The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 12/10/15



Block leave is coming up and you’re standing outside the orderly room praying that your request gets approved. Fingers crossed, bud. In the meantime, enjoy these 13 memes:

1. How admin. folks remember their training: (via Devil Dog Nation)


“4.3 millimeter full plastic casing.”

2. Did you know less than 1 percent of dogs will ever serve in uniform? (via Military Memes)


Here’s to the good boys.

3. Because wrecking a vehicle is an awesome profile pic (via


“High-mobility” does not mean it can drive on water.

4. The most adorable puddle pirate in history: (via Coast Guard Memes)


Admit it, you’d pay to see that dog wearing an eye patch and tiny sword.

5. Moses knew how to police his troops (via Team Non-Rec).


“Pull this sh-t again and maybe you don’t make it across the Red Sea.”

6. And you guys think annual training is a joke (via Air Force Nation).


There’s a reason everyone has to be green across the board before they go home for the holidays.

7. That gnawing uncertainty: (via Team Non-Rec)


Don’t worry, you locked it. Maybe. I’m sure it’s fine. Probably.

8. Are they haze gray heroes in the Coast Guard? (via Coast Guard Memes)


They got their own little raft and everything.

9. When your section chief is Mickey Mouse and your skipper is Yensid (via Sh-t My LPO Says)


Just don’t use magic for the mopping. It never ends well.

10. Airborne problems: (via Do You Even Airborne, Bro?)


Airborne: total bad-sses as long as they have 800mg ibuprofen.

11. The Air Force reminds everyone who the fighting-est general of all time was: (via Air Force Nation)AFN-James-Mattis-Curtis-Lemay

Few service chiefs openly supported a nuclear first-strike policy.

12. They get you with the candy and swag … (via Team Non-Rec)

Visit SiteTNR-they-want-you-back

… then hold you there with your contract.

13. “Where’s your cover? Or pants? I see you didn’t shave today.” (via Team Non-Rec)


These stolen valor morons are getting lazier and lazier.

classedit2 David Nye – Staff Writer at We Are The Mighty

David is a former Fort Bragg paratrooper who deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team.


The mastermind of the Paris attacks was killed in a raid

Allahu Quackbar: The internet is trolling ISIS by photoshopping them as rubber ducks

 That time the US and Russia agreed to be allies if aliens attacked Earth

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  • denny004

    Being a former Marine. I’ve spent many a day wondering if I left my footlocker open.LOL

  • Brian

    The C-5 pilot sneezed!

  • Navyjag907

    General Lemay was one of a kind. Was willing to kill every German and Japanese. Expected perfection in SAC. Did not shade his advice as Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Thought nuclear weapons were eminently usable. Scared the poop out of the Soviets and our other adversaries. His retirement hurt the US.