The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week: 10/7/15



Just another couple of days until that few-hours-long safety brief. In the meantime, check out this memes list.

1. If this happened to you this morning, sorry for bringing it up (via 11 Bravos).


But hey, “Best job you ever had,” right?

2. When fighter pilots want in on anti-sub missions (via Pop Smoke).


They better close those canopies before they dive though.

3. When your selfie game is on point (via Military Memes).


This is also how F-35 pilots look behind them.

4. Time to see the world (via Military Memes).


Individual experiences may vary.

5. It’s a hell of an obstacle (via US Army Brotherhood of Tankers).


Concertina wire: Not even once.

6. EOD doesn’t have time for your “missions.” (via 11 Bravos).


They have boss fights to win.

7. Coast Guard finally gets gun-like objects.


If they play their cards right, they might even get guns.

8. Rack City for rich yuppies (via Sh-T My LPO Says).


And yes, we know about the Navy spelling on here.

9. Corpsmen just shove hard drugs down your throat (via Navy Memes).


“Will re-enlist for 800mg.”

10. Remember to line up in the first few ranks so you can take a knee for the whole thing.


Also, try to smuggle in some knee pads.

11. When ISIS lines up for a parade … (via Doctrine Man!!)


… and gets a fireworks show for free.

 12. The music scene in Baghdad has a lot of low notes.


Still a crowd pleaser though.

13. “Is the grass going to get too long under the snow, staff sergeant?” (via Arctic Specter)


Guess who’s about to mop snow from the parking lot?

classedit2 David Nye – Staff Writer at We Are The Mighty

David is a former Fort Bragg paratrooper who deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team.


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  • MPM

    I love these!! Especially the ISIS convoy one.

    • Joel

      Flatten the tires, destroy the trucks and, oh yeah, kill every last ISIS person in that convoy. After all, they wont miss living.

  • Wtf

    There should be a picture of a bell-end, and the meme should say; it’s only wrong if it passes the gum line

  • ron

    shows they still have some humor left. may God bless ever service member in uniform out there standing in the way of harm for our safety and freedom. Amen.

  • A-10 Wurthug


  • David Ryder

    FYI: The meme with the fighter pilots wanting to join the anti-sub ops; the aircraft in the photo is a carrier based nuclear bomber/reconnaissance aircraft, not a fighter.

    • Motorcycle Marc

      Yeah Dave, but they don’t know that! We do!!! North American RA-5C Vigilante. One of my favorite aircraft. Enjoy your weekend Brother!

    • James Morton

      We had an F-8 Crusader try that same maneuver in the same spot. Guess it happens more often than we ever knew. Yellow shirt tells plane captain to break down the chains during a tight turn with the ship heeled over so far you could barely stand on the deck.

  • Doug G

    The last one reminds me of guarding a pond at Fort Dix all day to rescue ice skaters when the only ice on the pond was 15 feet from the shore.

  • Mike miller

    lol all the way ever one of them but still remember those men and we’re at . be safe. still laughing though thanks for that

  • gates

    believe this or not the plane over the deck was my plane I was the plane captain