your windows then you don’t. Sure, you don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Blue Star flag and neither do I. BUT, if you can put a Blue Star flag on display why can’t someone else display a swastika? It’s even more ridiculous that the HOA has offered to work with you and let you display the flag but you refuse to write a letter asking for an exception. Would you feel the same way if your neighbor put a rainbow phallic in their window? I bet not. I bet you’d be demanding your HOA make them take it down, wouldn’t you?

    • m5783

      I so agree. It’s not like she didn’t know(well, she SHOULD have known) that there were rules regarding anything seen from the street. We have lived in several HOA neighborhoods. They ALL have rules about what can be displayed in your windows. All she had to do was go through the proper channels and get permission FIRST. How stupid do you have to be, to move into an HOA neighborhood and not read the rules? In every one we’ve lived in, you MUST sign a document that you have read and AGREE to follow the rules and regulations. So, if she says she didn’t know? She either is lying now, or lied about reading the documents.

  • gunnartheviking

    I wonder aloud what the reaction would be if the flag was rain- bow?

    • Fed. UP!

      The HOA would then probably require ALL homes to display the rainbow flag. And would
      probably waive the annual fees for living in the HO area. One thing for sure though…..if you
      have a rainbow flag you shouldn’t have to worry about having enough toilet paper.

  • Darlene

    HOA’s go to far. I think they need to make sure the lawns are kept and the place looks nice, but they also need to remember people pay a lot of money to own their own home. This is one of the examples of going to far.

  • Cathy

    It really shouldn’t be an issue. The blue star flag is NOT a ‘window treatment’! Window treatments are curtains, blinds, etc.

  • Tom

    Most folks are not military…they don’t understand military culture…educate them…write the letter and ask for an exemption…help them understand what the flag means and get them to change it and stop acting insulted…educate them.

  • Mike Simmons

    Homeowners’ associations seem not to understand the keyword is “HOMEOWNER.”
    If I own the house/property, then by God I own the sonuvabitch and I decide what goes and what doesn’t.
    End of discussion.

  • Tom Horan

    1% protect the other 99%…. You would think that they would have learned the background of this item before firing off a warning letter but in this day and age of PC I guess it really doesn’t surprise me that much. Thank God its a Blue star and not a Gold… Course that would have set off a war of words. If they only did a little research this would not be here. God bless you and the men and women that protect this country day and night 365!

  • Guest

    This is why I would never move into a place where an HOA is in effect. Why would I want someone else to tell me how my property can be run? Rolls eyes.

    • Dave J

      Sometimes one inherits a home that is covered by an HOA. Of course they COULD sell it and buy elsewhere.

  • Brent

    I am a Board of Director in a HOA and she should request it if it is in the rules and regulations. I would personally take the request and work to get approved. It should be able to he displayed but you still have to follow the rules.

    • CCT

      I agree. She was offered that apparently, but indignantly refused. Very arrogant stance that looks poorly on service members. I spent 23 years active/reserve, and would be embarrassed if my mother was shining an unwanted light on me. How come we are above the law? If she was my mother I would have her back away from this. It’s not like she is a gold star mother, with a son/daughter killed in action.

  • Jennifer

    For those of you wondering why people move into communities with HOAs, most newer homes automatically have them and if you want less maintenance that is the trade-off. I never thought I would live in an HOA community, but here I am. I hate the rules, but I follow them and I am still able to get what I want approved by the board. Just submit the paperwork! Stop getting insulted on the sidelines and submit. I wouldn’t take it down in the meantime, but I would follow the rules to cover all the bases.

    • Greg

      Correct Jennifer. My wife and I are both prior military. We have lived in our home more than 25 years. We are in an HOA. We have a very responsive, pro neigborhood HOA, we get letters occasionally but overall it is an outstanding HOA. I have gotten approval for everything we’ve done w/o exception. I simply drop by, say hello, give overview, then submit in writing. The HOA is there to protect our property values and it shows on the real estate market. People are begging to get in. Realtors knocking on my door, mailing and calling trying to get us to sell. I’d put my money on an HOA vs non-HOA everytime.

