Caucus Report -“The VA is So F—– Up”


During MSNBC’s coverage of the Iowa Caucus on Monday night, reporter Jacob Soboroff wanted to give viewers a glimpse into the weird process that Iowans use instead of voting to select their delegates to the parties’ nominating conventions. As the netwrok stuck its cameran and microphone into group debating the positions of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, a young woman who identified herself as a military veteran asked what Sanders plans to do to fix the VA.

Warning: the young woman drops an f-bomb in the video below:

We haven’t been able to learn her name or confirm that she’s actually a veteran but the media has run with the idea that she she served her country. Here’s what she said:

What I want to do, what I want to know is how, ‘cause I get VA, I am VA, I am a vet. My mom’s a vet. How is he going to fix it? Because I can tell you right now that the VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. The fact that I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f—— up really makes me concerned.

The incident may have happened on cable, but the kids in the circle and the young correspondent freaked out at the f-bomb. Anchor Brian Williams jumped in with an apology: “When you listen in to caucuses, you get the good with the bad and people often speak the way they do out on the street and we apologize…for a bit of French that snuck in to our English language translation.”

What do you think? Do Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm veterans agree that the VA is “more screwed up than it has been in a while”? Should problems with the VA be a more central issue in the upcoming campaign?

  • skypilot1992

    Its interesting that such a universal word is so universally avoided by all the media but thoroughly infused in so many comedy routines.

    A recent study found that the word, when expressed in frustration, is the most stress relieving of all the expletives.

    So yes…quit apologizing for others…if it (when it) happens just reflect that the utterance obviously expresses the frustration and anger of the individual…..and is covered under the free speech of the US (not?).

    “Honkey” is more insulting that the word in question. Just being white male doesn’t mean I cruise the streets and honk the horn to get a black street walker. On the other hand the various forms of subject verb, noun, and adjective probably describe all but virgin individuals.

  • Mastergunny

    The VA is starting to clean up their act. However many in the upper administration only get a slap on the wrist when they should be getting jail time. Two areas I see that are a big problem are chronic pain and PTSD patient care. The VA has a new philosophy that opiods are not to be used for pain management unless you have cancer. But they have no suitable replacement for many severe pain cases. I believe there is a corilation between pain management and PTSD and the increase in suicides. The VA should be a veteran run vice civilian organization, put it under the Department of Defense.

    • w c cuty

      No! No! No! It already is a conflict of interest to the veteran just by the fact that it is a goverment run agency determinig the medical condition of a goverment or ex-government employee (these personnel should be handeled the same as a civilian employee that is injured on the job in accordance with the same laws and proceedures) It should not be the employer or any agency associated with the goverment in any way deciding if an employee needs treatment for any physical or medical condition. These determinations should be made by unbiased third parties.

  • R Wall Sr

    Take your time – NO SWEAT!!

  • NewsisDead

    Typical response in the U.S. nowadays. Someone uses a word on TV and oh my god the world is ending. The news outlets are not living in reality. Get a reality check and stop talking about stupid and I mean really stupid stuff

  • Guest

    NO the VA is NOT starting to clean up its ACT .And NEVER will. ANYONE that believes that is naïve . Its obvious that the VA is ABOVE the Law of the land. And SUPPORTED by the POWERS that be. And Veterans will continue to pay the price of gross negligence of health and DENIAL of JUST and DUE benefit claims.

  • gUEST

    To the Moderators: May I commend you for operating a Blog where ANYTHING does NOT go. And your insistence on civility–respect and adding to the Topic and subject matter. My description of that is INTELLIGENCE.