Sound Off: Army Intelligence?



Pvt. Camille Coffey, stationed at Fort Gordon, GA with the 782nd MI Battalion, has gone viral with a Facebook video inviting Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt to be her date at the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade’s annual holiday ball.

Guys!!! I'm asking JJ Watt to the ball!!! Help me get this out there! :)

Posted by Camille Ross Coffey on Friday, September 25, 2015

Is the video charming and cute? Absolutely. Is J.J. Watt a handsome and powerful man? No doubt. (He’s six-foot-five, 290-pounds and possibly the best DE in the game right now.)

And, yet, this: The holiday ball is scheduled for December 11th. The Texans, already off to a disappointing 1-3 start, host the defending champion New England Patriots two days later on December 13th.

Message to the troop: it’s true that maintaining a vital and powerful intelligence network that protects the U.S.A. is more important than the day job of a football player (whose individual performance doesn’t matter much in anyone’s 1-day fantasy league because the rest of his team’s defense is so spotty right now). But there’s zero chance that Watt will show up and it’s very likely that he won’t even be able to respond. He’s under a lot of pressure. His team is a disaster.

Here’s the question: are military dating videos a positive for our men and women in uniform? Do they promote awareness of those who serve and inject a bit of glamor into these events? Or do they create distractions? What happens if every man or woman in uniform decided to invite their favorite singer or actor or athlete and guilt them into “supporting the troops”? Would anyone pay attention? Should someone serving in army intelligence show a little more….intelligence? Let us know what you think about dating videos in the comments below.

  • Charles Morris

    If it was a male MI soldier dating a celebrity would it matter, probably not. So why does PVT Camille Coffey’s asking J.J. Watt to attend the battalion’s ball matter. It doesn’t, but hopefully he’ll be a gentleman and bring a corsage. Good luck!!!

  • Leon Suchorski

    Where does a woman get off, that all that she has to do is smile, show some dimples, and ask a guy out, and he dare not deny her request? Sometimes a guy feels more to his job, and his team loyalty than he does to a total stranger.
    What would happen if Every single female in the country did this? Does everyone realize that there are more women in this world than there are men? Some women have to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. But then maybe she has a girlfriend to make a threesome.

  • Leon Suchorski

    Hey Morris, bull. There are more women than men on this world, so some of them have to get shot down. Unless she wants to bring another female> After all, he is big enough to be two men, And I am sure that he would like it.

  • JJMurray

    I find it interesting WHICH ones of these “go viral” and make the news. You know there are plenty of them out there that get completely ignored by everyone. So why do some get a headline like this one and others do not? Personally I think it’s a waste of time and in many cases nothing more than someone shooting for their 15 minutes of fame (which this person got). Personally I think it’s actually unfair to the celebrity to put them in the position of having to tell a complete stranger often in some other state “Sorry, not interested in going on a date with you because for all I know you’re some kind of crazed stalker.”

    • Dave

      The celebrity/military ball thing was cute at first, but unoriginal and annoying now.

  • Chuck

    She’s trying to get some pipe laid.

  • Lucy mullikin

    Military inteligence, an oximoron.

    • Dave


    • Darren


  • Country Philosopher

    As a prior MI type, the low profile we maintained was a real detriment to a social life. Now some don’t have the depth I was involved, but at every level we are watched closely. I applaud the young Lady, life is tough enough in the environment, why not ask JJ to be an escort to the Holiday Ball. For the rest of you, well you call it oximoron or worse, it’s all laughable, we know what we do, you don’t…

  • Will

    The American Flag behind her is hanging wrong. The Stars should be on the right, not left.

    • DUH

      What pic are you looking at? The stars on the flag I see ARE on the right … military right!

      • Cbr

        The flags right…Turbo. Anyways, it’s not supposed to be displayed as a wall decoration either.

  • Dick Hawley

    Why so much negative comment. I think it’s great and lots of fun for her and others at the Ball. As to “exposure,” she’s not a spy and Army Intelligence isn’t a clandestine operation.

  • Rob


  • Larry

    Why waste time with an article like this, yeah she’s cute. It’s not like she’s asking Putin or Kim junk ill.

  • Waldo

    AR 600-20, paragraph 4-14(b)(3) prohibits the improper use of rank or position for personal gain.

    • Mark

      Can’t really say her position (although disclosed) would really garner her personal gain. That being said, her general military status could, but there’s too much precedent out there that defeats that notion.

  • Jaiszon

    Intelligence? Then how come she doesn’t know how to hang the US flag properly?

  • Bob

    I think it’s good. Thumbs up!

  • Chico

    I hope the editor has the decency get rid of the filthy comments.

  • KenLand

    The military uniform will do 3 things: help, hurt, does not matter.

  • steveberge

    OR, Maybe she just likes the guy. Who’da thunkit??

  • Ted

    She has no HUMINT training. As a private in the military, she has nothing above a secret clearance. She isn’t doing ASOT and only reads what real operatives in the field produce. All this is is an attention platform for her to get her fifteen minutes. If she was a true quite professional, which only GBs are, she would not be seeking this type of attention.

    If she wants attention, Ranger School is letting girls in now. In a few years, SF and Delta will give her an opportunity to tryout. But if she makes it, she won’t be openly advertising that she does Intel for those guys.

    Enjoy your 15 mins of fame!

    • Mark

      Not necessarily true about privates not able to obtain higher than a secret clearance. Theoretically it’s possible, but the training and investigation is generally so long that one acquires rank of specialist before they achieve a higher clearance. One could get demoted and retain a higher clearance (Unless the offense is worthy of scrutiny by DOD security office)

      • Mark

        However, (disregarding your vitriol), I expect you would be accurate in your suggestion that MI professionals would not expose themselves to media. They know that would make them a target. However, a PV2 has very little to offer for the purpose of espionage, so the impact is minimal.

    • CharlesNeal

      Nonsense, I trained in an entire classroom full of “privates” [with a few E3s & E4s here and there] with TS/SBI clearances.

  • Mark

    I see no problem with any service member posing the question to anyone. To do so for media attention, or conversely for the media to desire to pay attention to it, is unpalpable.

    • Mark

      Correction: impalpable

  • Tuelmann59

    Boy you guys need to lighten up. What’s the worst that happens? JJ says sorry can’t make it. And if he makes it she has the time of her life. She is a Private in MI. Big whoop. Can’t blame her for trying.

  • Michael B

    PVT get back to work.