  • jorge.capetillo

    Go ahead and put a pink ribbon on the window and see what happens.

    • galloglas

      Or a Rainbow and Mexican flag.

  • Rudy

    States will uphold HOA’S rules. Most people will move into a HOA without reading its regulations. They learn the rules when they paint a fence or outside of their house the wrong color. The inside of the house can be a pig sty, but the outside will be presentable and clean. HOA’s controls the outside appearance.


    As an HOA board member I can tell you that most people don’t think “they” should have to follow the rules. They’ll say the rules are stupid etc. But they’ll also be the first ones to complain when someone else isn’t following the rules or does anything they don’t like. I’ve also seen where most people “don’t want to get involved” in their HOA. They just leave it up to someone else. Then when that overbearing control freak gets on the board all the people who “don’t want to get involved” cry about how the HOA is horrible and out of control, yet they still “don’t want to get involved”.

    • mogul264

      Personally, I would NEVER live in a HOA area, as I am too individualistic! However, faced with the situation this woman faces, I would contact EVERY member of the HOA, NOT just the board members, and explain the significance of the ‘Blue Star’ flag, and, for that matter, the ‘Gold Star’ flag! Perhaps most are unaware of the emotion it generates and its importance to the family of the service member! Also, I would endeavor to have the jerks removed and replaced who cluelessly interpret HOA rules to include Blue Star flags as ‘window adornment;! AND run for those board positions yourself, and get the rules clarified~!


        Well if you’ve never lived in an HOA then I guess you wouldn’t know….If you want the HOA to change the legal document it will require a lawyer to rewrite the CC&R’s This will likely also require a majority vote. While the vote will be of minimal cost I’ll tell you the lawyer will not. This cost would then have to be passed on to ALL the members of the HOA…..or she could just do as suggested and write the letter. See, the HOA that everyone wants to slam, has offered her a feasible solution that would allow her to keep the flag in her window but because she’s offended she refuses to play by the rules; even though the rules could help her. BTW, yes, I’m a veteran and quite honestly living in my HOA is not much different than living in base housing and I’m quite happy with the fact that there are rules to keep undesirable behaviors out of my neighborhood. BUT, I read things before I sign them. I did not buy some houses because of the CC&R’s (HOA rules). I waited until I found one that I could live with.

  • Guest

    If it’s important to her- and no doubt it is and should be- it’s important enough to take less than a minute to write to the committee and ask for an exemption. Otherwise it’s “WAAAAHHHH I’M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE WHO CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO READ MY HOA CONTRACT, YOU CAN’T EXPECT ME TO FOLLOW THE RULES.” Is a one-paragraph letter really too much effort, or do you just want the chance to be on TV and exaulted for how dedicated you are to showing support for our military?

    Your son is probably cringing right about now.

  • Lowell Miller

    Get a window flag for your car and display it there if you must.HOA rules are rules and if you honor your son you will abide by the rules, he has to. Many times I believe it is more of look at me, I have a son/daughter serving. My oldest son was killed in Iraq. I know many people who to a point of vulgarity display things. I have a Gold Star Family plate on my car. I use to wear the gold star pin but quit that because no one seems to know what it means and I remember my son without it. The MSANG dedicated a new barracks to him. I didn’t know about this until we got the invite. It’s a lot better for the community to do theses things than for me to force my grief on them. I served 22 years from 1960 and hadn’t heard of the blue star until Iraqi war. Don’t cry for me Argentina.

    • macgringo

      Thanks for your service.
      I am so sorry for your loss.
      May you find peace…

    • Fed. UP!

      Served 22 yrs and you never heard of the blue star? Hard to believe. It was around long before you served and since you were in during Nam you should know what the heck it is. My family and their friends etc displayed the Blue Star flag during WWII, Korea, Nam, Afghan, Iraq etc etc etc.
      As I said…..hard to believe a vet with 22 yrs never heard of it.

  • Markjean59

    This is why i hate hoas! They should be outlawed.

  • galloglas

    HOA’s are a bunch of Fascist bass wholes, glad I live in a rural single dwelling, so I can fly anr display what ever I want and screw whom ever objects.

  • deadbeat58

    Let the buyer of a home with an extensive HOA be afraid, very very afraid.

  • Announcer Ace

    Most HOA’s are run by uptight people who care more about their real estate values than they do about their individual freedoms.

  • Carolyn

    Personally, I don’t think HOAs should exist at all.

  • DBW86

    I also live in a strict HOA! But that would not be an issue with us. This is a prime example of “little Nazi’s” ruling an HOA and losing all sensible reason. I suppose they also don’t like American Flags flying either! I’m old enough to recall WWII and remember when those flags were displayed proudly in nearly every home in town and with both great respect and pride. Those who saw them also were great full for those serving that those flags represented! Isn’t it about time we returned to the America we all knew and grew up in instead of this land dominated by small highly vocal groups who only want to tear down our nation?

    • m5783

      I don’t think it’s a case of little nazi’s ruling with an iron fist so much as a home owner NOT reading and following the rules. She could have followed the rules and gotten permission, thereby avoiding the problem. The problem really seems to be that she doesn’t think the rules apply to her. Bet she’d be the first one complaining if her neighbor put something in his window that she didn’t like.

  • D. Livingston

    I certainly hope she keeps that flag in any place she wants too. She is a wonderful patriot. I have had that flag in my window for many years as my son was on his five deployments. That HOA is just misguided. They will realize they are in a weak position in any court.

  • What if it were an Isis flag? Even in miniature it would be inappropriate but sounds like it would be allowed in their color code. THANK GOD people are honoring our Military and first responders in any capacity! Has no one in the hoa served? If not, you’re welcome! Otherwise, you should know better and shame on you!

  • Jim Filhart

    I agree hoa’s should be outlawed. They are a rip off. Only the present officers get anything out of them. Bribes, etc. perks that keep them going and the rest of us pay the bill. The truth….Hoas suck. Beware home buyers, stay out. They are not worth it.

  • artymgysgt

    My wife and I flew one when my son deployed to Iraq. I also remember a little ditty that went like:

    Take down your blue service star mother
    Replace it with one made of gold
    Your son was an FMF Ranger
    He died when he was 19 years old

    Taught to me by some Korean War Marines

  • William Bachmann

    Ms. Morey, I also stand with you and your son. Your Blue Star Flag should come in a larger size, at least 2/3 rd’s of your window, to be displayed. You should also display Old Glory, except please contact the Navy Department; acquire a battle flag, put up a pole in your back yard (at least 100 feet high). And display this flag with pride. Add five flood lights to make sure everyone can see, then maybe the HOA can change their rules at least until all our troops come home. These two actions, Iraq and Afgannistan, is now approaching 14 years of service. Americans are beginning to wane, do to length of these actions, and have forgotten the reasons why we went to war in the first place. God Bless, and may your son remain safe until his return.

    I served from 1968-1971 with a year in Viet Nam in 1969. Returned home as a Spec/5, to spend my last year and a quarter at Ft. Ord in California, until, I excited for an early out to go to school.

  • bart ninja

    The problem is with us allowing another form of limits on personal freedoms. I would never submit myself to yet another form of government… we have too much already.

  • USN Retired

    She chose to live in that community. She agreed to the HOA. If she doesn’t like the rules she should move or just file an exemption with the HOA.

  • Kent

    HOAs can be eliminated at any time by a vote of the board. So get enough seats on the board and eliminate the HOA.

  • Liz

    My Oh My!!! We fight for the FREEDOMS many take for granted, including some of our own. HOA needs to let MOM fly her flag. Otherwise they can make their fees FREE for those that fight to let them collect it.

  • Liz

    My Oh My!!! We fight for the FREEDOMS many take for granted, including some of our own. HOA needs to let MOM fly her flag. Otherwise they can make their fees FREE for those that fight for their freedom to collect them.

  • Brenda

    It’s a legal issue. Without an exemption being made a precedence is being set for others to disregard the rules then sue the HOA for trying to enforce rules only with them. Our military adheres strictly to rules whether they seem “fair” or not. Civilian family members should take that example. Her anger seems displaced, she may be mad at herself for not reading the HOA rules. Work within the system, get the exception, then get the rule changed.

  • Liz

    In this time and age, things seem so clouded. What is right or wrong, good or bad, councious or uncouncious. What gives and what takes? Besides the most councious of all. The memory of the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Raw pure love, conviction and hope. Let the pieces fall where they may. God or what ever we believe in bless and keep us all.

  • Dave Britton

    I see a blue star banner in side the home. This is outside their boundary of governance, I still disagree with the HOA’s that restrict a flag pole with the flag I served to defend. I never was told of the HOA Rules in my neighborhood, now I’m being threatened by them after 20 years of ownership.

  • Bill, Navy Lifer

    Since my Grandmother started displaying the Blue Star Banners in her window during WWII, the family tradition has continued. By the end of the war, two of the four Blue Stars were replaced with “Gold.”

    During the “Korean WAR,” we displayed Dad’s Blue Star for the second time.

    During Vietnam, Dad’s Blue Star went up for the third time during his career. With it, one more was added for my service.

    When my soldier served, I proudly followed the long family tradition by displaying a Blur Star Banner in our front window. Within ten months of graduating from Basic training, we too had to replace the Blue Star with a Gold one. Absolutely, those banners are sacred. Especially to my family.

    Those minuscule, power hungry, HOA dictators can go to… on this one. Same goes for displaying Old Glory. Without both, those symbols the HOA mini-tyrants would be living in a slave state. They should be thanking God for the patriots who have risked everything to protect the rights of these sniveling pantie-wastes who sit around the table pretending to run their imaginary police states.

  • Pr Henry, Navigator

    The law exists so that grace might abound! Reasonable policies/rules are guides for which rational management (good leaders) can make exception. This is a particularly important principle since fallible mankind cannot foresee every unintended consequence of its actions. Regrettably, in order to get an exception, the HOA recognizes the reasonable exception but sees only the bureaucratic demand for a letter from the homeowner as its sole course of action. It should acknowledge its own lack of foresight by granting the exception without the homeowner’s request.

    • m5783

      HOA officers have to abide by the rules and regulations that all who live there agree(in writing)to abide by. This is to prevent some from just putting up decorations that are, shall we say, questionable? Or painting the house dayglo orange or neon pink. If you don’t mind your neighbor having junk all over the yard, fine. I like my HOA. It keeps the property values UP. If you don’t follow the rules you agreed to, don’t whine to the media when you are called on it.

  • MarkE8Ret

    Don’t live in a commune, I mean communistic housing society.

    These are the same that ban all motorcycles, even though they are registered, insured, taxed, etc. Don’t like noise punish the noise makers, be it car or motorcycle.

  • karen

    Excuse me but a flag of any sorts is NOT a window treatment. A window treatment is an interior decorating element placed on, in, around, or over a window such as a shade, shutter, blind, curtains or draperies. Unless it specifically states that flags are not allowed to be flown near a window I don’t think they have a case.

  • Tinto

    Fortunately, I have only been involved with three HOA’s. Each involvement, proved that HOA board members and supporters, are generally the, “Hall Monitors” or those “Picked on” in Hight School. This is there chance to exercise authority. What more can be said?, certainly not “Common Sense”.

  • Prof D S Parker

    HOAs are just blood sucking communist , who take FREEDOM for Granted, and expect others to die for them, without even a Thank You……..